Mole cultivator. Appendix overview

Mole cultivator. Appendix overview

Owners of gardens, small farms and summer houses who want to buy a local motorgrubber “Krot” (not only tested over time), are often interested in which attachments are sold for this motorgrubber on the domestic market.

Mole cultivator

Your interest is understandable and exists, because through all sorts of drawn and grown attachments, this device becomes an indispensable, so to speak, universal helpers on the construction site.

With the help of attachments on the moto r-founder Krot, you can carry out the following agricultural work:

  • Plow the floor.
  • Cutting the floor for planting.
  • Plants of weeds weed.
  • Hilling.
  • Plant and harvest potatoes.
  • Use a pump to water the garden.
  • Cut the grass.
  • Transport of harvesting and other goods (bulk goods, general cargo, etc.) up to a weight of 200 kg.
  • Snow removal in winter.


Trolley Growers potato rotad krt-1 plow assembled mower pump unit overcunchik t weeder

Let’s see which nozzles are used for the Krot Grubber for these purposes. Plowing a garden can be done in two ways:

  • With the help of one or two (in rare cases three) knife rates;
  • mounted turning plow.


In this case, milling cutters with a diameter of up to 33 cm are placed on the gear shaft, at the same time the diameter of the knife shaft of the croter grubber is 25 cm (three pieces, a total of six).

Before plowing, the cultivator must be converted slightly:
  • The ai r-tired support wheels must be raised. The movement of the cupboard is carried out by milling cutters that rotate on the wave. This carries out a double action: move forward and plow the floor.
  • The crowd is attached to a trailer holder, which is located on the back of the hatcher and serves as a brake. In fact, the opener is designed for the Grubber “Mole” so that it limits the immersion depth of the milling cutters into the ground.
  • After you have carried out all of these steps, you can safely get to work.
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Types of milling

The quality of plowing also depends on the quality of these pulled devices, so the choice of the cutting unit must be addressed very responsibly.

There are several types of cutting tools for this cultivator:

  • “Crow’s feet”.
  • Sabe r-shaped knife (they are also described as active).

Hahnenstragsfelbife meter

You are sure to ask yourself when it is better to put on the “mole” engine grubber “crow’s feet” and when while sabe r-shaped knives? The ideal solution for floors with increased hardness is exactly the “crow’s feet”.

Triangular meters cut slightly through the floor, and there is no attachment to earth and plants. The “KROT” mugber progresses confidently without slipping out in the most difficult areas. Active knives are used for lighter floors.

Nozzles on the cuffs can be: thre e-leaf and fou r-leaf. Both are effective for the operation of the device.

The manufacturer only produces cutting edges with a diameter of 33 cm.

Some craftsmen often improve cutting tools and bring the diameter to 50 cm. According to experts, it is impractical to produce devices with large dimensions.

For plowing with attachments such as a reversible plough, the cultivator needs to be converted again:

  • Remove the knives from the gear shaft;
  • Remove the share at the rear of the cultivator;
  • Place metal gears with eyelets on the gear shaft;
  • Attach the reversible plow to the rear of the machine with a special hitch.

When the metal bar wheels rotate, they loosen the soil, the plow cuts it to a depth of 15, 25 or 30 cm (depending on the Mole model).

coupling equipment

The hitch is one of the most important parts of the device, because thanks to it, any attachment can be attached to this device, be it a plough, a cart, a potato harvester, etc.

There are two types of clutches:

  • with customization;
  • unregulated.
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With adjustable models, you can adjust the angle of attack and the horizontal. Non-adjustable devices are cheaper but less in demand.

Coupling schemes of the cultivator “Mole” for the wagon

Cup scheme for the mole grubber

Scheme of a sel f-made coupling for a mole turf


If we list all existing attachments for the Krot motor cultivator, we simply cannot help but mention the mower. With this device, the cultivator becomes a full-fledged lawn mower that can be used to make cattle hay, maintain the lawn in the yard, mow the grass in the garden and much more. The cutting height of such a mower is only 4 cm.

Mowers are sold separately from the cultivator.

Many owners of the device are interested in how to make a mower on the krot cultivator yourself. There are many interesting test reports on the Internet that report on such upgrades.

video ratings

Overview of the mole cultivator

owner reviews

Dmitri, 46 years old

“Mole” is my breadwinner, because I’ve been earning my money with this cultivator for six years with various agricultural jobs. Yes, the work is mostly seasonal, but I manage to make money during the winter clearing snow blockages with a homemade snow blower. My neighbors and acquaintances do not give me rest, I am constantly at work: plowing one, mowing the other, relatives demand mechanized planting and digging potatoes – progress, what can you take ?! On my site, I do all the work with a cultivator – I forgot about back pain, gained time on part-time jobs and now the order is complete, which is important. I bought my equipment little by little, the more possibilities there were, I built some (tiller, snow blower, mower) myself from improvised materials.

Oleg, 63 years old

“I have been working with a motor cultivator for more than a year. For 16 years everything was different – minor breakdowns, problems with cutters, carburetors. But in general I can say that the device is reliable and functional. I do almost all the work in my yard and garden with it. It is necessary to plow – plow, mow – mow, now I have not had any problems with planting and harvesting potatoes for a long time. I bought a whole arsenal of equipment – all these hillers, excavators and planters … I bought a pump for watering plants, the river is nearby which I can’t use. But I haven’t mastered the snow blower yet, I’m studying the drawings, choosing materials, so I’ll get them soon.”

Roses over ...

Mole cultivator: attachments at a glance

Krot motor cultivators are multifunctional devices, with additional devices connected, they can effectively perform agrotechnical work in a country house or private plot. In addition, cultivators can do household chores and transportation.

Motorgrubber Krot Mk 5-01

Together with attachments, the Mole motor cultivator can do the following:

  • tillage and ploughing
  • Weeding between rows of weeds
  • Preparation of beds and furrows for planting seedlings and sowing various crops
  • hill plants
  • Pump water and water plants
  • Mowing wild and cultivated grasses
  • Transportation of crops, other goods
  • snow clearing of the area.

In order to expand the possible uses of the cultivator depending on the type of attachment, the construction of the cultivator provides for various attachment options. Additional tools are not included in the kit of the Mole motor cultivator, they must be purchased separately according to the owner’s needs.

The procedure for connecting additional attachments

For the rational installation of attachments, special accessories are used: suspensions, wheels, brackets. Before installing additional nozzles, you must first remove the motor from the cultivator. To do this, remove the case, unscrew the nuts and bolts of the fasteners and remove the V-belt. Next, remove the throttle, then remove the motor and install the bracket and suspension.

trailer hitch

To connect various additional attachments to the cultivator, two types of hitch mechanisms are used: adjustable and non-adjustable. Non-adjustable clutches fix the clutch without the ability to adjust the angle of movement, cheaper. Adjustable devices ensure the required angle of attack.

Diagram of the trolley coupling


The carriage is attached to the suspension with a kingpin, and driving wheels are installed instead of the rotors, having previously removed or raised the transport wheels. In this case, the share is removed.

pump unit

The pump is connected to the bracket, in this case the belt is the drive. As with hitching a trailer, it is necessary to mount wheels instead of tillers and remove or fix the transport wheels in their highest position.

Motoblocks Oka - Reviews of Models, Descriptions, Reviews by owners


Soil cutters carry out plowing of the soil without turning over the layer of soil. The standard diameter is 33 cm, they are mounted on the cultivator shaft.

Read more: Motor cultivator Mole MK-1A-02. Description of the model. Technical characteristics. operational characteristics

One or two pairs of knives are used for processing light and medium soils, and 3 nozzles can be installed on each side for processing new soil.


Some owners make their own cutters to increase tillage depth. There are unique own productions with a diameter of almost 0.5 m. However, as experience shows, such improvements are not appropriate both in terms of the technical capabilities of the Krot motor cultivator and the characteristics of agricultural engineering of tillage soil.

Before plowing, the transport wheels are raised and the share is mounted on the trailer bracket. Thus, the attachments provide a feed when tilling the soil, and the coulter regulates the degree of immersion in the soil.

Depending on the nature of the soil, different cutter types are used. The houndstooth model is the best option for heavy, compact soils, while traditional saber cutters are suitable for less compact soils. They can be made in different forms – three-leaf and four-leaf.

Plowing the garden can also be done with a plow, to install it the following manipulations are performed: knives are removed and metal grommets are installed in their place and the coulter is removed. A reversible plow is connected to the rear using a special coupling device.

Adjustable plow Okuchnik


Similarly, the hilles of harvesting metal eyelets are installed, and a Hiller is installed on the back of the mole grubber.

Sickle mower

To mow grass on lawns or for harvesting hay, the transpural bikes are mounted on the gear shaft again and the straps of mower and cultivator are connected by a belt drive.

Mildew on roses and other colors

Sickle mower

All attachments are delivered with passports with technical documentation, so that it is not difficult for the owners to carefully familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the connection of different types of additional nozzles.

Video consultation of the work

Plants of potatoes with attachments and a croter grubber

Moles of mole, checking your own improvements

Motorgrubber mole with six nozzle milling

owner reviews


“The mules of mole was inherited, so to speak. He worked on it almost from childhood. Now I also have a mini tractor on my farm, but a mole is a mole. I work as a tractor on the farm, and on the estate next to the house it is more convenient with a cultivator. In the garden, in the beds, in the greenhouse – I do everything with different attachments. In the course of the years, the engine changed, bought a new sadko. The crowd also had to be replaced, cracked. Some improvements made to the holder. Generally a reliable assistant.

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