Motoblock Foreman GT 701 SK. Model overview, video and factory show

Motoblock Foreman GT 701

The Foreman GT 701 is an affordable, budget-class walk-behind tractor designed for tillage. The machine has a classic, proven design, is very reliable and economical. Self-maintenance of a walk-behind tractor does not present any problems – primarily due to the simple design, as well as cheap spare parts. Foreman GT 701 is equipped with pneumatic wheels that allow you to overcome off-road areas. Ease of control, increased cargo capacity, high functionality, excellent maneuverability and compact dimensions are the main advantages for which Russian summer residents prefer the Prorab GT 701.

General information and design

The Foreman GT 701 walk behind tractor is intended for use in agriculture, city and municipal services. The machine is in great demand among summer residents, farmers and gardeners. The designers of the machine have done everything to reduce the cost of the construction of the walk-behind tractor so that the owner gets the maximum benefit from the price-quality ratio. Despite the low price, the possibilities of the technology are unlimited thanks to the support of a wide variety of devices. In any case, each summer resident and farmer chooses the right options for himself, based on his needs. Depending on the equipment installed, the Foreman GT 701 can salvage, harrow, transport goods, plant and dig vegetables, mow grass, and process dirt and virgin land in a variety of other ways. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is possible to work in areas with many obstacles – for example, where you need to go around stones, trees, fences. In this respect, the walk-behind tractor is truly universal. It’s light and feels even lighter thanks to the transport wheel. This is how a woman manages the Foreman GT 701.

Let’s highlight the main advantages of the walk behind tractor:

  • Large pneumatic wheels – for comfort and geometric cross-country ability
  • Metal wheels – are floor hooks. They compensate for the lack of mass and serve as a support when working on hard soil, including virgin soil.
  • A wide range of attachment options to help you get the most out of a budget walk-behind tractor
  • Fuel consumption, low noise and vibration
  • Front transport wheel – for easy pulling of equipment in the garden
  • Notable indicators of the depth and breadth of editing in one pass
  • The presence of a reverse gear – provides ideal maneuverability and ease of operation in a confined space or when avoiding obstacles in the form of bushes, trees and large stones
  • Robust housing and reinforced front protection, which protects the two-wheel tractor from external influences, flying grass, stones, dust and dirt during operation
  • High-speed motor from the well-known Chinese company Longcin. Thanks to the powerful air cooling system, the engine does not overheat
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle with height and horizontal adjustment. All equipment controls are located on the handle, including gas, brake, reverse, gear shift, etc.
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Before first use

The GT 700 SK Prube needs a regular run in partial load mode. Not everyone often wants to carry out this procedure, but it is very useful for the development and adaptation of parts to the local weather conditions. In this regard, the curren t-In should be carried out at least once, namely immediately after purchase or before the first use of the tractor for the Walk behavior. Playing requires elementary steps. Look at them in phases:

  • Perform the engine, let it work for 40 minutes while idling
  • Check the speed mechanism. It is important that the box works without noise and vibrations. They are unacceptable because the tractor of the walk is completely new. Otherwise, the car must be replaced by another or a return within 14 days of the law “to protect consumer rights”.
  • After you have granted the reliability of the fastening of all bolts and the absence of oil subtexts in the lower part, you can continue with the operation of the tractor of the walk behavior. In this case, soil processing is permissible in various ways, including shaking, hilling, plowing from the country, landing and ditch of vegetables, transportation of goods and other types of work. The main thing is that the load on the hiking tractor does not exceed 50% of the maximum load
  • The enema takes 7-8 hours. This is sufficient to adapt the internal components of the wal k-in tractor well under weather conditions. Then you can continue to maintain the machine
  • The next day, the wal k-in tractor is ready for full operation, it can be loaded 100 percent according to the instructions.

Unmounted equipment

The GT 701 preliminary worker in the basic configuration is not equipped with hinge devices. It has to be bought separately, as with competitors. This is very profitable for experienced managing directors who can choose the right set for themselves. Consider the most popular trailer options for the foreman p. 701:

  • plow
  • Hiller
  • Potato cap
  • Potato
  • Cultivating mills
  • Dare, trailer
  • Hayfield
  • water pump
  • Hook
  • Mood to mow grass
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Motor and technical properties

The GT 701 gear wheel motor is one of the relatively compact and light models. Dimensions: Length – 830 mm, width – 480 mm, height and road release 740 or 185 mm.

Productivity: depth of processing – up to 300 mm, processing width – up to 310 mm, weight of the device – 84 kg. The engine is gasoline, 4-stroke-lylinder with air cooling. The work volume is 0.2 liters, performance – 7 hp.

Fuel consumption

The GT 701 engine block consumes an average of 2 liters of gasoline per hour. There is support for the fuel of the brands AI-92 and AI-95. The tank capacity is 3.6 liters.

Prices in Russia

The average costs for the Prorab GT 701 Motor note on the Russian market is 30,000 rubles without the options of hinges excluding.

Motoblocks Prorab (Prorab)

The Russian “Prorab” brand is a comparative young discovery for the domestic technical market. He started his activities in 2005 and became a favorite for thousands of consumers in a short time.

Brand Prorab (Prorab)

Under the pump, construction and garden equipment with the marking “Prostrab”, motoblocks are occupied by motor blocks, the acquisition of which has become a requirement of modern agricultural production.

Features of the “Prostrab” engine blocks

Prorab engine blocks are two radionated devices that are equipped with combustion engines for soil processing in the garden and in a personal property. According to owners, they feel great in all floors and are not inferior in foreign resistance in foreign important trademarks.


  • A diverse lin e-up, some devices from which a potential of 10 hp creates. and 13 PS;
  • Thickened gear (up to 2 mm), do not flow at high speeds;
  • Wea r-resistant drive belt from the Japanese brand “Fuji”;
  • Steel knife of the soil, resistant, resistant to mechanical tensions and degrades;
  • Corrosion and UV protection of metal surfaces that enables the operation in any weather without changing the appearance of the product;
  • Ergonomity and practicality;
  • Universalit y-Dank of a large number of binding devices can be operated by the motor blocks “Prostrab” throughout the season.
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The main and only disadvantage of this motif for the purchase of spare parts that are carried out directly by the manufacturer are difficulties.

Motoblock “Prorab” GT 701 SK

A petrol hiking trail with a thrust of 7 hp, which is designed for plowing up to 1 ha. It works on a single cylinder 4-stroke engine, economically consumed fuel. With compact dimensions and maneuverability, it does not require any additional strength costs. With weeds, clogged on dense soils and areas, which makes it without failure during the present and sprouting soil.


  • Manual starter, not in a broad gradient t 0c;
  • 3-position control point;
  • Aluminum gears for daily loads;
  • Reliable recording that protect the operator from stones and ground flies under the body;
  • Complete with a voucher and a set of 6 mills (each 4 knives).

Technical characteristics:

  • Strength – 7 HP;
  • Cultivation – 80/10 cm;
  • Flammable consumption – 2 l/h;
  • Tire 4.00-8;
  • Weight – 80 kg.

Motoblock “Prostrab” GT 709 SK

A 7-PS petrol unit that practically does not differ from the previous model. It has 3 speed modes with which you can develop up to 12 km/h. Due to the coarse tires, the motblock does not load and does not slip to a wet substrate, which means that they can do without soi l-containing soil without removing. It has a strap pane pane, so that it can be equipped with a trailer or a body as well as with active adapters.


  • the presence of the rear speed;
  • 2-level setting of the pens;
  • Increased processing strips that reduce the number of passages along the field;
  • The depth of plowing defined by the Soshnik;
  • Low vibroshuma exposure.

Working properties:

  • Processing – 1/0.1 m;
  • Cylinder – 208 cm3;
  • Gas tank – 6 l;
  • Load capacity – 4 C;
  • The mass is 95 kg.

Prorab Motoblock GT 65 HBW

Prorab Motoblock GT 65 HBW

Equipment of the house class that can replace a dozen other technical devices on the farm. Imaginative soils, dense soils and areas with wild vegetation. Economically in terms of fuel and lubricant and are unpretentious. The design of the device, subject to basic security regulations, excludes injuries and the risk of life and health of the operator.

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  • Mechanical transmission by 3 modes;
  • Support for universal binding equipment;
  • Wheels with differential locks for stability in corners;
  • Corrosio n-resistant case;
  • Comfortable rubberized pins with an ant i-slip effect.

Operating parameters:

  • Potential – 6.5 hp;
  • Gas tank – 3 l;
  • Max. Movement speed – 12 km/h;
  • Capture by cutter – 610 mm;
  • Weight – 80 kg.

Motoblock “Prorab” GT 718 SK

A gasoline floor processor who is popular with summer residents and owners of private households. Designed for the company in both summer and winter. In contrast to many other budget engine blocks, it works regularly with all the adapters presented on the modern market. Less work. Melodies lightly and gives themselves with your own hands.


  • Improved wheelbase;
  • Adjustable plow indicators for different types of plants;
  • Rad of the wheels of the “Christmas tree” type, which prevents the substrate from gluing;
  • Performance selection wave for active roofing;
  • Increased protective sheets.

Work indicators:

  • Traction – 5.15 kW;
  • Cylinder – 207 cm3;
  • Including with cutter – 1/0.15 m;
  • Fuel tank – 3.6 liters;
  • Weight – 125 kg.

Motoblock “Prorab” GT 705 SK

Another representative of a 7-hp series that is suitable for working under different agroclimatic conditions. It is a classic uniform unit for pneumatic fires that can be used to plow, align the soil and carry out the mechanical removal of weeds. It not only performs the tasks immediately, but also with high accuracy and security for a person and neighboring plants.


  • A 208-cubic engine, unpretentious for the quality of the fuel;
  • reliable belt coupling;
  • 3 standard movements;
  • Completeness 6 cutter of 4 knives;
  • Small structure.

Working properties:

  • Resource – 7 HP;
  • Capture – 80 cm;
  • Pachot depth – up to 300 mm;
  • Gas tank – 3600 ml;
  • The mass is 80 kg.

Prorab Motoblock GT 80 RDK

Prorab Motoblock GT 80 RDK

The diesel engine of the heavy series. With a cylinder capacity of 402 cm3, it develops a traction of 8 HP. In contrast to previous models, it differs in water cooling and the presence of additional regime speeds. Thanks to the weighty case, it easily loads into the ground without using strength. It is compatible with different adapters and also designed for winter operation.

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  • Buil t-Im headlights;
  • Large engineers with reduced fuel consumption;
  • An 8-speed transmission with which you can overcome up to 15 km/h;
  • Reversitivity;
  • Powerful pneumatic fires with excellent passable properties.

Technical characteristics:

  • Efforts – 8 HP;
  • Processing – 75/25 cm;
  • Gas tank – 5.5 l;
  • Frase diameter – 0.3 m;
  • The mass is 230 kg.

Motoblocks “Prostrab”: play and maintenance

Play the “Prostrab” engine block – the 8th hour process of the savings process, which can be divided into 2 levels:

  1. 4 hours when idling, provided that the interruptions are every 20 minutes;
  2. The remaining part of the time is the plowing of half of the nominal output declared in the instructions.

After completing the run, the exchange of engine and gear oils is mandatory.

The regularity of the supervision of the crossbeck depends on the type of work unit:

  • Control elements – monthly lubrication through solidol or another universal lubricant;
  • Motor oil – reference after 25 s;
  • Gear lubricant – after 100 motorized hours.

After completing the field work, before the longer downtime, it is kept – merging of petrol or diesel, cleaned of dirt and lubricated movable components.

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