Motoblock Champion 8713, its characteristics. Video and reviews from users

Description of the Walkover Champion 8713. Features of use, maintenance

The Motblock Champion 8713 is one of the cheapest models from the Champion manufacturer. It can certainly be an alternative to a more expensive technology with similar performance.

Technical parameters of the walk behavior tractor allow us to operate the machine in greenhouses, in small summer cottages, gardens, for the purpose of utilities, the device can be used in the personal areas.

Motblock champion 8713

Motoboblock engine Champion 8713 is Gasoline, Four-Stroke, the number of cylinders is 1, the brand of Champion G200N engine. The unit is distinguished by the most profitable location of the valves: upper. The cylinder sleeve is made of cast iron.

The engine is an analogue of the Japanese Honda engine, is characterized by increased resource, endurance and durability.

The engine volume is 196 cubic meters. CM, fuel consumption 1.8 liters. per hour, air cooling, power of 6.5 hp. There are a lot of reviews about Champion 8713 on farm forums on the Internet. Someone thinks that “the device has few opportunities for virgin processing”, and someone, on the contrary, on the contrary, “the average weight of walk-in employment tract and its dimensions “,” even plowing “or” the quality of work with mills “.

Review of the features of this model

  • It’s easy to start even in the frost;
  • compact and convenient for carrying;
  • It can be operated with both hinged and excluded equipment (plough, soi l-spaces of various diameters, hip, potato break, potato and others).
  • load capacity of up to 500 kg;
  • When using the adapter, the weight of the owner of the walk tractor should be taken into account, adding to the total weight of the load lying on the wagon.
  • simple design, lightweight assembly;
  • Universal purpose, the manufacturer defines this motorized car as a professional;
  • There is a transport wheel that you can use to move the device.
  • With proper use in this technique, it is quite possible to work in the cold.
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Video about how the motoblock champion 8713 starts at the subceral temperature – an owner’s review

Technical characteristics Champion 8713

The main technical characteristics of the Motobobo k-Champion 8713:

  • belt drive;
  • chain equipment;
  • gear equipment, three-speed;
  • load capacity – 500 kg;
  • Manual;
  • gas tank capacity 3.6 l;
  • There is a transport wheel;
  • The weight of the device is 87 kg.

Basic equipment of the Walk behavior tractor

  • cleaned steel cutters;
  • two instructions (to the tractor and engine of the walk behavior);
  • Wheels;
  • jockey wheel;
  • Soshnik – regulates the depth of plowing;
  • A set of fasteners.

Other additional devices, for example, from the list of folding devices (plough, HIP), can be purchased separately. For example, for this Walk behavior tractor, you can choose a hinge from other manufacturers from theFavorite, Zubble, Centaurus technique. The device of the Walk behavior tractor is simple – a classic layout, a twist grip, the uppers that can protect themselves from the countries of the earth.

Features of the application

  • Don’t use buggy motblock;
  • Pour high-quality oil and fuel to extend the life of the engine, its useful performance and overall equipment productivity;
  • Take a new car for 15-20 moms;
  • The virgin soil is only allowed in gentle mode – with technological breaks;
  • In winter they store the equipment of moisture sources away, and the ideal place for storage is a dry warm room.

Video evaluation of the work

Video about the work of Champion 8713 with mills

Reviews of the owners

Valentine’s Day:

“A small and compact unit for moderate loads.

Advantages: A quite lifting price as for such a functional model there is an additional wheel, an excellent quality of the grinding, the ideal for small areas. I use this model on the spot of 10 acres.

Motoblock Champion 8713, its characteristics. Video and reviews from users

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Design and application

The motblock champion 8713 is designed for operation in mediu m-sized garden and garden areas.

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It has a petrol fou r-stroke engine with an output of 6.5 hp.

The device weighs 70 kg.

The gear of the Walkover Champion 8713 has two positions forward and one back.

The maximum speed of movement in a large pulley is 12 km/h.

All levers of the motor block champion 8713 are carried out on the steering rod with which you can configure the device directly during operation.

The most endangered part of the device is the belt transmission. It often breaks and fails.

This manifests itself in particular during the third party objects or dust sticking. A protective housing is installed to protect this part.

Technical characteristics

Engine power (kw/l.s.) AT (rpm) 6.5/2500
Capture width, mm 650-900
Plowing depth, mm 320
Frasing drive mechanism Chain
transmission 2 forward /1 before 1
Type of the engine/fuel 4T/petrol
Engine volume (cm3) 196
The volume of the fuel tank (L) 3,6
The weight 64 kg

Unmounted equipment

The motoblock itself is not functional, it goes on the fastening equipment.

A plow is regarded as a basic trailer coupling. This device turns the upper fertile layer of the soil, which increases the fertility of the earth.

It is necessary to plow properly with a plow. First the first track is made. Then a wheel is placed in the installed ditch, the steering wheel turns to the side (to manage the operator), the plow is lowered and plowing continues.

In the basic configuration, a set of tailors is supplied with which you can replace plowing with milling.

With this procedure you can mix the soil thoroughly and break large stacks from a fixed country.

In the classic form, the grinding cutter is made in the form of a saber that enters the ground and loosens. If part of it is wrong, it can easily be replaced by a new one.

There are also “goose legs”. This means that several steel rods with triangles at the end are welded on the strap. This model carries out the ground grinding deeper.

Shield or fishing line - what to choose?


Before using Motoboblok, Champion 8713, you have to read the instructions carefully. It helps to properly put together and configure the device and make it for the first start and running.

The electronic version of the operating instructions is located here.

The proper care of the Motor Block Champion 8713 is the key to its lon g-term operation.

  • The oil should be replaced after 25 hours of operation.
  • The operating instructions recommend using lubricants from the manufacturer champion SAE 10W-40 or the Champion Sae 30.
  • For a transmission, you should use oils with the classification of the API GL-5 and SAE 85W-90.
  • If the oil is not replaced in time, there is a high probability of damaging the parts of the walkin g-behaviour tractor, since in this case friction will increase and spare parts will wear out quickly.
  • We must not forget about the lubrication of the control levers. It is recommended to use complex waterproof lubricants (Litol-24 or Solidol).

Video review

Here is the video of the soil plowing the ground with the Champion 8713:

This video shows a Motor Block Champion 8713 Virgin Bods plow:

customer reviews

On the Internet you can familiarize yourself with reviews about the work of the Motobobka Champion 8713. Users note its high functionality when working with attachments and torrent.

Peter: “I use the champion for the 2nd season. I bought it when he was just going out. It was hard to find reviews and videos of his work. At the same time it suits me. The seller assured that they are one of the best. I additionally bought a plow and a set for planting and digging potatoes. A wide range of problems, high-quality plowing, reliable engine. After getting to the fuel, coughing on dirty gas or 82 and not outputting full speed, I had to clean the fuel filters. “

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