MiniTractors Xingtai – an overview of models and attachments XINGTAI

The most popular Xingtai minitractors come from China

The Xingtai minitractor is produced by Chinese companies. This is a versatile bike tractor that is well suited for the processing of agricultural areas. The XINGTAI 224 mini tractor is considered the most suitable device for working under agricultural conditions in terms of maintenanc e-friendliness and standardization with previous models. Each mini tractor of the Xingtai series has its own function, which is discussed below.

Chinese tractor

Xingtai 120 Minitraktor – characteristics of an agricultural machine

This XINGTAI cycle model is characterized by its broad functionality and its modest dimensions. If necessary, additionally grown machines and devices can be installed on the unit, which greatly expands the area of ​​application of the unit.

The equipment consists of a reliable 4-stroke diesel engine, the water cooling of which is produced by the presence of a pump to foreclosure the refrigerant. All engine parts consist of corrosio n-resistant materials, which significantly extends the lifespan.

The design of the mini-tractor drive includes a manual transmission, a differential and a robust single-pane coupling with a permanently closed clutch.

The machine options include:

  • Performance – 12 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 14.5 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium load – 189 g / l. With.;
  • Number of driving speeds – 6 forward / 2 backwards:
  • Weight – 750 kg.

The unit Xingtai 120 is equipped with a rather modest driver’s seat. It consists of a solid metal seat next to which there are steering wheel and gear lever. Controls for prongs mechanisms are installed in the immediate vicinity.

Small tractor XINGTAI 220 – description of the unit

The basic equipment of this model consists of a 2-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, which is driven by a trouble-free electrical starter. In order to maintain the optimal temperature for the operation of the engine, a fluid cooling system is provided in the construction. The combustion engine is equipped with oil and paper fuel filters, the presence of which prevents harmful contaminants from penetrating the motor cylinder.

Minitor Sintai 220

The complete set of this model includes a wide range of electrical appliances that are required for the operation. The Xingtai XT 220 device is equipped with a generator, headlights, a controller, a amperemeter, printing and turn signal and a battery.

The model’s cockpit has been subjected to several significant improvements. The device is equipped with a soft seat with a suspended bracket, an informative dashboard and ergonomically arranged controls.

The characteristics of the agricultural machine include:

  • Performance – 22 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 17 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium load – 195 g / l. With.;
  • Number of driving speeds – 6 forward / 2 backwards;
  • Weight – 1040 kg.

For use with this mini tractor, you can use a egg, a seed machine, a plow, a syringe, a shield and a trailer.

Fuel consumption tractor Xingtai 220

The Xingtai 220-mini drive is marked by a small fuel consumption in a total of 189 g/kWh. In addition to the condition that the fuel tank has a low capacity – 17 liters, such a model requires a constant activity if the processed area and the load of the device are large. The situation differs with the domestic model of this class MTZ-132N.

Tractor Sintai 220 at work

Minitor Sintai 180 – advantages of the car

This popular model with a traction class 3.7 KN is characterized by its low costs, modest fuel consumption, small dimensions and rather high maneuverability.

In the production of this mini drive, the Chinese company uses the latest technologies, hig h-quality materials and proprietary design solutions. Thanks to this, the Xingtai XT 18 Mini actionor can successfully cope with a number of complex tasks. The intensive loosening of the soil, the extremely low and high temperatures, the processing of virgin countries and the use of hinge tools with a large size.

Minitor Sintai 180

The Chinese unit is equipped with a 4-stroke diesel engine with a vertical position, an effective liquid cooling system and an electric starter. A mult i-day s-Mechanical gearbox offers the model the opportunity to work at a variety of speeds, and with the adjustable track you can configure the device for one or the other working conditions.

The agricultural parameters include:

  • Power – 18 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 15 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium loads – 200 g/l. With.;
  • Number of driving speeds – 6 forward / 2 backwards;
  • The mass is 820 kg.

The minimum radius of the unit, which is 3.9 m, enables you to use the machine from the Syntai brand in the inaccessible places without harming the treated soil.

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Review of the popular models of the Xingtai Mini Actionors

Two models were particularly popular in the pos t-Soviet area and ideally suited for farmers and entrepreneurs with regard to the ratio of the dimensions modeling. Like other syntai products, they are collected in Russia, but only individual nodes and units are brought from China.

Sintai 220 is released from the model area with a tw o-cylinde r-fou r-stroke engine with a coolant system. The tractor works without failure in both hot weather and in minus temperatures. Engine power – 73 liters. P. that enables them to completely close the needs of owners of small farms and actions.

Model model

The mini contract is used in various areas of the economy

Model 244 is primarily interesting because there is a covered cabin under the configuration options. The rest of the tractors are made without a roof for reasons of maximum costs. However, this model can be bought with a canopy and a complete glazed cabin that reliably protects the driver from wind, precipitation and cold.

Tractor device

Chinese ministers have been known in Russia since 1992. During this time, the features of the products managed to adapt to the local conditions as far as possible. The priority of the buyers are the low costs for buying and maintenance, simplicity of the device and the reliability of the work, regardless of the weather’s cars. Think about how these tasks were solved by the example of the popular models mentioned.

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The al l-wheel drive ensures interruptio n-free operation on each floor, including clay, sand and swamp. The rear axle waves have a bike width adjustment that enables them to work in a confined space, as well as the desired track width or the row spacing. Diverse work equipment make the mini tractor a universal helper. The only restriction is that the load capacity of the equipment should not exceed 580 kg. Otherwise, the si x-time tank wave enables you to have a wide range of work. For example:

  • All field work in spring (plowing, cultivating, egging);
  • Fertilizer application;
  • Plant and harvest minced fruits;
  • Grass mowing and havoc;
  • Snow removal;
  • Freight traffic;
  • Grabs of holes, ponds, trenches and channels.

The economical engine enables long work without refueling (up to 4 hours).

The electrical starter ensures easy starting of the engine, and liquid cooling ensures reliable operation in every season. The fuel filter effectively cleans the diesel, which increases the unpretentiousism of the car and its value for rural areas, in which not always hig h-quality fuel is sold. The minimum speed of the tractor is 2 km/h, which corresponds to the speed of combine harvesters from other agricultural machines.

The transmission is extremely simple-a 4-speed manual transmission and a dry clutch. Brakes – bake, in followers – pneumatic. The circuit includes headlights and outdoor lighting. Due to the open layout (without a cabin), the cost of the tractor could be significantly reduced – there is no heating, ventilation and interior lighting. We also managed to save on decoration, sound and heat insulation of the cabin. The driver’s seat is sprung, the upholstery is synthetic leather.

Field work

The tractor is perfect for working in the field

The guarantee for Xingtai products is 1 year. The company carries out guaranteed repairs and scheduled maintenance. The simple setup of the machine enables owners to fix smaller disorders themselves or at any suitable service station. As practice shows, the owners are confronted with a number of defects (loose connections, lack of seals, etc.) in the first year, according to which they can forget repairs for a long time.

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Parts are made in China. Non-original parts are also offered, but the originals are so cheap that it makes no sense to save. The availability of spare parts is one of the priorities of Russian buyers, so there are usually no delays in their deliveries.

Small tractor XINGTAI 160 – areas of application of the unit

A wel l-balanced design and the availability of reliable components make the model of the XINGTAI brand extremely popular when plowing all kinds of floor on level surfaces and on areas on steeps. The video demonstrates the practical skills of the device.

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A powerful three-point hydraulic system enables this XINGTAI minitractor to be ready with the use of heavy attachments. It can be supplemented with a cabin, which enables yea r-round use.

Minitor Sintai 160

An eighth, a plow, a seed machine, a syringe, a culprit, a redotiller are suitable for operation with a min i-tractor. If necessary, a pneumatic splitter can be installed on the device or the device can be connected to a trailer.

The model features include:

  • Performance – 16 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 17 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium load – 251 g / l. With.;
  • Number of driving speeds – 6 forward / 2 backwards;
  • The mass is 900 kg.

In order to work in winter, this mini drive can be equipped with a dump or a Rotary snow surface.

Sintai 244 Mini actionor – practical skills of the machine

This mini drive has advantages such as economy, reliability, simple repairs, undetired for the quality of the fuel and the lubricant. Thanks to these advantages, this Chinese model takes one of the highest positions in the ranking of the most reliable agricultural classes in the budget class every year.

The syntai mini action in this configuration is equipped with a reliable diesel engine, the work resource of which is 3,000 motorized hours. The transmission mechanism is shown by a single disk coupling, a mechanical gear checkpoint and the rear blocked differential and finite gears. Almost every KMZ mini drive is equipped with this type of transmission.

For immediate stop this model is equipped with column brakes with a separate tax mechanism.

The parameters of the Mini actionor include:

  • Power – 24 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 21 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium loads – 249 g/l. With,;
  • The number of movement movements is 8 front/2 behind;
  • The mass is 960 kg.

Thanks to the al l-wheel drive chassis, this agricultural sector Sintai shows the highest ability to cross, at work on relaxed soil and on driving offload. The presence of a reinforced framework makes the unit resistant to strong vibrations, strokes over solid objects.

Minitator Xingtai XT 224 – Agricultural Agriculture Group

The Sintai 224 model is one of the most powerful representatives of the entire list of the Mini Actractors of this brand. Excellent technical properties enable the device to be used together with large fastening devices and work under the most difficult operating conditions.

Sustainability, cros s-country ability and high performance enable this syntai unit to be used in the processing of countries, plowing floors with high humidity and transporting large volumes of silk emergency.

Minitor Xingtai XT 224

The basic package of this popular model includes a 2-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, which is equipped with a liquid cooling system and a reliable electric starter. A low vibration level and a low degree of contamination of the exhaust gases are differentiated under the characteristic special engine.

In order to increase the consistency of this min i-actractor, its design includes an al l-wheel drive chassis, all elements of which consist of reliable and stable materials for corrosion.

The properties of this model include:

  • Performance – 22 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 17 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium loads – 259 g/l. With.;
  • Number of driving speeds – 6 forward / 2 backwards;
  • The mass is 840 kg.

If necessary, this synta i-Min i-Ctractor can be equipped with a cabin with which you can do agricultural wishes with comfort under weather conditions.


Today, 3 companies are operating in China producing Mini-Actractors under the Xingtai (SINTAI) brand, the largest and largest owned by Xingtai First Traactor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company’s products are compulsory in the National Center for Supervision and Quality of the PRC and receive relevant documents confirming its high quality. Confirming the deserved trust of consumers and walking with progress in the leg, the company uses the most modern equipment and devices that provide strict quality control, as well as the latest technologies for the production of mini technology. The quality management system is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2008.

Xingtai First Traactor Manufacturing Co., Ltd company produces mini-submarine and medium-power mini-capacity with a 4×4 and 4×2 wheel formula. The company’s model range is represented by Syntai with water-cooled diesel engines with a capacity of 16-30 liters: Xingtai XT-160, Xingtai XT-180, Xingtai XT-200, Xingtai XT-220, Xingtai XT-240 , Xingtai XT-244 , Xingtai XT-304. Any model of Syntai tractor using the appropriate binding devices can perform not only work for landing, cleaning, harvesting and processing of agricultural products, but also for haymaking, transportation of goods and cleaning areas. Mini tractors are easy and comfortable to manage and manage, work with different types of hinges and trailer implements, allow high transversal, are equipped with reliable (time-tested) engines and have a better price/quality ratio. No wonder Xingtai is the most common brand of mini actuators in the areas of China. Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Positions its equipment as “an honest tractor for little money”.

Plants to repel uninvited guests

To date, the Syntai Min i-Actractors are exported to dozens of countries around the world: to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Argentina and other countries. The manufacturer of the Xingtai First Traactor Manufacturing Co., Ltd is aimed at the Russian market, so each model is as adapted to local conditions as possible. The technique is able to work on Russian fuel without problems and in our climatic conditions thanks to powerful diesel engines and improved electricians.

Currently, Xingtai products are sold in Russia, both under its own name – Xingtai XT (Syntai) and under various brands. The most famous brands of Syntai Min i-Actractors in Russia: Swatt, Uralets, Kaliber, Korpysh, Prostrab, Chuvashpiller, Catmann, etc.

TD Pontortor – is the official dealer of Xingtai First Traactor Manufacturing Co., Ltd company in Russia. We represent Xingtai brand mini applications and attachments on the Russian market of the following models: Xingtai XT-160, Xingtai XT-180, Xingtai XT-220, Xingtai XT-240, Xingtai XT-244. Our company provides guarantee and aftercare of equipment, service. We support sufficient original spare parts and consumables in our warehouses.

The modeling number of Xingtai mini drive factors presented in our store is here.

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Sintai 240 Minitor – factory parameters of the power unit

This model is characterized by high reliability, consistency and good maneuverability in small areas. The syntai machine in this popular configuration can be completed by implementing the most difficult household and household tasks. At the same time, it consumes a minimum of fuel and shows resistance to external factors.

Minitor Sintai 240

The design includes a hard 4-stroke 2-cylinder engine that works under the control of the liquid cooling system. The transmission of the agricultural sector consists of a mechanical gear, a no n-blocked differential and single disk coupling. The brake mechanism is shown by a reliable drum design.

The properties of this syntai model include:

  • Power – 24 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 17 l;
  • Fuel consumption at medium loads – 259 g/l. With.;
  • Number of driving speeds – 6 forward / 2 backwards;
  • The mass is 1170 kg.

The inspections of the owners of this Mini actionor indicate his extraordinary reliability, universalism and simplicity in practical use. All of these advantages make agricultural selection for both beginners and for experienced farmers an excellent choice.

Checking the installation of the Xingtai Min i-Actractors. Description and reviews

Sintai Mini tractors are not only in demand in Chinese, but also on the world market. All components (including the engine) are manufactured in the VR China. Many have the opinion that the Chinese technology of low quality. The Xingtai Mini actionor has successfully passed the certification procedure, which confirms the quality of the product. The largest market for syntai cars in Asia, Europe and America.

Sintai 24V

The first models of the Xingtai Mini tractors appeared in Russia in the early 90s. They are mainly used by farmers and farmers. The main card for Trump in favor of the syntai min i-actractors is a low price. At the same time, farmers have the opportunity to automate a large number of agricultural work. Now this technique is successfully used in the huge countries of the CIS.

The installation of the Syntai Min i-Actractors comprises several cars. The following is a description of the most common models.

Sintai 160

  • The Xingtai 160 Mini actionor is equipped with a fou r-stedic engine with a capacity of 15 hp, which is able to accelerate from 2.3 to 25.3 km/h.
  • Its mass reaches 800 kg.
  • The size of the Syntai mini cutter 160 is 1.4 m.

Minitor Sintai (Xingtai) 160

Sintai 244

  • The Sintai 244 Mini Actractor is equipped with a powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine, which is designed for 17.6 hp.
  • It has a 4 × 4 al l-wheel drive.
  • The volume of the fuel tank of the Syntai Mini actionor 244 – 21 liters.
  • The size of the wheelbase is 1465 mm.
  • This model offers two options for a heated cabin and without heated cabin.
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Minitor Sintai (Xingtai) 244

Sintai 24V

  • An engine with a capacity of 24 HP is installed in this unit. He works on a diesel engine. The engine can occur with an electric steamer or a hand cable.
  • Sintai 24V has a 4 × 2 drive.
  • The motion speed of this mini vector can be between 2.78 and 31.51 km/h.
  • The mass of Sintai 24 V reaches 895 kg.

Minitor Sintai (Xingtai) 24V

Review of the attached devices

Sintai Mini tractors have gained great popularity due to the possibility of automating agricultural work thanks to a broad spectrum of attachments. Below you will find a description of the installation of the roofing.

Mühlen, cultivating, Harrows, Lushchiki

Mills help mix the upper fertile layer of soil. Your knives are immersed in the ground and increase the lower fertile layer upwards. Thanks to this, the country’s fertility improves.

The stranger is a frame with teeth and serves to loosen the soil. It protects the earth from drying out, paving the floor and removing weeds.

Dislays in Universal Grubber Rototiller

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Grubber combine the work of the Egge and Schneidwerk. You are immediately able to break large blocks of earth. Grubber should only be used on hard rock. Soft earth will break up in fluff and harm more than benefits.

When marking a property for the further sowing of crops, a cultivator is used together with Xingtai minitractors.

Plowing and plowing

The plow is an older attachment to level the top floor. It has been used since antiquity. Technology is now used instead of horse.

Xingtai minitractors can even plow with a three-circuit plow.

Pflug 1l-225k plow 1l-320

The manufacturer has thought of special turning plows that not only leaves plowing and leaving large chunks of earth, but also break them with a special form of plu g-on shares.

Pendant and cart

The Xingtai minitractor is part of technology with average traction performance. Even the weakest models are able to transport goods with a total weight of a ton.

For these purposes it is necessary to use a trailer. Now there is a large number of different models on the market. When choosing a trailer, you must pay attention to the maximum charging capacity whether the pages are inclined and whether unloading is possible by lifting the car.

Trailer 1PTS-1.5 trailer PPTS-2

The special features of the cargo to be transported must also be taken into account, since long trees with 4 bikes should be used when transporting long trees or pipes.

Mow and rake

The most popular attachments for Xingtai minitractors for mowing grass are sickle mower. These are two iron panels with knives attached in between. During work, the knives of the sickle mower set up under the effect of the centrifugal force and cut the grass.

Sick mower are most frequently used by country residents to make hay for winter, and from supply companies to keep parks and lawns clean.

Sickle mower k-0.4 mechanical rake “sun” -3 r.

After the grass has been cut, it has to be removed. For this purpose, special swaders with 1 m working width are grown on Xingtai minitractors.

Potato plants and potato roters

Working with potatoes has always required a lot of time and effort. Modern Xingtai minitractors are able to automate the planting of this culture with a potato planter and a potato roter.

Band potato rotor “DMTZ-1T” two-row potato mooring machine KS-2A

If this equipment is not at hand, you can use a conventional plow. During the sowing, it can be used to put on plant beds and after the maturity to dig fruits. However, they should be careful, because if the plow is in the wrong position, many potatoes are cut.

Snow mill, leaf blade

There is work for Xingtai minitractors all year round. In summer a great helper in field work and in winter in snow rooms.

Professional snow removal is used to clean high and thick snow. First, the screw system selects a layer of snow and then throws it with the rotor on the side of 10 to 15 m (depending on the direction of the wind and engine performance).

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Light-off shovel

Simple hinges to clean the snow cover is the dump of a lopate. It is mainly used for the removal of streets and streets, since the speed of cleaning the dump lopata is much higher compared to the snowman.

User Guide

First start, running and nature conservation

An important step in the functioning of the syntai mini vector is the right first start and run.

After delivery from the system, you cannot start full operation immediately. Pour oil, gasoline and run the engine beforehand.

The engine is about 6-8 hours of operation at half of the maximum performance. During this time, the engine parts are carefully lubricated with oil and are in the corresponding grooves. Some shops offer to automatically carry out with stands. However, you have to pay for this procedure.

After running, the engine oil is replaced, as third party pollution is formed, which can damage the Synthi miniter.

For the proper preservation of the Mini Actractor for a longer period of time, you should separate the remaining fuel and engine oil, separate the spark plugs and remove the battery, remove the remaining floor and place them in the garage.


So that the Min i-Mini tractor takes a long time to keep it in accordance with the maintenance in accordance with the operating instructions.

  • Motor oil must be changed every 250 hours. To replace it is recommended to use lubricant with the classification of the SAE 10W-40 or 15W-40.
  • The replacement of gear oil should be carried out all 1000 mothers or once before the start of the spring operation.
  • Mini tractors syntai are diesel. Only clean and fresh fuel should be watered for normal engine operation. It does not allow any contaminants or sediment in the third game.
  • It should be cleaned regularly by air, fuel and oil filters, which sets the gap in the valves and lights of the ignition and the lubrication of the control levers with waterproof lubricants.

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This video offers an overview of the mini tractor Sintai 244:

Basic malfunctions and repairs

Every owner of the Xingtai Min i-Actractor must be familiar with the possibilities for correcting the main misalignments that can occur during the operation of a mini tractor.

The following malfunctions most often cause problems when starting the engine or with unstable speeds:

  1. Lack of oil or diesel;
  2. Ignition failure;
  3. Problems with the fuel system;
  4. Wrong coordination of the fuel mix in the carburetor.

While working on the Xingtai Min i-Trector is a vibration, but if it is too great, the next reasons can lead to this:

  1. The flatness of the connections of the mini vector;
  2. Fuel with low quality;
  3. Low quality oil;
  4. Improper aggregation of attachments;
  5. Wrong distance in the spark plugs.

Video evaluation of the work

In the next video evaluation, the work of the Syntai Min i-Vector 160 is presented with the plow:

Here you will find a video review for plowing with a plow made at home and a Sintai 24V mini actionor:

Reviews of the owners

Below you will find some reviews of the owners of the Xingtai technology that they shared in thematic forums:

Boris about 244 models:

I bought a Chinese miracle in winter to transport goods and clean snow. At first everything was fine and was pleased like an elephant, but over time I realized that everything was not so nice. The Chinese did not learn to tighten the screws, the painting dropped quickly. Without a taxi you can only work without snowfall. The engine works properly, the desire is enormous, the fuel consumption is not large.


This tractor costs its money, it is a budget and the same assembly, but if you don’t find any mistakes, then an excellent technology. And here is a nightmare for a nightmare! First, it is much more expensive than domestic analogue, and secondly, it consists of fragile metal. Therefore, it is better to look at our attachments.

Plowing with a double circuit plow is easy, an additional power supply can be felt. The trailer of five tons gives strong, but pulls.

Advantages: engine, usage functions, electricity.

Disadvantages: Low cabling quality (it is better to replace the battery and the main wires immediately.

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