Motoblock Centaur MB 1013d. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Centaur MB 1013d. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Engine block Centaurus MB 1013D with a diesel engine is the most productive model among Chinese engine blocks of the Centaur line.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 1013d

A powerful machine – 12 hp, is designed to handle extensive land charts of more than 2 hectares. In the aggregation with a variety of hinge tools, the centaur performs numerous agricultural works, transports goods, clears the territory of snow and garbage, and originates from the stock exchange stone.

The advantages of the model

  • The presence of 6 front speeds and 2 rear allows you to set the necessary pace of work
  • Start with an electric starter
  • Durability thanks to the diesel engine (R195an) with water cooling, which gives desire at low speeds
  • Ability to work at different times of the day
  • Big wheels with a high profile
  • Ability to adjust the width of the track
  • It is equipped with an active soil cutter and a plow.

Technical characteristics

engine Diesel, 4-stroke with water cooling R195an
engine power 12l.s.
engine volume 815cc
The diameter of the cylinder 95mm
The butt hit 115mm
type of start Manual/electric starter
coupling Single disc, dry type
The number of speeds 6 forward/ 2 forward
Sales WOM 1176ob/min
The breadth of processing up to 100 cm
The drive from the engine Two wedge belts
ground clearance 210mm
Dimensional dimensions (d*sh*c) 2170*845*1150mm
The weight 290kg

Features of the application

The tractor of the Walk behavior has an impressive mass of 290 kg, which is due to high stability and good ability to cross over in complex areas without additional weighting means. Effectively works with a plow not only on the processed lands, but also on virgin ones.

The light in the management, thanks to compact sizes, has high maneuverability, is suitable for work in a limited space. Equipped with a locking control mechanism with a rotating clamp. The width of capture by ground crates is impressive – 1000 mm.

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Despite the durability and reliability, during the operation of the Centaur’s centoblocks, there are sometimes small malfunctions that the owners may cope with on their own.

  • When pushing a drive belt, check its tension or replace it with a new one.
  • Due to the wear of the friction discs, the clutch may slip. The repair consists in replacing the discs with new ones.

Very often, with prolonged work, however, like other brands of motoblocks, a squeezing bearing overheats. In this case it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient lubrication or adequate adjustment.

Minitor from the Walk behavior tractor Centaur MB 1013d:

Of the most common breakdowns and defects for a centaur, the rings on the piston or their very rapid wear are characteristic.

In any case, timely maintenance of the tractor for walking behavior according to the operating instructions is a guarantee of long-term uninterrupted operation.

Estimated prices for a Centaur MB 1013D engine block are within 33.0-34.0 TIS. wow


Andrey, Moscow Region:

In the wal k-Abandoned tractor Centaur 1013d likes a good range of speeds – 6 in front, 2 in rear. You can adjust comfortably with any problem.

Alexander, Sumy:

The Centaur Diesel 1013 at the diesel engine bought 2 years ago attracted the price. I have large areas under buckwheat. It works powerfully, everything pushes in a row with discs, it is easy to control. Usually even work in the dark.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 1013d. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock of the Centaur MB 1013d from the Chinese manufacturer Kentavr are recognized as the most productive units of the entire diesel line of this brand. This model is designed in such a way that floors of different densities are processed in sowing areas of more than 2 hectares. All structural elements are carefully thought out, starting with a reduced focus, a power selection wave, the gearbox and even an active cutter.

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Motoblock Centaurus MB 1013d

The mill can be adjusted in three positions, the thickness of the blades is about 5 mm. The depth of the cultivation is approx. 19 cm. A strong halogen headlight will help to do work in the dark. By unlocking differentials, you can also make a steep turn from a place. You can summarize active attachments with the tractor of the walk behavior, and the traction attachments are connected with a problem.

Sometimes additional attachments are included in the tractor of the walk behavior:

The plow of the cutter

If you now use a tractor with a walk behavior, the following work can be done:

  • plowing (cultivating);
  • Plant;
  • Harrow;
  • Spud;
  • Weed;
  • dig;
  • mowing;
  • Clear snow fields;
  • Aquatic plants etc.

This model represents a class of heavy professional motlocks that are used for the high processing of medium and large landlopes. The unit is valued by small and mediu m-sized farms.

Features of the engine block Centaur MB 1013d:
  • The Centaur MB 1013d weighs about 290 kg. And does not require any additional weighting when carrying out field work.
  • A fou r-stroke diesel power plant R195an, a productive capacity of 12 liters is installed on the device. With.
  • Cooling water.
  • The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with inertia and electrical starters.
  • The universal checkpoint has a simplified setting of the “low” and “increased” gears and offers six front speeds and two vice versa.
  • Dry typ e-Adhesion, Singl e-Disc.
  • There are protective wings.
  • Comfortable control handles are equipped with an emergency power button.
  • The steering column is set both vertically and in a horizontal level.

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engine Diesel R195an
engine power 12l.s.
engine volume 815cc
The diameter of the cylinder 95mm
The butt hit 115mm
type of start Manual/electric starter
coupling Single disc, dry type
The number of speeds 6 forward/ 2 forward
Sales WOM 1176ob/min
The breadth of processing up to 100 cm
The drive from the engine Two wedge belts
ground clearance 210mm
Dimensional dimensions (d*sh*c) 2170*845*1150mm
The weight 290kg
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User Guide

The instructions contain very important sections that are worth examining the experienced owner of a difficult unit:

  • The device, the assembly of the Walk behavior tractor in the diagrams and with ste p-B y-step descriptions.
  • Security measures when working with a motorized unit.
  • The power properties of the device.
  • The first starting manual.
  • Operation.
  • Maintenance of the motorized devices.
  • The malfunctions and causes caused by them.

Motoblock, like any other motorized technology, can be a health risk. Particular attention should be paid to such parts of the machine as:

  • Gas tank with easily flammable flying liquid – gasoline;
  • Floor mills with knives with high speeds;
  • Ignition system with a high voltage wire;
  • Pipes and straps turn on them.

It is therefore necessary to carefully examine the operating instructions and to follow all instructions to avoid injuries.

First start and runnin g-in

Before you go on the leadership in the first start at the first start, you must check:

  • Oil stand in the crankcase;
  • the presence in the fuel tank of the required amount of hig h-quality diesel fuel;
  • Whether screwed connections are tight.

If everything is checked, you can safely start the engine. The purpose of the runnin g-I n-to leave all drive mechanisms in the engine and gearbox to increase the motorized carp and prepare the walk for different loads during operation.

The runnin g-In is transferred in several phases:

  • Heating the engine up to 10-15 minutes.
  • The work without load on ⅓ power plant power is 3 hours.
  • Exchange of waste oil.
  • Work with loads up to ¾ engine power – approx. 5 hours.

The ru n-in is complete – the engine block Centaur MB 1013D is ready for operation.

Technical service

The instructions indicate all stages of maintenance, including mandatory inspection diagrams. We offer to get to know the work that must be carried out independently before and after the operation of the tractor of the walk.

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The maximum oil and fuel level

Before the start of work:

  • Checking the reliability of bolt connections;
  • Control of the work fluids (oil and diesel fuel);
  • Tire pressure.

After work:

  • Carefully clean and wash the device;
  • Wipe dry dryly dry and dry in a place protected from sunlight;
  • Lubricate the knots and mechanisms of the Walk behavior tractor with special lubricants.

The main problems and opportunities to eliminate them

Each motblock under the influence of stress and foreign factors fails regularly. Most problems can be eliminated independently. We offer ourselves to familiarize yourself with some of them (a more complete list is described in the instructions):

The gearbox warms up and makes atypical noises:

  • The warehouse burst:
  • The warehouse is incorrectly installed;
  • The lubricant is over;
  • The teeth of the gear are broken;
  • The fastening elements weakened.

The engine does not start:

  • Low quality fuel;
  • The fuel is over;
  • The pump unit failed;
  • The filter was blocked;
  • Piston rings burst or worn.

Cutter don’t move:

  • Stones fell into the rotors, floor lumps or plants were wrapped;
  • Connection screws turned;
  • The belt burst or stretched;
  • The clutch cable weakens or jumped.

Video review

Checking the motor block Centaur 1013d to a min i-actorator

Reviews of the owners

Nazar, 29 years old:

“I have been in operation for this model for three years. The assembly is good, the quality of the protective coating – there is no trace of rust for the entire period. Very practical control on the steering wheel. Great maneuverability, comfortable gang shift. I work with the adapter and bought the attachment equipment in the full sentence. I like to mill more, I only use the plow in autumn. “

Nikita, 34 years old:

“Motoblock Centaur 1013d, my breadwinner in the literal sense. I bought it four years ago and now I don’t delight it – both in summer and winter, in the low season – plow, sitting, hill, choosing, mowing, turning, we save the snow. The neighbors are already used to my services – everyone is happy, I am special. Pull on a ton with a trailer. It turns out to be a double advantage: for yourself and people! “

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Sergey, 40 years old:

“I agree, the motor tractor 1013d is excellent, balanced and maneuverable, ready for all field work that makes our hard work much easier.”

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