Motoblock Brait BR-58A. Review, technical features, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Brait BR-58A. Review, technical features, reviews of the owners

The BR-58A Bright Motoblock is a representative of the budget class and is designed for the execution of field work in one location up to 1 ha.

Motoblock Brait BR-58A


A special Brait BR-58A design with a perfectly selected focus enables the walk-in tractor to behave very stable under the field conditions.

Characteristics of the Brait BR-58A Motor note:
  • Equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp.
  • The device has sufficient performance and wide pneumatic bikes and easily overcomes complex bodies, even if they are impassable.
  • All necessary line bodies are under control, which make control of the tractor of the hood a lot easier. At the same time, the handle can be set by being brought into the cheapest position.
  • In order to prevent dirt and landlumps on the operator and the power section of the device, the wings on the operator and the power of the device are located.
  • Thanks to a thoughtful design, a sharpening of the motorcycle block can be attached to the help of which various operations are carried out, which significantly expands the functional group of the unit.
  • Durable materials should be observed that are used in the manufacture of the BR-58A light light light. The case reliably protects the internal elements from various mechanical damage.
  • The gearbox has 3 speeds, including one back.


Manufacturer Head
Engine type 4-stroke, single cylinder
The brand of the engine BR-170F
Minimum processing width 80 cm
Maximum processing width 120 cm
The maximum processing depth 30 cm
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Starting system Hand starter
Wheel size 4*8
Reducing oil volume 1.3 l
Engine power 7.0 PS
Engine volume 212.0 cubic meters
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6 L
The volume of the oil tank 0.6 l
The weight 80 kg

User Guide

Despite the fact that the BR-58A Bright motor block is a fairly reliable equipment, the lifespan of the device is significantly increased.

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Brait 170F engine for Brait walking tractors

This applies in particular to its important nodes and engine. The ru n-in is carried out after purchase or after a long downtime. The main goal of the run is to check the operation of all nodes and grease them.

Important! You don’t have to use it with full performance while running in the hiking loss tractor.

If you adhere to the following tips, you can significantly increase the lifespan of the device:

  1. Check the amount of oil and fuel in tanks.
  2. Inspect and, if necessary, set all fastening elements.
  3. Guide the engine at low speeds and let yourself work for half an hour. This is done in such a way that all details are used and the oil falls into all knots.
  4. Switch the gears. This is necessary for a clear understanding of the process of Walk behavior tractor, which can prevent the occurrence of breakdowns in the future.
  5. Start with work, however, use a walking tractor of 65% of full power within 20 hours. After the deadline, you can increase the pace and strength of the work.

Video review

Brait-58a Motoblock Assembly overview

Reviews of the owners

All owners of the BR-58A Bright Motor Block can publish a review or comments on the model presented on our website so that our readers can learn more about its advantages and disadvantages.

Motoblock Brait BR-58A. Technical characteristics. Characteristics of application and maintenance

This tractor for walking behavior is reliable and unpretentious in maintenance. The device is a set hardened mills that can process even the heaviest soils. On the BR-58A Bray motor block, 4 × 8 bikes with a high profile are installed, which is able to provide a damp section of the floor.

The load capacity of the Brait BR-58A reaches 500 kg.

A universal coupling is installed on this Walk behavio r-tractor with which you can use attachments from third parties: Neva, cascade, etc.

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Motoblock Brait BR-58a

The BR-58A Bright Engine is produced using Honda technology and equipped with patted cylinders, which significantly increases the lifespan of the device as a whole. In addition, engines of this manufacturer are characterized by improved heat transfer, increased power and performance features.

A multifunctional steering rod is installed on these machines. The height can be installed for each operator. It is also possible to adapt the position of the steering wheel in the vertical level, which guarantees better processing of har d-t o-repetitive positions.

Photo of the Bright BR-58A motor block is shown below

Motoblock Brait BR-58A

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer Head
Country of Manufacture Russia
Type of Motoblock
Engine type 4-stroke, single cylinder
The brand of the engine BR-170F
Minimum processing width 80.0 (cm)
Maximum processing width 120.0 (cm)
The maximum processing depth 30.0 (cm)
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Starting system Hand starter
Pto no
Warranty period 12 months)
Federal State but
Output shaft 20 (under the key)
The size of the wheels 4×8
Val Mill S24 Hexagon
Reducer oil volume, L 1,3
Properties of the combustion engine
Engine power 7.0 (p.)
Engine volume 212.0 (cubic meter)
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6 (L)
The volume of the oil tank 0.6 (L)
The weight 80.0 (KG)

Functions of the application

  1. While working on the BR-58A Bray Motor Block, you need to use headphones, safety glasses or a mask. It is strictly not recommended to work in slippers or in shoes with an open top.
  2. The use of the Brait BR-58A engine block without wings and a protective housing is not permitted and in areas with a climb of more than 10 °.

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The engine of the bright, bright BR-58A motor block is equipped with a protective cover that protects this knot from mechanical damage.

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Protective wings are installed over the wheels, which prevent rivers made of mud and dust under the wheels directly onto the operator. The gearbox has 3 positions (two forwards and one back).

Photos of hinge devices brightly presented BR-58A below

Model light model BR-58A

The device tank should occur outdoors. It is necessary to use AI-92 fuel with a high octane. When the fuel was spilled during the petrol station, leave 3 meters away from this location and only then start the engine.

The frequency of the exchange of motor oil must be selected by owners alone.

If the engine load was low, the replacement can be made after 50 hours, if you used the walk-behind tractor intensively, the lubricant must be changed after 25 hours.

Video review

The assembly process of the Brait BR-58A walk behind tractor is shown in the video review:

Reviews of the owners

Below are some reviews about the Brait BR-58a walk behind tractor from internet forums:


“Although the walk behind tractor is from China, it is of high quality. I have a 20 acre property and I didn’t see the point of a tractor or more powerful equipment for maintenance. During two years of operation there were no problems. I changed the oil in time and lubricated the bearings. Its consumption is not large, the oil does not drive, it keeps the speed stable even under heavy loads. The tire profile is high and securely adheres to the surface.

Pros: High quality, powerful and affordable walk behind tractor

Cons: If you don’t find any bugs and handle the device properly, then there are no ”


“I got this walk behind tractor relatively recently. Installation and initial commissioning went smoothly. Although there was no such equipment on the farm before, I expected to dabble in it for three days. Everything is described in detail in the user manual. Pleased with a set of cutters complete with their help and made a slump. I have a soft area and the milling went smoothly. So far I haven’t noticed any disadvantages.

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