MiniTractor Viking. Series overview, properties

Overview of the model range of Viking’s mini tractors. Properties, attachments, instructions


Viking tractors have been produced in Australia for over 40 years. In the early 1980s, 20 Art. Viking started with the production of garden shredders and in 1985 the first lawnmowers ran off the assembly line. In 1994 Viking became part of the Stihl Group, which specializes in the production of garden equipment. This became one of the starting points in the history of the company.

Today Viking is one of the leading providers of devices for the care of parks and gardens of all kinds: lawnmowers, cultivers, tractors and chopper.

For the sale of Viking and Stihl devices, a special deal of dealership was set up in Russia that offers consulting services, does customer service and sold original spare parts from the manufacturer.

Viking mini tractors are used to keep parking areas clean and properly.

Viking line-up

The following copies of the Viking line-up are most sought-after:

Lawn mower Viking MT 4097 SX

This machine is easy to use: only one lever changes the direction of movement of the device forward or back, the accelerator pedal is on the right side of the seat and the brakes on the left side. The grass section is hydraulically adjusted. After mowing, the weed is not scattered on all sides, but placed by a special outlet next to the lawnmower Viking MT 4097, so that no stopping and constantly cleaning the collecting tank is required.

This model is characterized by small overall dimensions that enable them to edit areas near trees. The Viking MT 4097 is equipped with a sickle mower, which grasses grass over a width of 95 cm.

  • To ensure greater stability, the Viking mini tractor is equipped with a framework structure that ensures additional balance.
  • Viking MT 4097 wheels have a special wide tread that prevents the trampling of the lawn.


Technical data Viking MT 4097
Type of the engine B&S
Lawn up to 6,000 m²
Cutting height 35-90mm
Cutting width 95cm
transmission hydrostatic
Front tire 15 x 6.00-6 inches
Rear wheels 18 x 8.50-8 inches

Small tractor Viking Mt 5097c

This car has a sporty look. For the convenience of the operator during the company, a springs were installed, the height of which can be adapted for each body size of the owner.

Wikinger MT 5097 S

Grass after mowing with a Viking MT 5097c min i-tractor is not thrown aside, but collected in a special bag. This allows you to record the silage immediately. The collector is solved by pressing the lever.

Technical properties of the Viking Mt 5097c mini tractor
Type of the engine B&S
Lawn up to 6,000 m²
Cutting height 30-100mm
Cutting width 95cm
transmission hydrostatic
Front tire 15 x 6.00-6 inches
Rear wheels 18 x 8.50-8 inches
Wheel drive smooth

Lawn mower Viking Mt 6127 ZL

This mini drive is equipped with a new type of Mitch. The width of its edging is 1.25 m. In the Viking MT 6127 ZL, the volume of the grass collection rose to 350 liters. To release it, it is necessary to push the lever behind it. A liquid crystal display is installed near the steering wheel 6127 ZL, which demonstrates the condition of the machine.

Lawn mowed Viking Mt 6127 ZL

A carburetor engine with a capacity of 23 hp is installed on this lawnmower. You can process a site with a large area quickly and effectively. A speed control is installed for the convenience of the owner during operation, which maintains a certain operating speed in automatic mode.

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Technical properties Viking MT 6127
Type of the engine B&S
Lawn Up to 10,000 m²
Cutting height 30-110 mm
Cutting width 125 cm
transmission hydrostatic
Front tire 16 x 7.50-8 inches
Rear wheels 20 x 10.00-8 inches
Wheel drive smooth

Ryder Viking 4082

This is another model for small Viking lawnmowers, with which you can process narrow areas in parking zones between green rooms. A tank for a grass of 250 liters is installed behind it. The measurement of the knives can be set by determining the position of the mowing.

Ryder Viking 4082

Technical properties Viking 4082
Lawn Up to 4,000 m²
Gra s-Collector volume 250 l
Cutting width 80 cm
Cutting height 35-90mm
Drive unit smooth
The weight 196 kg
Dimensions (D/S/S/C) 213 x 90 x 118 cm
transmission hydrostatic
Front tire 13 x 5.00-6 inches
Rear wheels 16 x 6.50-8 inches
Vibration level Syda / steering wheel 0.60 / 3.00 m / s²

Review of the attached devices

In addition to their direct purpose – cleaning of high grass on lawns, mini tractors can carry out other types of work with suitable attachment devices:

  • The contour component (allows you to give the lawn aesthetically even strip)
  • A sel f-graceful car (for the transport of garden equipment or another load);
  • Eisbahn (used to apply a thin layer of water on ice to maintain its thickness);
  • A variety of prefixes for grass loops;
  • Load-lopat for cleaning snow in winter.

User Guide

First guide

The car is ready after purchase. Simply fill out oil and diesel. It is recommended to warm up the engine for half an hour to lubricate the parts of the engine before full operation.

Mini tractors Viking

In order to ensure the permanent use of ministers, Viking should be carried out before every departure: The following work:

  • Check the pressure in the wheels and examine it for visual wear;
  • Add oil and fuel if necessary;
  • Pull the screw connections.

At the end of the work, the knives and the car should be cleaned by the remains of the grass.

After the first ten operating hours, it is recommended to contact the service center to check the condition of the machine. According to 25, it must be ensured that the reliable fastening of knives and brackets is reliable.

Motor oil should be replaced every 50 hours. It is recommended to use the Stihl 10W-40 corporate lubricant.

Conservation rules

If the owner does not plan to use a mini tractor for a longer period of time, the equipment must be preserved. This must be done in the following order:

  • Clean the case and all the details of the device from the remains of grass and dirt;
  • Lubricate the parts with waterproof lubricants to prevent corrosion;
  • Drain the engine oil and fuel;
  • Turn on the handbrake;
  • Remove the battery and spark plugs;
  • Place a mini tractor in a dark place that is protected from precipitation and direct sunlight.


The main disorders

Every owner of the Mini tractors needs to know how to correct the most common breaks:

When the engine of a Mini tractor works with interruptions:

  • Lack of fuel or lubricant;
  • Wrong setting of the carburetor;
  • Problems with spark plugs;
  • Air or fuel filters are blocked.
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If the braid knives do not rotate:

  • Control problem;
  • Rush belt stretched;
  • Oil deficiency in the hydraulic system.

Video evaluation of the work

The video review is shown by the Viking MR 4082 Mini actionor:

Below you will find a video review of the removal of mowing grass and cleaning the bucket Viking:

Video check that demonstrates the work of the Viking driver:

Reviews of the owners

Here is what the Viking grain coast owners say in thematic forums:


“I have been working on the Viking 4097 minibrator for more than 2 years. The technology is simple and intuitive. The only thing I want to consider is that in the park, bags or garbage often stay in the grass. They are wounded on knives and grass protection is not possible. Therefore, you have to stop the equipment and remove garbage. I want to repair it somehow “


“The assembly of this technology is high quality and durable. The body of the mini vector is not only beautiful from aesthetic point of view, but also durable. The painting does not slow down quickly. The power of the engine for mowing is enough grass. The presence of a cruise of control is pleasant. I set speed and steering wheel.

Cultivating Viking (Viking): List, properties, maintenance, attachments

Thanks to the cultivists, it is much easier to do agricultural work

Design characteristics

Comfortable auxiliary wheels are installed on the models for the easy transport of cultivating people. The manufacturers provided the installation on the handles of a special vibration absorbing system, whereby the lon g-term operation of the Viking cultivists becomes even more convenient. Special fences are installed for increased security for rotating nodes from cultivists.

Motor and electricity

Viking cultivists are equipped with mighty foreign engines that easily perform a wide range of tasks. The engines are in the lower part of the frame, which adds an increased balance unit. The Viking motor block is shown by models with different capacities. This allows you to select the most suitable option for yourself.

Mighty engines are equipped with Viking cultivators

Easy maintenance

There are no difficulties in working with units Viking. The equipment is very convenient to maintain, since the most common 82nd and 95th gasoline is used for operation.

Select the oil depending on the season and stop at hig h-quality products.

Fuel consumption

According to manufacturers, models of the Viking cultivists are economically economically in fuel and oil consumption compared to similar technologies from other manufacturers. The exact gasoline consumption depends on the model of unity and the performance of its engine.

Easy control

There are no difficulties in working with this technique for beginners. Read the instructions before the first start. All nuances and subtleties of working with devices are clear and accessible there. The simplicity and lightness of control is one of the main advantages of the breeders of the Viking.

Description of the Motoblock 585 brand

The Viking 58 5-Motblock is a rather compact model, the detection width of which corresponds to 850 mm. With devices you can edit fairly wide areas. You can set the width of 350 to 600 mm. For this purpose, the operator must install a tractor for a walk behavior in the service position and then open the codes and remove the set for plowing.

Small tractor Rusich T 15 - description and properties

Read the same thing: features of waste disposal

The correct number of cutting elements is shortened. Under the advantages of the devices described, the presence of protection should press the control handle at the same time. The impact knife is quite strong, it increases the productivity of the device. A meta l-hard protects a working person who is also provided by the presence of polymer protection wings.

Technical features of technology

Below you will find a detailed feature of the Viking lin e-up.

There are no difficulties working with this technology

VH 440

Motoblock Viking 440 with a powerful 4-stroke-American engine in a volume of 148 cubic meters. The motor cultivator Viking 440 weighs 39 kg. A comfortable adjustment handle can be folded for comfortable transport. The volume of the fuel tank is 1.9 liters.

VH 540

The Viking 540 Motor cultivator refers to powerful motoblock for processing the soil with different severity. The floor width is 30 – 82 cm, the depth is 32 cm. It differs in a powerful engine of 5.5 hp. and two front and reverse gears. With the belt coupling and the chain gear, you can do the work quickly and safely. The mass of the cultivator is 56 kg.

HB 585

The motor cultivator Viking 585 is technical, the characteristics of which are characterized by increased indicators are very popular. The model works on a 4-stroke cabbage motor with a capacity of 2.3 kW with a frequency of up to 3000 rpm. The work volume of the engine is 149 cubic meters. The cultivator can work in two programs. The device is easy to work because it has a slight weight of 49 kg. Starting device – start a cable.

Viking HB 445 R

A device with a high-quality single cylinder 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 2.6 hp. A small model with a gas tank of 0.8 liters and a tank for oil is 0.5 liters. The weight of the model is only 37 kg. The width of the recording reaches 45 cm.

Viking engine cultivator 540

VH 400

The Viking VH 400 motor cultivator has an output of 3.5 hp, a hig h-quality American Motorbriggs & Stratton 475 series is cooled from air. The manual starting type, the volume of the fuel tank is 2.1 liters. Noise level – 93 db.

HB 560

The HB 560 Viking model has an engine with an output of 3.2 hp. The diameter of the milling cutter is 32 cm, the capture 60 cm. An increased volume of the fuel tank by 1.4 liters. It is possible to set the drive.

HB 685

The device is installed by the Kohler XT800 OHV SC engine with an output of 3.9 hp. If revolutionary motor at 3200 rpm. Work with two gears. The weight of the model is 46 kg.

VH 660

Model with the American Briggs & Stratton 800 engine with a volume of 295 cubic meters. A powerful unit is just a front wheel. The weight of the unit is 71 kg.

Model Viking HB 560

The difference between the line of the small Viking technology

Viking cultivists are designed in such a way that they work on small private owners. The professional class of the models has great opportunities. Mark Viking is respected for Russian users, asked. The company’s guideline is in the motto – the employee has to plow on the technology but do not plow. The manufacturers created new models and refused to use two Stroke engines with their disadvantages.

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American Briggs are installed in all middle and light models, powerful, the latest models are equipped with Kohler. Start is an electronic ignition system. Air cooling, there is a filter on a fence tube.

The transmission of the torque in the cultivating Viking is craft, the gear is used worm, vice versa. The layout enables you to create the stability of the model without overturning to an unequal relief. The vibration absorbers installed between the motor frame and the handle reduce the fatigue of the hands. All rotating units are fenced, but the mechanisms can be set, they can be recorded manually. Everywhere there is a light installation and a thoughtful bracket.

The prices for the Viking cultivating difference differ little from domestic models with much greater reliability and functionality. We present some of the most characteristic rehearsals of the technology of a wel l-known manufacturer.

For each cultivating person in the kit, instructions for maintaining the model must be present. Please study it before turning on the engine. You will find many interesting things in it, even if you used a similar unit beforehand.

Unmounted equipment

A variety of types of hinge elements can be installed on Viking cultivists. And although it is bought separately and for the additional costs, such auxiliary elements pay themselves quickly because they significantly reduce the labor costs and the time for the cultivation of the country.


Depending on the model of the cultivator, it is possible to install 4-6 mills. The mills are in a standard set together with the device. The instructions for the devices indicate the cutter diagram of the cutter.


Can be bought for any Viking cultivation model. The potato is considerably simplified when growing potatoes. It is used to plant tubers in the ground into a certainly given depth.

For a long operation of this equipment, we will regularly smear the moving parts of the soot.

Potato cap

ACR 600 potato caps are suitable for all Viking cultivists. It is best to use on light floor. This equipment is also ideal for beets, carrots and onions. During working with a potato cap for a cultivating man, the Viking earth is separated from potato tubers and potatoes only have to be taken.

The maintenance ability of all parts and spare parts must be checked before the start of the work

Under the Viking units, manufacturers recommend using the Vikin g-Wisch- und Half chang e-Adp 600 and AWP 600. The quality of the plow plow is achieved by transferring the upper layer of the earth down.


Viking lawnmowers are just as popular as the breeders themselves.

Adapter, trailer

This fastening is not used for light models of cultivation models. Viking pick-up 300 pendants can also be used as a wheelbarrow. It has a mass of 29 kg and is ideal for transporting a large number of gardenloads.


For Viking cultivists, separate options for cigns of the same production were created. Thanks to this equipment, you can carry out hig h-quality loosening of the soil, the creation of furrows and hilling courses on every land layer.

Sidewalk tiles in winter - maintenance rules

Motoculture Viking

The Viking of Austrian development (its release in Latvia) differs in small dimensions and has a powerful engine. By the presence of auxiliary wheels, you can easily move the car along the beds, and the buil t-up system of extinguishing vibrations offers comfortable working conditions. Most models have special protection against contact with rotating parts, which is very important for compliance with occupational safety requirements.

The scope of the motoblocks is quite wide: it is determined by the skills of this unit that is able to the following processes:

  1. The loosening of the soil in which it is important to take the engine output into account.
  2. Preparation of furrows for sowing tuber cultures (especially potatoes).
  3. Simultaneous fertilizer (stage before graduation).
  4. Sands from dry land, bored in large pieces and much more.

The motor breeders of this class have a weak place – poor protection of the gearbox against moisture. Therefore, experts advise to carefully monitor his condition and leave a heated room in a dry room for winter.

Assembly device

The basis for the design of the cultivator is a petrol engine that differs in a number of characteristics. There is no need to prepare a fuel mix for him, since all parts are already well lubricated. To work with the device, you just have to season them with gasoline.

The cultivation drive is also not particularly difficult. In order to transfer the movement in it, worm and cuneiform transmission are used at the same time, which means that the tool can loosen qualitatively taking into account the limited weight. The disadvantage of this design is the quick wear of drive belts.

User Guide

Together with the device, instructions for the Viking Motor Mote are necessarily attached, which contains all the information that is required for the correct and durable operation of the equipment.

Clean the device after completing the work

First start and runnin g-in

The first start of the devices takes place after all parts and units are checked. The start is slowly carried out in the fresh air with the inspection of all possible functioning elements after you have switched on the cultivator.

The department is necessarily after the acquisition of technology and after its long downtime. Running is carried out in the total complexity of around 25 hours with medium performance. The device is switched off for 15-20 minutes every few hours and cool the engine.

Safety and correct storage rules

Basic rules for the operation of cultivating Viking:

  • Check the maintenance of all parts and spare parts before starting work.
  • Check the indicators of motor oil and gasoline regularly when working with devices.
  • are at a sufficient distance from rotating mills;
  • Do not leave the unit long under direct sunlight;
  • After completing the work, make sure that the unit of sludge lumps with a brush with water.

Cultivator “Viking” 560

Amateur unit from a small petrol engine. The presence of fake crankshaft and the cylinder sleeve extends its resource for decades. The constructs are designed for all operating conditions: For transport between the fields, there are small air slices that are sufficient to start the cultivation. Instead of soil sales, a single plow plow can be placed on a cultivating one that not only loosens, but also the circulation of a soil layer.

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