Motoblock champion VC1193. Review of the model, its characteristics, reviews for work and video

Motoblock champion VC1193. Review of the model, its characteristics, reviews for work and video

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Description of the model and the application

The advocate of the VC1193 is a representative of the sem i-professional walks. It is used to process areas with medium size with sound and loamy soils.

Motoblocks Champion BC 1193 has a petrol engine with a capacity of 9 HP with air cooling. The champion 1193 works on petrol of the 92ai brand.

Functions of application and device

While working with increased load (deep processing of solid breed or transport of heavy load), it is recommended to use additional weight in the form of weighting agents.

There are two types of Motoblocks Champion BC1193: Electric (1193e) or Handbook (1193). They differ in a starter.

In winter time there is a more practical model 1193 E.

The Champion BC 1193 is equipped with a rotary handle with which you can configure the height of the steering wheel for each operator individually.

The Champion BC 1193 is equipped with a diameter of 10 inches, so that it moves without problems with heavy and wet floors.

The gearbox has 3 positions: 2 forward and 1.

Technical characteristics

Engine power (kw/l.s.) AT (rpm) 6.5/9
Capture width, mm 1100
Plowing depth, mm 300
Frasing drive mechanism gear
transmission 2 forward /1 before 1
Type of the engine/fuel 4T/petrol
Engine volume (cm3) 270
The volume of the fuel tank (L) 6
The oil volume in the crankcase (L) 1,1
Speed ​​on the wheels, km/hour 5-10
Wheel diameter ten”
The weight 132 kg

User Guide

To use the Champion BC1193 correctly, you have to familiarize yourself with the operating manual.

This will not only help to extend the lifespan of the tractor on foot, but also give the main tips for maintaining the machine.

The electronic version of the operating instructions can be downloaded via the link

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So that the champion BC1193 serves as long as possible, its maintenance must be carried out on time.

  • The exchange of engine oil should take place after 25 motorized hours. For the engine, it is recommended to use liquids from the 5W-30 series.
  • Gear oil changes less often, but you can’t forget it. The ÖLER set in the gearbox should take place after 100 hours of work by the tractor for walking behavior. The operating instructions recommend the use of 80W-90 mark.

Video review

This video check shows the assembly and the first start of the engine Block Champion BC 1193:

Champion Device VC 1193:

Customer reviews

In the network you can familiarize yourself with the ratings of the Motor Block Champion BC1193. The owners notice their performance, high functionality and low fuel consumption.

Vladimir: “I haven’t selected an expensive walk for the transport of goods because the garden is located at a distance of about one kilometer, the road is not exactly and I don’t really want to kill the car. So I needed a walk with a good push. He moves with a bang, the mountain, in the mud. I only use cutter from the hook, mix the earth without any problems. I haven’t found the disadvantages “

Description of the Walkover Champion BC1193. Characteristics of application, maintenance

Motoblock Champion 1193, also known as Champion BC1193, is a device with high performance and weight that was developed for work on land with a total area of ​​1 hectare. and more. When operating properly, this han d-led tractor can work for a long time and carry out agriculture, plowing, hills and other types of work.

Motoblock champion BC1193

Champion 1193 belongs to the class of heavy additives for the garden, summer houses, vegetable gardens, house gardens. Its properties and distinguishing features are functionality, operational capacity in all seasons, adaptation to various attachments. The BC1193 model receives numerous positive reviews from the owners, in particular farmers praise the simple assembly, hig h-quality motor operation and performance.

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The Motoblock Motor Champion 1193 is a four-stroke engine with a cylinder and forced cooling, gasoline, brand G270HK. Its performance is 9 hp. Tank content 6 l.

This model has a tap wave that significantly expands the area of ​​application of the devices on the construction site.

Characteristics and purpose of the han d-led tractor champion 1193

  • Machine design offers good control;
  • Wide wheels increase stability;
  • On the front of the case there is a protective shock rod, thanks to which on e-axle tractor is protected from bumps.
  • The main purpose of the device is to work with soft soils, to loosen, to mount, to pour, to harvest, to harvest, to plant wood fruits and to work with additional attachments such as motor pump, mower, snow blower.
  • Sufficient performance of the hand-led tractor enables the transport of goods (cargo weight 500-600 kg).

Technical characteristics

The most important technical features of the han d-led tractor champion 1193:

  • The machine has a weight of 142 kg;
  • Gearbox for three speeds (2/1);
  • Maximum extension width 110 cm;
  • Knife is removed, the cultural strip can be reduced;
  • There is a manual start (there is no electrical start function);
  • Total dimensions: height 980 mm, length 570 mm, width 760 mm;
  • There is a crowd that regulates the immersion depth of cutting tools or a plow in the ground;

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On the following video you can see the process of installing protective wings on the Champion BC1193. The owner of the singl e-axle tractor is installed.


Standard equipment of the han d-led tractor champion 1193:

  • Folding knife, set;
  • Protective wing and a rod for their fastening;
  • Speed ​​lever;
  • Fastening rate;
  • Wheels and axles (2 units each);
  • Schar;
  • Trailer hitch.

Features of the use of a han d-led tractor

  • Taking into account the weight of the device, work may be used with a virgin floor (bridge can be used);
  • It is recommended to only use hig h-quality petrol and oil to extend the lifespan of the engine and gearbox.
  • A continuous operation of the device over several hours is possible, then the operator must park the engine so that it can cool down – this is how the device’s service life can be extended by many years;
  • The entry is completed after 20 motor hours, during this time it is forbidden to work with a virgin floor, to develop and overload the maximum speed of the machine;
  • It is undesirable to exceed the weight of the transported cargo – 500-600 kg;
  • The entry time is common for this type of device: 15-20 hours, after entering a full load of the hand-led tractor is permitted in terms of performance and transport.
Motoblock Hulk. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Video consultation of the work

Model tour, unpacking, inspection – video from the owner.

Owner reviews


“I have such a han d-led tractor. Bought 3 years ago and still satisfied with it. I work on a property of 60 hectares, I am satisfied!

Advantages: There were no failures during work, with the exception of the drive belt change.

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