Minitractor Rusich 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Characteristics of mini devices “Rusich”

To date, almost every Russian, if desired, can buy high-quality equipment at an affordable price. Affordability of units contributes to the production of machines by the joint efforts of China and Russia.

To buy a reliable helper, it is worth paying attention to the mini actuator “Rusich”.

advantages and disadvantages

Domestic factory “Chuvashpiller” specializes in assembling a new domestic mini actuator Rusich mini contract conveyor. The manufacturer produces both budget products, as well as more expensive options. The main advantages of the machines can be called the following characteristics:

  • simplicity of design;
  • ease of operation;
  • high maneuverability;
  • economical fuel and lubricant consumption;
  • availability of controllers;
  • availability of spare parts and attachments.

With the above advantages of the units, users highlight the following disadvantages:

  • low quality of rubber;
  • Low performance of the mini-tractor;
  • Small weight and impossibility of weighting down the equipment;
  • Some models are not equipped with the function of locking the differential.

models and their properties

The model range of Russian units, produced by the factory, is represented by different variants of machines. Each of the models, for example, T-440, has its own technical features. Depending on the purpose, the consumer can buy a mini-tractor with a cab, a track, a powerful engine, the highest possible speed, raised wheels and the possibility of attaching a trailer.

Below is a detailed review of the mini-tractor models “Rusich”.

The unit is a simple budget model, characterized by its compactness and good functionality for excavation work. It is a single-cylinder power unit with a 12 hp engine. The mini-drive has found its application in the agricultural field of homesteading, transporting goods and digging up from the ground. With the product, the user receives a cutter and a plow. The main feature of the machine is the power of the diesel engine, which is liquid-cooled, as well as the presence of a quality gearbox, lockable differential.

Due to these features, the unit can work without interruption on different floors, while being without towing.

“T-12” – the most popular model from minitractors “Rusich”. Often the technique is bought to work on small farms, dachas and small agricultural plantations. The machine has shown good results when working in cold climates. The machine has a 12 hp engine, as well as starters, reducers, cutters and plows. To increase traction, the mini-tractor has a differential that is force-locked. The 0.5 ton unit is equipped with 6 speeds and two reverse speeds. This model can amplify numerous extras.

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The machine is designed to perform work on a personal plot or a small plot of land in the countryside and in the garden. The unit includes an active soil and a plow. USA

Regardless of whether this model of mini-tractor on its reliability is estimated

the performance of the liquid-cooled dirzel engine, full gear with lockup and mild speed.

The machine is capable of performing many tasks, such as b. flooring, planting root crops, harvesting, grass plowing and snow removal, and transporting loads.

The machine is equipped with a diesel 3-cylinder engine with chilled water system. The technique is characterized by the power of 22 hp. The device weighs 850 kilograms, it is equipped with a standard 3-point problem and a power shaft, which is characterized by a frequency of 540 revolutions per minute. The technique can be used together with any type of attachment that can work with the traction class.

“T-224” is a rusich mini-application model, which has a 2-cylinder diesel engine with water type cooling. The machine is characterized by both 22 hp and different wheel sizes. With the machine, the user can set the track width. Thanks to the versatility of the knockdown and the presence of the service shaft, it allows many additional tasks of use. The use of the machine should be in accordance with the instructions, only in this way the equipment in the work of supply companies shows excellent results in the construction of roads and agricultural land. It is recommended to use the devices on plots of at least 15 hectares.

This model of mini-tractor is environmentally friendly and characterized by minimal noise effect. Both synthetic and semi-synthetic oil is suitable for the diesel unit.

“T-220” – a type of agricultural machinery with a 2-cylinder engine and water cooling system. The technique is characterized by increased ground clearance, which reaches 40 cm. The weight of the device is 850 kilograms, which allows it to cope perfectly with the assigned tasks.

“Rusich 184 4×4”.

“Rusich 184 4×4” is a four-wheel drive version, which is equipped with a 4-stroke engine. The power of the unit is 18 liters. C. The machine is cooled. The machine qualitatively works on the territory with the size of not more than 5 hectares. This type of mini-drive has found its application in territory cleaning, cargo transportation, collection of root crops and all known agricultural works.

The design of the machine contains a push knife, hydraulic power, gross current selection, all-wheel drive system and electric steel for the initial speed.

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Optional equipment

Various types of attachments can be attached to mini-tractors, which greatly expands its functionality. Different types of roofing equipment are used for the Rusich units.


This type of equipment is equipped with a large number of types of work, thanks to which there is a qualitative processing of the soil.

For “Rusich” mini-tractors, you can use plows with supporting wheel, 2-box, 3-box, 4-box, revolutionary variants with coupling.

filler plow

Fillers and carts help improve machine performance, with this mini-drive equipment you can carry loads.


The use of these roofs contributes to the care of the site by mating grass and weeds.

The technique can work on hilly terrain and slopes.

Robble and Haywood.

Rake and haywoods allow you to collect grass for further drying.

With the wakes, you can make large quantities of hay quickly and easily.

Potato cake, potatoes

Additional devices of this type are necessary for planting and selecting root vegetables without excessive effort on the part of the user.

Snowman and dumplings

The snow blower and shovel blade are simply indispensable during the winter season.

With these attachments, you can easily remove the snow cover and cast it away for some distance.

The function of the mini drive Rusich with the blade. Parts for the device are not rare, you can buy them in the store.

Chips to choose from

When choosing a contract mini-sweeper, it is worth considering the purpose for which it is used. Purchasing “Rusich” with certain dimensions and weight, it is worth considering not only personal preferences, but also the purpose. Machines for work in agricultural areas should differ in weight and power. And the dimensions of the machine should not cause any symptoms when remembering.

  • For lawn mowing and territory maintenance, it is worth paying attention to lighter models. Such equipment is compact, it does not take up much memory space. Do not forget that powerful and heavy units, unlike light ones, require high fuel costs.
  • The functionality of the mini-drive directly depends on its configuration. The main selection criteria in this case are several elements.
  • Drive, which can be all-wheel drive, front and rear. The four-wheel drive unit has the most traction, while the rear-wheel drive vehicle is a great option for working on gears.
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Transmission. The automatic version is best for inexperienced users.

Number of driving wheels.

If you have a sufficient budget, it is best to buy multi-purpose machines. The presence of a hydraulic transmission, hydraulic valve, power selection shaft and a 3-point folding device indicates that the technique will cope with any tasks.

How to use?

  1. When buying rusich minitrader, the user receives the instruction manual, which should be studied in detail and used at work. The initial period is called the test period, during which all the important parts are made. During the first start-up, the device should be loaded with only 70 percent of its skills.
  2. Stages of device maintenance during operation:
  3. Plugging the engine, removing the oil, flushing the crankcase and oil filter, and filling the unit with new oil;
  4. Inspecting the oil drain followed by adding diesel fuel and running the unit for two minutes;
  5. Flushing the fuel and air filters;
  6. Review and adjustment of free clutch pedals;
  7. Inspection and adjustment of brake functionality;
  8. Inspection and tightening of bolts, nuts, and screws;
  9. Checking the state of work in the electrical system;

Checking camber, pressure in the wheels;

Lubrication of individual nodes.

For example, if long-term storage of a mini-tractor without operation in winter is provided, the machine is taken away for maintenance, cleaned, fuel is removed from it. The unit should be stored in a dry room, but when the equipment is outdoors, it should be covered with a cloth that does not get wet.

If stored for a longer period of time, a mini-drive should be performed regularly for a short time.

Owner reviews

Minitractors “Rusich” are particularly popular with the population. Users of the devices are fully satisfied with the functionality of the machines, their performance, speed and fuel consumption. Ratings also testify to the long service life of the devices and essays, with the help of which the work around the house becomes easier and faster.

The advantages of the Rusich are productivity, ease of use and low price. Under the disadvantages, they highlight the fact that the equipment can not withstand heavy loads, so it is not recommended to overload the mini-tractor.

Review of the mini-tractor Rusich 184 4×4. Technical characteristics. Functions of use

Rusich 184 small tractor with 18 hp is a universal four-wheel drive tractor which effectively performs the processing of up to 5 hectares of land, including plowing in the homestead and fallow land. Together with the attached equipment it is used for clearing the territory from garbage, leaves and snow, for transportation of various cargoes and for harvesting.

Due to high productivity, optimal technical characteristics and extended functionality the machine is in great demand at a very reasonable price of about 220,000 rubles.

  • Model Description
  • The mini-tractor 184 (4×4) has a simple, well thought-out design, is reliable in operation and undemanding in service.
  • The farm machine is equipped with a ZH1105N single-cylinder diesel engine.
  • Extended gearbox offers 6 forward/2 reverse gears in the range of 7-23 km/h, which allows you to choose the best pace of work.
  • Integral dry single-phase clutch.
  • Electric starter provides easy starting regardless of temperature conditions. There is a possibility of starting with a manual starter.
  • Rusich mini-tractor is equipped with control devices for billing – the amount of fuel, hours, oil pressure, which is extremely practical for competent maintenance.
  • Thanks to the hydraulic reinforcement of the steering column, comfortable steering of the machine is ensured.
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Compact dimensions of the mini-tractor allow its successful use in a limited space – between the rows, in greenhouses, in the warehouse, etc.

Mirrors, rear tail lights and comfortable seat ensure comfortable and safe work of the operator. Technical characteristics
Type of engine Water cooled diesel
Horsepower) 18 PS / 13.24 kW
Engine displacement 1105 cm3
Cylinder diameter 105 mm
Piston bushing 120 mm
Rated Speed 28,78 (km/h)
Cooling system water
Flywheel direction of rotation Left
Engine start 12V electric starter with crescent wrench
Assembly Russia
Overall dimensions, mm (without attachments) 2445/1320/1365
Overall dimensions, mm (with retractor mounted) 3045/1320/1365
Rear wheels 6.50-16 terrain profile
Front tire 5.00-12
Number of speeds 120
Combined type (3 + 1) × 2, drive on top wheel 25
Working width (cm) 2
Working depth (cm) Minimum user radius, m
PTO for shredder drive pinion
Attachment 100
2 seconds 24
Total weight of digger Number of blades
Speed of rotary hammers PTO for shredder drive
gear Drugs (reinforced), 2-bevel plow
Seat Soft, adjustable
brake Two-way dry brake (drum mechanical)
transmission Planetary gearing with lockable differential
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Engine drive Belt
shipping Everywhere in Russia
Electric starter Everywhere in Russia
Electric starter Yes
Battery 12 volt
weight 1105
720 kilograms Engine model



Base kitting

The mini-tractor is delivered with a double plow and hoe, as well as the instruction manual and warranty documents. Other accessories must be purchased separately.

Some devices are sold fully ready for operation, tested at the factory. Therefore, when buying a device, be sure to check whether your Rusich mini-tractor has undergone the commissioning procedure.

Application functions

With the help of additional equipment Rusich 184 4×4 mini-tractor can be aggregated not only with the original Chuvashpillar, but also with attachments of other domestic and foreign brands.

  • The rotational speed of the perforator is 540 rpm. Weight of the mini-tractor is 720 kg. When choosing attachments and transporting weights, one should take this parameter into account and select suitable devices without exceeding the permissible norms.
  • Mounted attachments:
  • Tillage of different modifications
  • Mower in various working widths
  • MoCo, segmented mower
  • Potato diggers
  • Spudger
  • Counting tiller
  • Sprayer
  • Fertilizer
  • Grain machines
  • Snow sign
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Joint brush

Carts and trailers

Shield brush suspended 7hs-1,5 (tipper) SVT-2 (2-row) potato shovel KT-2

operation and maintenance

  • Mini-tractor consumes diesel fuel in accordance with GB/T 252-1994 standard. Use engine oil 15W40 in summer and 10W40 in cold weather. Recommended gear oil is 80W/90, 85W/90.
  • To ensure reliable long-term operation of the mini-tractor “Rusich” the manufacturer recommends observing certain recommendations:
  • It is necessary to carry out every layer of the minimum technical inspection of the machine and check the operation of all systems, check the presence of working fluids, tire pressure, electrolyte stand and belt tension, clean the device from dirt and dust.
  • Every 50 hours, change the oil in the engine and transmission, clean the air filter.

After 50/250/500/1000 hours maintenance and timely replacement of the recommended consumables is performed.

It should be noted that the mini-tractor has no differential lock, so the device must be operated with caution, especially during various maneuvers.

For example, if long-term storage of a mini-tractor without operation in winter is provided, the machine is taken away for maintenance, cleaned, fuel is removed from it. The unit should be stored in a dry room, but when the equipment is outdoors, it should be covered with a cloth that does not get wet.

If stored for a longer period of time, a mini-drive should be performed regularly for a short time.

Reviews of owners

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