Motoblock Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S. Review, features, application features

Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S Motoblock is a representative of garden equipment from the largest Chinese manufacturer.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1507 Pro-S

The Fermer facility has the large scale in China and produces diesel and gasoline motoblocks, mini actuators, tractors, snow cleaning equipment, garden inventory, and skid/trailer equipment for their own production equipment. If desired, you can use the pawn attachment for motor blocks of the appropriate weight and power supply from other manufacturers.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1507 Pro-S

Fermer Plant improves the quality of its equipment every year. The Research and Development Center works in the factory. In addition, all products comply with internal quality standards, which have been checked by the company’s engineers for suitability and compliance with the standards. Fermer products are sold in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland.

The main indicators of demand for this technique are popularity: the garden equipment from this manufacturer is of high quality, is suitable for repair and has an average price compared to market analogues.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1507 Pro-S

Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S is the most powerful of the Fermer engine blocks presented. The device works with the FM 1507 petrol engine. The engine power of this walking tract is 15 hp. The nominal fuel consumption per hour is 1.8 liters. The tank capacity with fuel is 6.5 liters. The volume of the engine in cubic meters. It’s 420 units. The engine is 4-stroke.

The purpose of the wanderlust net tractor

The purpose of the Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S:

  • to plow land;
  • cultivation;
  • shake
  • dig root plants;
  • harvest transport;
  • work on aisles;
  • plant root crops.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1507 Pro-S

The functional performance of the Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S engine block allows you to use it in an area of ​​​​up to 10 hectares. In larger areas, it is recommended to run a more powerful Min i-Actractor.

Technical characteristics

The weight of the Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S is 147 kg, so this device is easy to control. A walk tractor works at two front and one rear speed. The oil crank has a capacity of 1.1. Liter. The drive is a gear type. There is a power shaft.

An engine block can be operated with a cutter carrier at a depth of 150 to 300 mm, giving a RUT up to 1350 mm wide. Rubber large wheels are installed on this model in size 7.00-12. The noise level published by the technique is 103 DBA, vibration – from 10 to 21 m/s.

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The basic configuration Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S includes:

  • Motoblock (cardboard packaging);
  • Wheels;
  • the coupling for hinge tools uniform;
  • Instruction;
  • Warranty;
  • protective sleeves;
  • grinders – a set;
  • Fastening set and tools for assembling the device.


The Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S motorcycle carpet has the following design features:

  • a footboard for convenient setting of the earth or asphalt;
  • A sensor that shows the oil level (if the oil is insufficient, the engine will not start);
  • a fortified design containing the wheels;
  • Big tires, thanks to what a motorcycle block can go away even on wet land;
  • the presence of VOM;
  • Interdaem o-lon g-distance of 60 cm;
  • handles with a comfortable coating;
  • considerable weight hence high crossing ability.

The layout (device) of the Walk behavior tractor is classic: a wheel structure above it – on the front of the case there is a fuel tank, gearbox and engine. The position of the key elements is open, which simplifies the operator’s access to the main nodes for the fuel tank or oil map.

Controlling the Fermer engine block is simple – during engine operation, the movement regulates the operator, holding the device using the control handles and switching speeds if necessary.

Review of folding devices

The review indicates devices recommended for this model with suspended devices. If desired, you can use devices from other manufacturers that are suitable for the method of attachment, masses and size up to the tractor of the walk behavior.

Field equipment for Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S:
  • Hiller;
  • single-ing plow;
  • Harrow;
  • potat o-kumber;
  • potato fat;
  • floors;
  • It is also permissible to use hitch sold by the kit.

For the tractor of the Walk behavior, in addition to the original Fermer products, you can use hinge guns from manufacturers such as Khuskvarna, Intertula, Deu, Pubert, Belarus.

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Features of the summer cut by grapes

operation and maintenance

The type of oil for this walk-on tractor can be as follows: Aral High Tronic F 5W-30, Honda Ultimate 5W-30 (recommendation can be replaced with other oils of similar viscosity).

Device maintenance is visible in addition to this preventive order daily technical inspection to check for external damage, chips, distortions, etc.

  • Type of fuel: gasoline, brand 92, 96.

Operating the tractor for walk injuries is simple. However, it is necessary to follow the operating instructions in order for the machine to serve you the required time with minimal disruption:

  • Before starting work, warm up the engine of the engine;
  • Do not use the old gasoline that is left in the tank and always drain the remaining fuel in the canister.
  • Each season is replaced by oil;
  • When the swap tractor is outside for the winter season, drain the oil from the crankcase.
  • Control a tractor for walks in work clothes, cloth gloves;
  • While working with the soil, make sure that large rocks and sticks do not fall into the cutter tracks.

Reviews of the owners

Pavel Viktorovich, Astrakhan:

“I hope my review will be useful for all farmers. I have been using this walk behavior tractor for almost three years in all seasons. In winter, of course, I drive less, mostly I clean the snow, I specially bought a small snowman. The side that is Wal k-behaviou r-tractor processes is small, but the technique is good, never lifted.

Pros: It’s not difficult at all, although it’s written to be the most difficult in its class. This is so, but for those who plowed Neva, for example, the farmer will not weigh anything at all. The woman will not cope with him, it will definitely be difficult for her. Just right for men! Special thanks to the engine! Loud is moderate, I get that. I don’t store fuel, I don’t want God forbid breaking.

Cons: The attachment isn’t cheap, but this is everywhere now, you want a motorcycle block, get ready to spend money on problems. “

Boris, Omsk:

“I ordered from China, a friend bought there and ended up a little cheaper than what they were selling. That summer, the first season worked for her. Collected quickly, very clear instructions! Thanks for that. The kid will collect too. There are no complaints about the functionality, how to work further. “

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Motoblock Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



The Fermer FM-1507 PRO-S walk behind tractor is the most powerful member of the Fermer walk behind tractor family. The device has an impressive weight (147 kg) and is intended for use on complex and dense soils. The device is capable of processing virgin soil. Large wheels give the device increased off-road mobility even on soil after rain or frozen soil after winter.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1507 Pro-S

Fermer FM-1507 PRO-S is a universal device, because with its help the farmer can perform long-term agricultural work. The two-wheel tractor gets this functionality from a four-stroke petrol engine with 15 hp. Its power is 11 kW. Despite its power and weight, the walk behind tractor consumes little fuel, is easy to maintain and assemble.

Technical characteristics

The model is especially popular in Belarus, importer is SOOO “TD Instrumentkomplekt”. The service life declared by the manufacturer according to the instructions is 7 years. After this period, comprehensive maintenance of the walk-behind tractor should be carried out at the Fermer service center or other similar facility.

Type of motoblock
engine power 15hp (11kW)
Displacement, cm3 420
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
Fuel consumption, l/h 1,8
Oil crankcase capacity, l 1,1
Fuel tank, capacity, l 6,5
drive unit gear
PTO shaft There is
cultivation speed, m/min 6-12
cutting width, mm 850-1350
mounting depth, mm 150-300
shaft diameter, mm 32 (hex)
cutter There is
rubber wheels 7.00-12.00
Noise level, dBa 103+3
Vibration level, m/s10-2 1.5+0.1
net weight / kg 147

Please note that this model is more convenient to transport in disassembled form. In addition, such transportation ensures the integrity of all parts and key parts of the device. We recommend that you remove the wheels and fenders, as well as all hitches and additional equipment, from the Fermer FM-1507 PRO-S walk behind tractor before transport.

Plants as a recipe for healthy air in the home


The standard package of the Fermer FM-1507 PRO-S walk behind tractor includes the following components:

  • wheel guards;
  • shafts for installing cutting tools;
  • two wheels;
  • crowd;
  • shift lever extension;
  • bracket for rotating the handle;
  • cutting knife;
  • mudguards for wheels;
  • slats for attaching covers;
  • share holder;
  • tools and a set of fasteners for the share holder;
  • Washers on the output shaft and its fasteners;
  • two sets of fasteners.

User Guide

In the operator’s manual for the walk-behind tractor Fermer FM-1507 PRO-S, all the items included in the basic package are numbered and described. Familiarizing yourself with the instructions for the device is a mandatory part of the work preparation.

Maintenance of the walk-behind tractor Fermer FM-1507 PRO-S is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the device and the time of its operation. The first technical inspection must be carried out before putting the walk-behind tractor into operation after the equipment has been installed and adjusted. During assembly, the drive wheels are fitted. It is important not to confuse the direction of the wheels, left and right should be on the “native” pins.

Next you need to route the wiring using the zip ties included in the kit. Then assemble the shields, blade mount and the blade itself. The last part of the build is the blade assembly. Then oil and fuel are poured.

Before you use the device for the first time, it is essential to let it run in.


AI92 petrol is used to refuel the fuel tank. Use Auto Motoröle Sae 10W40, SAE 15W40 or the like not lower than the SF class to fill the oil in the engine.

For the gearbox, the manufacturer SAE 80W90, SAE 85W90, TAD 17 or a similar parameter recommends.

Gear oil Tad 17i Sae 10W3 Machine oil

Only after such manipulations can you start with the Walk behavior tractor.

The Fermmer FM-1507 Pro-S starts in accordance with the standard scheme: The device is installed on a uniform surface, the fuel valve should be open (extreme right position) and the air absorber control lever in the extreme left position (“closed”). After completing the work with the tractor of the walk behavior, you should close the fuel valve.

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1-rudd equipment, 2-blocker, 3-engine nacele

During the gear at the Fermer FM-15507-Pro-S motor block, it is necessary to press the clutch smoothly. The lever is slowly released without throwing, since the careless circulation significantly reduces the gear resource and checkpoint.

There is also a bar at the control handle to keep the clutch in a certain position.

After starting the walk-in tractor, you should wait 2-3 minutes, the engine should work and warm up. Next, you can quickly increase the number of engine speeds with a gas and clutch handle.

It is recommended to process wet floors during several visits, and it is better not to use the FMER FM-1507 Pro-S. In inclined countries, you can only use a Wal k-Fehind tractor diagonally to the side angle.

A feature of the Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S motor block, for example, is the great load capacity:

Reviews of the owners

The users’ reviews for this model are diverse. With its positive properties (simple control, performance), the weak quality of the assembly and high fuel consumption are also found.

Anatoly, Minsk:

“The motoblock is powerful. It is suitable for small and large plots, but cannot process the country at the industrial level. I liked the wide bikes, the device does not lead to the side, even the unsteady soil is fine. But there are nuances. If gasoline is of low quality, spoil filter quickly. Not much will work here, since this is taken into account taking into account the consumption of 1.8 liters per hour. Otherwise I like the device, there was no complaints about work, a good walk tractor. “

Ignat, Gomel:

“The farmer made the tractor for walks, read good reviews in the network, and the seller was advised. I can say that the car is powerful but difficult, with habit, it was initially difficult. There are enough two mills, I don’t want to deal with the installation of additional. I work on an action of 4 hectares, it’s perfect. If there is a floor roll, it can slip, but generally run evenly. “

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