Motoblock ant. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Ant 1

Ant 1 is a productive motorcycle block from a famous Russian company. Adapted for use in a variety of tasks. The potential of the technology is that its skills are more limited than the needs of the owner than the functional skills of the machine. The fact is that the model supports a rather large arsenal of advanced adhesive devices. It is possible to select a certain option and thus optimize the tractor of the walk behavior for your needs. The technology is a mult i-purpose, and therefore the manufacturer has given the opportunity to select the necessary options. The ant is in demand in many developing countries and in Russia.

Purpose, general information and design features

The model considered are used to process different types of floors, including the heaviest soil types, such as: B. virgin countries. In addition, land can be treated at a greater depth with the help of special equipment. For example, this possibility is provided by different weights such as a floor hook, which at the same time increases stability and prevents tipping over.

The hiking loss facilities already in the basic configuration in the basic configuration for the universal use of devices. The width of each mill is 75 cm, which is the norm for this class.

We draw attention to the fact that the possibilities of technology include plowing, cultivation and hilling the soil. You can also install options for mowing grass, pumping water, the transport of goods and planting root plants and other vegetable plants.

The high performance of the device is provided by an extended chain gear that transmits the torque of cutter. This is practically not shown by the potential of the tractor of the walk behavior of a more difficult class technology.

The advantages of the design

  • The power plant is responsible for the performance of the famous Loncin company. In fact, this unit is a copy of the Japanese Motor Honda GX 200
  • To set the engine speed, there is a comfortable handle under the operator’s right hand. It can smoothly configure the impulse and thus avoid different twitches and idiots.
  • The standard equipment of Ants-1 includes pneumatic bikes of a large dimension. Your deep pattern offers excellent skills outside the street. In addition, the product developers managed to achieve excellent liability on the ground and without slipping.
  • The ability to adapt the steering column in different levels – both in vertically and horizontally. It is very comfortable and useful. For example, if you transform it into a horizontal level, you can avoid trampling the processed soil while plowing and cult.
  • The equipment from the system is delivered with an air filter from the cyclone type. Its design combines two filter elements – paper and foam filters. A double cleaning system is thus obtained.
  • The device is equipped with double protective wings that consist of a high alloy. These wings are a strange means of protecting the operator from the ground. If necessary, the wings can be broken down.

Operating characteristics

Ant-1 is a medium-sized technique that was developed to meet a variety of requirements. The device is so easy that it can be waited for independently. However, in order to avoid frequent leisure activities in the garage, it is necessary to run. The manufacturer recommends doing this immediately after buying the product or before the first complete operation with 100 % load. It is necessary to assess the performance of the device by slight stress. As a result, all the details can be incorporated that fit in this way and adapt to the specific working conditions. The enema should therefore take place in several stages:

  • Review of the status of important components and assemblies. If necessary, you can fill in oil and fuel, but only proven brands
  • First engine start. It is important that it is idle at least 40-50 minutes.
  • While the engine is idling, it does not hurt to check the switching mechanism. In addition, this enables the operator to adapt to the properties of the gear. We can say that this procedure is cognitive in nature. The same applies to the review of other components and systems that must be in perfect condition before the first commissioning.
  • The first operation – includes the use of a han d-led tractor in its main environment. We talk about soil processing in different ways. For example, cultivation, hills, plowing, mowing, planting, plants of minced fruits and other vegetable plants, pumps of water, transport of goods and other work. In general, absolutely everything is feasible. But at the same time it is important to remember that the load on the singl e-axle tractor should not exceed 50 % of the maximum load. The peak value is usually specified in the operating instructions.
  • Another important point is the regular review of the oil and fuel stand during the entrance time and the check of the underside of the single-axle tractor for possible leaks. Licks are common, especially if the new technology has not yet been adapted to the environment in which it is to be used constantly.
  • The entry takes an average of 10-15 hours. It can be completed earlier if the utilization exceeds 50 %. After completing the entry, a control check of the device must be carried out and, if necessary, to refill oil and fuel.
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Motoblock Ant-1 has a modest basic configuration. However, han d-led tractors of other manufacturers are also sinful with this feature. Consider the common types of options that are most in demand among the owners of this model:

  • plow
  • Hiller
  • Potato excavator
  • Potato
  • trailer hitch
  • cutter
  • follower
  • Seat adapter
  • water pump
  • Seeder
  • Snow blower
  • Grip
  • Metal wheels
  • The basic equipment contains only milling cutters and rubber wheels.

From this it can be concluded that the possible uses of the singl e-axle tower are limitless and comparable to devices in the premium class if all attachments are really present. But as practice shows, each owner has their own needs and he will not buy all options. Therefore there is a selection.

Properties and engine

Motoblock Ant-1 has a plow depth of up to 300 mm and a plow width of up to 750 mm. The power plant is a 4-stroke single-cylinder red Verg BS170F / P engine with a pulley. Cup – belt. Gearbox – mechanical thre e-way gearbox with two forwards and a reverse gear. Engine power – 7 hp.

The total weight of the singl e-axle tractor is 65 kg. The engine has no electronic start, so the start takes place manually.

Fuel consumption

Motoblock Ant-1 is very economical for many operating hours. Its 3.5-liter tank is sufficient for an average of 7-8 hours of continuous operation, the gasoline consumption per hour is about 1-1.5 liters.

Prices in Russia

Ant-1 is one of the cheapest hand-led tractors on the Russian market, and it is therefore not surprising that there is such a great demand for it. The basic price of the device is only 27,000 rubles for the basic configuration. A set of attachments costs 5-10 thousand rubles.

The price of the model on the supported market fluctuates by 10-15 thousand rubles. Most copies are in excellent condition.

Ant-1 successfully competes with the hand-led RedverG RD-32652L, Champion BC-6712, Stiga Silex 500-G, RedverG RD-32640BS, Champion BC-5602, Alpina Crono 50-G and RedverG RD-32652BS.

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Motoblocks ant. Review of the installation, properties, attachments, use and operation

This device is produced by the international company RedverG, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of various garden tools for industry and household: snow chreas, chainsaws, trimmers, lawnmowers, etc.

The brand was registered in 1967 and established itself as one of the fastest growing brands. To date, the RedverG company has 6 production units located in China and the USA.

In Russia, the RedverG company presents a number of Motoblocks Ant.

Overview of the model range from Motoblocks Ant

Motoblock RedverG Ant 1

These hand-led tractors are equipped with a 7-horsepower petrol engine. A special feature of this model is the possibility of adjusting the steering column not only in the horizontal but also in the vertical level, simple control and maneuverability as well as high-quality 4 × 8 tires.

  • The average fuel consumption is around 1.5 l/h.
  • The width of the milling cutters is 75 cm and the immersion depth reaches 30 cm. This attachment is delivered entirely with a han d-led tractor in a lot of 6 pieces.
  • The mass of this han d-led tractor reaches 65 kg.

Motoblock RedverG Ant 2

This hand-led tractor is equipped with an American Briggs and Stratton engine with an output of 7 horses. It is used exclusively as a cultivator for earthworks in small arable land, gardens and greenhouses. Gearbox – thre e-speed: 2 forward and 1 backwards. The weight of the handled Tractor RedverG Ant 2 is 89 kg.

The photo of the Motoblock Ant 2 is given above.

Motoblock RedverG Ant 2

Motoblock RedverG Ant 2 BS

This is another representative of the heavy cultivator, which has a 6.5 hp petrol engine.

Appearance and other technical properties are similar to Ant 2.

Motoblock RedverG Ant 2 MF

This hand-led tractor is equipped with a Loncin four-stroke petrol engine with 7.0 hp. and ai r-cooled.

Motoblock RedverG Ant 2 MF

A halogen headlight was installed for working in the evening hours, which has sufficient performance to illuminate a large area in front of the machine.

Thanks to the installation of a chain transmission, the wear on the transmission is significantly reduced.

Motoblock Redverg Ant 3

This unit has a Briggs and Stratton BS170F/P petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp.

Motoblock RedverG Ant 3

  • This machine belongs to the middle class of traction, its mass is 89 kg.
  • A single head mount of the milling cutter is 80cm, and the cultivation depth reaches 30cm.
  • The gearing is 3 steps: raised, lowered and vice versa.
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Motoblock Redverg Ants 3 finds use in processing medium-sized land on soft and loamy soils.

Motoblock Redverg Ant 3 mf

This walking tractor is an advanced model of Ant 3, equipped with an electric starter and a halogen headlight. A protective cover of the motor is installed on top, which protects the motor from mechanical influences.

Motoblock RedverG Ant 3 MF

Motoblock Redverg Ant 3 Bs

This is a light version of the Walk behavior tractor which has a B&S13U2 (Rs 950) 6.5hp engine. And it is used to perform a variety of farming tasks on any type of soil, including heavy ones. A reinforced chain transmission is installed, which is responsible for transmitting the rotational moment to the cutter and is able to withstand significant loads.

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Motoblock RedverG Ant 3 MF

The gear has 3 positions: 2 forward and one reverse.

Verification of attached devices

Thanks to the additional binding equipment, the functionality of the Muravia Redverg motoblock supports the following types of attachments:


One of the basic characteristics for every motoblock and every cultivator is the breadth and depth of cultivation.

Depending on the model of the Motoblo k-Anu, 4 or 6 tiller blade cutters are included in the supply kit, which has a direct direction of rotation.

Cut-out cutter saber

Standard saber mills are usually used, which perfectly cope with prepared soft lands.

However, if it is required for deeper surface processing of the Muravia Redverg motblock and using the Goose Legs type cutters. They are made in the form of bars with triangles welded at the ends. However, they have one significant drawback, they often break off when hitting rocks or processing solid rocks.

If it is necessary to process Virgin Lands, it is better to use the plow together with Brand motoblocks. In this case, cutters will not help, since the density of the soil is great and they simply cannot crash into the ground.

During plowing, it is recommended to use a revolutionary plow. Not only does it raise the bottom layer of the earth, but it also breaks up large soil rocks.

Plug WIP plow standard PM-1

With plowing, the main thing is to create a straight track, then a wheel is placed in a ditch, and work with a plow continues.


In the summer, the ant’s motor blocks help the adjacent territory with the help of a rotary mower. It allows you to cut the weeds of different heights and the diameter of the trunk.

Console Mowel KN 1.1 Rotor Dawn Mitch

Rotor braids will help residents of rural areas even in winter. It’s enough just to mow the grass, and then using rakes to collect them. If you have an Antverg walk tractor, you can use them.

Potato pies and potato dwellers

Potatoes can be found in almost every garden in our country. Motoblocks Redverg Ant, together with a potato digger and a potato planter, can greatly facilitate their implementation.

APK-CM potato planter vibrating potato harvester Zirka-61


A fairly long time elapses between planting and digging potatoes, during which it is necessary to take care of this crop. Ant brand motoblocks, together with ridgers, not only allow ridges to be ridged, but also weeding at the same time.

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snow blower and shovel

A Redverg Ant walk-behind tractor is used in conjunction with a snow removal equipment to clear the snowpack in winter.

The snow thrower picks up the snow with a shovel and throws it away through the rotor, while the blade shovel simply throws it to the side.

CM-0.6 bucket engine block snow blower

Snow removal equipment is especially useful for residents of rural areas and owners of country houses, when there is no hope of utilities.

Wheels, cleats and rails

Motoblocks Redverg Ant belong to the medium and heavy traction class, but sometimes they start to slide and get stuck in the ground.

To prevent this, you can use tabs.

If a walk-behind tractor has to be used in the winter season, the cleats don’t help much when driving in the snow. In this case, it is recommended to install caterpillars.

Grouser’s chain attachment


Motoblocks Redverg Ant are capable of towing loads weighing up to 500 kg. The most popular and versatile trailer model is the dump truck. It allows you to carry out unloading work by simply lifting the trolley.

Trailer trailer AMC-03


Another way to improve traction is to install additional weights. The Redverg company offers weights that are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle. This gives the Ant two-wheel tractor additional stability.


When working with hand-held tractors and cultivators on medium and large fields, physical fatigue sets in quickly because you have to constantly control and steer the machine. To reduce the physical burden on the owner, you can install a special attachment – an adapter that allows you to control the device from a sitting position.

Motoblock adapter Forza-M

User Guide

Every Redverg Ant brand walk-behind tractor owner should be familiar with the basic rules for safe machine operation, rules of operation and maintenance. To get this information, just read the user manual.

You can download the electronic version of the manual from the link: Operator’s manual for the Ant walk-behind tractor

First run and run-in

Redverg Ant brand engine blocks are supplied unassembled from the factory. For the correct assembly, you can use the instruction manual or video reviews from thematic forums.

After installation, be sure to fill the appropriate compartments with fuel and oil!

At the initial stage, it is recommended to use the Ant Redverg walk-behind tractor in the break-in mode, so that the engine parts are lubricated with each other and prevent the occurrence of large friction on the engine parts and their premature failure.

After the running-in phase has been completed, the operating instructions recommend an engine oil change.


Motoblocks from the RedverG Ants brand are easy for the service. The schedule of your implementation is clearly planned in the user manual.

Before each output, you should check the presence of fuel and lubricant, the maintenance of the electrical wiring, and the lack of oil.

  • The oil in the engine must be replaced after 25 mothers, since there is a large amount of mechanical contaminants during this time, which can lead to further failure of the motor parts. The operating instructions recommend using SAE 10W-40.
  • The gear oil must be changed after 100 working hours. It is recommended to pour TAP-15V or TAD-17i into these nodes.
  • In spring and autumn it is necessary to lubricate the levers of the gearbox switch with waterproof lubricant such as Lutol or Solidol.
  • After completing the work with the RedverG Murag Motblock, remove the remaining dirt and the dust from the device and the fastening device to prevent the machine from starting.
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Gearing oil TAP-15V gear oil TAD-17i Litol-24

Repair of the main disorders

Despite the fact that the RedverG Came brand is produced in China and the United States, you will always find spare parts for these machines in Russia because they are designed according to the principle of replacement.

If the engine does not work stable or does not start at all:
  1. Check the amount of oil and fuel, if necessary, share it.
  2. Check the spark plug, remove the carbon from it or replace it with a new one.
  3. Check the connection of terminals to the spark plugs and whether there is a spark.
  4. Clean air and fuel filters, they need to be cleaned every 50 hours of operation.
  5. Set the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
  6. If more complex information occurs, it is recommended to contact the service center.
When a big vibration from the Walk behavior comes: tractor:
  1. Check the aggregation of the fastening devices.
  2. Make sure that the bolt connections on all knots become boring.
  3. Check the quality of the fuel and whether it contains water.
  4. Clean air and fuel filters.

Video review

Below you will find a video overview of plowing the Motobloce Ant:

And here you will find a video review of one of the snow cleaning options with a certain machine:

The next video check shows the process of compilation of grinding on the ant i-blocks of an ant:

Reviews of the owners

The owners in thematic forums say the following about the experience of working on the anthogols of an ant:


I’ve been using my ant for more than 3 years. I would like to observe the convenience of control and the lightness of this machine. This is given in particular to the advantages during transport. Although it is unable to finish with heavy floors, even weight agents do not solve these minus. The control point and the clutch in the aluminum housing look frail, but are still alive. It is worth noting that the minimal vibration level that works on the motor blocks of an ant. A rather decent motoblock for your money.


I believe that the Motoblock ants can replace a min i-actractor in the garden without tension. With hinge equipment, he can make a similar selection of work. It is certainly not intended for virgin countries. It is strange that the company is American, produced in China and the name Russian). I have mills, a place and a plow. I actively use the latter when I clean potatoes and simply adjust their position correctly. The consumption of about 1.5 liters per hour, albeit in the user manual and on the website, write them 0.8.

Advantages: simplicity of design, performance, large selection of problems.

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