Motoblock Brait BR-80. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Motoblock Brait BR-80. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

The hand-led tractor Brait BR-80 is manufactured in Russia, which affects not only the availability of the model itself, but also of the components.

Motoblock Brait BR-80

Due to its low costs and its reliable power supply, the device is very popular with consumers.

Features of the Brait BR-80 engine block:
  • Equipped with a 7 hp engine.
  • Has excellent passability on every floor that is carried out thanks to the strong engine and the wide air wheels.
  • The han d-led tractor is designed in such a way that it can perform a variety of functions when using additional equipment. It should be noted that almost all known attachments can be attached to the model presented. You can not only plow the floor on it, but also sow seedlings, harvest potatoes, pump water and also transport goods.
  • The 3-speed gearbox makes maneuvering on the construction site easier and also managing more accessible places.
  • Wide wings protect the operator and the unit from attaching dirt and water lumps.
  • During tillage, the plow depth can be increased to 15 cm and the width can be changed from 80 to 120 cm.
  • Thanks to a modern 4-stroke petrol engine, the single-axle tractor is quite economical and consumes 1 to 2 l/h over maximum load.


Manufacturer Bright
Type of the engine Petrol engine, 4-stroke, air-cooled Lifan (China)
Minimal processing width 80.0 (cm)
Maximum processing width 100.0 (cm)
Maximum work depth 30.0 (cm)
Number of gears 2 forward / 1 back
Starting system Manual
Reducer Mechanical, chain, reinforced cast iron
Cycling shaft, mm 24
Assembled compatible Oka, Newa, cascade
transmission Belt + chain
scope of delivery Base cutter
Engine power 7.0 (PS)
Fuel tank volume 3.6 (L)
length 770.0 (mm)
Broad 460.0 (mm)
Height 860.0 (mm)
The weight 80.0 (kg)

User Guide

Despite the fact that the han d-led tractor model is quite reliable and has a certain perseverance, special attention should be paid to regular technical inspections.

Motor blocks Brait - reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

The technical inspection of the singl e-axle tractor includes:

  • Attachment of all connecting elements.
  • The tension of the belts and the integrity of the tanks are checked.
  • The presence of lubricant in the han d-led tractor.

At the first start, it is absolutely necessary to follow and follow the instructions, which contributes to extending the lifespan of the han d-led tractor.

Important! Driving in means using devices at low speeds and not with full performance.

Here are a few points that help you do it right:

  • Check the oil and fuel stand, refill when the oil level is low.
  • Pick up all fastening elements.
  • Start the engine at low speed, which gradually increases.
  • Switch.
  • Start with tillage, but use the han d-led tractor during the day with 50 % of the maximum performance.

Video review

BRAIT BR-80 Walk-Behind tractor-assembly check

Owner reviews

Numerous reviews of the owners of the bright motor block owners agree that the model is fairly maneuverable, easy to maintain and work reliably. The owners are pleasant for the quality of the engine and the implementation of the immediate start.


“I bought a walk for the tractor for processing my website and there were no special problems with it for 3 years. The advantages include a small fuel consumption if you do not load much, and the engine of 7 horses that start very quickly. Sometimes standing, but it’s not scary. Corrosion appeared on the ground, but this does not affect his work. “


“The transport of goods in our rural area is only carried out on a walk tractor. With maximum workload, the consumption increases significantly, but in this mode the device is not always used. I bought the necessary attachments and use it as required. I do small repairs myself. “


“Grabing potatoes and plowing in the garden became easier, while the cost of gasoline is only 1 l/h. The defects – noise in the engine, close liability. I’ve been using the device for 3 years, but there were no significant breakdowns. “

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If you are the owner of this model, we will ask you to leave a review in our internet magazine. For many readers, their conclusions about the characteristics of the hiking wall area are a good recommendation when choosing a suitable unit.

Motoblock Brait BR-80. Technical characteristics. Features of the application and maintenance of the model

The Bri-80 Bright petrol salary tractor is used privately by farmers to plow, culture and transport of goods. This is possible thanks to the aggregation with additional attachments.

Motoblock Brait BR-80

  • The Brait BR-80 motorcycle block is equipped with a four-stroke-lylinder engine with a capacity of 7 hp and air cooling. This engine is designed for longer use and high loads.
  • The width of the grinding can be set from 80 to 120 cm. Thanks to this function, optimal performance is performed.
  • The transmission is made of metal with a high line and transmits the rotary moment with a minimum current loss to the fastening.
  • The bright 8 0-mot blocks consists of cast iron with large thickness and can withstand intensive loads.
  • The gearbox has 3 positions: 2 forward and a back.

Technical characteristics

gear Full of grinding
The number of cylinders 1
Type of the engine petrol
Starting system Manual
Engine volume 212 cm³
perfomance 7 PS
Fuel tank volume 3.6 L
Wheel size 4 × 10
The depth of processing 150-300 mm
The width of processing 800-1200 mm
Dimensions 1500 × 610 × 1150 mm
weight 102 kg

Functions of the application

Before you start operating the BR-80 housing, you have to make sure that the close aggregation of attachments with a walk-in tract. Not completely solid tailors can cause their departure from the clutch and the health of the operator to serious damage.

The presence of fuel and a sufficient amount of lubricating material must be checked before each output.

The owners of the British Brit Briten have to be particularly careful if they do the work in a inclined aircraft. They must be carried out along such a place.

High pressure laundering helps to keep the garden clean


The position of the steering rod can not only be set in height, but also inclined to the right and left so that you can use the machine as efficiently as possible in closed areas or near shrubs and walls.

Motoblock Brait BR-80

A special feature of the hand-led Brait BR-80 tractor are width 4 × 10 tires with a chevron profile. If the clutch is not sufficient, they can be replaced by tunnels. They are a metal edge with welded plates that penetrate the ground and make the movement easier.


The manufacturer recommends filling the hand-led Tractor Bright BR-80 with AI 92 or AI-95 petrol. Fuel must be clean, fresh and free of deposits.

The frequency of the engine oil change is chosen by the owner. If heavy work has been carried out with heavy load on the engine, the lubricant must be changed after 25 hours of operation. If the device has been used in gentle mode, the exchange can take place after 50 hours.

Video evaluation of the Bright BR-80 work model

The advantages of the hand-guided tractor Brait BR-80 are described in the following video view:

This video view shows the assembly process of the Bright BR-80 hand-handed tractor:

Owner reviews

Here are some reviews from specialist forums of owners of Brat BR-75 handmade tractors:


“Hig h-quality Russian equipment from the manufacturer Bright, with whom you like to work. Now I have already bought a attachment device for plowing, hill and transporting goods. Schneider were there. The engine enables long work without overheating. The steering wheel is made in a comfortable design and lies well in the hand. The maintenance is simple: just change the oil and wash the dirt.

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