Moto blocks Approx. Overview of the model range, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Circa (Circa)

Motoblock about

Zirka brand motoblocks are practical multifunctional agricultural machines used for processing soils of different densities. In the brand’s range you can find both light and heavy units that will help to plow the soil with high quality, harvest and transport crops, as well as perform a number of other household tasks. All Zirka models are made from quality parts and can withstand significant stresses in the most difficult operating conditions.

Motoblock Zirka LX 1090D – a detailed description of the device

Motoblock about LX 1090D

This representative of Zirka’s heavy-duty walk-behind tractors is in great demand due to its high reliability, excellent build quality, well-thought-out design and versatility.

The design of the model is based on the R190N diesel engine with a water cooling system and a gear pump for forced lubrication of parts. Despite the presence of a heavy powerful engine, the design of the Zirka walk-behind tractor is quite balanced – this was achieved thanks to the modified frame and the correctly chosen location of the main components.

The Zirka walk-behind tractor is equipped with a branded electric generator rated at 12V, which supplies power to the built-in headlight and other electrical equipment installed by the farmer. The L-shaped gearbox and the V-belt drive give the walk-behind tractor the ability to move in any of the 6 forward and two reverse gears.

  • maximum engine power – 9.5 liters. With.;
  • tank for filling fuel – 5.5 l;
  • maximum fuel consumption – 1.6 l / h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 25 cm;
  • maximum plow width – 75 cm;
  • Weight in working form – 230 kg.

This Zirka two-wheel tractor is ideal for ploughing, harrowing, milling, mounding, mowing grass, harvesting and transporting crops. In one approach, the unit can plow the soil on a plot of land up to 3 hectares.

Motoblock Zirka IZ-105E – model characteristics

Motoblock about IZ-105E

This walk-behind tractor from the Zirka brand belongs to the mid-range models. The main advantages include a thoughtful design, a well-chosen center of gravity, high maneuverability in a small area and low fuel consumption.

The construction basis of the hand-held Zirka tractor is a reliable branded four-stroke engine Zirka SH186F with air cooling. Diesel is used to fuel the unit. The engine is started with a simple manual mechanism. It is driven via a multi-plate clutch. During operation, the walk behind tractor can move at two forward speeds and one reverse speed. All walk behind tractor spare parts are made of durable materials with high wear resistance.

Model features include:

  • maximum engine power – 6 liters. With.;
  • tank for filling fuel – 3.5 l;
  • maximum fuel consumption – 0.49 l / h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • maximum plow width – 105 cm;
  • Weight in working form – 120 kg.

This versatile Zirka walk-behind tractor successfully copes with ploughing, loosening, harrowing and leveling the soil, as well as mowing grass and digging up tubers.

Motoblock Zirka IZ-135E – unit capabilities

Motoblock about IZ-135e

This circa model is particularly in demand for farmers with small properties. The design of the hand-led tractor includes a reliable Kama diesel engine that has a longer lifespan and high wear resistance.

With a lon g-lasting snail gear, the approximately to withstand heavy loads under the toughest operating conditions. Other advantages of the model are a low vibration and noise level, high off-road capability and excellent maneuverability. The most important performance indicators of the hand-led zirka tractor include:

  • Maximum engine power – 9.2 liters. With.;
  • Tank for filling fuel – 5.5 l;
  • Maximum fuel consumption – 1.2 l / h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • Maximum plow width – 135 cm;
  • Weight in operational form – 130 kg.

This hand-led zirka tractor is able to plow, mill, mill, harvest and transport plants with a total weight of up to 450 kg. If necessary, the model can be equipped with a snow plow, a mower and a tw o-shaped plow.

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Motoblock about G N-151 – model equipment

Motoblock about GN-151

This universal heavy singl e-axis tractor of around is one of the most powerful models of the brand about around. Under his advantages, good manners, high terrain, long lifespan and a wel l-balanced design are to be emphasized.

The hand-led zirka tractor is equipped with an R175an diesel engine, which is started via a hand starter. The gearbox of the machine consists of a reduction gear with V-belt transmission and enables the hand-led tractor to move with 8 forward and two backward speeds.

Among other useful options of the hand-led ZIRKA tractor, the presence of a powerful headlight and a special meter stand out with which you can control the fuel stand, the oil and the number of working hours. The design of the model also provides for a system for immediately switching off the engine in the event of pressure reduction in an emergency.

  • Maximum engine power – 15 liters. With.;
  • Tank for filling fuel – 7 l;
  • Maximum fuel consumption – 3 l / h;
  • Maximum depth of soil – 19 cm;
  • Maximum plow width – 100 cm;
  • Weight in operational form – 505 kg.

This hand-led zirka tractor successfully copes with the most complex agricultural tasks. It can be used to plow, eggs, milling, cultivation of the soil, harvest and transport crops as well as the room of the local area of ​​snow.

Motoblock about S H-61 – Properties of the device

Motoblock about SH-61

This high-quality and well-balanced circuit model is ideal for work in small to medium-sized areas. Good parameters, high maneuverability and of f-road capability as well as low fuel consumption make the singl e-axle tractor about one of the most popular on the market in this configuration.

The construction of the machine includes a reliable 4-stroke diesel engine R175an with water cooling. The engine is started via a classic hand starter. The gearbox of the hand-led zirka tractor is designed in the form of a reduction gear with a V-belt drive. The transmission of the single-axle tractor is designed for 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The construction of the machine also provides for a slat coupling and a pf wave.

  • Maximum engine power – 7.2 liters. With.;
  • Tank for filling fuel – 5 l;
  • Maximum fuel consumption – 1.35 l / h;
  • Maximum depth of soil – 19 cm;
  • maximum plow width – 75 cm;
  • Weight in operational form – 210 kg.

This Circa Walk tractor is well suited for regular tilled areas with clay soils totaling up to 2 hectares. Also, the model can be used to shake, grind the soil, hilling and harvesting. If necessary, the model can be equipped with a trailer with a carrying capacity of no more than 500 kg.

Motoblock Circa SH-41-the scope of the unit

Motoblock about SH-41

This circ a-walk tractor has high maneuverability, an increased working resource and the ability to withstand significant loads. The dimensions of the model are modest enough that you can easily transport it from one section to another.

The equipment of the Zirka engine block consists of a reliable 4-stroke diesel engine brand KM178F with an effective air cooling system. The gearbox is made in the form of a speed gearbox with a cuneiform gearbox and allows you to use a tractor for a walk on one of the two front and two rear gears.

  • The maximum engine power is 6.7 liters. With.;
  • tank for filling fuel – 3.5 l;
  • Maximum fuel consumption – 1.3 l/h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • Maximum plow width – 100 cm;
  • The mass in the form ready for work is 104 kg.

This circa-walk tractor is ideal for plowing clay soils and virgin lands, as well as harrowing milling, cultivation, hilling, collection and transport of crops.

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Motoblock Zirka GT76D – operating parameters of the model

Motoblock about GT76D

This dependable Zirka Walk tractor is used to process small and medium-sized sections ranging up to 2 hectares. Among the advantages of the Zirka model, a well thought out and well laid out design, high reliability, low vibration and noise during operation stands out.

The design of the walk-in tractor includes a 4-stroke diesel engine with a working resource of 12 thousand mothers. The gearbox, in the form of a gear reducer, allows the Zirka model to move to either of the two front speeds and one rear speed. The design also includes a power selector key and slotted shaft that allows for the use of various attachments.

Among other features of the Circa engine block should be distinguished the presence of discs for crop protection during cultivation, the ability to set up the wheels and adjust the height and angle of the handles.

  • The maximum engine power is 7.8 liters. With.;
  • tank for filling fuel – 3.5 l;
  • maximum fuel consumption – 1.6 l / h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • The maximum plow width is 114 cm;
  • Weight in working form – 120 kg.

This model Zirka can perform almost all agricultural tasks. It is good for plowing, milling, milling, cultivation and hilling the soil.

Motoblock Zirka GT90D04 – description of the device

Motoblock about GT90D04

This universal mobile motoblock Zirka is known for its high quality and reliability. Among other things, among other things, high endurance, low noise during operation and versatility should be distinguished.

The Zirka model is equipped with a 4-stroke diesel engine with direct fuel injection and an effective air cooling system. The transmission of the tractor of the walk is created in the form of a worm gear with a conical gearbox and mult i-disc clutch. The drive is carried out by means of a clutch.

  • maximum engine power – 9.5 liters. With.;
  • tank for filling fuel – 5.5 l;
  • Maximum fuel consumption – 1.9 l/h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • The maximum plow width is 140 cm;
  • The mass in the form for work is 140 kg.

This walking behavio r-tractor is successful with more shaken, plowing, grinding, cultivation, collection and transport of a harvest with a total weight of no more than 600 kg.

Motoblock around LX 2040D – design features of the model

Motoblock about LX 2040D

This hig h-quality walk tractor is reliable, hig h-quality meetings and high maneuverability. With a simple design of the model, you can even repair it to a beginner farmer.

The circa model is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke diesel engine KAMA 179F with an air cooling system. The engine parts consist of permanent forged materials with high wear resistance. The gearbox of the approximately engine block consists of a worm transmission with a conical gear and mult i-disc coupling, which give the machine the opportunity to move at one of the three front and a rear speed.

The operating parameters of the approximately engine block are:

  • The maximum engine power is 4.3 liters. With.;
  • Fuel filling tank – 2.6 liters;
  • Maximum fuel consumption – 0.6 l/h;
  • maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • maximum plow width – 75 cm;
  • The mass in the form for work is 80 kg.

This approximately engine block is suitable for plowing tapes, milling, shaking, hills, floor cultivation and harvesting.

Motoblocks about: varieties and characteristics of choice

Most farmers and owners of summer huts prefer mechanized work: for cultivating land, the carriage of goods and the harvesting of the personal territory, use motoblock. This type of technology is presented in a huge range, but units that are produced under the brand are particularly popular. They differ in high performance, good quality and a long service life.

Motoblocks Don. Review of the list, properties

What is that?

The approximately engine block produced by the Chinese manufacturer is a mechanized device that can be used for both the processing of small areas and for areas up to 5 hectares. Such motoblocks for small and mediu m-sized sections are particularly suitable where it cannot be turned over to large devices anywhere. Taking into account the financial skills and technical inquiries from customers, the manufacturer is constantly taking into account the product line with new changes that are designed for the middle class of the consumer. In addition, it is characterized by around low fuel consumption, excellent maneuverability and mobility. This increases the demand for them and makes units all over the world popular.

The manufacturer is equipped with these machines with engines of different capacities. Therefore, you can buy economic options for summer houses with a 4-liter petrol engine. P., Professional hiking shoes are more suitable for large farms. You have a diesel engine with a capacity of more than 6 liters. With. At the same time, it is worth noting that circulatory engines are viewed, among other things, as the most powerful and most reliable. For example, the approximately GN-151 unity model has a 15-liter diesel engine. With.

Heavy petrol and diesel engine blocks are also equipped with an electronic starter that makes the start easier. With medium and simple modifications, you will be started with a manual starter without any special problems. Each approximately unit model is designed for a certain amount of work. Most or aligned equipment.

Almost all motoblocks of this brand are provided with an air cooling system, and water cooling modifications are also found. In such units, both water and special antifreeze are used as a coolant. In water cooling devices, you need to constantly control the level of the liquid, in winter it is drained after the work is carried out. The gearboxes in the Zirka engine block can be manual or combined, they are designed for two reverse programs and six speeds. The system of adhesion in the units depends on the properties of the model multi-disc oil and dry single-disc.

The main advantage of motoblocks is minimal fuel consumption. As a rule, no more than three liters of gasoline or diesel fuel are consumed in one hour of work. A belt drive is installed on each wheel of the walking-behaviour tractor. It provides the torque from the engine to run. In addition, Zirka units are equipped with a selection shaft. This makes them multifunctional, universal and increases the performance of attachments.

types and models

To date, the Chinese manufacturer produces the Zirka engine blocks of two types: with a gasoline and diesel engine. In addition, agricultural products are represented by different models, they differ in design and technical characteristics. Among the most popular modifications, which are in great demand and have received positive reviews from buyers, are several models.

Circa LX 1090d

This motblock is classified as a major technology launch. Its design is thought out by the manufacturer in the smallest detail, so it has a high-quality assembly and is equipped with maximum functionality. The assembly of the unit includes the R190N diesel engine powered by a gear pump and a water cooling system. This model contains a balanced design. This is due to the special placement of the main nodes and the presence of a modernized frame. In addition, the device is equipped with an electric generator with a capacity of 12 V. It is responsible for powering all electrical equipment and built headlights.

The power of the engine in the model is 9.5 l. p. The tank contains 5.5 liters of fuel, the consumption of which is small – 1.6 l/h. During soil processing, the maximum recess is 25 cm. This device can both plow the ground and perform mowing grass, hilling beds, harvesting and transporting the crop. In one approach, such a tractor with a walk allows to process the land up to 3 hectares.

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About IZ-105E

This is a medium-priced technique, the advantages of which are considered low diesel fuel, compactness and excellent maneuverability. The main component of the structure is the SH186F diesel four-stroke engine with an additional air cooling system. The drive in the design is a hard drive coupling. The fuel tank contains up to 3.5 liters of diesel fuel, the power of the engine is 6 liters. p. The diesel consumption does not exceed 0.49 l/h. With a tractor for walks, you can connect a width of 105 cm with tillage with a deepening of 30 cm.

Circa iz-135e

The motoblock of this modification is most frequently selected by the owners of small lands to process, harvest any kind of floor, to transport freight and to clean the territory of garbage and snow. The manufacturer produces a device with the Kama diesel engine and a gearbox. The device is intended for heavy operating conditions and increased loads. The plus models consider good maneuverability, quiet work and good cros s-sectional ability. As far as the technical features are concerned, the engine power in the tractor of the walk behavior is 9.2 liters. p. The fuel tank contains 5.5 liters, the width of plowing does not exceed 135 cm, the depth of the processing of 30 cm, fuel consumption 1.2 l/h.

Around GT76D

This unit is usually suitable for processing areas, the area of ​​which does not exceed 2 hectares. The factory package contains a diesel engine with four stroke that has a functioning resource of 12,000 hours. In addition, the device is equipped with a film and an important selection of electricity, thanks to these, different types of attachments can be installed on the tractor of the walk behavior. Technical features of the Walk behavior: Diesel engine consumption 1.6 l/h, engine power 7.8 l. S. volume of the fuel tank 3.5 liters. The device can be plowed through areas of 114 cm wide, with a depth of plowing 30 cm.

Around LX 2040d

Such a modification is characterized by a good assembly, an increased ability to become a cros s-country country and a long service life. Since the design of the tractor in the hiking sign is easy, the owner can fulfill its repair alone. The manufacturer produces devices with the Kama 179f diesel engine with a capacity of 4.3 liters. With. The weight of a walk without additional devices is 80 kg, the fuel consumption in one hour of work is no more than 0.6 liters. This technology can be treated with land up to 30 cm deep, while the width of plowing cannot be more than 75 cm.

With regard to modifications with a petrol engine, they do not differ much in the design and performance of diesel. They can be equipped with every assembly montage, which increases the functionality. With such modifications, there is usually an air engine cooling system.


The manufacturer produces around walking behavior tractor in configuration with branded cutters to increase the power of the device, the owners must buy additional attachments. Experts recommend that the set has several important components for agricultural work.

  • Harrow. Thanks to this device, weeds can be removed and the floor can be loosened. The installation of the device requires the presence of a special trailer dome on the tractor of the walk behavior, the size of which should correspond to the model of the device.
  • Mass rooms. You will be useful if it is planned to work on toning floor. Floor surfaces are a device with which you can process the floor deeper. They also reduce the slip of the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Rechen. This equipment simplifies the collection of mowing grass.
  • Potato and potato cap. Facilitates the process of planting and collecting root plants.
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Spare parts for circa engine blocks are produced by the manufacturer in a huge range and are always offered for sale. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown of the unit or if it is modernized with its selection and acquisition of problems, there are no problems.

How does it work?

The functional principle of all models of the hand-led zirka tractors is the same. The only thing is that certain rules should be followed to ensure the stable operation of the device and to extend its lifespan. After buying the device, you must assemble the structure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then fuel and oil are filled in. The first start of the engine (manual or with an electric starter) takes place at idle, it has to be warmed up for 30 minutes.

After that, the operation of the engine is checked in all available gear modes, this should be done without heavy loads at medium speeds. As a result, all units of the unit are lubricated with oil and the operation of the gearbox is stabilized. In addition, the owner can get used to working with the control system. Start plowing the floor with a minimal load on the engine. If the rollback is passed (the set hours are specified by the manufacturer), you can install attachments on the device and carry out all types of work.

How to choose?

Despite the fact that zirka-single-stractors are characterized by positive reviews and high performance, you should pay attention to some indicators when buying a specific modification. The quality and scope of the work performed depend on it. Since these units are produced in configurations with petrol and diesel engines, it must be taken into account that the first version of the model is cheaper and the second maximum performance offers.

It is also important to know the size of the area before buying, which is to be processed with a han d-led tractor, thanks to which the correctly selected model will show its performance at the maximum. For example, for neglected areas and the virgin country, it is not recommended to buy units with a gasoline engine, since their weight is low and considerable physical exertion is required during soil processing.

An important indicator is the intended use of the handled tractor. In view of the type of work that is to be carried out on the construction site, you can buy both simple and professional models. If the owner of the device will also use it as a vehicle in addition to plowing, it is recommended to give preference to devices with a weight of 100 to 125 kg. This also applies to the installation of attachments, with simple models this does not work.

You should also pay attention to the compactness of the model, its speed and easy usability. So buy a han d-led tractor with an engine output of 2.5 liters. With., it will only be possible to cultivate an area with a width of 25 cm. If the country is large, the processing not only requires time costs, but also increases fuel consumption. Plays a major role in choosing the design of the gear. It is best to prefer foldable types, they are more expensive, but more easily repaired in the event of a failure.

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