Motoblock HRT GT 709 SK. Properties, video, company recommendations

Motoblock HRT GT 709 SK. Properties, video, company recommendations

Despite the fact that the Russian company produced LLC Prrab in a relatively short time, its products have already gained great popularity among consumers.

The A-Class Group Holding, which also includes the company, not only generates garden tools, but also various consumables and power tools.

Description of the model

The Prorab GT 709 SK Walk behavio r-tractor is a model with a medium class that is cultivated in medium and large areas with dense soil. The model is equipped with a powerful engine with manual start.

Petrol is used as fuel. Thanks to the large volume of fuel tank and a low fuel consumption (1.8 l/h), you can work on the motor cultivator GT 709 SK for a long time, and at the same time don’t be worried about refueling.

The handle on which all the required controls are located can be adjusted in height so that the operator can configure it to its height.

The weight of the device is 95 kg, which is equated to the heavyweight class and enables them to work without weighting.

When using fastening devices, the functionality of the motor cultivator of the GT 709 SK increases significantly. Thanks to a powerful engine, the device can easily compensate for plowing, plowing, plowing, potatoes and harvesting a personal property of garbage, leafing or snow.

If you use a cart or a trailer, you can wear goods with a weight of up to 400 kg.

Technical characteristics

engine 7 hp. 4-X-stroke with air cooling
The work volume of the cylinder, the cube. cm 208 cm³
The volume of the fuel tank 6 л
Working width 105 cm
Depth of work 10 centimeters
The number of mills 8
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
draft VAL / BIEMENSCLEALD PLACE of transport wheels at the back in the background for plants that set the handle along the height side of the side of the handle
The weight 95 kg
Model palette of chainsaws Echo. Operating and maintenance instructions, main disorders and their solutions

Functions of the application

The manufacturer recommends using GT 709 SK petrol with an octane number 92 and SAE 15W40.

The replacement of a lubricant should be replaced in accordance with the graphics specified in the instructions.

The first replacement takes place after running, which is carried out immediately after purchase or after a long downtime.

Runnin g-in itself doesn’t take much time. If you adhere to the following actions, you can correctly execute the runnin g-in in, which ensures grinding all the details:

  1. Check the oil and fuel level in tanks. If the defect is unveiled, it is necessary to add.
  2. During the first 4 hours, the engine should work at idle. However, it is impossible to work for more than 20 minutes. It is therefore necessary to carry out a procedure and increase the speed for a short time to a maximum time.
  3. The next 4 hours that the cultivator can be used, but no more than 50% of its full performance.
  4. Leave the waste oil after completing the run and pour new ones.

The service plan is specified in the user manual.

  • The oil should change every 25 hours after operating the device.
  • When the gearbox, oil should be replaced after 100 mothers.
  • Control levers must be lubricated once a month with lithol or solidol for their smooth operation.
  • After the end of the working season, the Foreman GT 709 SK walk-behind tractor must be mothballed, namely: cleaned of dirt, wiped dry, drained fuel and oil, lubricated working parts, covered with a cloth and stored in a dry place until the work is finished continued.

Более подробно с особенностями эксплуатации мотоблока Прораб GT 709 SK можно ознакомиться в инструкции—>

Video review

Below is a video review of the Prorab GT 709 SK walk behind tractor with a detailed study of its advantages and disadvantages

The following video test clearly shows how the Prorab GT 709 SK motor cultivator is assembled after purchase

Type: August 25th - 31st

owner reviews

Konstantin: “I bought a Foreman GT 709 SK walk behind tractor a long time ago, 5 years ago, and I was satisfied with its work. With his help, I earn extra money by plowing other people’s gardens. Most of the time I use cutters that come with the kit and hillers. Haven’t bought any other devices. There was no serious damage over the entire period. Consumption is around 2 liters per hour and I work 8 hours a day. “

Danila: “I’ve only been using the walk behind tractor for 3 years and the standard wheels that came with the kit are already worn out. This was a little frustrating, but after buying new ones, and from a different manufacturer, there were no more problems. I work differently and depending on the use of attachments, the machine uses either 1 liter or 2 liters. in hour.”

We invite you to leave your review about the walk-behind tractor, so that our readers can get to know it in more detail and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the model.

Overview of Prorab GT-709 SK walk behind tractors. Technical characteristics, application and operational features

Motoblock Foreman GT-709 SK with a power of 7 hp is a multifunctional device of the middle class. It is most expedient to use it on plots of 20-30 hectares in the country garden.

With the help of a walk-behind tractor, you can perform any work on tillage, including heavy soil, planting various crops and harvesting. The machine can be successfully used all year round for transport work, snow removal, cleaning the site from debris and leaves.

Motoblock foreman GT-709 SK

Technical characteristics

Characteristic meaning
Manufacturer’s warranty, months 12
Crown 800
engine volume, cc 207
engine power, hp 7
reducer, type Chain
clutch type Belt
headlights, availability no
Pneumatic wheel type 4.00-8.00
weight (kg 82
Mill diameter, mm 320
brand of engine prorab
number of cylinders 1
Number of cycles 4
Wheels, diameter, mm 460
startup type Manual
type of engine Petrol, 4-stroke air-cooled
fuel tank volume, l 6,5
number of forward gears 2
Manufacturer (brand, brand) PRORAB (Russia)
Processing depth, mm 320
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Motoblock device Prorab GT-709 SK

The cultivator is characterized by a simple, reasonable design and high-quality assembly. The distinctive features of the device ensure its reliable long-term operation:

  • The transmission is mechanical, with single gear shift, 2 forward / 1 reverse.
  • The gearbox is manufactured with a housing wall thickness of 0.2 cm, which ensures sufficient strength.
  • A large fuel tank of 6.5 liters and an economical engine with an average fuel consumption of 1.8 l / h allow you to work efficiently for a long time without refueling.
  • Drive belts Fuji (Japan) ensure high reliability of the clutch.
  • All operating elements of the hand-guided tractor are ergonomically arranged on the adjustable handle
  • Thanks to 8 knives made of durable spring steel, the motor cultivator works effectively on young and fallow land, the knives are impact-resistant.
  • Thanks to the use of modern technologies for painting surfaces, the beautiful appearance of the cultivator is preserved for a long time.
  • The solid mass of the on e-axle truck Prorab GT (95 kg) enables rational work without stollen.
  • Large air bikes ensure sufficient stability of the device and good maneuverability even in the field.

Functions of the application

Motoblock Foreman GT-709 SK is rational with more than 20 types of additional equipment that enable the owner to use the equipment as efficiently as possible. The basic equipment of the moto r-grubber includes cutting devices, a chair and a plow.

Grousers Egge potato excavator cutter crow’s feet

In addition, attachment devices are connected: eggs, potato mallet and potato rotoders, metal eyelets, an adapter, additional milling, a double and triple plow, a rake, a snow blower, a sweeping brush. Together with a mini art, the cupboard has easily transported loads up to 0.4 tons.


Before the sale, han d-guided tractors from Prorab are tested for quality and functionality at work test centers. A wel l-established service network throughout Russia, the availability of spare parts and consumables enable the owners not to worry about the equipment possible. In addition, the foreman motor block device has a simplified design that makes repairs to do it yourself quite affordable.

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Motor oil Optimum SAE 15W40 motor oil Lukoil standard 15W40 SF/CC

The hand-led Tractor Foreman GT-709 SK consumes AI-92 petrol and SAE 15W40 oil. It should be noted that when the load is high in a composite with a loaded trailer or when plowing new territory, the gasoline consumption can increase significantly.

Run in

The manufacturer recommends that you enter a new PRORAB singl e-axle tractor after a long time. The inlet process takes place in 2 levels. First, work in idle / gas mode for 20 minutes with a quick increase and decrease in speed.

In the second stage, the han d-led tractor should work in a gentle mode for 4 hours with half a power. During this time, the operation of all components and mechanisms, including steering and braking system, is tested. At the end of the entrance time, the engine oil is replaced by new ones.

After that, the engine oil must be changed every 25 hours. The gear oil is changed after 100 operating hours. The lubrication of rubbing and movable parts, parts in the PRORAB singl e-axle tractors are carried out with universal wate r-repellent lubricants such as solidol, litol.

Video review

Motoblock Prorab GT-709 SK: advantages and disadvantages

owner reviews


“I have been working with the han d-led Tractor Foreman 709 for 4 years. First I only worked by my side, but now I am working on order. The load on the car is of course enormous, especially in the season – at least 7 hours a day. I like that it is an economical device, a tank is enough for a day. There was no serious damage during this time.

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