Minitractor MTZ-082 – description and properties

MTZ 082 small tractor

MTZ 082 is a versatile four-wheeled mini-tractor with great technical potential. This model includes not only the developments of the Belarusian machine builders, but also technical solutions of foreign manufacturers. The production of this device began in 1978 and was a response to the urgent need of the domestic consumer for the machines of such class. Over the years, the tractor has not lost its relevance and is now actively used in many agricultural enterprises and supplying organizations. In 1986, the production of this machine was stopped and replaced by a new, more perfect unit MTZ-082BS.


The scope of this machine includes the following types of work:

  • Preparation of fodder for cattle;
  • Spraying of fields with fertilizers;
  • Irrigation of green spaces;
  • Destroying weeds;
  • Agriculture;
  • Cultivation;
  • Planting plants;
  • Harvesting;
  • Clearing areas of debris;
  • Snow removal.

It should be noted that “MTZ 082” is mainly focused on the markets of developing countries, including the countries of the former socialist camp. In this connection, the cost of the machine and spare parts is at an acceptable level.

Using MTZ 082 in agriculture

Technical characteristics

MTZ 082 and its technical specifications are listed below:

  • Operating weight – 0.425 tonnes;
  • Traction power – 2.0 kN;
  • Travel speed – 18.0 km/h;
  • Operating speed – 2.4 km/h;
  • Ground clearance – 0.27 m;
  • Venderadius – 2.5 m;
  • Traction weight of the trailer – 0.7 t;
  • Tank volume – 6,0 l;
  • Recommended fuel type – AI-92.

This class of machines includes the following dimensions:

  • Length – 2.5 m;
  • Width – 0,9 m;
  • Height – 1.8 m;

Thanks to the introduction of an improved frame design and reinforced underframe bogie, the machine has received increased stability in areas with difficult terrain.

Engine Features

MTZ 082 mini-tractor is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline air-cooled engine “SK-12”. Its power is 16 horsepower (PS) in two working cylinders. Fuel consumption reaches 261 g/hp. Combustion chamber volume is 0.45 liters, and rotational speed – 3000 rpm. In addition to the Belarusian “SK-12”, the tractor can be equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine of the American manufacturer. This engine has a progressive ignition system, which makes it easy to start in the Russian climate. Its advantages also include the presence of an automatic decompressor and speed regulator. In addition, the American engine convinces by durability and safety of operation.

Herb cleaning in the garden

MTZ 082 Engine Design


Art of MTZ 082

Belarus 082 is suitable for all bikes. The design ensures that the rear axle is disconnected and only the front axle is used for operation. The tractor unit provides front axle differential lock and track size adjustment, which can be set to the following parameters: 600, 700 and 800 mm. “MTZ 082” is equipped with a mechanical control point. A multi-disc friction clutch is responsible for the clutch. The power selection shaft has two modes and can operate at 1000 or 3000 rpm. The starter can be battery or manual start. This line of machines has a fairly compact size, but the performance is at a fairly high level. It is recommended to use the equipment not only as an agricultural unit, but also as a traction tractor.

advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the machine should contain the following properties:

  • High level of performance;
  • maneuverability;
  • low weight;
  • Versatility;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Wide range of attachments.

It should be noted that “MTZ 082” is especially popular among representatives of pension companies, as it has a high level of cross-country ability and is able to effectively carry out production activities in the limited urban development. To the disadvantages of the tractor can be attributed such factors as the lack of a cab and the high cost of repair of the Briggs & Stratton engine.

MTZ 082 CAB Cabinet


Evaluation of the Belarusian vehicle can be specified on the basis of the following reviews:

  1. The mini-driver is able to operate normally even when using low-quality fuel, which is a significant advantage for the farm.
  2. The unit is very economical to maintain and use. Good value for money.
  3. The machine is easy to operate and requires no training: just start and go. All-wheel-drive capability allows for good control of the machine. No additional fatigue is accumulated during the working day.
  4. It is a good and unpretentious tractor. It is true that it is necessary to install a size, as the standard one quickly gets buried when working on weak floors. There are no problems with spare parts. What can be equipped with
  5. Completion of the machine does not provide additional tools. All types of working tools must be ordered independently. About 50 types of different attachments can be installed on the basic factor.
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The following popular attachments can be used:

  • Visor for protection from wind and rain;
  • Car trailer;
  • Public brushes;
  • Bulldozer blade;
  • Mower;
  • Potato digger;
  • Plow;
  • harrow;
  • Chopper
  • Stubber;
  • fork;
  • Freeze.

Cleaning snow of MTZ 082

Cost of new and operation

Due to the fact that the “Belarus” 082 tractor has not been produced since 1986, it is quite difficult to find an option in good condition. But there is an opportunity to buy a later version – “MTZ 082 BS”. There are machines, which were produced on the market in 1992-1997. Their cost ranges from 80 to 100,000 rubles.


Machines similar in their properties to “MTZ 082” include: “MTZ 132 N”, “Bulat-1220”, Gros MT15NW and CF13ME. Their main indicators are given below:

Analogues of MTZ 082 tractor


Despite the large number of machines presented by foreign competitors, the products of the Belarusian manufacturer are still popular and in demand in the domestic market. All this is due to the fact that MTZ engineers do not stop at the achieved level, and regularly bring new technologies and innovative ideas into tractor construction. Machines of MINSK system are constantly being improved: the scope of their application is expanding, the functionality of the units is improving. A striking example is the production of the MTZ 082 BS, Belarus 112 and Belarus 132n tractors, which are the modified versions of the model developed back in 1978.

MTZ-082 Minior is a home station machine of a budget level


The need for a self-propelled machine arose with the development of private subsidiary farms. The device was designed to:

  • Replace farmers’ manual labor;
  • To compete with full-fledged tractors.

Compact MTZ-082 Usage:

  • In the fields;
  • In gardens and greenhouses;
  • In the transport work.

The first mini-tractor of the MINSK machine-builder – MTZ-082 was called a “tractor” of farmers.

range of application

The range of tasks of “Belarus” includes public and agricultural work.

  • The skills are extended through the use of Hungarian implements.
  • The latter come in passive and active action with power shaft drive.
  • Stationary implements are used for plowing, tilling, or cultivating the soil.
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Active tools are used:

  • For mowing grass;
  • Planting/seeding plants;
  • Cleaning;
  • Clearing the area of snow or debris.

MTZ-082 minitractor - a home universal machine of budget level

The maneuverable “tractor” is used in the greenhouse, where it is difficult to use full-fledged equipment in limited conditions.

Design of the device

The mini-tractor consists of two halves, which are articulated with each other.

  • In the front half is the power unit with the engine, gearbox and one permanently engaged in the drive axle.
  • The rear half has a separate wheel drive, articulated unit and operator’s seat.

The unit is controlled by rotating the steering wheel, which is connected to the pivot assembly by a worm gear.

Standard equipment

The basic model is equipped with a rear hydraulic tank, which is necessary for aggregation with agricultural and arms. The unit consists of:

  • Hydraulic drive;
  • Attachment mechanism.

The first includes:

  • A separate oil pump;
  • The tank for the working fluid;
  • Distributor;
  • Hydraulic cylinder.

The coupling mechanism consists of an articulated area with adjustable brackets. In addition to the coupling unit, the machine offers:

  • A cross bar to work with downstream units;
  • Pigo-liner ball device for transportation of MTZ BY5-01 type semitrailer.

As standard, MTZ-082 is equipped with a double mode selection wave. It can give the speed depending on the speed of the device or the speed of the crankshaft.

Operating parameters

The first MT Z-Min i-Actractor is rugged and compact, and the swivel mechanism gives the machine maneuverability to work in tight spaces.

Table No. 1. Technical information

Name value
engine SK-12 (Briggs & Stratton)
Power, hp (kW) 12 (8.8)
Operating weight, T 0.425
Tractive effort, kN 2,0
Transit (operating) speed, km/h 18 (2.4)
Street freedom, cm 27
Turning radius, m 2,5
Dimensions, mm (l × w × h) 2500 × 900 × 1800


  • The first models received from the sponsor were equipped with two-cylinder SK-12 engines.
  • Subsequently, the power unit was replaced with a more robust and durable engine from the American manufacturer Briggs & Stratton (B&S).
  • Kazakhstan-SK engines are designed for installation on minitractors, walking tractors and other small machinery.
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Operating conditions of the engines:

  • Temperature range – from t-40 to +40 °C;
  • atmospheric pressure – not lower than 650 mm Hg;
  • air dust content – up to 1 g/m3;
  • Inclination relative to horizontal plane – 28 °C.

Foreign B&S analogue is equipped with:

  • direct-flow carburetor;
  • paper filters;
  • patented Lo-Tone exhaust system to reduce operating noise.

When designing the cylinder block, the developers used sleeve technology to increase the wear resistance of friction surfaces.

The parameters of the American are identical to the SK-12.

advantages and disadvantages

The use of the mini-tractor in the conditions of private farms is due to its advantages over the full-fledged representatives of agricultural equipment.

Among the advantages are highlighted:

  1. Price. The functionality of the device is enough to perform basic agricultural work, and the cost of manufacturing is lower than that of a full tractor.
  2. Maneuverability. The compact and narrow device is easily used in the narrowest places, freely moves between trees in the garden and overcomes technological passages.
  3. Profitability. The 12 hp engines consume less fuel than full-size tractors. In addition, the maintenance of MTZ-082 is cheaper.

Fuel consumption of MTZ 082

It should be noted that the mini-tractor is widely used in municipal services. Due to its high cross-country ability, it is actively used in cramped conditions of urban development.

But the model has two disadvantages:

  • the lack of a cab;
  • difficulty in servicing the B&S engine.

It is inconvenient for the operator without a canopy to work on the zenith in the rain or summer sun.

When repairing the engine, there are difficulties with replacing parts – new ones are problematic to buy, and there are no analogues.

More info! Farmers have pointed out problems with starting in cold weather. The engine has just started:

  • After warming up in a warm box;
  • or injecting fluid into the air cleaner to make it easier to start the engine.
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operation nuances

Before a new machine is put into operation, it is run-in.

  • The duration of the procedure and the types of load increases are specified in the operating instructions.
  • Running-in is necessary to grind parts of the internal combustion engine and transmission.

After completion of the procedure:

  • Check threaded connections for tightness;
  • no fuel or lubricant leaks;
  • Completely change the oil in the engine, transmission, and gearbox.

Before each use, the operator should check the following:

  • the amount of fuel in the tank;
  • degree of lubrication in combustion engine crankcases, gearbox.

If there is a shortage of fuel and lubricant, it is necessary to refill them.

MTZ-082 minitractor - a home universal machine of budget level

To keep the machine in good working order, periodic maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the numbering of maintenance service specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

After completion of field works, MTZ-082 must be mothballed for winter storage:

  • fuel is completely drained from the tank;
  • metal surfaces not protected by paint are covered by grease or other grease.

analogues and price

The factory has already discontinued production of the 082 series, and it is impossible to buy a new model. However, it is possible to find a working machine on the secondary market.

  • The price of such a machine ranges from 85,000 to 100,000 rubles.
  • If the mini-tractor needs to be restored, the amount will be reduced by about half.

Bulat-12 and MTZ-132 can serve as analogues. The first is a representative of the Indian machine, which is part of the Jinma brand structure. MTZ-132 is a modernized version of Belarus-082.

Despite the cessation of production of this model, MTZ-082 still fills the domestic market of the country. Minsk machine builders have achieved such results due to:

  • Implementation of new technologies;
  • Innovative ideas.


MTZ devices continue to improve. The areas of their application are expanding, their functionality is improving.

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