Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010d. Review, features, reviews

Engine block Centaurus MB 2010d4. Review of modifications, features, reviews

The Centaur MB 2010D4 is a professional technique from the Chinese manufacturer that has gained popularity in our country. The Walk Injury Tractor is designed to process the outputs of areas up to 1.5 hectares.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010D

A comfortable steering column is regulated in several positions. Controls for operator convenience are carried on the steering wheel. The motor’s emergency recording button is displayed on the handle. The center of gravity is specially reduced, which achieved the best stability of the MB 2010D4 motblock.

The average cost of the Motor Block Centaur MB 2010d varies from 17 to 20 thousand hryvnias (8-10 thousand rubles)

Three positive active mills have a 6 mm blade thickness. The depth of the soil up to 30 cm. Thanks to the existing capacity selection shaft, different attachments can be attached to the device, increasing the functionality of the motorized device.

Using a Motor Block Centaur MB 2010D, the following agrotechnical work is carried out with obstacles:

  • Plow all types of soil;
  • Cut the furrows for landing;
  • plant plants (seeds);
  • Hilling:
  • weeding
  • Irrigation;
  • Harvest;
  • Mowing;
  • Transport of piece and bulk goods;
  • Kolka firewood;
  • saw boards;
  • snow cleaning etc.

Review of modifications

Two MB 2010D modifications of the MB 2010D model were created by the engine block manufacturer:

  • Centaur MB 2010d4
  • Centaur MB 2010 EN

Centaur MB 2010d4

The weight of this model is 173 kg. On MB 2010d a single cylinder diesel power plant with a capacity of 10 l. Forced air cooling reliably protects the engine from overheating during operation.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010d4

Launch is from a manual (inertial) starter. A manual transmission offers two front speeds and vice versa. Cleaned cutters, three position, are included in the kit for the 2010D-4 Centaur engine block. The cultivation width is adjustable to 140 cm. The depth of grinding – 30 cm. Large transport wheels with a Chevar profile offer the required lateral lightness. The handles are metal, adjustable. There is a power shaft.

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Power, L.S. 10.0
launch system hand launcher
type of liability Multi-Disc
force, w 7360
The volume of the cylinder 289cc
cooling Air
The weight 173kg
type of fuel diesel
fuel tank capacity 6 л
number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
The breadth of cultivation 874/1136/1400mm
The depth of cultivation 150-300mm
Dimensions (DHSHHV) 1750x985x1080mm
PTO: There is

Centaur MB 2010 EN

This change has some design features and also another configuration: Colofums collapsed, Coupon. The Centoblock Centaur is also equipped with te n-l.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010

The start is improved – now the device can be made not only by hand (Kikstarter), but also with the switch of the electric steamer. Due to the battery, the weight of the Centaur 2010 DE has increased, now the mass of the unit is 186 kg. The rest of the device is identical to the previous model.

Oil volume in the gearbox 2.8 liters
wheel size 5.00×12
type of start Manual start. electric starter
engine power, L.S. 10 hp
The volume of oil in the engine crank. 1.65L
The volume of the fuel tank, l 6 л
Engine Volume, CM3 420cc
Cooling system Forced air
Type of fuel diesel
The depth of cultivation 150-300mm
Number of programs, forward/backward 2 forward/ 1 before 1
type of liability Mult i-Disc in the oil bathroom
The breadth of cultivation 1406 mm
Weight (KG 186 kg
Dimensions 1750x985x1080

User Guide

The use for use contains the following valuable information for the owner of severe agricultural technology:

  • A detailed description of the “Centaur” moto block device in diagrams and drawings.
  • Mounting manual for a motorized device.
  • Safety requirements.
  • Technical data of the model.
  • Proper care of the migration tractor.
  • Start and workshop.
  • List of errors.

A 2010D Center is initially determined flight fluids – oil and diesel fuel that require special knowledge and skills when working with them. In the case of incompetent cycle, bodschneider are no less dangerous, with knives turning at high speed.

Phytophthora of plants and its control

First start and runnin g-in

After strictly all points of the tour at the first start of the tractor of the walk behavior, do not forget to check the fuel level in the tank and the amount of oil in the crankcase in advance. It is also important to check the reliability of all fastening elements and achieve the required pressure in the tires.

Production (continuously) takes about 10 hours, according to which a complete exchange of the oil is without failure.

The engine is introduce d-we continue with the ru n-in procedure (production), with which you can increase the engine motor and ensure lon g-term uninterrupted operation. During production, the driving parts of the walk tractor are grated, start working without loads and gradually increased to ¾ of the engine output.

Recommended oils for the engine: 10W-40 and 15W-40 for gears: TAD-17 and 85W-90.

Oil 10W-40 Oil 15W-40 Oil 85W-90

Technical service

Before the working layer:

  • Pour in the crankcase and the fuel tank.
  • Check whether screwed connections are tight.
  • Deliver the necessary tire pressure.

After operating the unit:

  • Clean and wash the motoblock well.
  • Dry.
  • Lubricate rotating parts with special oil.

The main misalignments and ways to eliminate them

Regardless of the frequency of technical work on the Centaurus engine blocks, there are regular information. Most malfunctions can be eliminated independently, whereby the cause of the occurrence and repair methods knows. We list some of the possible problems.

The rotors stopped and do not turn:

  • Stones or lumps of the earth, plants fell into the rotors;
  • The screws turned;
  • The clutch cable has separated or weakened;
  • The belts broke or stretched.

The engine does not start:

  • The fuel of poor quality is flooded or ended;
  • The fuel supply system requires inspection and cleaning (exchange).
  • The fuel pump is blocked or broken;
  • Check the fuel filter.
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The gearbox makes uncharacteristic sounds:

  • Oil or ends with low quality;
  • The warehouse is incorrectly installed or worn;
  • The teeth of the gear.

Video review

Review of the Motor Block Centaur MB 2010d4

Checking the Motor Block Centaur MB 2010DA

Reviews of the owners

Sergey, 51 years:

“Good motoblock, productive, moderately difficult, maneuverable. The grinding is excellent, and the speed does not lose with plow. But the quality of assembly is not very – then the belts change, then the warehouse was covered. I only take oil of good quality. “

Oleg, 45 years old:

“I bought a 2010 de model three years ago. I work all year round, in winter I put on caterpillars and catch a screw snowman. The electric starter is very useful – the motor is powerful, you don’t get it from the Kik starter. In season I do all the work on it. Of course, it didn’t do without outcrops, but I eliminate everything with my own hands, I haven’t contacted the center yet. “

Yuri, 28 years old:

“I acquired this miracle technique last spring. Planting, sowing, watering, etc. Strict collapsible cutters are quickly adjusted to the desired width, which allows me to work both in the greenhouse and in the open ground. There were clutch problems, but after the adjustment everything works. “

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010d. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010d with a diesel engine with a capacity of 10 hp Designed to perform various works on cultivating land in areas up to 1.5 hectares, planting crops and harvesting. In the aggregation with weakened tools, a lot of options for households – cleaning the territory, transporting goods, spraying, a number of construction works.

Centaur MB 2010de-4

The design of the Walk behavior tractor is based on the MB 2090D Centaur model and has a more powerful ten-axis motor. Accordingly, on the basis of the Centaur MB 2091D version, an advanced novelty with an electric starter Centaur MB 2010DE-4 was created.

The average cost of the MB 2010D model on the market is in the range of 36.2-40.5 thousand rubles.

Technical characteristics

engine Single cylinder 4-stroke
Maximum engine power, KW / L.S. 10.0 / 7.36
Maximum crankshaft speed, RPM 3600
Type of fuel diesel
engine starting system hand launcher
engine cooling system Forced type air cooling
Engine volume, cm³ 289
The volume of the fuel tank, l 6,0
transmission gear transmission
drive unit clutch through
type of liability Multi-Disc in oil bath
Number of programs, forward / backward 2 / 1
transport wheels 5.00-12.00
Cultivation width, mm 1400
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Dimensions (DHSHHV), MM 1750x985x1080
Equipped mass, kg 173
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The advantages of the walk tractor

  • Thanks to good balancing, the motoblock is stable, it works great with grinders – the car does not break out of the hands and does not jump on heavy soil, the operator does not feel excessive loads.
  • A modernized air filter in an oil bath has high air filtration.
  • The presence of three transmissions 2 Front / 1-Cross allows you to choose the optimal pace of work of the Centaur 2010D with different attachments.
  • Due to the presence of a current selection wave, the range of tasks performed is significantly expanded: watering the site with a pump, planting and cleaning potatoes with special problems.
  • In the configuration of the Motoblok MB 2010D, adjustable setting cutters according to sections 3+1+1, which allow you to install another processing configuration up to 140 cm wide at a depth of 30 cm, and adapt the machine to work in Limited Areas in a restricted space.
  • Large transport wheels 5.00×12 have proven themselves in the transport of goods and hilling.
  • Thanks to the new ergonomic shape of the steering wheel, practical detection is ensured.
  • Clutch and reverse handles are durable metal.

Common malfunctions

Despite the reliability, the nodes and mechanisms of motoblocks over time can cause problems to their owners in the form of some malfunctions. Small defects and breakdowns can be eliminated independently, without contacting special centers.

Very often with the longer use of the tractor of walk injuries, a squeezing warehouse overheating occurs. In order to avoid the need for expensive repairs with signs of the slightest overheating, make sure that there is sufficient amount of lubricant if necessary, the warehouse in petrol.

It is necessary to pay attention to the adaptation, since the pressed camp can systematically come into contact with the unacceptable bracket with the unacceptable bracket.

It is important to connect with the tools for the Wal k-Fehd engineer, especially for those who are required great efforts, especially for the plow.

Due to the violation of the recommendations of the operating instructions, the front or rear bearings of the coupling coupling are possible. In such cases, rinsing, defect, lubrication of knots or replacement of camps are carried out.

Video reviews

Diesel Motoblock Centaur MB 2010de-4 Description:


In the 2010d forums, the 2010d forum received many positive reviews. This is a powerful and functional unit that can work with additional fastening devices.

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Sergey, Stavropol Territory:

I bought a Centaur 2010 diesel. I am very pleased that such a powerful unit did not expect such a traction and strength, just like a tank. The entire virgin land plowed without any problems. I pour the young garden with pomp, very effective.

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