Motoblock Fermer FM 1511mx. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Fermer FM 1511mx. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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The main feature of this model is a capacity of 15 hp, so it is used not only on small suburban dachas, but also on large agricultural estates.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 151mmx

The characteristics of the FMER FM 1511MX Motornote allow you to easily cope with any type of soil.

Technical characteristics

engine power, L.S. 15
Engine Volume, CM3 420
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 before 1
shaft diameter, mm 32 (hexagonal)
Bracket under the clutch Universal
drive unit gearbox
Oil crank capacity, l 1,2
Fuel tank capacity, l 6
cultivation speed, m/min 6-12
Interdaem o-long distance, mm 600
The width of the border of the grind, MM 850-1350
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
cutter There is
VOM (Power Select Shaft) no
wheel size 6.50-12
Packing dimensions (DXSHXV), CM 103x84x57
weight (kg 145

Features of the application

The Fermer FM 1511mx weighs 149 kg that it can cope with virgin lands without any problems.

Fantastic equipment is connected with a universal clutch.


Wide wheels with a high profile provide reliable grip on the ground.

The delivery kit also contains a grinding set.

There are only two speed speeds in the Fer FM 1511mx Walk Behavior tractor. With this power, this is not enough.

The U-Turn of the device is not a problem as it is equipped with Rotary Semi-Sun.

Fermer FM 1511MX Fermer FM 1511mx with grinding

User Guide

The Fermer FM 1511mx Walk crime tractor is a heavy professional machine. And you need to know the rules on how to do it. Study the operating instructions for this. It clearly sets out the rules of the first start, assembly, execution and maintenance of the device.

The electronic version of the operating instructions is available with reference.


In order to prolong the work of the Fermer FM 1511 MX Walkover, you need to know the rules for its maintenance.

  • You should constantly check the oil level and prevent work without it. It is recommended to pour 15W-40 mineral oil into the crankcase.
  • To lubricate the transmission, Soviet slippers, tad or their analogues are used.
  • Gasoline should be used AI-92 or AI-95.
Type: October 25 - October 31st

It is necessary to carry out the scheduled maintenance of the tractor builder 1511mx of Walk behavior according to the operating instructions.


The forums mainly praise this unit, noting its performance, quality equipment and traction. Of the minuses, one can highlight a large gas consumption. Here are reviews from those who have already used Fermer FM 1511mx.

Here is Sergey’s opinion:

“I bought for my parents in the village. It took about three hours for the entire assembly. The Walk behavior’s tractor is powerful, it starts off easy. Wheels with a very large profile. The traction force is great, the full trailer of the sand carries without problems. Frasers walked on dense clay soil, drives furiously and processes efficiently. Easy management, only 3 checkpoint positions.

Review of engine blocks Fermer FM 1511mx. Review, features, application features

Fermer FM 1511MX is one of the most powerful models in the line of the farmer of walk injuries. Despite the sufficient engine power and the impressive weight, the motorcycle is still applied to domestic and no n-professional. The scope of its application is of course wider than that of models with low performance. It is recommended to operate in areas from 10 to 50 acres.

Bauer FM 1511mh

A petrol engine for 15 hp is installed on the FMER FM 1511MX Walk behavior. The engine volume is 420 cm3. The fuel tank contains 6 liters of gasoline. The engine is a cylinder, fou r-stroke. The weight of the device without a refined tank is 145 kg. Obviously, this model is the most difficult Fermmer. The hiking builder is very popular and in demand because it differs in good properties and the company is simple.

Reviews about the work of Fermer FM 1511MX are positive. An additional plus is everything in the season.

The purpose of the Walkover farmer is as follows:

  • Plowing Chernozems, virgin countries;
  • Working with pomp (irrigation, spraying of fertilizers);
  • Harvest;
  • Potato planting;
  • Mulchen;
  • Cultivation;
  • Weeds or herbs for the hay mowing;
  • Collection of dried grass (Scharnie r-Tonhöfe is used);
  • shake;
  • Working on gaps between rows;
  • Snow cleaning with a shovel.
Motoblock Fermer FM 903 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

Technical characteristics

The FM 1511MX Farmer model has good technical properties and high performance. The normal distance is 60 cm and the praise reaches 135 cm. This is one of the largest indicators in the lin e-up.

The walk-in tractor is equipped with large bikes, the wheels are 6.5-12. With the high cultivation speed (from 6 to 12 m/minute) you can increase the performance of the work and process a large area in a shorter time.

Bauer FM 1511mh

The FM 1511MX engine block is equipped with a universal bracket for a holding cave, a hexagon shaft, 32 mm with a diameter of 32 mm. The number of gears is standard – 3 (1 back). The drive mechanism is a gear. There is a lack of, but this is compensated for by another possibility to connect the fastening equipment.

Characteristics, device of the Walk behavio r-tractor farmers

The characteristic technical features of the FMER FM 1511MX engine note are as follows:

  • Great power, endurance;
  • The design was tested in the factory.
  • Low costs with a large set of functions;
  • Width stable wheels that increase maneuverability and cros s-quotation capacity in the snow, soaked in soil or sand;
  • The presence of differential hubs that simplify the curve of the unit from the point around its axis;
  • The high location of the most important units of the tractor of the walk behavior Due to the high approval, the operator can work on uneven ground that is composed in the clips.
  • a mass that is sufficient for work without weighting;
  • Functionality in every season, even in winter;
  • Easier and quick start;
  • Extensive equipment.

In the basic kit, not only the farmer’s trimmer is delivered, but also protective wings, shields, wheels, hig h-quality sharpening cutters, documentation documentation and assembly tools for walking injuries. It is recommended to follow the tips from the instructions for the assembly and carry out the device.

High pressure laundering - why can it be used?

Bauer FM 1511mh

The device of the tractor farm from Walk injuries is standard: control handles contain gear lever and start button. Open position of the fuel tank, oil crank, engine and gear. There are shields above the wheels that prevent the spread of mud and dust lumps while growing or plowing.

operation and maintenance

An important supporting document for the use of the han d-led tractor Farmer FM 1511M is the operating instructions. With its help, we recommend assembly of the singl e-axle tractor and the first commissioning, as well as a retract. The engine can get used to the load due to the entrance process.

The operation and maintenance of the Fermmer FM 1511MX should be carried out in accordance with the following rules:
  • Do not overload the singl e-axle tractor, follow the recommendations for the loa d-bearing capacity of the trailer or car;
  • Check the device regularly for external damage and oil leaks.
  • The assembly must be carried out according to the instructions (use the set of fastening elements and tools supplied with the device);
  • Use high-quality oils for four-stroke petrol engines and also follow the seasonal oil change regime.
  • Fuel for this model is only high quality, 92. or 95. gasoline;
  • Clean the fuel and oil filters once a year (or more often, if necessary);
  • Wipe the han d-led tractor regularly after each parking dust and make sure that the earth is not liable to the cutting plants and the radiator grille.

Video overview of the operation of the han d-led tractor Fermer FM 1511MX

Video about one of the breakdowns of the Fermer 1511MX, namely the lock of the wave of rotals. Such breakdowns usually occur when the singl e-axle tractor is overloaded and the load is transported beyond the recommended speed. The problem is quickly resolved, the repair takes little time.

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Owner reviews

Andrej, Irpen:

“Motoblock farmer is good and the breakdown described in the video was also with me. The axis broke almost immediately after the purchase, that annoyed me, but later the singl e-axle tractor worked perfectly. In fact, our people like to invite you to the attack and then take care of what breaks. If you need a tractor, you buy a tractor, even though there are 15 horses, but this is still a han d-led tractor for a garden, a summer residence, a field and not for heavy loads.

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