Motoblock Kutaisi. Properties, attachments, ratings

All about the motoblocks “Kutaisi”

The Kutaisi Motoblock has been present in the domestic agricultural machinery market for 30 years. The insatiable popularity and stable demand for the device are due to high operational characteristics and wide consumer availability.


The Kutaisi Walk boots were produced in the Georgian city’s eponymous machine building and were produced under license from the Italian company Akme. This company was known all over the world and was engaged in the production of Goldoni Garden and small agricultural technology.

According to the production capacities of the plant in Georgia, local specialists completed the tractor’s walk behavior, adapting it to difficult natural conditions inherent in most of the country. In particular, the engine ignition system was changed, the camshaft was improved and the clutch was closed, after which the “Super” prefix was added to the brand name. Engineers developed a whole range of units represented by the Kutaisi super models of 600, 608, 610 and 612 models. However, the tenth model was the most perfect of all listed, which included the best qualities of the Italian prototype itself and its modifications.

The scope of using the Kutaisi Super 610 Motornote is quite wide.

With their help, many agrotechnical measures can be carried out:

  • to plow land;
  • sow grain;
  • harvesting and snow cleaning;
  • loosening;
  • Irrigation;
  • transport of goods;
  • hilling;
  • Mowing the grass.

The device can be used at a temperature fro m-20 to +35 degrees, which allows it to work not only in warm periods, but also in winter. Thanks to powerful rubber wheels with a deep profile, the motoblock differs in high patency, which is what allows it to work on any type of soil. A special design and the presence of a worm reducer allow the device to withstand loads and move quickly enough. The advantages of motoblocks of this brand are high reliability of the engine, gearbox and chassis, strong frame and full compatibility with all types of attachments. The plus pluses also include low cost and simplicity of design. In addition, the device was produced according to the state standard and established itself as one of the most reliable means for low mechanization. Disadvantages include the low availability of many spare parts and the difficulty in finding operating instructions.

Technical characteristics

The Kutaisi Walk tractor is considered almost reliable and with timely maintenance can work for a very long time. The high operational characteristics of the equipment are due to a combination of three powerful and reliable systems: engine, transmission and chassis.

  • Engine. The Kutaisi Super 610 unit is equipped with an ALN-330 petrol-four-stroke engine, 327 cm3 and a capacity of 5.4 liters. With. This is 4.8 kW equivalent, which is sufficient enough for the technology of this class. The engine has an air cooling system, which is why it is recommended to take breaks regularly in hot times and let the engine cool down. Otherwise, the equipment works for wear and fails quickly. The engine is carried out with a hand starter.

  • Transmission. A gear with three front and a rear gear is installed on the tractor of the walk behavior. This distinguishes “Kutaisi” positively from most analogues with only 3 speeds – 2 front and back. The maximum speed of the motoblock movement is 10 km/h, so that you can use the device as a complete tractor of the small classes for the transport of various agricultural goods with a weight of up to 0.5 tons. Switch on the transmission change and switching on with the lever system.
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  • The chassis is shown by a powerful steel frame that can withstand heavy loads and be adapted for all types of additional devices. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a high wide profile wheels with 4×10 size, which offer the opportunity to work on complex soils and prevent the machine with blocking or control in the soil. Special chain rims with plates that are located are installed as floor surveys on the native bikes of the device. Thanks to such devices, there is no complete exchange of native bikes through metal, which significantly simplifies working with the tractor of the walk behavior.

The device has a dependent type of drive and beam control, which enables it to adjust up to 180 degrees in vertical and horizontal levels. The capacity of the work tank of the tractor of walk injuries is 0.75 liters, the detection width during soil processing varies between 56 and 61 cm and the weight 105 kg. The wave of power has lever control, with which you can attach all attachments to the device. A strong cast iron plate with a weight of 20 kg and under the engine block acts as a weight.

Unmounted equipment

The basic configuration of the Kutaisi motor block consists of the unit itself, a universal coupling, a set of sabe r-due mills, a trailer and floor.

  • Sabl e-deflected mills have a diameter of 30 cm and are designed for loosening the earth, the removal of weeds and plowing of virgin countries. The penetration depth into the soil at the same time reaches 12 cm and the capture width is 100 cm. In addition to the saber factory mills, the “goose legs” cutter can be installed on the Wal k-Fehind tractor, which goes well, which are well suited for the arable land of complex floors and much deeper on the floor. First, the engine blocks were equipped with saber-shaped L-shaped cutter of the 21M brand, but at that time it is almost impossible to find them for sale. Thanks to the universal design, cutter of all brands can be installed on the device.

  • The tractor for walk injuries is equipped with a single string plow that is equipped for plowing the goals and seasonal soil processing. The plowing depth reaches 30 cm so that you remove the plow for removing weeds and brushes with medium and thin roots that grow in the area of ​​the bush.
  • There are three types of mowers that are mounted on a walk behind tractor: front mowers, rotary mowers and segment mowers. And if the rotors are more suitable for mowing lawns and flat areas, then with the help of frontal and segmental models you can harvest hay and mow grass on rocky areas with difficult terrain.
  • Potato diggers are designed to ease the hard physical labor involved in hoeing, weeding and harvesting potatoes. And with the help of a hiller you can also cut furrows of the desired width.

  • Studs for the Kutaisi walk-behind tractor are presented in the form of chain covers for native wheels, but real metal wheels can be used if desired. Installed instead of the usual ones, they significantly increase the traction of the walk-behind tractor. Grousers won’t let the machine slip when plowing new land and processing heavy clay soils.
  • Trailers are also commonly used on walk-behind tractors and are designed to transport bulk and solid goods weighing up to 500 kg. The trailer is attached to the machine with a universal hitch, which is included in the basic package of the two-wheel tractor.
  • Snow plows are used for snow removal and are in the form of large shovels. They are mounted in front of the two-wheel tractor and are able to clear the tracks of snow quickly and efficiently.
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  • Also commonly used on a walk-behind tractor, the adapter is a rigid frame fitted with a seat. This design allows the operator to steer the two-wheel tractor from a seated position, which is particularly advantageous when used as a self-propelled tractor and when working on large areas.
  • A motor pump and sprayer allow foliar fertilization of plants, irrigation of flower beds and pumping water from drainage ditches.
  • The STs-15 universal coupling is the main element of the device’s equipment and is designed to attach all of the above devices. The clutch is attached to the bearing cover mounted on the PTO shaft and is fixed with special nuts and studs.


Before you start the device for the first time, you need to properly prepare it. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the diagram of the device, read the instruction manual, check the oil level and add fuel to the gas tank. Then the engine is started and run at low speed for 8 hours. After the specified time, the engine is turned off, allowed to cool, and the engine oil is drained. Then they fill in a new portion, start the engine and get to work.

In the engine, the oil is changed every 25 hours of operation and in the gearbox every 100 hours. For the engine, it is recommended to use any oil for small agricultural equipment marked 4t, while for the gearbox it is better to use the Tap-15V brand. The shift linkage must also be lubricated regularly with a waterproof lithium grease.

Units “Kutaisi” are characterized by good maintainability. And if it is not possible to repair the electronic breaker or switch yourself, then the simplest mechanical malfunctions can certainly be fixed. So, if the engine of the device constantly stalls, then the following manipulations must be performed:

  • Check fuel and oil level (top up if necessary);
  • Check the spark plugs for soot (if necessary, replace them);
  • see if a spark goes from the terminals to the spark plug;
  • Check fuel and air filters (replace if necessary);
  • Set the saturation of the fuel mixture in the carburetor.

If a vibration is displayed, you must check all cabinet compounds, the aggregation of thigh parts and the quality of the fuel for the presence of water in it. If the engine continues to remain or vibrates according to all measures taken, you should contact the service center.

See how to repair the Kutaisi car column in the next video.

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Motobobes Kutaisi. Review of the installation, properties, attachments, use and operation

This technology comes from the USSR. The first models of Kutaisi engine blocks left the assembly line in the 80s of the last century. Based on the name, it is clear that they gathered in the Georgian city of the same name. The development of this machine was involved in Akme (Italy), which already had experience in the production of small garden equipment (Goldoni).

Georgian engineers simply modernized the ignition system and the clutch principle and thus added the prefix “Super”.

Motoblock Kutaisi 610 Super

This tractor for walking behavior is tested after time and this is the strictest quality criterion. If the machine is presented on the market for more than 30 years and is still asked, this is a lively confirmation of the reliability of the design of the device.

Now there are a large number of used models of the Kutaisi Motor note that are cheap enough. However, there are problems with the documentation that can be found problematic. Now on the Internet there is a large number of forums with a detailed description and operating rules.

The Georgian plant produced a whole line of its wal k-in wings: 608, 610 and 612. But only 610 model became really popular. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Motoblock Kutaisi 610 great

This machine was successfully used in all open rooms of the USSR to automate agricultural work with special attachments. This is not just a cultivator for plowing and growing the garden. This is a complete assistant in agricultural matters that can take care of agricultural cultures, produce herbal grasses, snow removal and transport of goods.

The Kutaisi Motoblock 610 Super can process any kind of floor, including virgin. It supports the work in all climate zones for ambient temperatures from minus 20 ° C to plus 35 ° C.


The Kutaisi Motoblock 610 is super equipped with an ALN ​​330 petrol engine. Its performance achieves 5.4 hp. (or 4.8 kW). The engine temperature is kept in the work area using air cooling. However, it is not always ready with the loads, and it is recommended to stop at work in a few hours to let the engine cool down.

The engine is inserted with a hand starter.


The Kutaisi Motoblock 610 is well equipped with four steps (three strikers and a reversal). The largest transport speed is 10 km/h.

You can control the speed of the fastening devices using the lever control.

Design characteristics

The height of the handle can not only be set in an upright position, but also rotated by 180 ° left or right.

The fuel tank is made of steel and enables you to protect it from mechanical influences or random conclusions.

Large tires in size 4 × 10 offer the perfect continuation of the device in every floor. The manufacturer also considered a special steel edge with inserted plates that are hung on the bikes and are floor surfaces.

The equipment of the tractor of the walk comprises the car itself, the mills, the floor and the wheels.

Technical characteristics

Engine type Petrol, 4 bar
Power, kwt) 4.8
Work volume 327cm3
Type of drive Dependent
Type of control surcharge
Summary of the programs 3 forward/before 1 before
Oil tank capacity (L) 0.75
Processing width (cm) 56-61
Diameter cutter (cm) Up to 30
Weight (KG) 105
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Review of the attached devices


The Kutaisi motor block is supplied with 4 saber cutters that can process the floor at a width of 1 m and at a depth of 12 cm.

The floor construction is carried out with the aim of enriching it with oxygen, which gives homogeneity and loosening.

This binding equipment is used in situations in which the ground grinding does not help due to the hardness of the breed. With the plow you can even cultivate virgin countries. In such situations, cutter just jump over the floor and cannot plunge into the ground.

Standard Standard PM-1 Plow PNM 1-20

If we compare the plow and the mills, the former have much less detection width and they have to work longer, but the Kutaisi Motoblock 610 will behave much more stable.


Kutaisi motoblock helps their owners cleaning the territory and maintaining the order with the help of mowers.

These devices support the work with both rotating and segmented options for these fastening devices.

Rough grass and small shrubs can clean rotor braids. If necessary, a cut with medium bushes and young plants is driven if necessary.

Motoblock Kutaisi 610 Super

Potato interruption, potat o-aditch and cun

The work with potatoes is automated with potato coats and potatoes. They enable them to sow and collect cultures.

The hip is used to worry potatoes during their maturation.

Snowman and dumplings

Motoblocks of the Kutaisi brand help with snow plastering with snow packing equipment: snow broken and dumpling-lopata.

Snow victim dip lopat

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Wheels, floor and caterpillars

Hig h-quality tires are installed on the Kutaisi motor blocks that offer implementation points during work.

If necessary, you can install floor surfaces on the tires, which means that the surface provides additional liability.

When working or moving in a swampy area, the Kutaisi Motor Torn can be installed, which improve liability by increasing the clutch area with the surface.

Floo r-bearing caterpillar consoles


The mass of the Kutaisi wal k-in engine unit is 105 kg. If the weight of the device is not sufficient, two weights of 15 kg are contained in the delivery area, and the protection of the birschotor of less than 20 kg, which can be easily removed.


Motoblocks from the Kutaisi brand can transport goods with followers. The choice of your configuration should depend on the load that is transported:

  1. Sel f-sewing (used when transporting mass freight);
  2. With high sides (for the transport of volumetric goods);
  3. Long trolleys (wearing tree trunks and pipes).


This car is a rigid frame with a seat with which you can control a machine from a seated position.

User Guide

This is the main document with which you can examine the design of the Kutaisi brand, the safe use, maintenance and repair of these devices. The electronic version of the usage management is shown here:

First start, running and maintenance

Now finding a new walk-behind tractor in Kutaisi is problematic, and therefore used models are more in demand. However, if you are lucky enough to become the first owner, you need to start operations properly:

  1. Assemble the device according to the instructions for use;
  2. Pour oil and fuel into the appropriate compartments;
  3. Break-in (use the walk behind tractor for 8 hours with minimal load);
  4. Change engine oil.
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If you do not plan to use the device for more than three weeks, it is better to store the car:
  1. Clean the device from dirt and dust;
  2. pull out the spark plugs;
  3. drain fuel and oil;
  4. Lubricate the control lever.


Kutaisi motoblocks were made in the USSR, and to keep them in good working order, regular maintenance according to the instruction manual is required.

Before each ride, the machine should be checked for unnatural parts, oil leaks and engine performance.

The engine oil should be changed every 25 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour lubricant for four-stroke engines of small garden equipment marked 4T into the engine.

The oil in the gear unit should be changed after 100 hours of operation. Tap-15V must be poured into this node.

Shifters should be lubricated with waterproof lithium or calcium grease.

Gear oil TAP-15V Gear oil TAd-17i Litol

After completing work on the Kutaisi walking tractor, it is necessary to remove the remains of dirt and dust from the device and attachments in order to prevent the formation of rust on the machine.

Fix major glitches

Motoblocks Kutaisi originated in the USSR and are characterized by excellent maintainability. You can always find spare parts for these machines in any specialized store or you can find an ad on special forums.

If the machine’s engine is difficult to start or stalls during operation:
  1. Check the amount of oil and fuel, top up if necessary;
  2. Check the spark plug, remove carbon deposits or replace with a new one.
  3. Check the connection of the poles to the spark plugs and see if there is a spark;
  4. Clean the air and fuel filters, they must be cleaned every 50 hours of operation;
  5. Adjust the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
  6. For more complex breakdowns, it is recommended to contact the service center.
If the Kutaisi walk behind tractor vibrates excessively during operation:
  1. Check attachment aggregation;
  2. Make sure the screw connections are tight at all nodes;
  3. Check the quality of the fuel and whether there is water in it;
  4. Clean air and fuel filters.

video ratings

The video report below shows the operation of the Kutaisi walk-behind tractor with a segment mower:

And here is a video overview of the work of a snow blower on a walk-behind tractor in Kutaisi:

Below is a video report of cultivation with a Kutaisi walk behind tractor:

owner reviews

Here’s what they say on thematic forums about the Kutaisi walk-behind tractor experience:


“Kutaisi attracted me with its reliability, simplicity and performance. Its design has already survived for many years, which means that nothing new will break into it, and the solution to all problems can be found on the forums. I took two with me, so one was among spare parts. There’s a lot of work involved: sowing, ploughing, watering, etc. And a potato harvester and a potato planter are ingenious inventions! The engine has remained native, it seems to me more reliable than Chinese consumer goods.

Pros: cheap price, high performance, maintainability.

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