Moped from a chainsaw: how to do it with your own hands?

Moped from a chainsaw. tips and recommendations

Do-it-yourself motorcycle motorcycle is a way out for men who do not want to spend on a car and its subsequent service, and do not like pedaling the bike. In this case, you will work together in the garage with your own hands, having managed to extract from the situation some necessary details and spare parts. The process of change itself is not particularly difficult.

Before starting the assembly or if you have any questions, you can always turn to the drawings and numerous videos of reviews that are available on the Internet.

The principle of homemade mops from a chainsaw

As a basis for the future moped, you can choose an old bike that you want to breathe new life into. You will also need a chainsaw to install a motorcycle. In such pictures, you get a motorcycle that you can update: repaint, install wider wheels, change the steering wheel, and perform other procedures that will make your home-made bike more like a motorcycle.

Moped from a chainsa w-Ural

Choosing a chainsaw on a bike

The most important factor by which you need to choose a chainsaw for assembling a moped is the power of the power unit. The most suitable power is 2HP, because less power is not enough to start the bike. The volume of the engine should not be more than 50 cm3. Also, experienced drivers of homemade mopeds recommend choosing engines from old mopeds or lawnmowers.

What is needed to make a moped from a chainsaw and great?

For the most part, converting a bicycle into a moped with your own hands, attaching a motor from a chainsaw to this chain, does not require special skills of a locksmith or engineer. If you are a beginner in this matter, the numerous drawings of a pug from a chainsaw and teaching video reviews will help you. In addition, not every man in the garage has everything you need to make a motorcycle from a chainsaw with your own hands. Therefore, before the assembly, it is recommended to study the list of necessary parts, fasteners, spare parts and purchase the missing items.


In special products you can find whole sets that include the engine for installation, fasteners and other parts necessary to convert a bicycle into a moped. This set greatly facilitates the process of assembling a motorcycle, as there is no need to select an engine, suitable power, fasteners, battery, gearbox, ears, etc.

Speaking of tools, then they are very necessary for all popular types of components of a number of auto mechanics: screwdrivers, pliers, keys, nipper, etc.

Assembly instructions and provisional moped drawings

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First, we will first analyze the simplest and most affordable option, how to make a moping from a chainsaw from a photo above. When assembling, the question often arises as to how the motor from the chainsaw is attached to the bicycle. It is important that it is securely connected and does not move while driving. For this type of home-made motorcycle, you need to fix the following parts with clamps in specific places:

  • The battery is installed on the upper tube.
  • The cycle engine from the chainsaw itself is attached to the intersection of the lower front and the saddle owner.
  • Fuel tank – near the engine.

The next step of the change is to create and install pulleys on the bike. They are needed so that the engine operation provokes the rotation of the rear wheel. Typically, pulleys use wheels with an external barrier, approximately the size of CDs.


When choosing wheels, consider the strength and reliability of both the material itself and the mounts. To install the pulleys, the front wheel is attached to the motor shaft and the second pulley is attached to the rear wheel housing. Next you need to put a belt on the pulleys. Sometimes men use a chain instead of a belt. In this case, the pulleys are replaced by a chain, and the principle of their installation is in no way different.

The point remains small – connect the motor. First, the engine is connected to the battery, and then the ignition is collected. To do this, install the brake handle on the steering wheel and connect it to the engine with a cable.

As a result, if we talk about a more complex option, you will get a home-made transport that most closely resembles a real motorcycle. The main differences from the previous design are a more reliable and strong frame, wider wheels that can be removed from the old moped, the presence of depreciation and the installation of the engine from the chainsaw.

The most convenient place for the engine is a separate spot welded to the bottom of the frame. You can also place the fuel tank there. The exhaust pipe also connects the engine. As for the battery, owners of homemade mopeds recommend placing it closer to the steering. The next step is the transmission and motor connection. All the nuances of how to make a motorcycle from a chainsaw with your own hands you can see on the video.

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tips and recommendations

Many users insist on paying attention to how the belt holds onto wheels. The degree of its fixation affects the transmission of efforts from the engine, and, consequently, the driving process. The chain is a more reliable and durable detail, but do not forget that when using a chain on a home-made moped, gears are used instead of pulleys.

The motor you got from the chainsaw should be totally needy. Otherwise, give a little longer with assembling a pug with your own hands and sort out the engine. Try to fix the failed details or completely replace them with new ones.

Video how to make a moped from a chainsaw with your own hands

Reviews about a home-made chainsaw motorcycle

Many men, when they want to improve on a regular bike, you wonder how to make a bike with a Gasopyle engine? The answer is very simple: for this you need a working engine, the above details, patience, drawings and free time. As many reviews say, you get a comfortable and maneuverable vehicle that does not require large cash contributions and complex services.

Oleg, 67 years old, Rostov

“I have a lot of old chainsaws and have always been interested in my hand modifications. Two years ago, he himself decided to make sure that you can assemble a scooter with an engine from a chainsaw with your own hands and get a working moped on the go. He took the Friendship chainsaw, wheels from the old Motorol, a moped frame, and a few other items on the list. I had to work on the drawings, but it turned out a good vehicle with minimal costs. The speed, of course, is not a race and the noise is a lot. But in general it is comfortable and interesting experience. “

Igor, 32 years old, Kherson

“I had a lot of free time and decided to build a motorcycle with my own hands. I read a few articles, studied the structure and built up a plan in my head how to build a motorcycle out of a chainsaw. I bought the necessary spare parts and parts for the scooter, found the blueprints, joined my eldest son to work and assembled a cool motorcycle in a week. A sel f-made moped drives quickly enough, you can always improve it somehow because you know your design completely.

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Advantages: maneuverability, low investment costs, simple administration and maintenance.

Do-it-yourself moped moped. Design, drawings, diagram

Which cyclist does not dream of becoming faster and faster! So astonishing designs appear from dreams and fantasies in real life: a bicycle + a motor of petrol saw + skills and skills, and you get a quick moped from a chainsaw.

If you don’t have a car or it is more convenient to get to work with a smaller vehicle, you can try to build a moped with your own hands from improvised means. In fact, it is a sel f-made motorcycle and not a chainsaw moped, since the performance of the saws used is quite high and some exclusive conversions can reach rather high speeds of up to 60 km / h.

The principle of turning a chainsaw into a moped

At today’s technology market, manufacturers supply various devices, attachments, engines for any changes and improvements in different units in completely unexpected designs. So if you want to equip your bike quickly with an engine and give you the corresponding acceleration, you can get a finished kit. According to the proposed scheme, the engine is installed in the bike – and the moped is ready.

But if you want to try yourself, why don’t you use the existing tools to create a functional homemade product? After all, a moped is indeed a comfortable means of transportation.

The essence of the change is to assemble the power plant on the bike. It should be noted that the performance of the installed engine of the chainsaw should be approximately 2 hp, since a weaker engine does not move the bike and that too much power is superfluous.

Chainsaws, skills, devices

Old chainsaws of the modifications Druzhba, Ural, classic bicycle models such as Aista or TiSa are suitable.

In addition, you need straps or gears, a strap or chain, fastening elements, a battery, a drive cable. Technical skills are a must, preferably car mechanic and locksmith, as well as the appropriate tools.

Design, drawings, scheme

In order to create a sel f-made moped from a chainsaw, you usually do not need complex diagrams and drawings. The engine is mainly mounted on the frame, some craftsmen adapt the engine to the rear trunk. Consider the first option that most likely matches the standard moped model. From the chainsaw, we use the engine and the petrol tank that are nearby – on the connection of the seat post and anterior lower tube. For the battery, the best place is above, closer to the front of the frame.

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Since the moped is propelled from the chainsaw by the power transmission from the rear wheel to the front, it is necessary in the design to provide gear wheels (belt transmission) or cog (sprocket). The motor shaft is connected to the front pulley, and the tail is installed on the rear wheel bushing. The pulleys are connected with a strong belt, the tension force is regulated very correctly. Similarly, when installing chain drinks, all actions are performed using gears.

Then the gearbox is installed and the motor connected, which is connected to the brake lever. The motor is connected to the battery, the cable is correctly issued. As the last bar, masters make a new product painting, give it a beautiful modern design.

Old chainsaws are a kind of inexhaustible source of inspiration, their details and components are literally dismantled for spare parts when assembling Hausmans. When repairing a motorcycle, an ignition from a motorcycle is used, which, according to the reviews of folk designers, is much more effective and durable than the native magneto.

People’s craftsmen are just fantastically used by the chainsaw engine when creating other homemade vehicles: a scooter with an engine from a chainsaw, a motorcycle with a saw engine, all kinds of engin e-nepotes, engine bons on three wheels with an engine, Motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor legs, motor castles, on three wheels with a motor. Scooters from a bike and a Gaspox, Bild, Tricips, completely unique ATVs and a great many simply unimaginable designs.

tips and recommendations

On the forums you can find a lot of useful tips on how and what the right thing to do when you assemble a moping from a chainsaw and be great. Fulfilling simple wishes and parting words from practice will help amators avoid annoying mistakes when building a moping from a chainsaw.

  • Since upgrading your bike will significantly increase the load on all nodes, the first thing you should do is make sure the bike is in excellent condition.
  • The engine from the chainsaw after transformations turns into a domestic cycle engine, so the initial parameters of the engine should be designed strictly: mass – up to 6 kg, volume up to 50 cubic meters. cm.
  • To avoid fire-hazardous situations, carefully test the condition of the fuel tank.
  • The transfer of effort from the cycle to the wheel depends on proper belt installation and tension.
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Video review of mopeds and bicycles from chainsaws

DIY moped and bicycle


video part 1:


video part 2:

Reviews of the owners


“Friendship bought the old saw like scrap. He replaced the ignition, gaskets, rings, carburetor – and collected the engine for a new one. He took the wheels for the big scooter and digested a little a bicycle frame. I decided not to put the belts, but a chain gear. Stars 9 and 41 teeth. He did not draw drawings, so everything somehow turned out to the eye itself. The gas tank from the old moped Put. The wheels, of course, are small in diameter, so the landing is low, but it pulls normally.

Pros: cheap, practical;

Cons: Not very powerful landing. “


“It will be useful to install a flashlight and dimensions on a home-made moped, since the speed is decent. I made a curtain on a regular bike binding so you don’t blind the oncoming bezels and light up more. “

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