Motoblock Brado. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

TOP 11 of the best handmade tractors 2022

A han d-led tractor is a necessary tool in every rural household. Modern devices amaze with versatility and enable them to master half of the difficult work easily and quickly – from plowing the country to cultivating and shredding garbage. It is not surprising that more and more summer residents and villagers choose to buy such devices. In order not to make a mistake and not to be confused (and this is very simple due to the rich range), you must be familiar with this topic. Well, for those who do not want to spend too much time to study the market, we are happy to offer an evaluation of the best handmade tractors on today’s market.

  • How to select a han d-led tractor – recommendations from experts
  • Single tractors of the light class – the best models
  • 1. Mkm-3 Pro
  • 2. Patriot victory
  • 3. Patriot Kaluga (steering wheel)
  • 4. Mobile K MKM-3 Comfort MBK0018432
  • Motoblocks of the middle class – the best models
  • 1. Elitekb 506
  • 2. Patriot-Ural
  • 3. Master BC1193
  • 4. Newa MB-23B-10.0
  • Handled tractors of the heavy class – the best models
  • 1. Hauter GMC-9.0
  • 2. Champion DC1193E
  • 3. Aurora Land 1400
  • Which han d-guided tractor is better to buy

How to select a han d-led tractor – recommendations from experts

First you have to pay attention to the engine. Some han d-led tractors are equipped with gasoline, others with diesel. The former are usually less powerful and enable them to work autonomously – at any distance from home. But the latter are more persistent and heavier, the degree of their performance and endurance is much higher.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the mechanism for torque transmission. With a singl e-axle tractor, it can be realized via a tap shaft or a belt drive.

You also have to pay attention to the performance. It is impossible to give clear advice here – everything depends on the requirements of a specific user.

After all, we must not forget the functionality. Some buyers only have to plow the country, while others would like to buy more diverse devices to help with different types of work.

Single tractors of the light class – the best models

If the workload in the country is not large – you only have to plow a plot of several hectares once a year – it makes sense to give preference to light han d-led tractors. You cannot boast of high performance, and in most cases the functionality is limited. But your price can pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyer. And the low weight makes loading and working enormously with the singl e-axle tractor.

1. Mkm-3 Pro

MKM-3 Pro

The second generation of the han d-led tractor is presented on the market in three modifications, which differ in the width of the attachments and the lines of the installed engines. Stable demand and high popularity of the model are due to the use of innovative solutions in its design, whereby the highest performance features have been achieved. In addition, the manufacturer has paid particular attention to the comfort when working with this multifunction device in order to minimize the operation simple and the maintenance effort.

The technical part of the walk tractor, which includes engines and controls of important Japanese, European and American manufacturers, fulfills all world standards and corresponds to the Russian GOST. The mobile K strong track mission 2000 transmission offers an independent movement of the tractor of the walk behavior at optimal speed for the most efficient soil processing. The functionality was expanded due to the breath and belt slices of the distribution of the torque for active devices.


  • Smooth speed circuit without effort;
  • The possibility of installing a variety of devices;
  • Reduced vibrations;
  • A cast gear aluminum;
  • Low vibration level even at high speeds;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Lightal start.


  • No add. Fraser in standard configuration
  • Transport bikes sometimes fall into a loose floor.

2. Patriot victory

Patriot victory

Looking for light, inexpensive and at the same time good walk tractor? Take a closer look at this model. According to the reviews, most users do not have to regret such an acquisition. On the one hand, the device is quite powerful – the engine cubature in 198 cubic cubes/San offers an output of 7 hp. To plow a small area, this is more than enough. It is pleasant that the weight of the tractor of the walk is only 78 kilograms – there are no unnecessary problems during the transport and transport of devices.

The model has a reverse function with which you can start the engine in the opposite direction. It is very useful when something is wrapped in the movable parts.

The volume of the fuel tank of 3.6 liters is sufficient to work in a fairly large area without refueling. It is pleasant that the width of soil processing is up to 100 cm – you can plow a decent area in several passes. And pneumatic bikes with a height of 8 inches offer a good ability to cross.

Motoblock Brait BR-80. Overview, specifications, owner reviews


  • affordable price;
  • low weight;
  • The hig h-quality chain gear offers high performance.
  • The function of the reverse gear.


  • Not too successful the steering wheel setting unit.

3. Patriot Kaluga (steering wheel)

Patriot Kaluga (Rotary Steering Wheel)

Buyers who are looking for light, but at the same time powerful equipment will surely become tractor like the Patriot Kaluga walk. For the price and the quality of the motoblock is a successful compromise. It weighs only 73.6 kg, which does not prevent him from having a high performance – up to 7 hp. Three programs – two strikers and one back – enable them to simply select the ones that are best suited in a certain situation. The fuel tank contains up to 3.6 liters of fuel, so you have to stand quite rarely to refuel – a pleasant plus that saves time when you work with a tractor with a walk. Yes, and the floor processing width here is quite large – 85 centimeters. In a pass you can plow a fairly wide strip, which means that you don’t have to spend any additional time. It is not surprising that the model receives pretty good reviews from its owners.


  • worthy strength;
  • Small weight;
  • easy to start;
  • low price tag;
  • Comfortable clutch handle.


  • There is not enough low speed when working with heavily compressed soil.
  • It is not equipped with a cut cut to crop protection.

4. Mobile K MKM-3 Comfort MBK0018432

Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MBK0018432

Perhaps the best walkver in reliability and quality in the light class is. Cooperation with him is very convenient – especially due to a force of 7.07 hp. They can walk easily and quickly through the terrain and dig the ground up to a depth of 34 cm. The width of the processed strip is not as big as many users want – only 73 centimeters. Therefore, it is not the best choice for large sections of the motoblock. However, it is stupid to place other requirements for motor blocks of the light class.

Mobile for MKM-3 comfort can be able to do speeds of up to 8.3 kilometers per hour in advance and up to 2.6.

Surprisingly, the weight of the unit with such advantages is quite small – only 67 kg, which users who often have to load them into the car and download it must be pleasantly surprised. So there is no doubt – this is one of the best motifs in the light class.

What will please:

  • hig h-quality assembly;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • deep soil processing;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • Easy to buy components and attachments;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • Easy to start.

Motoblocks of the middle class – the best models

Despite the advantages of light motoblocks, analogues of the middle class were and remain the most popular. A successful compromise between value and performance and functionality makes it an excellent acquisition for most users. Therefore, it was precisely this category of technology that was most attention.

1. Elitekb 506

Elitech KB 506

Buyers who are looking for an inexpensive walk from the middle class will likely like this model. Your strength is quite high – 7 hp, which is sufficient to plow a fairly large place. In addition, the width of soil processing is 83 cm, so that you do not have to spend any additional time. With four forward programs you can select the most suitable option for working in a certain area with individual reliefs and functions. And with the reverse gear you can handle the obstacle, free the tailors from foreign objects and make the work more convenient. It is nice that the noise level is not too big here – only 78 dB. Therefore, you can certainly say – if this is not the best tractor for walks of inexpensive models, it definitely contains this.


  • powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • Excellent processing quality;
  • low noise during operation;
  • five speeds;
  • affordable price;
  • Ergonomic handle.

2. Patriot-Ural

Patriot Urals

Without exaggeration, this is a beautiful model of a tractor that is suitable for older and young people. Of course, the price is not too low, but this is completely compensated for by the performance and lightness of the work. Strong, wide wheels with a diameter of 8 inches are confident in both wet land and on sand.

Patriot Ural is equipped with a strong castle, which ensures high reliability and endurance when working with high loads.

The power of the engine with a volume of 220 cubic meters/cm reaches 7.8 hp, so that it is also slightly coordinated with a long earth. And the width of soil processing is up to 90 centimeters – you can plow a large place in several gears. Six programs – four strikers and two back – do the work even easier and more comfortable. With all of this, the weight of walking behavior in the basic configuration 84 k g-only is very little for models in middle classes.

Motoblocks Virgin Lands: Video Review of Models and Appendices, Owner Reviews


  • powerful engine;
  • Cast iron gear;
  • Start quickly and easily;
  • Comfortable management;
  • Small benzinkonsum;
  • Reliability and practicality with proper operation;


  • Differential deficiency.

3. Master BC1193

Champion BC1193

Do you have to choose a Middle Clas s-Walk tractor that is comparable to heavy and equally convenient work? Then this model will definitely not disappoint you. Yes, the price for a walk tractor is about 50,000 rubles. However, this is fully compensated for by a number of serious advantages.

Power is really impressive – up to 9 hp – it is not surprising because the volume is 270 cubic meters/cm. If necessary, even a plot of land can be plowed with a heavy tone floor. He also processes the bottom of a large width – up to 110 cm. There are only three – two – two strikers and one back. For this reason, working in problem areas is not always easy. But the bikes are very large – up to a diameter of 12 inches. Therefore, the fit of the unit is very good. The volume of the tank is 6 liters. This is sufficient for a rather large country property.


  • Energy reserve;
  • Wide bikes make it easier to do continuity;
  • Large width of the plowed country;
  • High quality of soil processing;
  • The design designed offers easy control.
  • Fuel tank capacity.


  • Only three speeds.

4. Newa MB-23B-10.0

NEVA MB-23B-10.0

But maybe the best choice among bourgeois walkers can be referred to as NEVA MB-23B-10.0. One of the important advantages is to adapt the width of the plowed strip from 86 to 127 cm, and the cultivation depth is quite large – 20 centimeters. Power is pleasantly surprising even an experienced user – up to 10.06 hp. They can easily plow every floor, be it sound, virgin countries or earth with roots.

The tractor of the walk behavior is suitable for working in small areas that have to be processed as precisely as possible so as not to damage the plants

The developers provided four speeds and two backs. The weight here is quite large – 105 kg. However, it is generally impossible to find such a powerful and at the same time light hiking block of the middle class.


  • hig h-quality assembly;
  • powerful and reliable engine;
  • Practicality and maneuverability;
  • Setting the strip width;
  • Easy to start.


  • An uncomfortable gear lever.

Handled tractors of the heavy class – the best models

After all, they look at heavy motoblocks. They are suitable for a large area of ​​a large area or with too complex soil – firm, with a high clay content or not long. Yes, they are much less attractive to the costs than the models previously considered. However, unnecessary expenses for funds are fully compensated for by high power supply, which enables the savings period when working.

1. Hauter GMC-9.0


If you want to buy a hig h-quality petrol engine from a heavy class, you should take a closer look at this. It has a number of important advantages. For example, a fairly large tank – its volume is 6 liters. Therefore, it is definitely not necessary to interrupt the work to refuel a refueling. Even plowing a large area does not take much time due to a significant floor processing width – up to 105 cm. 28 cm depths are sufficient for the planting of potatoes and the formation of beds. The force is quite high – 9.11 hp, which is also a serious advantage. The tractor of the walk behavior has two speeds to move forward and back.


  • Simple start;
  • high energy;
  • Excellent processing quality;
  • Comfortable management;
  • unpretentious for maintenance;
  • justified price;
  • Reliability at work.


  • There are models with not too hig h-quality tires.

2. Champion DC1193E

Champion DC1193E

Do you often work in difficult areas, such as sandy or wet floors? Then you will certainly like this model. It is one of the best handmade tractors. What is not surprising – its advantages are quite numerous. Start with at least large bikes – 12 inch diameter with a width of 5 inches. This is an excellent indicator that enables the han d-led tractor not to fall into the ground despite the considerable weight of up to 177 kg. The performance is pretty high – 9.5 hp.

The singl e-axle tractor is equipped with a hig h-quality electrical starter that makes starting starts particularly simple and comfortable.

The floor processing width is very large – 110 centimeters at a depth of 30. Plowing even a huge area with such devices will not be difficult at all. The model has three speeds – one backwards and two forwards. Therefore, problems in working on different types of websites will certainly not occur.

Minitoren Katman. Review of models, reviews, technical specifications


  • simple control;
  • Large, durable bikes;
  • powerful engine;
  • excellent cross;
  • the presence of an electrical starter.


  • Lack of differential;
  • High weight, which makes transport difficult.

3. Aurora Land 1400

Aurora Country 1400

Finally one of the best heavy han d-led tractors in our test with an ideal combination of price and quality. Of course, this is a really practical technique that will definitely not disappoint the owner after purchase. Many users like a wide range of edited soil widths – they can choose between 90 and 170 cm, so that the han d-led tractor is suitable for large areas and for practical jewelry work.

With regard to the performance, it will not disappoint the user – even the most selectable. Nevertheless, 13 L / s are a very serious indicator even for models of the heavy class. The 5 ″ wide bikes with 12 ″ diameter offer excellent flotation on all soil types, both on normal and problematic soils. The developers made six speeds available – 4 forwards and 2 backwards. This further increases work comfort.


  • Large selection of processing widths;
  • very high performance;
  • six speeds;
  • hig h-quality assembly;
  • the presence of a tap wave with the ability to work in two modes;
  • Reliability and durability.


  • Not very practical emergency.

Which han d-guided tractor is better to buy

Our test of the best han d-led tractors is over. In it we tried to list the most successful models of different classes. Let us hope that the article will help every reader choose exactly the option that suits it in every respect.

Motoblocks Brado. Overview of the range, properties, attachments, application and operation

These devices are manufactured in the Chinese plant Skiper Danya Industrial Park. All parts are first manufactured directly in China and then delivered to Slovakia for further assembly. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to keep the price low and at the same time ensure European product quality and high technical properties.

Brado engine blocks can do agricultural work in all climate zones and soil types. The area of ​​application is significantly expanded by the use of additional attachments, a more detailed description of which is presented below.

Overview of the model range of the hand-led Brado tractors

Motoblock Brado BD-700

According to its technical characteristics, this model is rather not motblock, but cultivator. It is designed to work on small agrarian possessions. Thanks to its small dimensions and an 8 HP petrol engine, the Brato 700 cultivator can process even virgin lands with the presence of turf.

Motoblock Brado BD-700

  • The belt transmission provides a smooth and easy start as well as the softness of the device.
  • The width of the capture by grinding is up to 1 m, and the deepening – up to 33 cm.
  • The mass of the BD-700 Brato Motornote reaches 82 kg.

Motoblock Brado BD-850

This device is equipped with a similar 8 hp petrol engine, but at the same time the Brado BD-850 is a full-fledged tractor with walk-on, etc.

Motoblock Brado BD-850

  • The maximum capture width is 95 cm, and the cultivation depth is about 30 cm.
  • The transmission consists of three steps: front, rear and lowered.
  • The main advantage is the ability to install wheels of different diameters: 4 × 10, 19 × 7-8, 5 × 12 and 6 × 12.
  • Thanks to this, you can choose the optimal size of tires for a specific type of work.

Motoblock Brado BD-1000

This tractor for walking injuries has an increased power of up to 10 hp. The gasoline engine is started with a manual starter. Operating temperature is maintained using air cooling.

Motoblock Brado BD-1000

Due to the installation of the engine with greater traction, the weight increased by up to 110 kg. This gives extra stability during hard work. In addition, the motoblock has ideal controllability indicators.

  • The cultivation speed can be selected depending on the program: 6 or 12 m/min.
  • The width of the grind is 105 cm.
Minitor Centaur T 18. Overview, characteristics, instructions

Brado BD-1400 engine block

This model is equipped with a petrol engine with a power of 14 horses. This device is designed for a professional machine for a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Brado BD-1400 engine block

  • Thanks to the pneumatic wheels of 5.0 × 10, the ideal ability to cross through clay and swampy ground is ensured.
  • Brato BD-1400 can work up to 32 lambs with a total conveying width of up to 135 cm and a cultivation depth of 30 cm.
  • The fuel tank with a volume of 6.6 liters provides long-term autonomous operation of the tractor for walking injuries.
  • This model is equipped with a universal hitch that supports work with attachments from third party manufacturers.

Read more: Pakhar MZR-800 engine block overview. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

Brado BD-1600 engine block

This is the most powerful representative of the Brato motobobes. It is equipped with a 16 hp petrol engine.

This model has great fuel consumption (compared to 8 powerful engine blocks for almost twice). Therefore, it is recommended to use it only in hard work.

Brado BD-1600 engine block

  • The weight of 130 kg together with aggressive tires can perform work at any time of the year and carry loads weighing up to 800 kg.
  • The cultivation width can reach 135 cm.
  • The transmission is three-stage: 2 forward and one reverse.

Brado BD-1000, 1400 and 1600 ° C lower equipment

With an increase in current, the problem of controlling the device arises during simple works, since the initial movement speed is very high and you need to move quickly behind the tractor of the Walk behavior. Adding an additional reduced gear call to solve this disadvantage. Such an option has Brado 1000, 1400 and 1600, respectively.

Verification of attached devices


Brado brand motoblocks can cultivate a garden plot by connecting cutters.

Depending on the performance of the device, the grip width and the number of connected knives change. The greater the engine power, the more cutters can be driven.

Crow’s foot cutters appeared relatively recently. They are used when working on prepared land, and their legs break off on hard rocks.

A description of the order of their assembly is included in the instruction manual.

Plows were already known to our great-grandfathers. Now their principle remains the same, only instead of being driven by a horse, they are powered by the Brado two-wheel tractor.

The most common is the reversible plough, which when plowing breaks up large soil stones by mixing them up on the ploughshare.

Reversible plow Double furrow plow Standard plow PM-1

Motoblocks Brado with a power of 10 hp can drive 2 plows at the same time. For this reason, the breadth of their coverage is doubled.


Brado brand motoblocks can mow the vegetation with mowers.

The rotating models of this attachment are connected to the PTO shaft and cut the grass with rotating blades. These mowers can harvest large stemmed plants and small shrubs.

This attachment also helps with haymaking for the winter. It is enough to mow the vegetation, and then collect it with a rake.

Sickle mower segment mower 9G 1.4 rake

A more complex model of mowers is segmented. You have two rows of knives that move alternately towards each other.

She can mow large shrubs and shoots from trees. However, segment mowers have a significant disadvantage. You can only work on level ground.

Potato diggers and potato planters

Residents of rural areas plant large areas of the garden with potatoes. To do this, you need to invest a lot of physical effort. To reduce the burden on one person, you can use Brado walk-behind tractors in conjunction with the appropriate attachments – a potato harvester and a potato planter.

Potato planter KST-1T


Between planting and planting potatoes, this crop needs to be tended. To do this, you can use Brado two-wheel tractors in conjunction with a Hiller. It not only throws the soil from the row spacing, but also carries out weeding at the same time.

snow blower and shovel

In winter, Brado walk-behind tractors help to clear the snow cover with the help of snow removal equipment: a snow blower or a shovel.

Snow throwers use an auger to pick up a layer of snow and throw it away, while a bladed shovel simply throws it aside.

Shovel Dump Snowblower CM-0.6 Brush

A blade shovel can also be used to level sand and gravel mixes during construction.

Wheels, cleats and rails

Brado brand motoblocks are equipped with excellent pneumatic tires that can ensure the work. These machines may slip or dig in under increased loads or when operating on wet ground.

Powerful productive Motriot MBP. Assessment of the list, video, reviews.

To prevent this effect, you can mount studs instead of standard tires. In the winter season they are ineffective. So when it snows, it is better to install a caterpillar attachment.

Pneumatic wheels Grousers caterpillar attachment


Trailers are used to transport goods through Motor Blocks Brazo. The choice of their model should be based on a transported cargo. The most successful configuration is a self-contained trailer with high sides. It can not only carry volume loader transport, but also facilitate the unloading process due to easy body buoyancy.

Togeter Single Axle Cargo Trolley Print Greeting Tag AMS-03


Another way to improve adhesion to the surface of the Brado motoblocks is to add weight by hanging weight means. The factory version of this problem is made in the form of two pancakes suspended on a wheel axle.


For a long time or large areas, it guides a tremendous physical activity of the owner of the Brado Motoblock. To reduce it, you can install an adapter that will significantly reduce it.

Adapter ad-1

User Guide

Starting work on the brand should begin with a detailed study of the instruction manual. Thanks to this, you can work properly and safely with the device. In addition, the user manual contains information and description of the maintenance and repair of machines.

First start, running and maintenance

Brado Brand Motoblocks are quality engineering designed for long-term service. However, in order for them to serve their term, it is necessary to work with him correctly and apply in the future.

The correct first start of the Brato Motornote looks like this:
  1. Installation of the device should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. After pouring oil and fuel;
  3. Work with a minimum load on a walk tractor about 8 hours.
  4. Replace the engine oil.
Below is a description of how to preserve the Brato Motornote:
  1. clean the car of residues of dirt and dust;
  2. pull out the spark plugs;
  3. drain fuel and oil;
  4. Lubricate control lever.


Motobobes Brato are very easy to maintain. This is noted by many owners of this technique.

Before each exit, you should inspect the car for an unnatural location of parts, lack of oil leaks and engine power.

Engine oil replacement should be done every 25 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour all four stroke motor small garden equipment lubricants with 4T mark.

Gear oil TAP-15V Gear oil TAD-17i Engine oil SAE 10W-40

In the gear node, the oil should be changed after 100 hours of operation. TAP-15V needs to be poured into this node.

Shifters should be lubricated with waterproof lithium or calcium grease.

After completing the work with the Brado Motor Block, you must remove the remaining dirt and dust from the device and fastening device to prevent the machine from starting.

Repair of the main faults

Brado goes to China, which already speaks of the highest quality of components. They often fail while replacing parts costs a dime. Therefore, every owner of the Brato Motornote should be familiar with the way to correct the most common breakdowns. A detailed description of the decisions is given in the user manual.

If the machine engine starts with difficulty or during the operating stalls:

  1. Check the amount of oil and fuel, advise if necessary.
  2. Check the spark plug, remove the carbon from it or replace it with a new one.
  3. Check the connection of terminals to the spark plugs and if there is a spark.
  4. Clean air and fuel filters, they must be cleaned every 50 hours of operation.
  5. Adjust the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
  6. If more complex outcrops occur, it is recommended to contact the service center.

If the Brado motblock vibrates too much during operation:

  1. Check the aggregation of the fastening devices.
  2. Make sure the bolt connections are boring at all nodes.
  3. Check the quality of the fuel and whether it contains water.
  4. Clean air and fuel filters.

video ratings

Here is a video overview of the Brato Motoboblock 1600:

But how will tank the lubricant of the Brado BD 850 Motoblock material:

Reviews of the owners

Here’s what the owners say about the experience of working on Brand Brado on thematic forums:


“Great assistant for private use. It helps not only with gardening, but also with the transport of goods. I only got it one season he has worked with no outcrops. The first gear has a very high truth, and you need to move around it quickly. A neighbor came, set up a carburetor, now works much slower. The full tank is enough for a long period of time.

( No ratings yet )
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