Minitractor Xintai 244 – description and characteristics

Xingtai HT-244 New

Xingtai (Xingtai) HT-244 NE W – Half-wheel drive, compact and maneuverable tractor (mini-tractor). SINTAI X T-244 NEW – is widely used on private farms, small farms and also for municipal cleaning operations and other places where a small tractor is needed.

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In the basic package tractor Xingtai (CINI) XT-244 new tractor with an economical four-stroke diesel 24-stroke liquid-cooled engine (engine brand KM385W), four-wheel drive (4×4) manual transmission (with downshift). For the operation of hydraulic system of the new Xingtai XT-244 tractor is responsible hydraulic pump. In addition, the basic package includes: locking rear axle differential, rear three-point hitch, rear counterweights.

Comfortable operation of tractor Cintya TRO-244 is provided by: adjustable seat, gearbox closing scene, separate brake pedals and power steering.

Safety of the Cinai Mini XT-244 operator is ensured by new: rear view mirrors. In the evening and night time safety of the operator is provided by halogen headlights with a powerful beam of light, parking lights, rear brake lights and turn signals.

Reliable, economical, maneuverable Chinese mini-tractor Xingtai (Cinai) XT-244 will be a reliable assistant in the agricultural or personal subsidiary farm. He can easily plow the land with a 3-horse plow, cultivate the soil with a cultivator (working width 1.4 m) or brush (working width of 1.5 m), plant and harvest, help in making hay (“Haymaking” (working with baler 0850), will haul loads in a dump truck to 1.5 tons, remove snow, spray the site and perform many other necessary jobs.

Technical characteristics of Xingtai Mini Vector (Syntai) HT-244:

OPTIONS values
fuel type diesel
Cylinders, pcs. 3
Maximum power, hp/kW. 24/17.65
Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kW. H < 264
Denominator RPM, rpm. 2 400
cooling system, type liquid
engine volume, l. 1,532
fuel tank, l. 17
air filtration, type oil bath
Transmission, type Mechanical
Number of gears, forward/reverse. 8 / 2
drive unit Full
Maximum speed, km/h. 35
Rear differential lock Mechanical
Brake system, belt and clutch
brakes Dryer, struts
steering system, type. Gurus
clutch, type Dry single-disc, permanently closed
Overall dimensions and weight
Maximum length without outboard equipment, mm. 2 460
Base width, mm. Base width, mm.
Height to top of seat, mm. 1 300
wheelbase, mm. 1 450
Clearance (on agricultural tires), mm. 350
Minimum turning radius (without brakes), m. 3,9
Weight of tractor without implements, kg. 980
Из Independently
Diameter / number of slots, MM / PC. 35/6
Rearward speed, rpm. 540
hydraulic system
Maximum capacity of rear hitch (at arm ends), kg. 580
Category 3-point hitch rear hitch 1
electric system
Starter, v/w 12/2 000
standard wheels
Agricultural tires pre. / ass. 6 – 16 / 8.3 – 24
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If you want to buy a new Xingtai X T-244 tractor or if you need more information about this tractor and / or other mini-tractors – please contact our managers. We will try to tell you about the tractors in more detail and, if necessary, we will choose the best brand and model of tractor, which will solve your problems within its maximum load.

We invite you to visit our steor TD “Ponitor”. In our store you can get acquainted with different brands and models of mini-tractors, choose the necessary, dependent and towed devices and, if you wish, conduct a test-drive.

If you have already decided to buy a mini-tractor Xingtai (CINI) X T-244 NEW, you can order a tractor on our website or by phone. Our specialists will bring the tractor to the place of destination with a full set of documents, give a brief consultation on service and equipment operation. You only need to sign the documents and pay for the purchase.

Sintai-244 Minister-A Station Wagon of high quality

Excellent performance characteristics of Sintai tractor products have helped to restore confidence in the Chinese machinery for agricultural and general purposes.

Sintai-244 multifunctional mini tractor combines its parameters:

  • affordable cost for owners of private and specialized farms;
  • working efficiency;
  • increased service life;
  • repairability and unification of the repair range with branded mini-tractors from previous models;
  • compatibility of the trailed mechanism with branded units of other leading manufacturers.

Minitor Sintai-244

Photo: Minitor Sintai-244

Design features and scope of application

This model of domestic mini-tractor differs from identical prototypes by its optimal system layout and modern design.

  • Flexible traction characteristics of the model Sintai 244 defines the possibility of using the machine for mechanization of labor-intensive works of agricultural, municipal and construction sphere.
  • Wide functional capabilities also allow combining the tractor with productive loading and excavating equipment, bulldozer blade, as well as using the power selection mechanism for driving stationary equipment.
  • Tractor provides high-quality performance of agricultural works on the area up to 5-6 hectares. Small and highly maneuverable machine with articulated units of municipal purpose effectively works in hard-to-reach places of city infrastructure.
Freshforex types of work

Technical characteristics

Due to well thought-out layout all-wheel drive base model Sintai-244 weighing 960 kg has a small overall dimensions of 2950x1260x1800 mm.

  • Stability of movement when driving on a difficult microdistrict is provided by a 1465 mm wheelbase.
  • Agrotechnical clearance of 254 mm contributes to the cross-country ability of the machine in problematic areas of unpaved roads and a full supply of low-growing vegetables.
  • Xingtai XT-244 is equipped with a five-speed gearbox and can change the width of the rear wheels in the range of 970-1300 mm. The constant width of the front wheels is 950 mm.


The standard engine for this model is a 24.5 hp twin-cooled 1.5-liter diesel engine.

The advantages of this unpretentious in operation engine include:

  • moderate cost of consumables;
  • economical diesel fuel consumption in the range of 250 g/kWh;
  • reliable starting;
  • long service life – more than 3,000 engine hours.

Some series of Xingtai-244 tractors are equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine of the same power brand JDM390 with a displacement of 1810 cm3.


Transmission includes simple and reliable mechanical controlled full-clutch single disc clutch, pinion gears, inboard reduction gears and on-demand lockable rear differential.

Separately controlled shoe brakes are used to bring the tractor to an emergency stop and significantly reduce the turning radius.

The choice of tractor speed mode in the range from 1.9 to 29.5 km/h is determined by engaging one of eight forward gears. The reversing mode of 1.67 to 7.76 km/h is partially realized by engaging two reverse gears.

Part of the engine torque is used to drive the PTO, which activates the implement.

Sintai 244


Off-road capabilities of the 4×4 all-wheel drive chassis are enhanced by high ground clearance, a functional differential lock and a chevron pattern of deep tire lugs. With a large steering angle of the front wheels, the designers were able to reduce the turning radius to 2.6 meters.

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Advantages of Xingtai Model 244 mini tractor

The transition of production to a higher level of quality has helped Xingtai brand tractor products to occupy a leading position in the evaluation of consumer demand.

With small size, economical and easy to maintain budget machine combines the properties of a mini universal tractor with a traction class of 5.7 kN, optimum fuel consumption, ease of maintenance, compatibility with dozens of attachments for various purposes.

A significant increase in engine power up to 24 hp, a complete adaptation of parts and units of Xingtai-244 tractor to work in difficult climatic conditions. A significant part of the tractor model range is equipped with pressurized cabins.


The tires on the wheels of the light and powerful machine are moderately sticky to the ground when performing fieldwork and towing heavy trailers. The problem is solved by increasing the coupling weight with the help of ballast weights and the installation of easily removable lugs.

In the process of modernization of this model many design, production and operational shortcomings typical to budget cars have been eliminated. However, in the reviews of the owners there are complaints about the quality of on-board power generators and the level of protection of electrical wiring.

Video: Xingtai-244 in action

The price of new and used mini station wagon

In early spring 2017, the price of a new 24-horsepower Xingtai mini-tractor, including customs clearance, shipping and storage, was set at 122-125 thousand hryvnia ($4500-4600). Despite the deep modernization of the model, this cost is one of the most stable in its power class.

The affordable cost of new equipment represents a moderate price range for used Xingtai 244 machines. A technically serviceable tractor in good condition can be purchased for 55-60 thousand UAH ($2000-$2200).


In terms of performance and technical equipment Xingtai brand products are identical to the 24-horsepower compact tractors DTZ 244-4, Chuvashpiller 244, Jinma 224 and identical small tractors of Chinese brands Dongfeng and Foton.

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owner reviews

The Sintai-244 I bought in late fall was used all winter for transportation and snow removal. The first impression is that the machine is worth its money, but the build quality is lame. There is a weak tightening of threaded joints, large counter – reactions in the steering, low strength and durability of the protective color. The engine is excellent, the desire at the level of the tractor T-40 easy to start in 18-degree frost and fuel consumption is within the stated specifications. Alexei

The tractor is not bad, which can not be said about the quality of the roofing offered. Rather expensive agricultural equipment should be equipped thoroughly. When plowing virgin land with a two-line plow and towing a faulty 5-ton truck, the Xintai showed excellent results, as the power reserve was still significant. Vladimir

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