Motoblock Hulk. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Hulk. Review of the installation, properties, attachments, use and operation

These machines are produced by DDE in the USA, which started its history in the middle of the last century. Initially, the company was described as a dynamic team, but developed with seven material steps and in the 1990s several companies were merged into the general holding dynamic drive equipment (DDE).

Hulk Motornots have established themselves as hig h-quality units for working in all climate zones in our country. It can be operated in a hot climate and high humidity.

DDE offers three options for motoblocks from different capacities so that customers can select the optimal model for their needs.

Hulk is perfectly summarized with attachments from Russian manufacturers: Neva, Oka, cascade, etc.

Overview of the model area of ​​the Motoblocks Hulk

Motoblock Hulk DDE V 950 II Hulk-1 TG-95

This machine is designed in such a way that it works in medium areas with any type of soil. The device is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp and air cooling.

Motoblock Hulk DDE V 950 II Hulk-1 TG-95

  • Thanks to the pneumatic wheels with a high diameter, an excellent clutch with the surface and the passage of walking behavior is achieved according to every type of soil.
  • The gearbox has 6 supplies: 4 forward and two reversal.
  • The neck of a petrol tank is characterized by a large diameter, which means that you can easily recharge your batteries on the field.
Technical characteristics
Power, L.C. 7
engine DDE 208
Plow width, see 85
Electrical start no
Engine manufacturer Dde
Power, KWT 5.15
Fuel tank capacity, L 3.6
Engine type petrol
Electricity transmission to active fastening devices Belt disk (belt)
Plow deep, see 30
speed 4 forward/2 before
Weight (KG 95
Engine model 208
Motor volume, cubic knife 208
Type of gearbox Chain

Motoblock Hulk DDE V 950 II Hulk-2n

This device belongs to the middle traction class, the GX160 petrol engine with 5.5 hp from the Japanese company Honda is installed on it.

Motoblock DDE V950 II Hulk-2H

  • Pneumatic bikes with a size of 4.5 × 10 with a sludge step offer perfect liability on the surface.
  • The transmission in a similar way with the previous model has 6 steps: 4 steps forward and 2 back.
Technical characteristics

Motoblock Hulk DDE V950 II Hulk-3

This is the most powerful representative in Hulk’s list. It is equipped with a 9 strong petrol petrol engine.

Real mildew. Causes and methods of the struggle

Motoblock Hulk DDE V950 II Hulk-3

  • The cultivation width is 85 to 135 cm and the depth of the immersion of the mill is up to 30 cm.
  • The type of gear is a chain and the clutch is belt.
  • The weight of the unit is 96 kg. Enough to even drive heavy attachments.

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Technical characteristics
Engine power, L.S. 9
Engine power, KW 6.62
The width of plowing is maximum, mm 1 300
The plowing depth is maximum, mm 300
Engine type Four-stroke
Brand inner combustion engine Dde
Engine volume, cubes. cm. 270
Type of fuel AI-92 petrol
transmission Да
Number of programs -2 / 0/4
Pto no
Type of gearbox Chain
The size of the front / rear wheels, mm 450-10
Horizontal setting of the steering wheel Да
Height adjustment of the steering wheel Да
Farah no
Start the system manual starter
Additional options triple pulley
particularities Unique gearbox
Weight according to the manufacturer’s catalog, KG 94.5

Appendix overview


The main purpose of the hand-led Hulk DDE tractors is soil processing, in particular the processing of the surface with milling. Before you choose a specific model, you have to pay attention to its working width.

mill cultivator

The complete set of these devices contains a set of saber cutter of 4 pieces.

If stony or hard rocks of the floor have to be processed, the milling cutters cannot provide the required immersion depth of the attachment devices. For this reason, you have to go through the construction site several times, and the cutting tools are very useful.

To prevent this, plows are used together with the Motoblöcken of the Hulk DDE brand. From the first time you treat the surface at a depth of 25 cm.

Plow turning plow

With turning plows you can crush large boulders, but still leave mediu m-sized stones behind. In order to remove this shade, it is recommended to process the area with milling.


Motoblocks Hulk Brand DDE supports working with roundabout and segment mowers. They help their owners to mow unwanted plants and hay for winter.

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Instructor mower KN 1.1 sickle mower Zarya

Sick mower are used when working with large plants and small bushes, and segment mowers enable them to clean the shoots of trees and mediu m-sized shrubs.

Potato rolls, potato planters and more frequently

The work with potatoes is automated using potato roters and potato planters. They enable them to plant and harvest vegetables.

Okuchnik is used to maintain potatoes during their maturation.

Vibrating and sieve potato rotor KGR-1V potato planter

Snow mill and shovel

Motoblocks from the Hulk DDE brand can help cleaning the snow cover in winter by connecting snow blower and connecting a shovel shovel.

Wheels, tunnels and rails

All Motoblocks of the Hulk DDE brand are equipped with air tires of the size 4.5 × 10. This is the optimal size for most agricultural work.

Grousers tires

If the device slips or slips, stollen can be mounted instead of conventional tire.

If you have to work in winter or on swampy soil, it is recommended to install caterpillars.


Moto blocks of the Hulk DDE brand do not differ in weight, their weight is up to 100 kg and therefore problems with liability often occur on the surface. A remedy can remedy the symptoms that can be hung on the wheel axle.


The goods transport on motor blocks of the Hulk DDE brand takes place with followers. The choice of your type depends directly on the freight to be transported:

  1. Muldenkipper (for the transport of bulk goods);
  2. With high o n-board walls (for transporting bulky goods);
  3. Long carts (transport block huts of trees and pipes).

Trolley trailer Salyut Trailer PM-0.6S


This is a special car in the form of a frame with a seat thanks to which you can operate the machine while sitting.

User Guide

The start of the work of every owner of Motoblöcken from the Hulk DDE brand should begin with the study of this document. It helps to understand the basic handling of the machine and its proper operation.

An electronic version of the user manual is available here:

Pond in fall and winter

First start, running and maintenance

During the assembly of the machine, they must be guided by the instructions for the operation.

After that, fuel and lubricant should be poured into all structural nodes because they do not come from the factory.

Then the engine runs out. Its essence is to drive the oil over all the knot of the device and to grease them thoroughly. Usually simple work with minimal performance is carried out during the run.

walk behind tractor DDE Halk 3

At the end of this period, be sure to exhibit the engine oil.

Another important point is the maintenance of the device if it does not have to be used for a month or more:

  • Clean the car of the remains of dust, dirt and moisture;
  • Empty the remains of fuel and oil (you will gain moisture during this time and become unusable);
  • Disconnect the clamps from the spark plugs or pull them off completely.
  • Fat all levers with waterproof fat.


Motoblocks from the Hulk DDE brand are characterized by high technical properties and the quality of the components. In order to maintain it, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance.

Before starting the company, make sure that the equipment is good, the lack of oil leaks, the maintenance capacity of the machine control system and the lack of malfunctions.

Motor oil should be replaced every 25 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour all lubricant for four stroke engines of small garden equipment with 4T marking.

The oil should be changed after 100 hours of operation. TAP-15V must be poured into these knots.

Gearing oil TAP-15V gear oil TAD-17i motor oil SAE 10W-40

Shift levers should be lubricated with waterproof lithium or calcium fat.

After working with the Hulk DDA Motor note, it is necessary to remove the remaining dirt and the dust from the device and the fastening equipment in order to prevent the machine from starting.

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Repair of the main disorders

Halk engine blocks are made from hig h-quality details in the USA that cost a lot, and their replacement is not always the best solution. Often you can simply make small repairs with your own hands.

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When the machine engine begins with difficulty or during the operating stands:

  1. Check the amount of oil and fuel, if necessary, share it.
  2. Check the spark plug, remove the carbon from it or replace it with a new one.
  3. Check the connection of terminals to the spark plugs and whether there is a spark.
  4. Clean air and fuel filters, they need to be cleaned every 50 hours of operation.
  5. Set the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
  6. If more complex information occurs, it is recommended to contact the service center.

If the Hulk Halk is too vibrating during operation:

  1. Check the aggregation of the fastening devices.
  2. Make sure that the bolt connections on all knots become boring.
  3. Check the quality of the fuel and whether it contains water.
  4. Clean air and fuel filters.
If the moment of rotation is not transferred to tailors:
  1. Check the accuracy of the aggregation of the fastening devices.
  2. Make sure that the aisle is broadcast;
  3. Check if it works.

Video review

Here is a video check about how the Hulk motor block is assembled:

The next video check shows the advantage of installing two belts:

This video check shows the process of the trench of potatoes through the Hulk engine block:

Reviews of the owners

Below are some owners’ opinions on the experience of using Hulk walk-behind tractors from thematic forums:


“My property is 24 acres, and you know I left a lot of health there already. Bought it on sale last year. I bought it mainly to prepare the site for planting and maintaining a small garden.

The hand-guided tractor masters the task at hand with flying colours. That’s right, I additionally sharpened the knives so that the vegetation did not wrap around them. When I work now, the neighbor nervously smokes on the sidelines and asks for help. I immediately took a potato digger and a potato planter because working with potatoes is the most physically demanding. A walk-behind tractor makes this job 95% easier. Very happy with the operation.

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Advantages: Good technical characteristics, wide range of attachments.

Cons: I have long suffered with cutters to assemble it properly for the first time “


“My Hulk is now over a year old. So far it works like clockwork. The knife is not of the highest quality, it is soft and constantly winds grass around it. I already had a mower and a ridger from MTZ in the yard. Now I want to build a trailer myself, because the new one costs like the bottom of a two-wheel tractor. There are no complaints about the work. Starts effortlessly, keeps its speed stable. Don’t dig.

Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 HP

Photo Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 HPPhoto 2 - Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hpPhoto 3 - Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hpPhoto 4 - Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hp

The color in the picture may differ from the actual design.

Photo 2 - Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hp

Photo 3 - Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hp

Photo 4 - Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hp

Manufacturer Dde
Type of walk behind tractor
class Average

The average price in the shops was not determined.

Specifications Motoblock Petrol DDE V950 II Halk-2H 5.5 HP

main features
additional properties
dimensions and weight

Complete information about the product, manufacturer, configuration, technical characteristics and functions is included in the technical documentation.

goods description

Reviews Motoblock petrol DDE V950 II Hulk-2H 5.5 hp

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