Motoblock Centaurus 2016b. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Centaurus 2016b. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

A Centaur 2016b with a petrol engine is the most productive air-cooled Walk tractor. High performance in 16 hp. It is provided by the Japanese engine from Kama with an increased motorcycle resource.

Motoblock Centaurus 2016b

Aggregation with various attachments greatly expands the capabilities of the Walk behavior tractor, which is designed to carry out agricultural, household and some construction work in large areas up to 4 hectares.

Estimated price of one engine block 47.0 thousand rubles.

Technical characteristics

engine Kama 16 HP
Road Freedom, MM 210
Maximum speed 15 km/h
programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
The width of the capture up to 1150mm
Processing depth, mm 300
cooling Air
Wheels 6.0×12
Overall dimensions, MM 1700x870x1380
The weight 155kg

The advantages of the walk tractor

  • Thanks to the dry disc clutch, smooth movement and long-lasting work of the walking behavior tract is ensured.
  • Easy start for 1:2 starter bucking even at negative temperatures.
  • With the presence of speeds 2 front and 1 reverse, you can set the optimal mode of operation.
  • A powerful gear transmission is as complete as possible, with almost no loss of torque reported on half the axis. Thanks to the collapsible design, the gearbox can be repaired.
  • The ability to connect active devices with a current selection shaft to active mounted devices (direct exit of the engine with a keyboard assembly).

Common malfunctions

Annoying breakthroughs, unforeseen interruptions in the work of a centaur can be caused by lack of care, untimely maintenance and violation of recommendations for instructions for operating the tractor of Walk behavior. Among the most common problems, owners note the incorrect operation of the engine with interruptions, sometimes it does not receive power and stops haphazardly.

If the engine does not start, it is necessary to test the operation of certain nodes and eliminate the problems:

  • Fuel intake to the carburetor – checking the fuel in the tank, disassembling the fuel crane and cleaning the filter from clogging.
  • The flow of fuel in the cylinder is a dry candle, indicating the lack of gasoline, wet – the excess fuel, you should check the operation of the fuel valve and the cleanliness of the nozzles.
  • The gap between the electrodes should be 0.8 mm. If the candle becomes contaminated, it must be cleaned to check for the presence of a spark.

If the engine starts, but works unstably, stalls, does not develop power supply, you should check:

  • The serviceability of the ignition system.
  • The cleanliness of the air filter.
  • A silencer for condensate with combustion products.
  • Adjustment and cleanliness of the carburetor.

Compression – air pressure in the combustion chamber should be 8 atm.

Work of Motor Block Centaur 2016b with mills:


As for the reviews of this model, there are not many of them, but mostly positive. Note the quality and performance of the device.

Stepan, Gomel:

Motoblock Centaurus 2016b with a petrol engine process 2 hectares of land, growing potatoes. Good car, reliable. The power is high and does not call for the fuel. Knots, mechanisms of high quality, durable metal. There are no comments.

Engine block Centaurus 2016b. Review, features, reviews

The petrol hiking tractor 2016b is one of the most powerful units of the Kentavar brand. A heavy aggregate device is assembled in the Republic of Belarus, which significantly reduces the costs of the unit and a larger number of consumers are therefore available.

Motoblock Centaurus 2016b

The costs depend on the configuration that can be standard and additionally. The average market price for this hiking tractor varies between 41 and 47,000 rubles. The standard equipment includes a mill and large pneumatism wheels with an industrial profile type.

Additional equipment includes:

Plow potato trailer cap with milling cutters

Features of the Motor Block Centaur 2016b:
  • Motoblock Centaurus 2016b has a relatively low weight – 145 kg.
  • At the same time, it has a professional power plant from the Japanese Kama production that offers a capacity of 16 liters. With.
  • The engine has air protection against overheating.
  • Inertial type system (from manual starter).
  • There is a power supply with which you can be on the walks on the passive and active types.
  • The checkpoint is mechanical, two level, creates two front speeds and vice versa.
  • The gear chain transmission transmits the torque as far as possible, while they are characterized by high wear resistance and reliability.
  • The case of the collapsible reducer, which enables easy and special costs for the implementation of repair work.
  • In order to improve stability, the developers lowered the focus of the hiking tractor.
  • A comfortable adjustable handle is equipped with an emergency power button.
  • By unlocking the differential of the wheels, the device can maneuver from one place in any direction.
Val diameter: 18 mm
The weight: 172 kg
Dimensions: 1700x870x1380 mm
Motor mark: Kama
Motor type: petrol
Perfomance: 16 PS
Motor labor volume: 418 cubic meters. m.
Fuel consumption: 1.3 L/Moto
Start system: inertia
Cooling system: Air
Number of programs: 2 before 1 before 1 1
Maximum speed: 18 km/h
Cycling size: 6.00-12
Fahrwidth: 750 mm
The width of recording the Soilfires: 450 – 1350 mm
Processing depth: 20 cm

User Guide

Before you start with the Block 2016b century engine, you should examine the use of use in the package in detail. This procedure should be addressed with all responsibility. The following information is announced in the document:

  • Safety requirements when working with a tractor for walks.
  • Mounting device.
  • Properties of the model.
  • Ste p-S y-Step assembly with description and drawings.
  • The procedure to carry out the first start of the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Extraction (runnin g-in).
  • What includes maintenance.
  • Malfunctions, the reasons that caused them and their elimination.

After examining the information about the safety security section, you protect yourself and your relatives from injuries and accidents.

The “Security measures” section describes in detail the unsafe zones of the motorized device and safe ways to work with them. It is important to remember that the greatest danger is:

  • Gas tank with flammable fuel;
  • Start system with a high voltage wire;
  • Belt slices with belts;
  • Soiline turns in great sales etc. etc.

First start and runnin g-in

Before the first start, it must be ensured that the amount of oil required is flooded in the crankcase and the gas tank is full of fuel. Check the reliability of fastening elements again. Now we are carrying out all those actions that are described in the leadership for the start of a tractor for a walk.

Important! After the first start, we lead the required procedure throug h-in, which increases the device’s motor resource.

The runnin g-In is transferred in several phases:

  • Motor heating;
  • The work of the engine at 1/3 of the capacity – 3 hours;
  • Complete oil change;
  • The operation of the power plant at ¾ electricity is 4-5 hours.

After such a preparation, the century of 2016b is completely willing to work in the country with corresponding loads.

Technical service

The maintenance includes several phases:

  • daily care;
  • Inspection once a month;
  • Öler set according to the table;
  • Inspection in the service center once a year;
  • Conservation of the Walk behavior tractor for a long shelf life.

Read more: Check the Min i-T20 Centaurus. Characteristics of application, technical properties, equipment

We describe daily actions that extend life for many years. The work is carried out in two phases.

The maximum oil and fuel level

Before the start of the field work:

  • Oil stand control;
  • Fuel control;
  • Check the reliability of bolt connections.

At the end of the field work:

  • Carefully clean and wash the motblock;
  • dry in the shade;
  • Lubricate all parts and knots with the necessary lubricants.

The main problems and opportunities to eliminate them

The instructions have an error table in which the entire list of information is listed that display the causes of their occurrence and the elimination methods. We list several of them.

The motor stalls do not start:

  • Check the presence of gasoline in the fuel tank.
  • Fuel with low quality;
  • The hig h-voltage wire is separated from the spark plug;
  • The filter is blocked;
  • Problems with the spark plug;
  • Magneto misalignment;
  • Fuel supply hoses are worn out or clogged;
  • Problems in the carburetor.

The floors stopped turning:

  • Fastening screws turned;
  • Stones or lumps of the earth were in ground degrees;
  • The clutch cable weakened;
  • The belts burst or stretched.

Rumpling in the gear:

  • The teeth broke;
  • Fastening screws turned;
  • Lubrication ends;
  • The warehouse is incorrectly installed or broken.

Video review

Checking the work of the Motor Block Centaur 2016b with a mill

Video check of the owner of the Motor Block Centaur 2016b

Reviews of the owners

Vladimir, 41 years:

“I have a small farm, 2.3 hectares of land. I not only wake up potatoes, but also muesli. The choice was stopped at the 2016b model with a 16l petrol engine. At first he was worried about the inconsistency of weight and power, but after working, he was found that he had made the right choice. I bought a walk behavio r-tractor with additional configuration and estimated the foldable cutter. I bought something else, I did a windscreen car for the muesli. Of course there are breakdowns, but not so serious that the motoblock is bad. I do not regret the purchase, but the opposite. The quality of the meeting is excellent and not surprising – Belarusists are always at the top in this matter. “

Ivan, 32 years:

“Hello. A year ago, a Centaurus 2016b made a tractor for walks and worked for a year without any problems. I bought him an adapter, the work went even faster. I am waiting for the new season, I will check how it starts after downtimes . His price justified. Estimated the reduced focus – stability in different sections of the route. “

Andrey, 27 years old:

“My Centaur is already the third year. The collapse was insignificant, Belarusian assembly and the availability of spare parts did not hit the wallet. The tractor of the walk behavior is very powerful, maneuverable and is perfectly obeyed by management. The engine’s emergency button has helped more than once. “

Planting and pruning of trees and shrubs
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