Model palette of chainsaws Echo. Operating and maintenance instructions, main disorders and their solutions

Echo chainsaws. Review by top models. Typical chainsaw disorders and possible methods for their elimination

Echo chainsaws: a quality tool of a Japanese manufacturer

Echo was founded in 1947 immediately after the end of the Second World War. At that time, the company was called Kyoritsu Noki Company Limited and was busy making equipment for farmers. The first product of this small company was a back syringe that was widespread in the fight against agricultural pests. The company was busy expanding the range of the devices manufactured by the early 1960s with the production of various types of spray devices and water pumps. At this time (1963) the first Echo chainsaw appears on the market. Since then, the company’s designers have developed dozens of chainsaw models and brought them into production, many of which are in great demand for buyers. It should be pointed out that the Echo company has had its current name since 1978 and became part of the transnational group Yamabiko in 2009.

Until 2004, all of the company’s products were produced in Japan. In order to optimize prices, part of the production facilities was shifted to China, where some models of the Echo chainsaws are currently being produced. However, these changes did not affect the quality of the goods manufactured. All devices are made under the supervision of Japanese specialists and in strict agreement with the internal Echo standards for quality and security. Note the unusually wide range of products. In addition to chainsaws, electrical and petrol saws, trimmer, back spraying, motor sessions, motor drilling machines, water pumps, power and lubricating materials and all kinds of accessories, hundreds of products are available in the manufacturer’s catalog. For more information about the range of tools produced, please follow this link:

Owners of Echo chainsaws not only notice their high quality, but also quite affordable prices. Today a chainsaw of this manufacturer can be bought at prices between 15,300 and 61,200 rubles.

Functions of the Echo chainsaw:
  • A large selection of chainsaws in different price categories;
  • High quality assembly and components;
  • Information support from the manufacturer and the presence of an expanded network of customer service workshops.

Top models of Echo chainsaws

There is more than a dozen chainsaws in the company’s model range. Some of them have impressive performance features, are very reliable and durable. All of these properties lead to an increased demand for these models and enable us to consider them the most popular.

ECHO CS 260 TES 10. Many users call these bag saw. The instrument received such a nickname due to its compact size and its ultra-light weight (approx. 3 kilograms in a equipped state). The chainsaw is powered by a petrol engine with two strings with a capacity of 1.24 hp, which develops up to 12,000 revolutions/minute. This model is intended for tree bronching that take care of a hedge, repair and construction work. Due to its impressure hand and its light weight, the chain chain of the Echo CS 260 Tes10 becomes an indispensable assistant when it comes to fishing or a land picnic.

This tool is available on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 21,900 rubles.

Echo CS-350 Wes. From the previous model, this chainsaw is characterized by a more powerful engine (2.01 hp) and a large weight of 3.6 kilograms in a equipped form. The unit belongs to the sem i-professional class of tools, it is equipped with increased pistons with electrolytic sprays with hard chrome. The chainsaws are adapted for use under different climatic conditions and easily start in the heat and frost. With this saw you can prepare and see firewood, carry out construction and repair work, clean the garden and the adjacent area.

The manufacturer’s recommended price is 19,300 rubles.

Echo CS-501SX. With the help of these professional chainsaw, you can make a large selection of work: from maintaining the garden and the hedge to the trees. The tool is also useful when construction and repair work of different levels of complexity are carried out. The device is equipped with a powerful 3.5 hp engine, which can be developed up to 13,500 revolutions per minute and can use a 15-inch tire. The Echo CS-501SX model has a compact, balanced housing and relatively low weight of 4.7 kilograms. In their reviews, the owners of the chainsaws notice their reliability, durability and the excellent operation of the vibration system.

On the manufacturer’s website, this tool can be bought today at a price of 32,200 rubles.

Echo cs 353 es. Maybe the most popular model of Echo. A high demand for these chainsaw is explained not only by the budget value (15,300 rubles), but also by impressive operational features. The tool is powered by an engine with an output of 2.16 hp, with which you can easily finish with all wooden types. The walls of the parts of the piston group have a chrome coating, and the connecting rod and the crankshaft are made of forged steel, which significantly increases the motorcycle tour. Thanks to the modernized G-Force air cleaning system, the gasoline consumption is significantly reduced and its start is facilitated by using the ES start function.

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Echo CS 353 It is a universal model that helps to finish with every task. With your help you can prepare and cut the firewood, a house, a garage, a bathroom, a different supply room repair or build, crown the trees and order a hedge. It should be noted that this model is compiled in the company’s factory in Japan.

Switch area of ​​echo chain saws

Echo CS 361 Wes. The chainsaw is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight (3.8 kg). The owners of the tool note excellent ergonomics and balance of the body, which is made of high-quality plastic. The device is equipped with a powerful, economical engine of 2.26 hp that develops up to 14,000 revolutions per minute. Echo CS 361 Wes is ideal for harvesting and sawing firewood and doing other housework.

Echo CS 270 Wes. Another compact and light saw related to the budget class. The tool will help you deal with any kind of economic work, fishing or come in handy during a country picnic. The chainsaw is powered by an engine with a capacity of 1.24 hp and is equipped with a tire of 30 centimeters. Note the presence of an easy launch function, an effective oscillation system and the excellent ergonomics of the case.

Echo CS 3700 Wes. A semi-professional saw with an average engine (2.04 hp). The tool is designed for household use. With the help of this saw you can prepare firewood for the winter and repair the barn and cut the garden trees. The device is equipped with a tire of 40 centimeters, which significantly expands its capabilities. The model is made at the factory in Japan.

Echo cs 251 tes. The novelty in the company’s lineup, the lightest (until recently) in its class of chainsaws, its weight is only 2.3 kilograms. At the same time, an impressive must, as with such a weight and engine power, 1.5 hp is impressive. The model has an ergonomic case and compact dimensions (277x233x214), which allows you to use it not only in the home, but also when fishing, hunting, going to country picnics on the way. An important advantage of this chainsaw is the fact that it goes to Japan.

Echo CS 360 test. The model is designed for domestic use, which is equipped with a 2.2 hp engine. and is equipped with a 30 cm bus and a saw chain for 47 links. The chainsaws are equipped with all the auxiliary functions that increase the productivity of the tool and ensure the comfort and safety of the operator during operation.

Echo CS 4200 ES. The semi-professional model is powered by an engine with a capacity of 2.57 hp, equipped with a 38-centimeter tire and a 64-link chain. The chainsaw has an improved vibration system for six rubber shock absorbers. Gasoline consumption is reduced through the use of the G-Force air purification system and engine launch is simplified due to the ES start function. The Echo CS 4200 ES model is produced at the factory in Japan.

Echo CS 680. Professional chainsaw for intensive use. With their help, you can perform rolling of medium-sized trees, perform logs, carry out construction and repair work. The device is equipped with a powerful engine of 4.7 hp, which allows the use of a guide tire of 45 centimeters. It is worth noting that a fairly impressive weight of this chainsaw – 8.11 kilograms.

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Echo CS 510. This semi-professional model is perfect for both a rural resident and for utility use. The chainsaw is equipped with a fairly powerful engine (3.54 hp), has an improved depreciation system, equipped with a 38-centimeter tire and a 64-link chain. We note the presence of this model of a modernized air purification system with a reinforced nylon filter.

Echo CS-452SX-15″. A high-performance tool designed to perform various economic tasks. Including harvesting large volumes of firewood. Chainsaw owners note their reliability, endurance and long service life. The machine is powered by a media engine (3.07 hp) equipped with a 38 centimeter tire and a saw chain for 66 links.

Echo CS 352 ES. Household chainsaw designed for private farms. The tool has a relatively small weight (4 kg. Without a so w-saw a headset) and a fairly powerful motor (1.78 hp). The model has now been discontinued.

Echo CS 550. Professional model, the first in the chainsaw lineup, equipped with additional engine bladders to increase its power and reduce the number of harmful emissions.

Fuel and lubricant for the Echo chainsaw

When preparing the fuel mixture for a gas-resistant saw from this manufacturer, gasoline with an octane rating of 92-95 and engine oil for two-stroke engines should be used, with air cooling being a function. According to the manufacturer, its engines do not require special running, so the proportions of oil and gasoline in the mixture are from 1 to 50.

Echo Oil 1:50 Jaso Fd Husqvarna H P-Champion Jaso FD

Recommended engine oils:
  • Echo Jaso FD with a dispenser;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Oleo-MAC ProSint 2T;
  • Champion Jaso Fd.

To refuel the automatic lubrication system, we recommend using special adhesive oils that reliably protect the saw set at any ambient temperature. It is forbidden to use a spent liquid, viless and other surrogate mother as a lubricant.

Recommended oils for lubricating the sawing headset:
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

Typical Echo chainsaw malfunctions and probable methods for their elimination

malfunction The probable cause of the malfunction A possible way to eliminate
The engine is not started “on cold”. There is no fuel

Incompetent fuel mixture in the tank

Problems with a candle of ignition

Critical wear of piston group details

Problems in the ignition system

Seal the engine or replace the fuel mixture

Clean and dry the candle or replace it with a new one

Contact the service center

Repair the ignition system yourself or contact the workshop

The main advantages and disadvantages of echo chainsaw


  • High operational characteristics with a small weight of a chainsaw;
  • Modernized anti-vibration system;
  • Improved air cleaning system (G-shape);
  • Additional engine scavenging to increase its power;
  • An effective lubrication system for a saw with forced oil supply to the work area.


  • Fairly high prices for original spare parts;
  • The Echo chainsaw engine uses high quality fuel and lubricants.
  • The owners of some models complain about the awkward location of the neck of the gas station tanks.

Video review of the chainsaw Echo

Comparative review of the Stihl and Echo chainsaw:



Echo chainsaw – review and comment to a specialist:



What are they talking about on the forums: reviews about Echo chainsaw

Andrey Zimin, 54 years old, Siberian Federal District:

The best rest is fishing, especially for a few days. However, there is also a problem – firewood, especially if the road is close to zero, a lot of it will be needed. In the end I decided on a chainsaw. When he told the seller that it was for fishing, he immediately referred to the echo cs 260 tes 10. Compact, lightweight, reliable, high-speed motor, very economical. Then I realized that it can be used at home, especially in construction and repair work. For two years of operation, the petrol saw has never let me down, there have been no breakdowns, all spare parts are native, including the chain. I only spend on oil and gas.

Ivan Razdolny, 32 years old, Volgograd region:

I live in the country, we have no jobs here, just like there is no petrol. This helps – I prepare firewood to order and I earn from it. At first I had a Chinese with a fairly powerful engine, but everything else was useless to hell – I constantly repaired it. Saved some money and bought an Echo CS-501SX chainsaw. Yes, the tool isn’t cheap, but in three years it has proven its worth many times over. With intensive use during this time, nothing has broken. I just change chains, buy oil and gas. It starts in any weather, the vibration is almost not felt, since the saw is quite economical for its cubic capacity.

Pros: engine starts in all weather conditions, excellent anti-vibration system, quality assembly and components, good balance and controls placement;

Cons: price, no other cons

On our site you can also find descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (battery and petrol) of the following brands: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Soyuz, Sturm, Parma , Bison, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Druzhba, Kruger, Caliber, Stihl, as well as feedback on chainsaws from these brands, if you have something to say about the build quality and experience of operating certain models of chainsaws from these brands, write your rating in the comments, it will be very useful for our readers.

Model palette of chainsaws Echo. Operating and maintenance instructions, main disorders and their solutions

The first Echo chainsaw was produced in 1963. At that time the company was known as Kyoritsu Noki Company Limited and engaged in the manufacture of agricultural machinery. In 1978 the company received its current name. Now ECHO is part of the transnational company Yamabiko.

Headquartered in the Tokyo suburbs, ECHO has manufacturing facilities in the Japanese cities of Yokosuka and Morioka, as well as in China. The company’s products have gained popularity due to their manufacturability, excellent quality and high performance. Today, Echo chainsaws can be found in many industries.

These tools are used in professional felling, building and repairing and are used by public utility workers. Household and semi-professional models are great for caring for ornamental and fruit trees, harvesting and sawing firewood.

In addition to chainsaws, the company produces lawn mowers, cultivators, pole cutters, power drills, power drills, sprinklers, lubricants and accessories. More information about the manufactured products can be found here:

Echo products combine high quality and reasonable prices. You can always buy tools according to your budget. In the manufacturer’s catalog you can find expensive professional models and household tools at a budget price.

Echo chainsaws lineup

The catalog of this manufacturer has many models of different chain chains. Today we will introduce only a small part of the tools that can be ordered on the company’s website.

  • Echo CS 361Wes 14 – Powerful, reliable, manoeuvrable saw for construction work;
  • Echo CS 3700S – A semi-professional, medium-power saw – reliable, unpretentious, maneuverable;
  • Echo CS 4200S – Farmer Chainsaw, designed for the medium-sized complexity; – Household chainsaws with a powerful engine and at an affordable price;
  • Echo CS-25111tes-the easiest (2.3 kg.) basil in the company. Ideal for landscaping and construction work;
  • Echo CS-360Tes is an economical household chainsaw with a 30-centimeter bus. Designed for household, as well as for repair, as well as for construction work;
  • Echo CS-390SX is a professional model. Equipped with an improved exhaust system;
  • Echo CS-452SX is a professional model. Differs in a powerful engine, reliability and high performance;
  • Echo CS-510 power chainsaw for a professional forest effect. Equipped with a multi-point symmetrical depreciation system;
  • Echo CS-620SX-A Professional Chainsaw “Professional”. Developed for roller trees in climate zones;
  • Echo CS-8002 is the most powerful and expensive tracked motorcycle in the Echo line. It is equipped with a length of 50 centimeters. You can install a tire up to 70 cm in size.
  • Echo CS-452SX-15 “-The saw is characterized by reliability and durability. An ideal tool for harvesting firewood and sawing wood.

Echo CS 361Wes 14 Echo CS 4200ES Echo CS-452SX chainsaw

Echo chainsaws: top models

All of the company’s products are of high quality assembly and reliable components. However, there are several models of chainsaws in the line that have gained particular popularity and earned the most flattering reviews from their owners. Present the most interesting of them:

  • Echo CS 260tes 10 – One of the lightest models on the chainsaw market, it is ideal for working on the maintenance of a garden and hedge. – drank a semi-professional class. It can be used for tree rolling by unprofessional methods that perfectly cope with all economic work.
  • Echo CS-501SX-Power (3.5 HP) engine, excellent maneuverability, an effective vibration system and high performance-these are the distinctive features of this model.

Echo CS 260tes 10 Chainsaw Chainsaw Echo CS-350Wes Echo CS-501SX chainsaw

Echo Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance Manual

Instructions for all Echo chainsaw models are available on the manufacturer’s website. Before we assemble the tool and start work, we recommend that you carefully read the description of the saw and operation manual. Particular attention should be paid to investigating and complying with safety regulations when working with tracked motorcycles.

  • Pay special attention to the quality of the fuel. Use only quality ingredients for its preparation.
  • Adjusting a chain correctly is important. The cutting edges of the teeth should be directed towards the chain.
  • Get rid of the saw headset’s oil lubrication system. Always monitor the oil level in the tank while working.

Important: To lubricate the saw use only high oils from the company Echo, it is forbidden to use a waste liquid as a lubricant.

  • Follow the anti-vibration system serviceability. This will help to avoid operator fatigue and increase work efficiency.
  • To avoid the saw stop, keep the automatic lubrication system in good condition.
  • During work, every 45-50 minutes, take small breaks, let the chainsaw cool down. This is especially important when working as home-class chainsaws.
  • Keep a chainsaw in a dry, ventilated room, do not forget to clean the tool after work.
  • Use protective gloves and goggles or mask while working.
  • All repair work should be carried out with the engine switched off.
  • At the end of the work, always turn on the inertia brake of the circuit.

Preparing to run and ru n-in

The saw is delivered in a collected condition. The buyer still remains to check his equipment, attach parts, mount the tire and gears.

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the Echo’s chainsaw. Check the reliability of the mounts of all parts and components.
  • Mount a sawing headset. Don’t forget to pay attention to checking the correct tension of the chain. When working in hot weather, adjust the tension as the chain is stretched at high temperatures.
  • The next task is to perform the saw. This phase is very important as it prolongs the life of the engine. Playing an Echo’s chainsaw consists of two phases.

First stage:

  • Prepare a small amount (1 tank) of fuel mixture at a ratio of 1 part oil to 25 parts gasoline.
  • Recover the oil system of the automatic lubrication of the gearshift.
  • Run the engine.

Important: Only perform with mounted saw adjustments.

  • Let the engine run for 20-25 minutes. Bite the engine periodically for 25-30 seconds

Second phase:

  • Prepare a fresh 1 to 50 rate fuel mixture and season with a saw.
  • Run your chainsaw on gentle mode for 3-4 hours. In this case, do not cut thick logs and overheat the engine. Periodically (every 20 to 30 minutes of work) kill the engine and allow the saw to cool.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave the lack of oil in the chain’s automatic lubrication system.

Fuel and oil for chainsaws Echo

The manufacturer recommends only high-quality mineral and semi-synthetic oils for two-stroke engines. When preparing the fuel mixture, it is important to use high-quality high-octane gasoline of the AI-92, 95 brand. The list of oils recommended by the manufacturer and lubricant can be seen here:

Jaso Fd 13:50 pmmim B&C Jaso FD oil with reducer and flexible lubricator

Possible malfunctions of the chainsa w-Echo and ways to eliminate them

malfunction Possible reason The method of elimination
The engine will not start. There is no fuel.

The candle doesn’t work.

Clean the candle, replace if necessary.

Repair or replace the oil pump

A malfunction of the anti-vibration system.

Check all brackets, tighten bolts, nuts and clamps.

Do shock absorbers yourself or contact the service center.

Echo chainsaw: pros and cons

Based on personal experience and considering the reviews of owners of Echo chainsaws, we came to the conclusion that these tools have a number of undoubted advantages over their competitors. At the same time, some models are characterized by flaws and have a number of disadvantages.


  • Quality with high assembly;
  • moderate price;
  • Ergonomic case;
  • Low weight and great balance;
  • Effective anti-vibration system;
  • Adaptation to work in different climatic zones;
  • Developed service infrastructure;


  • Expensive spare parts;
  • Requires quality oil and gasoline;
  • Some models have an unsuccessful starter location.

Adjustment of the chain chain carburetor from Echo

Tuning the carburetor of the tracked motorcycl e-Echo can be done both in the workshop and at home. Let’s see how to do it with your own hands:

  • When adjusting the carburetor, we use three adjusting screws: H – is responsible for the volume of fuel supply to the combustion chamber at high speeds. the combustion chamber;
  • Against the stop, remove H and L screws counterclockwise. You don’t have to over-tighten the screws – stop the effort as soon as you feel resistance.
  • Run the engine. If the engine does not start, take the enrichment of the fuel mixture and turn the screw T clockwise ¼ turn;
  • After the motor has earned, twal Twentie Twenth (turn counter-clockwise) until the gearshift stops moving;
  • 10 minutes to warm up the engine;
  • Using the L screw, find the maximum engine speed and from this point unscrew the screw ¼ turn.
  • Check the receipt of the saw and, if necessary, reduce the idle speed with a screw T.
  • More precise adjustments must be made with a tachometer or in a service center.

Carburetor adjustment at home:

Adjusting the chain of the chain of the chain echo

From time to time every owner of the chain chain ship needs to adjust the tension of the chain. This can be done at home – there is no need to contact the master at all.

  • Weaken the nuts on the protective cover that presses the tire;
  • Rotate the adjusting screw, achieve the chain tension.

Important: a correctly adjusted chain when moving with one hand does not make unnecessary noise and rotates freely on the tire.

  • Tighten the nuts and check the tension again. Adjust it if necessary.

Sharpening the Chain Echo’s chain

The performance of work and the consumption of fuel and lubricants largely depend on the proper sharpness of the chain’s cutting teeth. You can sharpen the chain at home. In order not to have to periodically contact the master, we recommend buying special files and sharpening the house.

  • Purchase a specific template for your chain mockup, round and flat files.
  • Press the tire with a chain in a vise;
  • Wear sharpening with light movements, strictly the angle, according to the template;
  • When sharpening, spend the same number of movements for each tooth.
  • First sharpen all teeth on one side and then on the other side.

Video review

Japanese Chainsaw Echo: Review, Assembly, First Launch:

Depreciation work on Echo saws:

Overview of a professional chainsa w-Echo:

Reviews of the owners

Alexander Kryuchkov:

I chose a saw for my father. They used firewood in the village for sawing and in winter and went to the forest. We dumped several large pines. The Echo works like a clock. He doesn’t eat excess fuel, nor is the oil too much. This summer they launched a small construction site in the village – the chainsaw did not rest. I realized that it is perfect for repairs and construction. The Echo has already worked out its price.

Artem Shiryaev:

Echo took the recommendation of a friend. I read reviews on the Internet, talked to sellers – I bought them for household needs and saw firewood. Even though the tool is domestic, trees up to 55 cm (no longer sawn) are turned on. At the same time, the weight can be cut with one hand. I liked how it started in winter: from the first or second time. I have no complaints about the tool – a real Japanese.

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