Motoblock Fermer FM 902 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FM 902 Pro-S. Review, features, application features

Fermer FM 902 PRO-S is a representative model of motor blocks from the Chinese manufacturer Fermer. Chinese manufacturer Fermer is a developer of various types of garden equipment, both small and large. Not only the farmer’s motor blocks are produced under this brand, but also the tractor, min i-Actractor, garden equipment and hinge tools for the devices of the same name.

The Fer FM 902-Pro-S model belongs to medium-sized machines in its model line, used for example in gardens and in small gardens, which are also suitable for use in greenhouses.

Farmer FM 902 Pro-S

With FerMer FM 902 Pro-S you get a universal, powerful, robust and reliable machine that is pleasant to work with. Added Bonus – Large wheels that give the Motoblock stability and maneuverability. The functionality of the device is expanded due to illumination details, and the presence of VOM allows using a Wal k-Fehd tractor for almost all important tasks of the farmer. The engine is gasoline, fuel for refueling – AI92, AI96.

The purpose of the Fermer FM 902 Pro-S Walkover

A universal device can perform any type of ground work, is more often used for:

  • Plow;
  • hilling;
  • Harvest;
  • Transportation of light goods on a small wagon and weight wagon;
  • soil cultivation;
  • mowing grass (hay blanks);
  • processing of gears;
  • digging and planting root crops;
  • Water the garden;
  • seed seed;
  • spreading fertilizer.

Farmer FM 902 Pro-S

The type of coupling for this walk-behaviour tractor is heavy. All additional devices are attached to universal brackets or a problem (depending on the type of hinge).

Technical characteristics

Fermer FM 902 Pro-S is equipped with a four-stroke engine gasoline, the volume of which is 270 cm3. The power of the engine is 9 hp. The width and depth of soil processing can be adjusted. The width is from 850 to 1050 mm, depth – from 150 to 300 mm. Speed ​​mode is standard and involves working in two front gears and one rear gear.

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The gas tank of the device contains 6 liters. Fuel. The average consumption depends on the speed of movement and is approximately 1.8 liters. fuel per hour. There is a power shaft. Large wheels: 5.00-12. In the collected form, the overall dimensions of the Walkover cultivator are 1350x970x1300. The weight of Fermer FM 902 Pro-S is 120 kg. The medium weight model, its maneuverability and a comfortable control handle allow using a tractor for a walk even if there is not great physical strength.

Basic configuration Fermer FM 902 Pro-S

The basic configuration includes:

  • rubber wheels;
  • set of mills;
  • A walk-tractor packed in a cardboard box;
  • a set of tools and mounts;
  • Instruction;
  • guarantee voucher;
  • protective covers.


The main features include:

  • the presence of VOM;
  • lack of braking system;
  • Coupling system: guide axle and bracket;
  • comfortable non-operating control handles;
  • The classic layout of the main nodes due to the engine operator has easy access to the fuel tank, oil neck and engine.
  • Start manual engine type;
  • The steering wheel is adjustable by the height of the operator.
  • Safe work with the wander loss tractor with protective sleeves.

Fermer FM 902 PRO-S has a simple device: it is controlled by activating the engine (manual start). The front upper part of the two-wheel tractor houses the engine, transmission, fuel tank and oil pan. In front of the main units there is a hitch for attachments and a step for stowing the equipment. In the front part, under the control handles, there is a recess (share) for adjusting the plowing depth.

operation and maintenance

It is recommended not to violate the manufacturer’s operating rules and recommendations for using this device. Careful operation and timely preventive maintenance will extend the life of the walk behind tractor.

Observe the following operating rules:

  1. Do not turn on the walk behind tractor without checking the fuel and oil levels.
  2. Use high-quality fuel, do not replace it with cheaper ones – this will adversely affect engine operation.
  3. make sure there are no large stones in the ground – they can damage the blades.
  4. Before starting work, make sure that all moving parts of the two-wheel tractor are in perfect condition.
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Maintenance rules for Fermer FM 902 PRO-S:
  • Perform maintenance according to the season: before the start of spring-summer operations and at the end of summer before storage or winter use;
  • after storing the Farmer two-wheel tractor and returning to work, check the tire pressure and inflate it to the desired condition;
  • fill in fresh engine oil once a season, check the oil level after each operation;
  • Clean the device from dirt with an air cleaner or a rag.

owner reviews

Sviatoslav, Kyiv Oblast:

“I bought my Farmer in a store, honestly chosen by price, I wasn’t expecting anything expensive. I work according to instructions, treat it with care – it hasn’t let me down yet. I hope my review is useful to someone. Don’t be afraid to buy Chinese walk-behind tractors, the Chinese have already learned how to assemble ordinary implements!

Oleg, Istria:

“I’ve had a farmer relatively recently. Like all Chinese walk-behind tractors, it has a simple mechanism. Factory assembly that can only rejoice. A very clear guide but a bit abridged, I would like more info on the repair if any. This is my second season on this machine, so far so good. I don’t use it in winter, it’s in the garage. I work only in the summer, right away when buying a walk-behind tractor I took a plow and a hill, later I bought a grouser.

Advantages: cutters were included, the sharpness quality is normal. Powerful, but not for fields, but for small plots. If you have a large garden, more than 6 hectares, you will need a mini tractor or a more powerful walk behind tractor.

Disadvantages: the main components are not closed, like mine, then you need a housing for the engine with a gearbox and a tank.

Farmer FM 902 PRO-S

Fermer FM 902 Pro-S

Fermer FM 902 PRO-S – walk behind tractor. Delivery of fermer fm 902 pro-s in Moscow and other Russian cities.

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Telephone: 8 (800) 555-25-66


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Video review


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