Motoblock Brait BR-75. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Engine block Hell 75

Brait BR-75 is a professional walk-behind tractor designed for work of increased complexity. The machine is intended for hilling, cultivation and other types of tillage. In terms of functionality, the Brait BR-75 is in no way inferior to flagship models. And at the same time it costs much less. For this reason, the model is in great demand – also thanks to the proven design. The possibility of self-maintenance, a number of settings for comfortable control of the two-wheel tractor, high cross-country ability and a universal design – all these advantages allow you to operate the two-wheel tractor even after the end of the warranty service . Let’s consider in detail the characteristics of the model, as well as its capabilities in conditions of increased load, types of fasteners and rules for the first use.

General information and design

The Brait BR-75 walk-behind tractor is in demand among summer residents and professional farmers, and is in great demand among utility companies. On the positive side, the technique proved itself both in urban economy and off-road. The design elements of the two-wheel tractor are impressive. Operating elements, a handle and add-on parts are attached to a solid frame. The one-piece cast gear also deserves special attention – a proven technical unit that is characterized by high durability thanks to simple materials. The versatility of the tech lies in the fact that it supports every implement, right down to the largest options – like a hiller, plow and cart. The body of the walk-behind tractor is made of durable materials that protect the internal elements of the product from external influences – flying grass, stones, dust and dirt, tree branches, etc. The Brait BR-75 is equipped with a powerful power unit, impressive pneumatic wheels and a Manual transmission with clear shifting.

Taking into account the above advantages, the Brait BR-75 model can be recommended to undemanding businessmen who value ease of use, performance, reliability and optimal value for money.

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Benefits of the equipment in operation

  • Robust reduction gear
  • Coupling for securely attaching large attachments
  • The ability to connect a trailer truck, which allows you to transport up to 500-600 kg of cargo
  • Ergonomic handle with comfortable grip and rubber grips. The handle is equipped with controls – knobs and switches that are “at hand” and you don’t have to reach for them. The handle can be adjusted according to your needs. Thus, the walk behind tractor is comfortable for operators of any body configuration and height
  • In addition to the impact-resistant housing, the two-wheel tractor has a special noise reduction technology that affects the low noise and vibration levels.
  • Low fuel consumption without loss of performance
  • High overclocking potential
  • When connecting ground hooks, the capabilities of a walk-behind tractor can be compared to the performance of premium machines. In this condition, the Brait 75 is perfectly attuned to working on hard soil, including uncharted territory.
  • Transport wheel – to make it easier to pull the walk-behind tractor around the garden, regardless of its area
  • An impressive set of cultivation mills (up to 8 STCs).

Use rules first

The BRAIT BR-75 Walk-Hinge tractor must run well for the use of parts. This must be done before the machine is suspended. In location mode, the device should work with incomplete performance. The fact is that the economical burden is the cheapest conditions for adapting new parts of the tractor of the walk behavior to the local climate. The regime of gentle load includes the operation of the machine for half of its skills. For example, you can transport around 300 kg with permissible 500-600 kg when transporting goods. After 8-10 hours you can carry out the enema and, if necessary, maintain maintenance. Consider the main steps that you have to pay attention to when executin g-in:

  • Perform the engine, let it work for 30 minutes. Revolutions can gradually be increased
  • Check the mechanism to switch on the speeds of the checkpoint
  • Check the reliability of the bolt attachments and the lower part of the hiking tractor for the presence of oil subtexts. After we have ensured that the technology is in good condition, we continue to the next stage
  • During the economical stress, you can connect and cultivate the earth in different ways, transport, cultivate, cultivate, pump water, remove the areas from snow, garbage and plant residues
  • After 8-10 hours, the enema is complete. We drive a walk tractor into the garage and pour new fuel if necessary, change filters, wheels and other consumables. The tractor of the walk behavior must be well prepared, since the manufacturer enables the manufacturer the maximum load from the next day.
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Unmounted equipment

The BRAIT BR-75 engine block contains pneumatic bikes, documentation and a leaf with the right to free guarantee service during the year. Dowed options are also bought. Therefore, every buyer can appreciate the potential of technology by selecting an optimal option for them, based on their preferences and tasks. We emphasize the most popular attachments for Brait BR-75:

  • The Wizard
  • plow
  • Potato cumulator
  • Potato
  • Hook
  • Cultivating mills
  • Mark
  • Hayfield
  • water pump
  • Mood to mow grass

Motor and properties

BRAIT BR-75 is equipped with a 4-stroke-lylinder engine with a capacity of 7 hp. The engine is aggregated with a 3-speed box, in which two speeds for the front movement and another for the reverse gear are shown. The design of the tractor of the walk behavior ensures the diameter of each milling cutter of 320 mm, and the volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. The machine is designed for the width of soil processing of up to 1200 mm.

Fuel consumption

BRAIT BR-75 is economical and at the same time a powerful motblock with which you can process complex areas. In increased load mode, fuel consumption in the BR-75 is 3 liters per engine. The machine works well with every fuel, since the engine with a low octane number with AI-92 is also adapted to the fuel.

Prices in Russia

The average costs of the Brait BR-75 motor block on the domestic market is 27,000 rubles. The adhesion equipment is not included in these costs. It can be ordered another time or together with the purchase of the product. In the second case, some shops collect good discounts. Optionally, you can save on folding options if you familiarize yourself with more profitable offers on the secondary market.

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Motoblock Brait BR-75. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

The Brait BR-75 motblock will cope well with the work of any complexity, has multifunctionality, strength and structure of the structure.

Brait BR-75 Motoblock

Features of the Brait BR-75 Motoblock:
  • Equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp.
  • The use of fastening devices greatly expands the capabilities of the Walk behavior tractor and slightly increases fuel consumption from 1.5 l/h to 2 with maximum workload.
  • The advantage of the model is that you can use gasoline of any octane rating.
  • A convenient handle, on which all the necessary places of conduction are located, is regulated relative to the operator. Therefore, optimal comfort is achieved during operation.
  • An undeniable advantage of the light engine block can be called ease of maintenance due to the use of simple mechanisms.
  • Following the instructions, it is not difficult to understand the power unit, and in the event of a breakdown, to eliminate it yourself.
  • With proper and regular technical inspections, the life of the device increases significantly without any conclusions.
  • Assembling the milling equipment supplied in the kit is not difficult, the whole process is described in the operating instructions, and there is video with visual examples on the network.
  • The manufacturer provides wings that protect the operator from mud, flying grass and stones.
  • The mechanical transmission has 3 speeds, increasing maneuverability.
  • The bottom depth can be changed, but the maximum is 15 cm.
  • The width also varies and can vary from 60 to 120 cm depending on the situation.
  • With the use of a plow, a plow becomes an entirely temporal business.


Manufacturer heads
Country of Manufacture Russia
warranty 12 months.
engine 168f-2 Guillied
The brand of the engine heads
engine volume 196 cubic meters.
perfomance 7 hp
cooling Air
type of fuel AI-92 gasoline
fuel tank 3.6L
launch system hand launcher
coupling Belt
transmission gear
number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
Turning back There is
steering column 2 regulations
The width of the capture 800-1200mm
capture depth 150-300mm
The weight 70kg.
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operating rules

Before operation, the bright motblock must go out. His need is to check all the nodes and mechanisms and prevent mishaps.

Important! The race is carried out every time after a long period of downtime of the device and necessarily after its purchase.

Time is not long, but it affects the quality and duration of work, significantly increasing these indicators.

Adhering to the main tips, you will save yourself from the untimely repair of the motorcycle block:

  • Before each start, check the oil and fuel level.
  • Run the engine and let it work at low speeds for half an hour.
  • Shift the speeds and check the work of the gearbox.
  • Check fasteners and terminal bolts, belt tension.
  • Start work and use a walk-on tractor at half power for 8-10 hours.
  • After running, drain the butter and fill in the new one.
  • Take a full job, but the first day you don’t use the device at full power.

Video review

Checking the work of the Brait BR-75 Cutter Cutter

Reviews of the owners

The affordable price, reliability and multifunctionality of the light engine block received numerous positive reviews from the owners of the presented model.


“The acquisition of the bright motor block was the desire to save itself from cleaning the snow drifts with which our country is famous. Accordingly, additional equipment was bought in the form of a shovel. The fuel consumption naturally increases and up to 4 l/h. If you pour 92 petrol, noises and vibrations appear in the engine. However, it is pleased that it begins with big frosts without any problems. The bikes are good, but scrolled in the snow, so I had to buy soil in the area. “


“We have been working on a walk tractor for 2 years. The plot of 20 acres is processed with the son. The lightness of plowing and the cultivation of the construction site had to think about the extent of the land allocation. The power of the engine is sufficient, but the gasoline consumption increases with heavy load. The potato cap in general was generally pleased because the harvest was significantly accelerated. “

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“I bought Bright BR-75 and didn’t regret it. It is fully justified for these costs due to its functionality. It is best to process moist land on it because problems with dry and confiscated. The fuel consumption is 2-3 l/h using 92 petrol. “

If you are the owner of the model presented, we suggest leaving a review in our internet magazine. For many readers, their conclusions about the work capacity of the walk are an excellent recommendation when choosing a suitable unit.

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