Moto blocks Forza. Series overview, properties

Moto blocks “Forza”

Forza is a well-known brand specializing in the manufacture of walk-behind tractors and other agricultural machinery and accessories. The homeland of the manufacturer is Russia, namely the company UralBenzoTech, based in Perm.

Forza brand

The first Forza walk-behind tractor rolled off the assembly line almost a decade ago. Since then, the range of these devices, their technical equipment and functionality have been significantly improved. Only one thing has not changed – the manufacturer’s pricing policy, which continues to rely on budget adjustments.

All this is the reason for the growing demand for these devices, which have become a serious competitor for other brands in the domestic market.

Characteristics and classification of motoblocks “Forza”

Motoblocks “Forza” are fully automatic devices equipped with internal combustion engines. They develop an output from 6.5 hp. with weight characteristics up to 115 kg.


  • wear-resistant engine part;
  • extensive functionality;
  • easy operation and maintenance;
  • Reliability at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions;
  • maintainability;
  • Compatibility with a variety of attachments – in addition to the standard cutter, the list of attachments for Forza walk-behind tractors includes:
  • rear/front adapters that turn it into a mini tractor capable of pulling a plow or a hill;
  • carts for transporting goods;
  • wheel eyelets;
  • potato harvester;
  • trailer hitch snow thrower;
  • Mower;
  • Plow;
  • Calculator Turner.

They don’t have to be bought new. If you have in your arsenal hinges from the old Neva or Luch, you can safely install them on these walk-behind tractors.

Series of motoblocks “Forza”:

  • “FZ” – units of the middle train class, the power of which does not exceed 9 hp. Effective on areas up to 1 ha;
  • “MB” – motoblocks of a heavy series, supplemented by a PTO shaft and an oil level indicator;
  • “MBD” – diesel cultivator with extended engine life and high traction power (up to 15 hp);
  • “MBN” – differ from the previous groups by the presence of a differential and increased maneuverability;
  • “MBE” – economy-class cars, the power and wheelbase of which the consumer can choose according to his needs.

Motoblocks “Forza” “FZ” series

Forza FZ-01-6.5F

Motoblocks (Forza) Forza FZ-01-6.5 F

The construction of this cultivator is based on a petrol single-cylinder engine FZ 168 F2 from our own production. That’s quite enough for tilling the soil before sowing, digging up root crops, hilling beds or transporting 300 kg of weight. It is also important that thanks to the universal frame, instead of the standard engine, you can install imported versions of the brands Briggs & Stratton, Subaru-Robin or Lifan.


  • reinforced gearbox that withstands overloads;
  • the ability to lock the handlebars;
  • Single Lever Steering Column Control;
  • improved clutch mechanism;
  • reliable V-belt transmission, wear-resistant;
  • 4-speed gearbox including 2 reverse gears;
  • large processing width up to 120 cm;
  • Pneumatic wheels with bars 4×10 s.

Technical characteristics:

  • cylinder volume – 196 cm3;
  • Gasoline consumption – 1.4 l / h;
  • fuel tank – 3.6 l;
  • Weight – 100 kg.
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Forza FZ-01-8.0F

One of the optimal models for mediu m-sized areas (from 10 hectares to 1 ha). Together with attachments, he perfectly copes with the tasks of relaxing, shaping and hilling beds, hay sewing and snow space. There is no need for special care, which is important for inexperienced gardeners and summer residents.


  • Chain transmission of the turns of the gear;
  • 4 driving speeds – two forwards and two backwards;
  • Frame and gearbox compatible with different engine systems;
  • the ability to stop the engine through the handlebar;
  • ergonomic arrangement of the controls;
  • Security by metal shields that protect the operator’s legs when working with rotating mechanisms;
  • Maintenance-friendliness-spare parts for the hand-led Forza tractor are interchangeable and affordable with other hand-led tractors;
  • Spacious lif e-sustaining blocks.

Working parameters:

  • Strength – 8 PS;
  • Ride width – 72-1.2 m;
  • Plow depth – 30 cm;
  • Weight – 110 kg.

Motoblock «Forza» FZ-01-9.0FE

The most powerful modification in the device line under consideration. Developed for everyday use. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the cultivator shows the best performance on areas of up to 4 hectares. Adapted for spare parts of Kaskad and Oka-Grubbern.


  • Two-variant position of the rudder rod;
  • Cup stopper, supplemented with expansion strips for simple setting;
  • mechanically damaged steering rod that carries the controls;
  • Works with the 1st of 4 speeds, the change of which is carried out by a tilting switch between the steering handles;
  • the possibility to modify the device with a stronger engine;
  • Protection against cuts;
  • Electric starter;
  • Headlights for use in the evening.

Performance features:

  • Thrust – 6.6 kW;
  • Width / depth of cultivation – 1.2 / 0.3 m;
  • Dimensions – 1.5 x 0.61 x 1.15 m;
  • Weight – 115 kg.

Motoblocks “Forza” with a PTO MB-80

Reliable han d-held gasoline tractor with amateur performance. It is the basic model of the Forza MB series. It can be delivered with imported drive vehicles that double its performance (up to 13 hp). With its versatility, it is a pretty small and light device. Thanks to the wide bikes, he works without any problems on black earth and other heavy types of soil.


  • 3-speed manual transmission;
  • Reverse function;
  • wea r-resistant straps, the maintenance of which can take place by hand;
  • Volumetric tanks for keeping life a han d-led tractor;
  • rational energy consumption;
  • Tires with a larger diameter and coarse pattern;
  • Buil t-in tensile spring for simple speed setting;
  • Pressure button stop of the engine in emergency situations.

Technical specifications:

  • Strength – 6.5 hp;
  • Ge t-fan strips – 80 … 120 cm;
  • Plow depth – 300 mm;
  • fuel tank – 3.6 l;
  • Weight – 80 kg.

Motoblock “Forza” MB-105/7.0

Hig h-performance equipment. It is equipped with a tap wave with which you can choose the load for any kind of agricultural work. The standard complete includes only milling cutters – the user buys all other attachments separately.

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The decision for han d-guided tractors from Forza

Domestic agricultural devices have recently been on the market on the market of similar products. This positive trend is due to the adaptation of the devices produced to the climatic features of the Russian region. Among the popular brands it is worth highlighting domestic Forza engine blocks that are in demand for local and foreign farmers.

Functions, advantages and disadvantages of

The Forza Trading Brand refers to closely specialized Russian companies that produce various agricultural machines and components for devices. As far as the motoblocks are concerned, the boundary of these products was replenished not too long ago – only ten years ago. Over time, however, the modern model area is regularly recorded changes that have a positive effect on the performance and quality of the equipment.

The domestic agricultural wishes of Forza are also remarkable on the market with their affordable and democratic value. Under today’s existing range there are both petrol and diesel units that significantly expand the circle of potential consumers.

In order to have the most comprehensive idea of ​​domestic motor blocks, it is worthwhile in detail in a number of functions that highlight these devices on the market under analogue.

  • Forza units are fully automated aid equipment with various services with hig h-quality internal internal combustion engines. Today the problem offers farmers with a motor force of 6 to 15 liters. With. At the same time, an equipment mass in the basic configuration can reach 100-120 kilograms.
  • The strengths of the equipment include the wear resistance of mechanisms and knots with wide functionality. The last quality is reached due to the compatibility of motor blocks with various assembled and moved devices. In addition, cars with other models and markings of Auxiliary are compatible with which the owners can save and use components from other domestic motoblocks.
  • Cars are also assigned by simple maintenance and simple administration. In addition, motoblocks work perfectly at all temperatures, including negative values.
  • Devices are positioned as devices with a high degree of maintenance.

However, domestic agricultural machines also have some disadvantages:

  • In some cases, interruptions of the engine can be observed due to the early fuel blocking, so that this knot should be given special attention during operation.
  • Based on the type of processed soil, some difficulties in treating technology can be observed.

Varieties and their properties

The manufacturer classifies its equipment in several groups, which makes it easier for the consumer to select auxiliary devices for work. Forza Modern motor blocks can be divided into the following categories.

  • Series fz. This group contains devices recommended for the middle traction class. As practice shows, cars with such markings can process the land area up to a hectare. The power of the units varies within 9 liters. With.
  • The MB class includes powerful and heavy devices that are also equipped. In addition, units have a building indicator of the oil level control in the system, which makes the operation easier.
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  • The marking of motoblocks “MBD” indicates that devices of this category are distinguished by a type of diesel engine, as well as an increased technical engine resource. These machines are recommended for heavy loads related to the transportation of goods. The power of diesel engines is usually 13-15 liters. With.
  • The MBN series includes walk-behind tractors with high cross-country ability and maneuverability, which allows to significantly increase the speed when performing agricultural tasks.
  • The Group positions machines in the “MBE” class as devices in the budget category. This range includes machines of different capacities, in addition all devices can be operated with different attachments.

Since Forza walk-behind tractors are presented in a wide variety, it is worth considering in detail the most popular models of the latest generation.

Forza “MB80”

The equipment is equipped with a petrol engine, with the additional use of towed tractors, the machine is distinguished by its capacity of about 13 liters. With. (in the basic version it is 6.5 hp). A notable feature of this model is ease of use and small size, which allows the machine to be purchased for work in a small space. Thanks to the deep-tread tires, the device easily moves on any, even difficult, terrain, and is controlled by a three-speed gearbox.

The device has a belt clutch, which is characterized by good maintainability, in addition, the walk-behind tractor is economical in terms of fuel consumption, and a large fuel tank allows you to operate the domestic walk-behind tractor for a long time without additional refueling. The mass of the device is 80 kilograms.

Forza “MK75”

The machine is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters. With. The device copes with the processing of soils with a width of 850 mm and a depth of up to 350 mm. The weight of the device in the basic configuration is only 52 kilograms, which makes it easier for the operator to control the machine. The walk behind tractor operates at two speeds: 1 forward and 1 reverse. The capacity of the petrol tank is 3.6 liters. The manufacturer positions this walk behind tractor as a multifunctional piece of equipment, so the unit is compatible with various attachments and attachments, including a snow plow attachment, hill wagon and an adapter for a cart.

As practice shows, it is preferable to work with such a machine on soft soil with an area of ​​u200bu200babout a hectare.

Forza “MBD 105”

One of a series of diesel agricultural equipment. Due to its power and productivity, such a model will come in handy when processing virgin land, in addition, the device will be in demand when harvesting or harvesting animal feed. Also, the walk behind tractor can act as a towing vehicle for transporting various goods. The power of the diesel engine is 9 liters. With. Such a modification of the device can be equipped with a manual or electric starter. The device is characterized by its excellent off-road mobility and maneuverability.

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Complete set and additional equipment

Russian Forza engine blocks can weigh from 50 to 120 kilograms, while the devices from the manufacturer are equipped with four-stroke single-cylinder engines. To reduce the risk of engine failure during operation, the machines have an internal air cooling system.

The entire line of the agricultural equipment presented has the opportunity to equip different attachments. Some auxiliary elements can be differentiated among the most popular elements.

  • Helper. For motoblocks, you can buy two rest or traverse parts, slices, swing and ordinary soil processing tools.
  • Mower. Motoblock “Forza” is compatible with all brands of domestic Rotary mowers. With such additional devices, the equipment can carry out land with a grass height of up to 30 centimeters.
  • Harrow. With the manufacturer you can equip motor blocks of a teeth aid part. It can vary in the number of teeth as well as the width and length of the soil.
  • Cutter. Russian devices can do work with an entire tool or together with a foldable analogue. The first option works from. In addition to standard options, farmers are invited to operate cars of the “goose legs” type.

  • Plow and ceremonies. Soi l-Freezacraps can not only be original, but also from other devices. As a rule, this line of the auxiliary devices works with the plow, which will improve the quality of land cultivation. As for the plows, individual text plants are usually used for the medium and light device class. Two building plows are bought for heavy class technology, but such components largely increase the mass of the walk. This moment should be taken into account when choosing a suitable change in the work equipment.
  • Adapter and trailer. A specialized adapter type for domestic motoblock is considered a auxiliary adapter, thanks to which the motorcycle block becomes a full-fledged mini actractor. When equipment of the device with such an element, it develops an operating speed of up to 5 km/h and transport – up to 15 km/h.

For supporters, the manufacturer for devices offers even employees components, equipment of a conventional type and a model with a seat for one person.

  • Snowman and shovel. The first tool is represented by a device whose snow crush area is 5 meters. As for the shovel, the tool is a standard design with a rubberized edge.
  • Potato and potato cap. The tool enables the mechanical assembly and planting of the root harvest without manual work.

In addition to the additional tools mentioned above, the Forz Motobobes can be operated with a rake, weighting agent, flat tailors, hills, rakes, lemers, a seed machine, etc.

operation and maintenance

Before using the device, you should carefully examine the instructions that the manufacturer connected to each device model. This document contains detailed information about the operation and maintenance of the device. In order to facilitate the problems of working with equipment, it is worth living at the main points.

  • As far as the preferred oil type for the overall transmission is concerned, the selection should be stopped on TAD 17 D or TAP 15 V. Brands also positively influence the use of analogue of these brands. It is worth buying SAE10 W-30 oil for the engine. To avoid freezing the substance, you should check the condition regularly and alternate the use of synthetic and mineral products.
  • The first start and run occurs immediately after assembling the purchased walk tractor. The ru n-i n-in should be performed on a flat surface with a minimal set of additional components. Before starting, fuel and lubricant should be poured. Starting the tractor for walking injuries is recommended to be carried out at a neutral position of the gears. The optimal time for grinding all mobile nodes and breaking in is 18-20 hours.
  • The air filter, which should be cleaned after the operation of the device, deserves special attention. For one type of paper, cleaning is performed after 20 hours after 20 hours after 20 hours. You should also adjust the carburetor regularly.
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Choice of chips

In order to decide on the selection of a suitable model of a tractor for a walk behavior, it is worth viewing the range of tasks that the device performs. Based on this, it will be easier to study the presented range of modern models and choose the right unit. Today, motoblocks are divided into light, medium and heavy machines. Mass is reflected in performance and power. However, when choosing an overall technique, it should be borne in mind that they require certain efforts during the control, so it is not suitable for women.

In addition, the classification of devices is carried out taking into account the area of ​​​​the earth for processing. Large and medium-sized motblocks can handle farming tasks in territory larger than 25 acres.

Diesel units are assigned by great traction capabilities. In addition, such machines have a greater life resource. Gasoline devices will be many times more manoeuvrable. In addition, they generate less noise and vibration during work.

Reviews of the owners

According to consumer responses, Russian motor blocks “Forza” are indispensable assistants for medium-sized farms and summer cottages. As the operating experience shows, the equipment is good with the task of transporting various goods. Some problems may arise during the movement of wet paths. However, by equipping the device with floors, you can significantly increase the cross-country ability of the units.

Also, among the advantages, consumers note a fairly simple design of devices and excellent maneuverability.

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