Minor Series MTZ SNO W-BUTS: Description, characteristics and reviews

Snowmen for MTZ. Technical features and operating rules

Hand tools are gradually fading into the background of cleaning the stacked snow drifts. The fact is that modern technical thinking offers special units and devices that not only significantly improve cleaning efficiency, but can also reduce the energy consumption of the entire process. We speak of household snowball players who are available in different configurations and technical devices (see selection). These devices cost a lot of money, but it is quite easy to make yourself a snowboard at home. As practice shows, improvised agents receive pretty good devices that are almost inferior to the analogue purchased. In the article we will talk about how to make a Rotary Snowman with your own hands?


Due to their constructive performance, gasoline snow epipers can be of different types:

  • Screw type;
  • Rotation;
  • Mixed type.

Rotary is better for homemade

Rotar y-the best option for home production

A Rotary Snowman is considered the best option for manufacturing at home. There are mutliple reasons for this:

  • More efficient snow cleaning, since the device not only uses the screw itself, but also the rotor (Rotary snowball players are also referred to as “screw negotiation”).
  • Pretty high mobility and excellent work indicators.
  • Snowoffer from Rotor type are quite strong, which makes it possible to use them in sno w-covered areas and territories.

A snow machine of this type can push snow over a rather large distance – depending on the engine used up to 12 meters.

More information about the Rotary Snowball players can be found in the video below:

The use of an electric motor can be more appropriate (see via electrical snow eaters). If the area of ​​the cleaned area is not very large, you can ask the question – how to produce an electrical rotating feast with your own hands an air cooler electric motor and shadow?

However, many years of experience show that the choice of internal internal combustion engines should be stopped, which can do bizarre, but in a larger area much more work.

And the lack of a cable that significantly limits the work space adds arguments in favor of a petrol engine.

If you have different aid devices, the question disappears completely when looking for a suitable engine. For example, you can create a Rotary Snowman for a walk with your own hands, the drawings of which are quite widespread on the Internet.

Petrol engine

Petrol engine

In this case, the motorcycle block acts as a working engine that moves the entire structure.

The device of the snow removal machine

The Rotary snow track is quite simple. The unit consists of a “snail” – a round building. A sleeve is placed at the top to output snow. Leaders are welded in front of the housing. The rotor turns in the snowman at great speeds.

It consists of a impeller that is piled up on a wave with camps. The mechanism drives the engine. When the rotor starts to turn on the snow blower, the impact leaves begin to absorb snow under themselves, crush it inside the snail and then spin it through the sleeve several meters to the side.

Homemade rotating snow blower can be made in two variants:

  1. With a fixed engine. In this case, the snow blower acts as a full machine.
  2. As a carport for other devices. You do not rely on such rotating homemade products. The snow blower is hung on a mini tractor or a han d-led tractor. The drive takes place via a chain or belt drive.

Snow milling also differ in the type of engine:

The rotor runs almost noiselessly for electric models. You do not need consumables and are easier to wait. For the inconvenience, you can count the cable that is constantly grinding behind the snow blower. Instead, they prefer the battery model, but the operating time of such a device is very limited. Unfortunately, all electrical snow blades are too weak. They are almost always used in private courtyards and huts to clean the paths of fallen loose fresh snow.

Petrol rotation models are more powerful than electrical snow blades. Their disadvantage is only a more complex motor expectation, the presence of exhaust gases and regularly refuel. However, the petrol snow reference is not connected to the power grid. The power of the engine enables a rotating mechanism to produce large dimensions. Such a rotary device has an enlarged detection width and can not only be finished with a thick blanket of snow, but also with snow drifts.

Depending on the type of movement, snow blades are divided into:

Not sel f-driving. Such units move by being pushed by the operator. This category usually includes electrical snow blades, but there are also petrol options with low power consumption. The device must be pushed slightly. Thanks to the recording of the snow cover through the impeller, the snow blower slowly moves forward spontaneously.

Hyundai Motoblocks. Review of the list, properties

Sel f-driving mechanisms usually work with a petrol engine. The snow blower drives on its own bikes. The operator only specifies its course.

A rotating snow plow can also be assigned to the sel f-driving devices, although it does not even have an inpatient drive. But you can’t push it with your hands. The trailer coupling moves together with a mini tractor or a han d-led tractor.

Working principle

Homemade rotating snow blower to make yourself is a metal housing in which there are two rotating elements – this is a snail and a rotating mechanism. The snail mechanism is hidden in a special bucket, the width of which determines the area of ​​the set snow strip. The snow plow on the singl e-axle tractor is very easy to assemble.

After entering the snow cover with the snail, it will continue to be handed over to the shooting machine, which it processes. Then the snow gets into the ejection shaft, from where it is pushed out a certain route.

If you produce a rotating snow blower for a tractor, you don’t have to worry about installing a motor as with a han d-led tractor. In addition, the installation of wheels or caterpillars is also eliminated because. The driving force will be the tractor itself.

The only thing is that you can attach small runners to the bottom of the shovel so that the movement of the snow blower on the snow surface is more even.

Bulldozer can be used to transport goods and to lay piles and pipes. Example: Planier caterpillar T130.

The Bulldozer T170 can be operated with different devices: bulldozer or loosening.

And B10M is a special machine with a tear and bulldozer complex that can work under all climatic conditions.

Snow mill SRK 2.0

The SRK 2.0 snow plow complex is a snow plow, which is aggregated with tractors of traction class 1,4 and higher and is designed for use up to 40 degrees at high frost conditions.

The main use of the device is to remove snow from roads, sidewalks, courtyards and industrial areas, laying roads by snow drifting and the discarding of embankments that have formed after the work of landfillism.

Pr e-shed by two parallel rows of snails, driven by a mechanical path wave of the base tractor, the snow is further prepared with compressed air before entering the cockroach and then thrown away by the unit a distance of up to 20 meters.

The efficiency of the snow blower is guaranteed by the fastening mechanisms installed on it, with which you can quickly remove the device or switch to other devices.

The snow space complex can be used to load snow masses to vehicles with a maximum loading edge height of up to 3.1 meters.

Technical parameters of the snow plow SRK 2.0
Aggregated tractors MTZ-80, 82 and 92P
Maximum transport speed (km per hour) 20
Dimensions taking into account the dimensions of the base machine (LXBXH in meters) 5.6×1.990×3.680
The weight of the snow away per hour with a density of 0.5 tons / cubic meters. Meter (tons) 200
Snow throwing width to the left (m) 15
Snow throwing width to the right (m) 20
Maximum height of the cleared Snowewe (M) 0.92
Maximum density of the removed snow mass (T / M3) 0,6
Rotor speed (rpm) 900

Necessary materials

In order to produce a sel f-made snow blower yourself, you not only need basic knowledge of welding and turning, but also some tools that you can hardly do without.

Here is a list of what we need:

  • Key with different diameters.
  • Screws and nuts (it is better to collect everyone available to simplify navigation in the future).
  • Electric drill.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Screwdriver of all types and sizes that are available.
  • Zonge, vice and pliers.
  • Ordinary hammer and file.
  • Different chains.
  • Welding device.

As we can see, almost the entire arsenal that most men have. Better prepare everything in advance so that you do not have to search for the right tool or screwdriver in the required size later.

Metal tube for gutter

Metal tube for gutter

As a material, we need a metal profile tube with a cros s-section of 20 x 40 mm. A profile corner with the same parameters is also suitable for the frame base.

Where snow blows are normally used on the T-25

Snow milling for the T-25 tractor are very popular due to their user-friendliness and its large area of ​​application. Due to their small size, such snow mills can be used for cleaning garage cooperatives, large warehouses, industrial and even residential areas, garden, hunting or arable land.

Charming conservatory

High performance and productivity enable the use of snow spinning not only under domestic conditions, but also in the professional and commercial area, whereby large areas of markets, factories and industries are cleared.


It is worth mentioning that, to make a homemade snow blower, you work a little on a lathe and the metal parts you have to adjust to the desired size.

If you don’t have it, you can use the drawings to go to the next rotary, where you can make the necessary parts for very cheap money.

Now you can start making a snow blower. This process can be divided into several phases:

  • Screw production.
  • Production of a rotary mechanism.
  • Installation of a housing (bucket).
  • Production of the body frame.

Snail production

The base of each snail is a metal shaft on which there is snow bangs. For the wave you can use an ordinary metal tube with two cones at the ends. Steel slices in the amount of 8 pieces are suitable for exciting elements.

Snail production

Snail production

Their thickness must be at least 2 mm. From this, snail elements are made, which are then welded with a metal shaft.

As a material for rotating elements, you can use a conveyor belt with a thickness of 1 cm, we need about 2 meters of this material. Four rings are cut from this volume, the diameter of which should be at least 28 cm.

In order for the desired snail turn, closed warehouse no. 205 must be used so that the snow cover does not fall into it.

How to make a rotary mechanism for the device

A sheet with a thickness of no more than 3 mm (2.5 mm are possible) is used to manufacture the rotor. We also need an electrical jigsaw with a nozzle for cutting metal and a normal compass. If you have no jigsaws, you can use a grinding machine with a suitable nozzle for metal.

We take a sheet on which we draw a circle with the desired diameter with a compass (in this case this diameter is about 3-3.2 cm). Next, cut out this circle with a mill. Everything has to be done very carefully, because the performance of the future snow blower depends on your efforts.

The next step is to install the knot in the middle that mounts the rotating mechanism on the hub. You can simply weld the axis or drill a hole in the middle of the diameter you need for the screw.

It is important to understand that it is unlikely that homemade counterparts differ in factory accuracy. It is therefore worth using stronger camps that can withstand the rotor punch.


Bulgarian for the production of a snow blower

Next you have to weld the blades to the resulting circle that hits the snow. You need at least four such blades with the same distance from each other. They are also made of metal.

Make a snow plow body with your own hands

The body frame consists of a metal lick with a size of 5 x 5 cm. Additional corners with a size of 2.5 × 2.5 cm must be welded on the crossing corners. The entire structure should be attached with M8 screws.

Completion of the assembly of the electro-sneaker

Our snow blower is almost finished. Now we have to put together all components that we made before.

It is necessary to place a wave with snail elements on the rotor. This mechanism is attached to the housing frame with a clamping ring and several screws. The rotor itself is attached to the frame with a special bracket.

As a starting point, you can use the usual wastewater pipe if there are no other options. For example, if we make a Rotary Snowman for an MTZ tractor with our own hands, we have to use components that are cooked by a metal sheet.

But a plastic tube is quite suitable for a manual snowman.

Is there a guarantee for a snow track?

Our production company grants a guarantee for a snow surface within 12 months of the sales date to the buyer, provided that the consumer corresponds to the transport conditions, assembly and operation of the product. Our guarantee does not apply to components from other manufacturers – gears and cardan shaft. The accompanying documentation of the manufacturers comes to them.

See also: Technical features and features of the operation of the chain ship partner (partner) 351

Overview of the electric and gasoline lawnmower Oleo Mac Allroad. Technical features. Functions of use

You can call us and receive a qualified advice on the technical company of the Snow Pipe.

Useful tips and warnings warnings warnings

The main problem of all snow attacks bought by themselves or in business is to bring no n-authorized objects to a work motor. To avoid this, you can use special safety screws in the design.

Sealed camp

Closed camp

In addition, the use of the type of closed type will be advisable, which prevents snow from getting into the housing.

You need to use light materials to make a homemade snow machine. Therefore, for the frame, they advise the use of not very thick metal leaves, otherwise the entire structure turns out to be very bulky.

Of course, it will be very reliable and durable, but it will be very difficult to control it, especially if you remove the big snow colors.

Of course, the aggregation of a snowman at home is ideal for walks, but this device is not in all farms. A motor cultivator Viking is perfect as the basic unit.

Snowmen for MTZ. Technical features and operating rules

Snow) are made by different types and shapes so that the owner can directly select the model that fits according to the specified requirements. The main classification is the distribution of snowball players in screws and garbage copies. They differ in the type of cleaning and the principle of general work.

Schrekorotor Snowman ST-1500

The ST-1500 Snowmaker is suitable for MTZ 320 and installed on the fastening device in front of the tractor. A reliable and large unit helps to finish with large snowbones along the streets and sidewalks and not only remove the snow itself, but also the garbage.

Schrekorotor Snowman ST-1500

The height of the screw snow cup for MTZ 320 is 50 cm, the width 150 cm. Thanks to such sizes, you can drop a wide snow area at a distance of up to 20 meters. During the hour of active work, the snowmaker processes up to 80 tons of snow at MTZ 320, which is 2250 m2. In addition to MTZ 320, the ST-1500 snowmaker can be used with any current unit whose performance is not lower than 26 hp.

Snow removal dump with 2.5 with a hydraulic curve 60º

A wide dump of 2.5 meters will clear roads, streets, borders and courtyards without throwing snow over a long distance. The snowmaker with 2.5 for MTZ has a number of advantages, the main of which is greater cleaning power thanks to a rotating dump left and right up to 30º in each direction.

Snow removal dump with 2.5 with a hydraulic curve 60º

This snow route is suitable for MTZ 80 and 82. It is controlled by the operator from the control cabin using hydraulic cylinders. With universal attachments and installations, you can change the snowmaker on the MTZ and replace it with others, for example, snow brushes from the SU series. If you upgrade the 2.5 snowman and supplement it with the SU 2.1 unit, the width of the harvest strip can be increased to 4 meters.

The dump is equipped with rubberized steel knives that make it possible to remove the cervix and the icy snowdrifts.

Snow removal unit SU 2.1 Ohm

A snowstorm for the MTZ model SU 2.1 Ohm is a whole complex created for effective cleaning of not only fresh, but also stuck, icy snow from larger areas and roads. A complex of rotary cutters, garbage copies and devices for laying snow exists. With the function of the pipe, you can throw away the spent masses of snow even more precisely by fixing them at the angles of 30, 45 or 60 degrees.

Snow removal unit SU 2.1 Ohm

Universal brackets allow you to vary and complement the snow removal mechanism. Thanks to the snow-laying device, you can dip it into truck trailers and cars. The compact size of the Schne e-SU 2.1 ohm allows you to use it with MTZ 80 and 82 tractors and use it on city streets or crossroads.

Snow Outing Complex SU 2.1 OPM – “Clean City”

The advanced model of the SU 2.1 Snowman for MTZ differs from the previous model in that it has a special gutter that allows you to load the collected snow onto trucks or dump it up to 20 meters up to 20 meters. A large complex that found its application in the cleaning of large roads and highways.

Snow Outing Complex SU 2.1 OPM – “Clean City”

This model of the snow pipe is very popular, since using universal mounts you can change the configuration of the snowman, equip the MTZ with other units. The snowmaker in cooperation with a dump has the ability to remove snow up to 4 meters wide at a speed of up to 7 km/h. Large dimensions and high power allow you to remove 500 tons of snow per hour.

Motorblock and trimmer a-Dde review. Instructions, reviews

Snow mill SRK 2.0

The snowmaker for the MTZ, a strong and reliable unit when cleaning snow, even in heavy frosts that reac h-40 degrees. Large size and high power of the snow pipe allow SKRK 2.0 snowmaker to be used to clean sidewalks and roads, roads, courtyards and production areas, and roads through snowdrifts and snowdrifts.

Shredding rotor SNRK Snowpipe 2.0

Fresh, colored or icy snow is easily assembled by two large metal cutters, suitable for processing with compressed air and dumped from a dump at a distance of 20 meters. In addition, the high location of the MTZ dumps allows for the loaded snow on trucks and trailers no more than 3.1 meters high.

Snow removal complex SU 2.1 “Snowfighter”

Snow plow SU 2.1 can be called a real complex for cleaning city streets, rough terrain, yards, industrial or storage areas, highways and secondary roads. Maneuverability and ease of use are facilitated by the snow thrower’s small size and the versatility of its mounts. This allows you to vary the configuration of the snow blower at MTZ.

Snow removal complex SU 2.1 “Snow Fighter”

Powerful flexible cutters not only cope perfectly with fresh, large snowdrifts, but also with solid, icy snowpack. The lightness of the snow plow design and its versatility allow it to be connected to the front of the MTZ 80 and 82, and the build quality and materials allow it to work even in the lowest ambient temperatures.

Varieties of tractors for snow removal

Varieties of tractors for the snow removal

The domestic market is oversaturated with snow plows, including tractors and their small counterparts.

Their entire range can be divided into:

  1. Mini tractors for snow plows are small and manoeuvrable units on wheels or tracks, developing tens of horsepower. They are easy to care for and can be stored in a car garage or at a depot. They are popular for gift giving or a private home as well as for community needs. For example, the Chinese technique “Xintai” XT-120, XT-140, “Shifeng” or “Jinma”;
  2. Municipal snowplough tractors are heavy equipment designed to work long hours a day on large areas. Most commonly found when clearing roads in heavy rain. For example, Finnish Avant snowplough tractors;
  3. Mixed – multifunctional municipal machines, which, in addition to snow plows, combine other mechanisms for general or special purposes. Their advantage is versatility and the possibility of combined use of functions (domestic MDKZ-20, UDM2, KrAZ S20.2R);
  4. Snow removal machines – not only collect snowdrifts from the roadway, but also transport them away from the collection point.

Advantages of snow plow tractors:

  • Mobility;
  • Perfomance;
  • safety for the operator and others;
  • Effective against any type of snow mass – freshly fallen, trampled and compacted, icy.

Areas of application for snow blowers at MTZ

MTZ snow plows are indispensable helpers when clearing large areas, urban and industrial areas, sidewalks, roads and highways. MTZ with each unit of snow removal units will easily clear roads and rough terrain from snow blockages. Some complexes not only load snow, but also load it onto cargo trailers and cars, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of removing snow blockages in the city.

Large garage co-ops, storage areas, cities and communities can now easily and quickly get rid of excess snow.

How to make a rotary snow blower for a tractor yourself?

How to build a rotating snow blower for a tractor yourself

If, at the same time as the task of cleaning the snow with a tractor, the removed material is also discharged outside of the area to be cleaned, you cannot do without a snow blower.

How to mount a rotary snowblower on a tractor with your own hands:

    We make a detailed drawing;

Do-it-yourself snow teat on a tractor

We design a rotor with our own hands

The front part of the housing is covered with metal

The described homemade product is designed for tractors with a power of 2-25 hp, traction class 0.6 at crankshaft speeds not exceeding 1.8 thousand per minute. It can operate confidently in 2-4 gears and offer a drop of 15 m.

Features of the new snow throwers for MTZ

As with any technique, new copies of the snow pipe are strong in performance, power and durability. Over time and with improper maintenance, the quality of the snow on the MTZ is significantly reduced.

For active use, of course, it is preferable to buy a new snow stick. However, it is worth noting that since snow plow is an expensive product, the pleasure does not come cheap. Snowball players for MTZ are produced in local factories. Because of this, they have a cheaper price than their foreign counterparts.

Description of the chainsaw patriot PT 3816. Instruction and maintenance instructions. Reviews of the owners

You can buy snow pitches for MTZ both in specialized snow and garden equipment stores, and in online stores. A wide range of cleaning supplies allows you to choose the model that is most suitable for the tasks with a potential buyer.

How to make a dump for a tractor with your own hands?

Light-off shovel is the most primitive and popular way of redesigning implements in a snow cleaning tractor. As an actor machine, you can take the usual “Vladimirovts” T-30 tractor or any MTZ model.

The course of the work:

    Creating a drawing of a future homemade. At home, it is advisable to do it according to the model of factory flow rates for a specific tractor model. We suggest using the provided option.

How to make a blade for a tractor with your own hands

As a result, we get a homemade V-shaped dump with moving parts that are held on the hinges on a single semirama.

Characteristics of snow information at MTZ B/Y.

A distinctive feature of snow specifications for former MTZ from new ones is more affordable. It is almost impossible to find this type of product in ordinary stores. To buy snow surers from the used MTZ, you can look for private ads for forums and resale sites where individual owners, due to some circumstances, intend to sell the snowman.

Typically, their cost of new snowfall is almost double the market.

Dispensing devices for snow cleaning with a tractor

Grown equipment for snow rooms with a tractor

Modern tractors, regardless of target binding (industrial, transport or agricultural), have the choice of hydraulic or shaft (screw) built. This allows you to adapt to snow removal adapters mounted on them.

This category of hitch can be divided into:

I. Smintering tools that move snowdrifts out of the original area:

  • Snow Dumps or Plows-a, Double Spal and Continuous, Cut. They are united by the presence of a leading mechanism – a knife – a steel or rubber plate scraping snow from the road. Blades on the tractor are generated in a rotary and non-editor structure, where the angle of attack is not accessible for calibration.
  • Smin brushes for the tractor only work against the non-safe material;

II. Snow scribes collect snowdrifts and throw them in an open area. They are aggregated for the front or rear lift arms of the base tractor:

  • Rotor – Contains a lobed element in a disc or non-discount shape. The area of ​​u200bu200bthe discharge and its trajectory are determined by the exciting gutter.
  • Palerotorous – looks like a plow, combining several mobile rotors. The cleaning of the resulting mass is carried out by a plow, in which, after crushing with rotor blades, it is extracted by the deflector;
  • SNOW ROTOR – composed of several rotors and a screw feeder, which takes part in the separation of the ground part of the snow stick and its supply with the rotor. The latter has a screw structure located on both sides of the rotor;

III. Snow load adapter:

  • Loader – rake, move and lift a snowball to a dump truck or truck;
  • Boards – Connecting to a tractor enables you to complete the work cycle of the harvest independently.

Overview of 6 popular models of snow plows based on MTZ

Winter not only brings with it the beauty of sno w-covered landscapes, but also sno w-capped streets and snow drifts on the civil climbing, which create inconvenience for the movement of vehicles and humans.

Remove snow from highways and runways quickly and efficiently as well as remove the sidewalks and places in the city of drifts, only modern high-performance snow plows can.

One of the best options for snow removal is the use of mechanized complexes based on tractors from the Belarus brand, which include various snow clearing devices.

How do you choose a snow plow tractor?

Before you buy such devices, you should choose the purpose and goals of buying. If there are no further tasks for him apart from the snow removal, you can buy a snow space tractor with stationary (no n-removable) shovel or rotor. However, in order to rule out a loss of equipment in summer and spring, you prefer to stay with an al l-purpose tractor, which is used, among other things, for field work, heavy transports and construction work.

Popular brands in this product segment are Uralets, John Deere, Bulat, Foton, Masteryard, JCB, which can be adapted for both snow control and for any other area of ​​activity.

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