Motoblock Fermer FM 903 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

Motoblocks farmer: the best models, reviews from real owners

The MotorBlock Farmer is a technique from the German brand with a powerful engine and a wide range of fastening devices.

Universal singl e-axis

The best models of the Walkways Farmer

All Fermer models come with a reduced gear and different motor power:

15L With. 13L With. 9 l. With. 6-7L. With.
FM 1507 pro-s FM 1311 mx FM 901 Pro FM-811MX (7.5L.
FM 1511 mx FM 1307 Pro-S FM 902 Pro-S 6.5L
1309md FM 903 Pro-S FM 653 m
FD 905 Pro FM 702 Pro SL
FDE 905 Pro FM 701 Pro
FM 907 Pro-S

The number of technological achievements affects the size of the site that it can handle.

FM-653 m

This motor cultivator works on gasoline and has the following technical characteristics:

engine Fou r-Stroke
perfomance 7L With.
The width and depth of soil processing, m 1 and 0.3
reversal 1
Number of front-line programs 2
fuel tank volume, l 3,5
Working speed, m/min 6-10
The maximum processed area 50 acres
wheel dimensions 4-8
mass, kg 80

This model is equipped with a speed gearbox with an aluminum housing. Gear shifting occurs due to the wedge-shaped belts that ensure safety and easy control for the user. The engine also has a two-stage cleaning filter.

Motoblock to give away

This device is intended only for working with the soil and can be changed due to additional equipment. The current selection shaft is not installed here, so all attachments are connected with a bracket. It is possible to adjust the handlebar in height.

FM-653 m is used during planting and harvesting, soil processing.


The unit was released in 2006. You can work on it in both summer and winter seasons.

This is a 10 HP Gasoline Walk Tractor. It has the following technical indicators:

Soil processing width, m Up to 1.15
Soil plowing depth, m 0,3
engine Fou r-Stroke
The number of cylinders 1
front wheel 2
rear wheel 1
Turning back Да
The volume of the fuel tank, l 6
mass, kg 135
The dimensions of the wheels 12-6.5
type of wheels Pneumatic

A gear transmission and a mechanical transmission are installed here. The direction of rotation of the grinder is direct.

A universal bracket allows attachment equipment from different manufacturers to be connected.

Management is carried out thanks to 2 handles regulated to human height, the design itself is balanced.

Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia

Singl e-axle tractor with a petrol engine

Among the advantages of this model can be distinguished:

  • differential for one turn without slipping;
  • the presence of a high tire tread;
  • Folding support that makes storage of the device convenient;
  • The presence of reinforced sickle mills.

FM-1303 Pro-S

This is a universal technique that allows you to process a plot with an area of ​​u200bu200b5 hectares.

The Walk behavior tractor is equipped with the size of wheels, which allows to work in off-road conditions. Ergonomic handles, made of rubber, are adjusted under the growth of the user. The design features a power shaft.

Model with large bikes

The power of the installed engine 13L With.
The volume of the fuel tank, L 6
Width and depth of the processed area, M 0.9 and 0.25
Starter manual Да
Number of front gears 2
reversal 1
mass, kg 121
Working speed, m/min 12
wheel dimensions 6-12

You can highlight from the advantages:

  • low noise during operation;
  • Simple start;
  • the opportunity to work in the winter period;
  • The weight of the unit enables you to work on heavy soils.
  • Thanks to the universal bracket, additional equipment can be attached to the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • The device is unpretentious in maintenance (A-92 petrol and every machine oil are used);
  • Increased recording by cutter.

FM-1511 U

This is a powerful motor cultivator that is completed with the treatment of all kinds of soil and virgin. Due to the large weight, high performance and the enlarged wheels, it is convenient to control the device and it is stable during operation. Due to the rotary eyelashes, the technology can be used by 180 °. The handle is tailored to the growth of the user.

The size of the area in which the FM-1511 MX can be processed is up to 5 hectares.

Powerful han d-held tractor

Technical indicators for this model:

The power of the engine 15L With.
front wheel 2
Reverse gear 1
coupling Universal type
Panzer volume, L 6
Floor processing width, M 1.35
Plowing depth, M 0,3
mass, kg 145
  • increased power supply due to the cylinder (volume 0.5 l);
  • The degree of compression is reduced, which means that you can carry out the devices under all temperature conditions.
  • Gear shift;
  • Light turns back;
  • Handles with ant i-slip coating;
  • Thanks to the wheelbase, slipping and an additional load of the engine motor are excluded.
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Unmounted equipment

A large selection of additional devices is provided:

  • Mass rooms. It is necessary to eliminate the problem with slipping and slipping the surface of the processed soil. . This is a knot with which the fastening equipment is connected to the design of the motor cultivator.
  • Potato cap. It is used in planting and collecting root plants.
  • Plow. It is attached to the device to the device in which there is not enough milling output. It helps to mix the upper layer of soil.
  • Adapter. They are necessary for the convenience of the user. In order not to move on foot during operation, you can install this fastening equipment.
  • Mower. It is used to mow grass and other small vegetation as well as hay preparation.
  • Team. Increases the mass of the unit and expands the area of ​​its skills in soil processing.
  • Snowman. Used to clean the territory in winter.

Grown lawnmow

DIY Motoboblock Repair

All problems in the operation of the Farmer Motoboblock device can be divided into malfunctions that are connected to the engine and other knots.

For example, to solve problems with the transmission, you have to set the carburetor. This requires:

  1. Check the oil level in the housing.
  2. Analyze the body in half, carry out an inspection of the chain and the gears to defects.
  3. Check the voltage of the chain.
  4. It is recommended to rinse all the details of the gearbox into kerosene.
  5. Damaged parts should be replaced.
  6. Collect the structure back.
  7. The seal should be changed.
  8. Before installing the structure, it is recommended to scroll the gear shafts onto the device manually. Fill it with lubricant.
  9. Adjust the hubs of the bikes.
  10. Guide the tractor for walks, but without hanging equipment.

A feature of all farmers models is the presence of components on the market so that the user can carry out repair work himself.

Reviews of the owners

Motoblock’s farmer has a hig h-quality assembly, high performance and ergonomic structure. In all models of motoblocks of this brand, the steering wheel is set in height and the side angle by vertical and horizontal changes.

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According to most owners, these equipment has no disadvantages, among the advantages there is a greater performance, the economic fuel consumption, the acceptable price, a large selection of attachments and a relatively small weight of the device, which affects the quality of no n-soil processing. If you complement the motorcycle unit with weighting agents or soil, this offers soil treatment of the highest quality.

The farmer 653 is equipped with a star t-blocking system with inadequate oil level, which protects the engine from fitting. The Fermer FN 702 model has an additional third wheel that offers stability. Reviews of the owners show that this option helps to transport devices and that working with mills makes it easier.

Motobobes of this manufacturer works without complaints, the engine starts well, 1-2 idiots are enough, smooth gang shift, the pen not too jerk. With a reduced corridor, you can process heavy floors with fastening equipment because a lower speed is combined with a rather high performance.

Most of the models with which you can summarize a walk behavior tractor with different attachments (mower, snowball players) that expand the use of the device.

Sergey, 47 years old, Vladiwostok: “I bought a walk to process plots with a size of up to 20 acres. I can say that this little technology deals well with work in the field. I also bought a potato crash to save time when sowing and harvesting. “

Vladimir, 42 years old, Astrakhan: “I have decided to try the Chines e-stored engin e-FM 1511 MX. I have been working on it for 2 years, I will say that the unit can be maneuverable, has a universal coupling, and this saves time when attaching attachments. I was satisfied with the purchase. “

Vasily, 36 years old, Omsk: “I’ve been working on this technology for 3 years. From the advantages I find that all spare parts are easy to find for repair, I am happy to receive a small fuel consumption. The only minus that requires the clutch is otherwise to be adjusted. “

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George, 51 years old, Kursk: “He worked from the Minsk factory of equipment, but decided to switch to another unit. The choice fell on the FM-13303 Pro-S. I was satisfied with the presence of the third wheel and bumper, a comfortable throttle grip. “

Dmitry, 53 years old, Izhevsk: “He bought a farmer in 2016, the equipment never broke and failed. I also bought a snowman – a good thing for the winter. “

Price and analogue

Depending on the model, the prices for this walking tractor are in the range of 22,000 to 65,000 rubles.

The analogues include the line of Motoblocks Belarus and Hoper.

Which model of the farmer’s motor blocks did you use? What functions can you highlight?

Motoblocks Fermer FM 903 Pro-S. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



This model is an identical copy of the FM 902 Pro-S, only with wheels with a larger width. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a powerful engine with a capacity of 9 hp. Thanks to wider tires, it can also work under conditions of the wet earth and on a large layer of snow. With the capacity selection wave you can control and set up sequence devices for any specific work.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 902 Pro-S Motoblock Fermer FM 903 Pro-S

Fermer FM 903 Pro-S is used to process the landed land on small and medium-sized areas as well as when processing soft new floor.

Technical characteristics

Type of Motoblock
Tap There is
engine 4-stroke, gasoline
Engine power 9.0 PS (6.6 kW)
Displacement, cm3 270
Cutting width, mm 850-1050
Attachment depth, mm 150-300
Processing speed m/min 6/12
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
Type of transmission gear
Fuel tank, capacity, L 6
Reduction, oil filling, L 1,9
Motor, oil filling, L 1,1
Wheel size 6.00-12
Fair diameter, mm 32 (Hex)
Dimensions in the assembled state, LXBXH, mm 1350 x 1020 x 1250
Net weight / kg 121

Application functions

Fermer FM 903 Pro-S is the best motoblock for use in private gardens and gardens because it has high nominal performance and can work with a variety of attachments.

There is cutter by default, here is a video how to work:

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  • The engine Fermer FM 903 Pro-S has a volume of 270 cm3.
  • The gearbox has three positions, two for forward trip and one for reverse ride.
  • The device is equipped with new Saccon handles and chokes.
  • The single-axis Fermer FM 903 Pro-S is equipped with air-tired wheels of the size 6.00-12.
  • This unit has a gear unit wave.

User Guide

The duration of the normal operation depends on the correct start of work with the single-axis fermer FM 903 Pro-S. Therefore, read the instructions for use before the first commissioning.

It describes: the assembly, the arrangement of levers and parts, the right entry, the most important technical properties and much more. If you have lost the paper carrier, you can download the operating instructions in electronic form.

If you are not clear to you in the instructions for use how the hand-guided tractor FM 903 Pro-S is assembled, you can watch a video overview of how this is done:

Service for handmade tractors

Motoblock Fermmer FM 903 Pro-S is unpretentious in maintenance.

It is enough to fill in hig h-quality petrol and oil and monitor the condition of the device at the end of the work.

Petrol should not be used lower than AI-92. And Motor oil Fermer FM 903 Pro-S of the SAE 10W-40 or 15W-40 series must be used with an API class of at least SF.

The oil should be changed every 100 operating hours.

It is also worthwhile to wait regularly in accordance with section 11 of the operating instructions.

Reviews of the owners

The ratings on the operation of the hand-led tractor Farmer FM 903 Pro-S are mostly positive on the Internet. The owners notice the performance and practicality of the device, but also pay attention to the high fuel consumption during operation.

Igor writes:

This model has excellent handling. Capsettes tasks with flying colors. The fuel consumption is average, after all, he does not work in the air. I am very satisfied with this purchase and advise everyone who turns to me, the assembly is good. The factory was safely packed. Delivered without chips or defects.

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