Moto blocking energy industry. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks “Energopom”: models and operating features

 Advantages: power, high technical properties, maintainability, low price.

Energy is a brand that has Russian and Chinese roots. All components are manufactured in China. After crossing parts in Russia, the equipment is gathered, which contains affordable costs for the citizens of the country.

Characteristics and purpose

The “Energy” engine block is characterized by the simplicity of the design, the high maintenance and the excellent strength. The manufacturer of the details of the equipment is China, but the goods are quite reliable, which is confirmed by user ratings.

Motoblocks can perform various tasks because this enables them to make the properties. The function of the technology includes cultivation, hilling, plowing and planting cultures. Thanks to additional equipment, it was possible to transport the load with a large mass and use the water pump equipment with the help of energy operational motor blocks. When installing floor hooks, it is easier to overcome the devices in road traffic and to process land at a greater depth.

The technology of this manufacturer can support the installation of various additional devices, which helps to meet people’s needs. The energy units “Energy” are popular with the buyer because they have low costs while they are marked by good quality. The main purpose of the tractor for the walk is the treatment of land in private areas and farms. Energyopom technology was widespread not only in the implementation of agricultural tasks, but also in the forest in the parking ball. The machine carries out tasks for the refinement of areas and near private houses and in public buildings.

Popular models

Energyoproma technology has established itself well, so it is well asked by the population. The most popular motblock models with the exception of MB-8002 can be referred to as several other mechanisms.

  • Petrol “MB 800”. This machine belongs to the representative of the light series. The main purpose of the tractor in hiking is the implementation of soil, hilling, cultivation and relaxation. Motor 8 l. With. Offers the necessary traction so that the work is carried out efficiently. The efforts are transmitted with a chain gear that is characterized by special reliability. The car starts with a manual starter. There are mills in configuration. You can process the floor at a depth of 15 to 30 cm. “MB 800” weighs 78 kilograms. Due to the size of the wheels from 4 to 8, the maximum ability to become a transverse country under the most difficult conditions is guaranteed. The presence of a hig h-quality front wheel contributes to maximum stability.

Snow cleaning with a wal k-behavio r-Stracto r-gasoline “MB 800” -video.

  • TCR-820 has similar properties with the previous model. The main difference to the MB 800 model can be referred to as the value of the wheels, at TCR-820 4 times 10. This feature of the wheels promotes a good coupling with the surface and also stimulates the speed of the work process. The control handle can be configured in two positions. It is also characterized by convenience while stopping. Due to the characteristics of the gear lever, change the speed of the implementation

  • I can work directly. This type of equipment weighs 103 kilograms.

  • “MB-830”. This type of motoblock, like the previous ones, has a petrol engine with 8-horse strengths. The difference to the predecessors can be seen in the appearance of the machine. This tractor for walk injuries has a telescopic foot part at the front, wide protective wings that are on the bikes. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. Tires “MB-830” have sizes 4 to 8.

  • “MB-1000”. The engine of 9 HP is installed on this machine, which is why the tractor of walking does its business for a long time without interruptions. This type of technology has a maximum depth of 35 centimeters. It has an attractive design and a good performance of its predecessors. It was possible to connect additional accessories with a hexagon with a diameter of 31 millimeters. It is not difficult to start a walk because this gives a manual starter. The operating temperature “MB-1000” includes air cooling.

“MB-850”. The weight of the device is 100 kilograms, while the machine is marked by 30 centimeters by the depth depth in the soil. The petrol engine has an output of 8.5 liters. With. The tractor of the walk behavior takes place from a manual starter. Due to the simple start, the engine can work at different temperatures. A hinges with different species adhere to MB-850.

Design and operating principle

Overview of the tractor RTM-160. Properties, photo, video work, reviews

The main features of the motoblock of this brand can be described as the simplicity of the design, hig h-quality parts and material, affordable costs and repair property. The structural features are displayed in the form of a reliable steel frame in which the engine, the gearbox and the tax degree are found. These mini drive data are characterized by large work resources and good performance.

The gearbox of the engine blocks is standard, it has front, rear and neutral speeds. The compact dimensions of the devices enabled the machine with special maneuverability, so that it can also cultivate the earth in the inaccessible place. Energ y-t o-energy engine blocks have comfortable handles. With their help, you can cultivate soils, even if the conditions are not cheap. Motor block handles are rotated and removed, they have the option of being adjusted horizontally and vertical.

  • The process of starting the machine consists of several phases:
  • Opening of a gasoline crane;
  • The location of the leather lever in the starting position;
  • Closure of the ignition;
  • Repeated pumping of the mechanism with a manual starter;
  • The ignition is switched on;

A time of twitching the starter.

After the hiking loss tractor started, the lever of the suction must be translated into the “work” mode. In some models of the Energoprom, there is electric starter, in this case it is worth starting a walk like an ordinary car. These motoblocks have straps with which you can easily adjust the power of the device.

Unmounted equipment

  • The energyopomal technique is considered multifunctional, since a mass of fastening devices can be connected to the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Cutter. This element is considered the most important and is in the kit for the tractor for walking behavior. The use of grinding cutters is required to mix the upper layer of soil and make them homogeneous. Standard equipment is presented in the form of a knife so that you can easily destroy weeds. Elements in the form of “goose bones” contribute to a deeper penetration into the soil and its thorough processing.
  • The plow is used to process virgin soil, it is dug deep into the ground and hauls hard rocks.
  • Pigtails. This appendix helps to keep the territory in clean and well established area. Motoblocks can cut a tall weed, as well as medium-sized shrubs.
  • Potat o-Cap. With this equipment you can quickly and easily plant and dig potatoes with a walk tractor.

  • Scrunks contribute to the care of planted plants. Having connected this element with the machine, the user can move the plant not only with a bunch of weeds.
  • The snowman is an assistant in the frosty season for every owner. With their help, a layer of snow is selected and discarded at a distance of five meters.
  • Wheel, Ceremonial, Caterpillar. Each Energopom motoblock model is characterized by high-quality pneumatic tires that have an aggressive profile and contribute to the implementation of high gravity. Work in the frosty season of the year should be carried out using a caterpillar module.
  • The trailer can help its owner transport weights on a walk tractor. The most popular option was self-loving carts, characterized by large capacity and ease of unloading.
  • Tears are an option to modernize the Walk behavior tractor. With this equipment, an elevation of the clutch with the earth’s surface is performed, and it is also elevated.

Adapter. This type of attachment equipment is the ability to increase comfort while working on a tractor for walks. When connected backwards, machine control becomes possible.

operating rules

  • Despite the fact that Energoprom motoblocks are characterized by a simple design, they require constant systematic maintenance. If the technique has simple or long-term storage, the equipment should be in connection places and drain the old oil. After the car is bought, she needs the first run-up:
  • Checking the bolted joints;
  • oil filling in the right amount;
  • fuel flood in the gas tank;
  • the first start of the engine;
  • idle study for five minutes;
  • Testing the car at all speeds;
  • Executed the first workflow with a small charge over seven hours;
Motoblocks Profi - Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews The Owner

After completing the run, it is necessary to carry out the first maintenance of the tractor for the walk.

The assembly of the milling machine is an important phase in preparation for operation. Sabl e-due mills are collected directly by car. When the walk’s tractor is started, the cutters should be hanging in the air and not touching the ground. The process of lowering should be slow.

Features of care

  • The advantage of the technology of this manufacturer is easy care and maintenance. Each owner of this technique must remember such rules:
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to examine the device, which will control the natural location of individual parts in the absence of a flow of oil and the normal operation of the engine.
  • Change the engine oil after 25 hours of the machine;
  • The oil change in the gear node should be made functional after 100 hours.
  • Lubrication of shift levers should be applied using waterproof lithium or calcium substance.

After the work on the walking tractor is over, you need to save the car from dirt, dust and removing the approach.

The collapse of the Energyoprom technique is a rare phenomenon. You can do your own repair with your own hands and at the same time have the most elementary tools.

  • If the engine is operated unstable, the following measures must be carried out:
  • Check the presence of fuel and oil, if the amount is not sufficient, it should be filled.
  • Make an inspection of spark plugs, save them from soot, you may present a change.
  • Check the connection of the terminals and the presence of a spark;
  • Clean air and fuel filters – they have to be cleaned after 50 hours.
  • Perform the regulation of the fuel mixture in the carburetor;

If the breakdown is serious, you should contact the repair master.

  • If the machine gives excessive vibration, the following measures must be carried out:
  • Checking the aggregation of folding parts;
  • Confirmation of the tightness of the screw connections on each of the nodes;
  • Check the quality of the fuel and the lack of water pollution;

Cleaning water and air filters.

Reviews of the owners

Energy Motobobes are inexpensive and at the same time good equipment. User reviews indicate the simplicity and quality of the machine. People who have become the owners of the walk made their work easier in personal actions and use the equipment 8 hours a day. The work is characterized by a larger performance when you attach the soil to the engine note.

Bad ratings are aimed at the low quality of the parts, which can be easily replaced and can be replaced cheaply. Some users also notice that the equipment starts poorly at minus temperatures.

However, the main advantages of the energ y-pom motoblock are their strength, high technological features and suitability for repair work. The company has practically no minus, so that the price of cars corresponds to its quality.

If you use the “Energy” energy unit, take a look at the next video.

Motoblock’s energyopom. Review of the installation, properties, attachments, use and operation

Motobobes of this brand are not very popular, especially compared to MTZ or NEVA. However, if you plan to buy such a technology for yourself, pay attention to this brand. Its characteristic features are the simplicity of the design, hig h-quality knots and a complete sentence, the ideal ratio of price and quality. It is therefore not surprising that this model recently gains more and more popularity.

Technologists in the energy industry are produced in the field of Russian Federation from Chinese spare parts. For this reason, it was possible to significantly reduce the costs for components and maintain the quality at a high level. The manufacturer controls every production level, which means that it can without exception receive high and reliable finished devices.

Overview of the model range of the Motoblocks Energy Industry

Motoblock Energopom MB 800

The most beautiful flowers in autumn or a few words about asters

  • This is a representative of the light series of motor blocks of the energy industry, which is intended for plowing, growing, hilling or loosening the soil. The 8-person engine is able to deliver the necessary traction for work. Further transmission of the force is carried out with a reliable chain gear.
  • The engine of the 800 energy industry begins with a manual starter.
  • The delivery rate includes a grinding rate with a detection width of 1 m and a interference depth of 30 cm.
  • The mass of the engine unit of the 800 energy industry reaches 78 kg.
  • The wheels in size 4.0 × 8 offer an optimal ability to cross under all conditions.

The established front wheel offers additional stability during work.

Motoblock Energopom MB 820

With regard to technical properties, this model is similar, with the exception of the wheel size. Here they are installed 4.0 × 10. Thanks to this, liability improves to the surface and the work speed increases.

Motoblock Energopom MB 800

  • The changes also influenced the control handles that not only enable them to configure their position in the vertical and horizontal level, but also much more conveniently in their hands.
  • The gearbox lever is located under the steering rod and enables you to change the working speed directly during operation.

As a result of such changes, the weight of the motor block energy industry 820 rose to 103 kg.

Motoblock Energopom MB 830

Motoblock Energopom MB 820

  • This walk-in tractor is also equipped with a universal 8-strong petrol engine. However, it has a difference in relation to MB 820 and MB 800.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

The MB 830 Energyopom is installed 4.0 × 8 tires.

Motoblock Energopom MB 1000

Motoblock Energopom MB 830

  • With this walking behavior, a petrol engine with 9 HP is installed, which means that it can work over a longer period of time without stopping work.
  • The width of the extension with mills is 110 cm with a maximum lowering depth of 35 cm.
  • Energyprom MB 1000 not only differs with a pleasant appearance, but also with performance.
  • The connecting attachment equipment takes place with a hexagon with a diameter of 31 mm.

The engine is started with a manual starter and its operating temperature is maintained by air cooling.

Motoblock Energopom MB 1300

Motoblock Energopom MB 1000

  • This is the most powerful professional motblock in the entire energy brand. It is equipped with a petrol fou r-stroke engine with 13 hp! MB 1300 can be finished with the processing of heavy floors, a longer operation with increased loads and transportation and heavy loads.
  • The engine is cooled with air flow.
  • The gearbox has 3 steps: low, increased and vice versa.

The weight of Energy MB 1300 reaches 110 kg.

Review of the attached devices

The owner of the energy units of the energy industry should know the skills of its machine for their most effective use. Below you will find a review of hinge devices used for the operation of this device.


This is the main bond that is available to every owner of the energy units of the energy industry, since it comes into configuration with the tractor of the walk behavior.

Mills are used to give the upper layer of the soil uniformity and to mix them.

Cutter for the cutter cutter goose paws

Standard cutters have a special shape of knives with which you can cut weeds and not be able to wrap a problem. This fastening equipment is installed instead of standard pneumatism wheels.

Not too long ago a new version of the milling system appeared – “goose legs”. They let the earth cultivated deeper and thoroughly. But you have to understand that you are not intended for working with rocky soils because your “paws” are broken down.

If you have to process the virgin country, the cutters don’t work. You will not be able to overthrow into the surface and skip hard rocks and leave Kahle eyelashes after your work, which have to be held several times.

Overview of the Hiller and plows for the on e-axle tractor MTZ

To prevent this, the manufacturer recommends a plow with a plow. This binding equipment is immersed in the ground and enables you to better process this type of soil.

Plow standard with the coupling of the eye of the plow is 2

But there is a significant disadvantage. If the width of processing with milling cutters from 80 cm to the standard recording of the plow is only 30 cm. When carrying out a plow, it is necessary to create the first track. Then the Wal k-Fehind tractor is leaning and a bike is installed in it. The plow falls into the ground and plowing continues. So the first ditch buries.


Motoblocks from the Energopom brand will help to maintain the area cleanly and properly. You can use braids for this.

Most of the time, the owners acquire Rotary options. They work due to two plates with rotating knives. This type of Mowal can cut high weeds and unwanted mediu m-sized shrubs.

If you have a clean and even lawn, a tractor should not be used for processing because there are two stires after traveling.

Rotor KR-02m mowing knife Dawn

Rotor braids are often used to harvest hay during the winter season when they go into the field and mow grass.

After mowing, it can be assembled with a rake. The performance blocks of the energy industry are offered a calculation with a detection width of 1 m.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potato bursts and potatoes are offered to the energy units of the energy industry. They enable them to land quickly and clean potatoes.

The potato is a tank that supplies tubers after a certain period of time. In front of the installed plow, a ditch makes it buried by two cigns.

A roof potato breaker cuts the floor at a depth of 20 cm, supplies it to the roar, where it breaks and only leaves tubers on the surface.

Potato resident KST-1T potato vibration grookhotnaya KGR-1V


Motobobes EnergyPom can also help with the care of the potatoes. If you connect the cigarette lights, you will not only do hill tubers, but also carry out a series.

Snowman and dumplings

Many owners of the brand energy of the energy industry for winter time set their devices for preservation. However, if you have a snowman or dumpling, you can help clean the snow cover.

The snow machine selects a layer of snow and throws it on the side of about 5 meters with the help of the screws, and the dump truck simply throws them aside.

Snowman Sun 1 “Oka” Lopat Dump

Wheels, floor and caterpillars

All motoblocks in the branded industry are equipped with hig h-quality pneumatic tires with a size of 4 × 10 or 4 × 8 with an aggressive profile and can ensure hard work.

If the clutch with the surface is not sufficient, the engine blocks begin to slide and explode into the ground. To prevent this, you can adjust the floor surfaces to the tires in the same way. If it has to do work in the winter season, a caterpillar module is installed in return.

Gruntosa Motobobopi Caterpillar Prefix “Buran”


Motobobes Energy Popics help their owners transport goods. For this, fans or carts are used for this. The most common model is a dump truck. It has a great capacity for the transport of goods and can make discharge work easier.

Trailer engine Block Cargo PMG300-1 trailer AMS-03


Motoblock Energopom MB 1300

This one isn’t even an attachment, but is capable of upgrading the walking tractor to increase traction. Weights are two pancakes that are hung on the wheel axle. As a result, the walk-behind tractor begins to behave stably during heavy work. If there are no means of weighting at hand, then the owners hang metal objects. The effect is the same, but the cost is less.



This attachment serves to increase the working comfort. The adapter connects to the rear of the walk behind tractor and allows you to control the machine from a seated position. After all, during long-term work, many owners notice the rapid onset of fatigue and heaviness in their hands.

User Guide

Overview of the trailer and adapter for the motif of the eye

Many owners, having received the Energoprom walk-behind tractor, immediately start operating it without reading the instruction manual, and then a rapid breakdown occurs due to improper handling of the machine. To prevent this, you should first study the operating instructions to understand the principle of safe and proper use of the device.

First run and run-in

If you are the first owner of the Energoprom two-wheel tractor, then it will be delivered disassembled. It must be collected according to the recommendations of the instructions for use.

After that, you should pour oil and fuel into the appropriate compartments and start the engine break-in. This means that it is used at half the maximum power. So that the parts of the engine get used and clearly stand in their grooves.

Driving in is usually done by driving down the road with an empty trailer, or by tilling the ground to a depth of no more than 10 cm.

After running in, drain the waste and change the engine oil.


Owners of Energoprom engine blocks note the simplicity of their maintenance.

  • Before each ride, the machine should be checked for unnatural parts, oil leaks and engine performance.
  • The engine oil should be changed every 25 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour lubricant for four-stroke engines of small garden equipment marked 4T into the engine.
  • The oil in the gear unit should be changed after 100 hours of operation. In this, Tap-15V must be filled out.
  • Shifters should be lubricated with waterproof lithium or calcium grease.

After completing work with the Energoprom two-wheel tractor, it is necessary to remove dirt and dust from the device and the attached parts in order to prevent the machine from rusting.

Fix major glitches

Motoblocks Energoprom are made on the territory of the Russian Federation, taking into account the nuances of our countries and climate. Due to the simple design, serious breakdowns are extremely rare and most can be repaired yourself with a small set of tools and a basic knowledge of the walk behind tractor’s construction.
  1. If the engine is unstable or does not start at all:
  2. Check the amount of oil and fuel, top up if necessary;
  3. Check the spark plug, remove carbon deposits or replace with a new one.
  4. Check the connection of the poles to the spark plugs and see if there is a spark;
  5. Clean the air and fuel filters, they must be cleaned every 50 hours of operation;
  6. Adjust the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
For more complex breakdowns, it is recommended to contact the service center.
  1. If the two-wheel tractor vibrates heavily:
  2. Check attachment aggregation;
  3. Make sure the screw connections are tight at all nodes;
  4. Check the quality of the fuel and whether it contains water.

Clean air and fuel filters.

Video review

This video check shows the snow cleaning by the energy unit of the energy industry:

The next video check shows the grinding of the soil by the energy unit of the energy industry:

Cleaning water and air filters.

Reviews of the owners

The owners say the following in thematic forums in relation to the experience in the work energy industry:


“I liked the energy industry. I work on it in summer 8 hours a day. I pour 92 petrol and ride light. In operation for two years. I got it because I didn’t want to spend additional money and it was the car in his class. There are small posts, but for such a price it is stupid to expect the perfect motblock. The engine with a large traction and productive exertion when you hang the floor with the floor processes the virgin land without any problems. Details are not used of the highest quality, but at the same time, their replacement does not hit their pockets at all.

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