Motoblock Garden King. Review of the list, properties

15 best cultivating and motlocks

The attachments from other manufacturers are summarized with motor blocks of the brand garden king: Oka, Neva and Cascade. Mills and pneumatic bikes are originally complete with a tractor for walks, the rest of the roof are bought separately.


There are two varieties: “Sabl e-deflected knife and” goose legs “. You can consist of three or four blades. Do not damage the fruit layer to cultivate the floor.

It is used to transport mass and pieces freight, its loa d-bearing capacity can reach 500 kg.



It is attached to the garden king and turns it into a miniature tractor. The device consists of a frame with a wheel pair and the seats attached.



This equipment is for a powers of herbs that have hayers for cattle and simply a proper lawn. Stretker are rotary, frontal and segmented.


In our latitudes, snow fractions are a familiar thing in winter, and the shovel often does not deal with the tasks. And then there are snow plimings to help a person who can be connected to a tractor for walks. There are three varieties of sno w-ready awnings: garbage dump, brush, Rotary Snowman (work organ – a screw with blades).


With this nozzle you can fully mechanize the process of planting potatoes. Potatoes that fall into the loading bunker are captured at the same distance and placed in the floor. A comb from the ground is shown immediately.


This device carries out several processes: cut furrows, Huddles plants.

The perch is universal


The struggle of the weed in a pass. Special protective wheels protect cultivated plants from damage.



They hang on each wheel with a tractor so that the work organs can deepen deeper into the ground.


A device with which you can hang on a walk tractor of hinge units. The couples are universal and simple.


Mas s-rooms

They are large bikes with metal axes with ground corners. They are worn to work with plow, cigns, sex and other roofers. Developed for the transport of the walk with additional soil with ribs forward.

Mas s-rooms


There are caterpillar prefixes for sale, which can increase the cross stage of the hiking trail even more.

Caterpillar module

Pneumatism wheels

They are used to transport the garden king walking behavior and the roofing: a mower, a trailer car, snowball player. They are included in the device.


Revolutionary plow

It is also used to plow different floors. The most relevant for plowing with virgin countries and in autumn plows.

The accused plow


When choosing a tractor for a walk, it is important to pay attention to its technical properties, regardless of whether they are suitable for the necessary work. Depending on the area of ​​the processed surface, the engine power is selected. Use of engine blocks with a capacity of 6 liters

With. You can process areas with an area of ​​up to 35 acres. Use of engine blocks with an output of 9 liters. s., you can process up to 1 ha

With the help of motblocks with a capacity of 6 liters. With. You can process areas as large as 35 acres. Use of engine blocks with a capacity of 9 liters. With. You can process up to 1 ha.

Motoblocks Ray MB: technical specifications, device, operating instructions, ratings

The structure of the earth should also be considered. Heavy models are suitable for hard soil. For the earth, which has been processed several times, light models are suitable.

If a wide range of work is assumed, then you need to choose machines with the possibility of installing attachments. To do this, the design must have a wave of current selection.

It is better to determine in advance for the choice of fastening devices so that it is combined with the main block.

  • When using the plow it is better to choose heavy motblocks.
  • It is recommended to be installed on light models.
  • For cleaning snow there are snowball players, brushes, garbage copies, shovels. The use of one type or another depends on the type of tractor of walking.
  • Depending on the type of walk, semi-professional and professional mowers can be used.

review of the lineup

The manufacturer has created two varieties of functional motorized devices: lighter motorized breeders and heavy motblocks. In addition, the equipment was developed taking into account the preferences of the future owner – one needs a gasoline unit, while others prefer diesel installations. We offer to get acquainted with these motorized devices.

The Gartenkönig motor crops include:

  • Garden King MK-651
  • Garden King MK-700
  • Garden King MK-400

The Gartenkönig model range is as follows:

  • Garden King MZR-820
  • Garden King MZR-800

We offer to know each unit in more detail.

Motor growers

Garden King MK-651

The weight of the cultivation garden king MK-651 is 52 kg. It is equipped with four strokes with overheating engine. The power of the engine is 6.5 hp.

Gardoculture Garden King MK-651

The engine is carried out by a manual starter with a spring. The mechanical transmission outputs two gears: 1 – front and 1 – back. Recommended fuel gasoline brand AI-92. The handles are regulated in two projections. The depth of immersion with cutter varies from 10 to 35 cm.

Power, L.S. 6.5
number of speeds 1 forward / before 1 forward
Processing width, mm 850
Processing depth, mm. 350
start engine Manual
engine type Four-Stroke Gasoline
Engine Volume, CM3. 196
The volume of the fuel tank, l. 3.6
The volume of oil in the crankcase, l. 0.6
type of gearbox Chain
net weight / kg. 52

Garden King MK-700

The weight of the MK-700 of unit cultivators is 60 kg. The engine is four stroke with a capacity of 7 hp. There are manual start and air protection against overheating.

Gardoculture Garden King MK-700

The transmission is mechanical, single-stage, provides a front wheel and vice versa. An unbearable AI-92 brand gasoline is recommended as fuel. The depth of the grinding cutter up to 32 cm. The handles are adjustable in height and horizontally.

Power (L.S.) 7.0
engine type Petrol, 4 stroke
cooling Air
Engine volume (cm³) 208 cubic meters
fuel AI-92
The volume of the fuel tank (l) 3.6
transmission Chain
coupling Belt
Number of speeds (forward/backward) 1 forward/before 1 forward
Diameter cutter (cm) 30
Capture Width(CM) 70
Depth Capture (cm) 30
weight (kg) 60

Garden King MK-400

The weight of the motor cultivator garden king MK-400 is 35 kg. The four-stroke brand Loncin works on AI-92 gasoline. The engine power is 4 hp.

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Gardoculture Garden King MK-400

The engine is started from a manual starter. There is a speed, vice versa. The complete set contains four mills. Plow depth up to 30 cm.

Power (L.S.) 4.0
category Murderer
engine type Petrol, 4 stroke
Engine volume (cm³) 140
fuel AI-92
The volume of the fuel tank (l) 1.5
transmission Chain
coupling Belt
Number of speeds (forward/backward) 1 forward
Diameter cutter (cm) 30
Capture Width(CM) 60
Depth Capture (cm) 30
weight (kg) 35


The packer MZR-820 is equipped with a four-stroke engine 170F, the unit capacity is 7 hp, the maximum number of revolutions per minute is 3600. The engine operating volume is 212 cm3. The volume of the gas tank is 3.6 liters.

SR170F engine

This technology is not used for industrial purposes, but a budget option for those who are fed up with manually processing a garden and needing a functional assistant.

Evaluation of the garden king Motoblock. Properties, attachments, use and operation

The cars of the Garden King brand are gathered in China of the same name. It specializes in the release of various garden equipment and stocks. The main criteria that include the selection of future owners of the Garden King Technology are the inexpensive and high technical features.

In order to maximize the satisfaction of every owner, Garden King offers its customers a number of motoblocks. Below you will find a review of the most popular models.

Garden king of the motor cultures

Garden King not only offers motoblocks, but also cultivating ones that are intended exclusively for land work.

Gardoculture Garden King Mk-651

This is one of the most common models in a series of garden king of the cultivating people. It has a petrol engine with 6.5 hp.

Gardoculture Garden King MK-651

  • The gearbox is as simple as possible and has only one step towards forward and one back.
  • The most important technical feature is the cultivation width – 85 cm, with a depth of the immersion of 300 mm.
  • An improved chain gear is able to ensure the work of the Gartenkönig MK-651 motorcultivator with virgin floors.
  • The weight of the device is only 56 kg.

Gardoculture Garden King MK-700

This machine has a stronger engine with 7 horses and air cooling.

Gardoculture Garden King MK-700

An additional wheel was installed forward, which enables the engineer to achieve additional stability with strong use.

  • At the same time, the maximum plain width is only 68 cm. This is due to the fact that this model is more intended for processing heavy soils
  • The 4-stroke engine is started with a manual starter, and a 3.6-liter fuel tank can provide long-term non-stop mode of the motor cultivator.
  • Its weight is 60 kg.
  • Photo of the garden garden king MK-700

Gardoculture Garden King MK-400

This is the simplest and lowest motor cultivator in the garden king series. The petrol engine has only 4 hp, the cultivation width can reach 40 cm.

Gardoculture Garden King MK-400

  • Reversions in this model are not provided, so work is only possible forward.
  • The Motokulturgarten king MK-400 is suitable for operation in small gardens or land spaces with a limited area.
  • Thanks to a small weight (only 30 kg), slight control of the machine and its maneuverability are achieved.
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Motoblocks Garden King

The motoblocks are considered more popular because they can work with a variety of attachments. Garden King offers two options for his walks: MZR 800 and MZR 820.

Technical characteristics of the Garden King MZR 800 walk behind tractor

This car is equipped with a standard 8HP Chinese petrol engine. It is cooled with the help of air flow.

Motoblock Garden King MB-800

The width of the surface treatment of the Garden King MZR 800 walk-behind tractor with a cutterbar can be adjusted from 80 to 100 cm, with a processing depth of 30 cm.

  • Pneumatic wheels with a size of 4.0 × 8 can ensure the patency of the Garden King MZR 800 walk-behind tractor in any conditions.
  • The weight of this model is 75 kg, so it will not work on heavy soils without weights.
  • A photo of the Garden King MZR 800 walk behind tractor is shown below.

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Technical characteristics of the garden king Motoblock MZR 820

The same 8 hp petrol engine is installed in this two-wheel tractor.

 Garden King MZR 820 engine block

The main difference is the weight of the device, this model is slightly heavier. This allows you to work the soil with tillers up to a depth of 38 cm.

  • The size of the wheels has also been increased, now they are 4×10.
  • The gearbox is designed for 3 stages: 2 forward and one reverse stage.
  • Below is a photo of the Garden King MZR 820 walk behind tractor.

Garden King attachments overview


Garden King Chinese Walk Tractors include a set of saber cutters in the package. This is the basic attachment used with both power cultivators and Garden King engine blocks.

Working on this device mixes the top layer of soil and increases the fertility of the surface.


Saber cutters were known in the middle of the last century, they provide fairly good processing of all types of soil. However, time does not stand still, and now “crow’s feet” are gaining popularity in the Russian Federation. This type of cutter allows you to sink deeper into the soil and crush the soil more thoroughly.

Garden King motoblocks can even break new ground together with ploughs. Cutters in such a situation will not help, they will only become useless. They bend or break off when hitting stones and other hard rocks. Plows are simply irreplaceable when working on stony or virgin soils.

The only disadvantage of this attachment is the small working width. In one pass they can plow a width of only 30 cm.

Adjustable plow standard plow PM-1 reversible plow

When working with a plough, the hardest part is getting a level first pass, because then you just put a wheel in, set the plow depth and you’re off to a smooth start.


Garden King brand motoblocks will also help in mowing vegetation from the surface of the earth with the aggregation of mowers.

There are two types that should be used in appropriate situations: rotating and segmented.

Rotary models are used for mowing small grass and small shrubs, segmented models are best used for harvesting large shrubs and tree shoots.

Rotary mower Zarya-1 Rotary mower Zarya Mounted segment mower 9G 1.4

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Potato diggers and potato planters

Garden King brand motoblocks can help not only with farm work, but also with planting and harvesting crops. Potatoes are considered the most expensive in terms of physical and temporary difficulties. Potato planters and potato diggers save their owners a lot of time and effort.

Potato potato-potato-potato-vibration-grrookhotnaya KGR-1V

Snowman and dumplings

With the beginning of winter, most owners of Brand Garden King branded bones set their cars to maintain. At the same time, you can facilitate snow removal with snowball players and dumpling waste.

Based on the ratings of the owners, the dump is most commonly used. It costs cheaper, while the same range of work is carried out.

Lopata blade brush snowbruffle forza


Motoblock of the brand garden king carry freight transport with supporters. However, there are different modifications, the choice of a specific model should be based on a transported freight:

  1. When transporting bulk goods, it is better to use sel f-specific supporters.
  2. During the transport of volumetric objects, it is better to use fans with high sides.
  3. Long variants of carts are best used to transport tree trunks of trees, pipes and similar objects.

Trailer engine Block Cargo PMG300-1 trailer PM-07S trailer TM-360

Wheels, floor and caterpillars

The entire list of the Garden King brand brand has a great weight. It is sufficient to ensure the continuity under practically all conditions. Problems can only occur if you work on heavy or virgin floors, where the fastening equipment is difficult to fall into the ground and the tractor of walking begins to break out of your hands and behave unstable.

In this case, it is recommended to replace standard pneumatic tires with floor surfaces. Their metal plates are immersed in the ground and improve the total course of the machine.

Caterpillar prefixes of the wheel

If you move along a swampy area or a layer of snow, another shade occurs. The tractor for walking behavior begins to explode in the surface and another movement becomes impossible. In this case, the manufacturer recommends using Caterpillar modules.


Using soil and caterpillar modules is only possible in cases of your presence. Many owners do not buy them because they are expensive and only have to use in certain cases.

They improve the intersection of the garden king brand with ballast weights that have to be hung on a wheel axle.

Motoblic water pumps

water pump

Motoblocks of the garden king brand in the presence of pumps can help to pump water and irrigation of the country. Therefore, you can save your owners for this work when purchasing a separate engine.


During the operation of the garden king, a considerable disadvantage is created – a quick physical fatigue in the back, legs and arms. To reduce the cargo of the owner, you can use special subsequent devices: adapter. They are made in the form of a frame with a seat with which you can control the device from a seated position.

Garden king equipment operating instructions

First start, running and maintaining garden king technology

Before you start working on the Motoblocks of the Garden King brand, you need to study the operational instructions. If you are the first owner of this device, it should be recorded in the correct order.

Phytophthora of berries, strawberries and other berries

After watering petrol and lubricant in the engine.

First 8 hours, leave the car with a minimum load. This time is enough to lubricate all structural nodes of the device and they started working as a single mechanism.

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After completing this mode, replace the engine oil.

If you do not plan to use the device for a long period of time, the Gartenking engine block is recommended for maintenance. This must be done in the following sequence:

  1. drain fuel and oil;
  2. Remove the remains of dirt, dust and moisture to prevent corrosion on the engine block body.
  3. Disconnect the terminals from the spark plugs or unscrew them completely;
  4. Lubricate the control levers with waterproof grease.


In order to regularly maintain the operability of all nodes of the walk-on tractor in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations specified in the operating instructions, namely:

  1. Before starting work on this device, you need to make sure that the performance occurs. Check the control and braking system, the presence of fuel and oil, the absence of lubricant leaks and unnatural deformations.
  2. Replacing the lubricant in the engine should occur every 25 operating nuts. For this node it is recommended to use 4-stroke engine oil.
  3. For the transmission, the oil should be changed in spring and autumn, or once every 100 hours. User manual recommends using TAP-15V or TAD-17I.
  4. To prevent the checkpoint control levers from malfunctioning and reliable fixation of the gears, they should be lubricated with Solidol or LIP-24.

Gear oil TAP-15V Gear oil TAD-17I LOCTLET

Carry out small repair work

The Chinese engine blocks of the Garden King are representatives of the budget series of these devices, but they have one significant drawback – the quality of the components is sometimes not very high and quite often fails. Therefore, every owner of this car must know how to carry out minor repairs.

If the block engine does not start:
  1. Make sure the starter and electrical wiring as a whole;
  2. Check the presence of fuel and oil (try to replace them).
  3. Set up the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
  4. Clean fuel and air filters.
When the clothes don’t turn:
  1. Check the maintainability of the VOM;
  2. Check the drive belt for its route;
  3. Make sure the correct connection of towing equipment is connected together.

Video Review by Garden King

Below is a video review of grinding on the Garden King MotorBlock:

Many Garden King motblock owners have had problems with mill mill assembly. Below is a video review of their assembly process in order:

Reviews of Gartenking technology owners

Below are several reviews of the experience of operating these machines from the owners:


“I have been using the 820th Garden King for over six months. I have a plot of 20 hectares. To process such a range of this machine is enough with the head. A universal coupling allows you to use one resigned from the NEVA. Although the assembly is Chinese, but I have not had any glitches so far. “

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