Minitractor Kalibr MT 120 – description and characteristics

Minitractor “Kalibr”: model range, technical characteristics, reviews

Most modern farms are equipped with various types of equipment that can accelerate the performance of all types of work, while increasing productivity and efficiency of the process. One such machine is the mini-tractor “Kalibr”, which is ideal for work on small and medium-sized areas. Let’s consider its properties, characteristics, and owner reviews.

Photo of the mini-tractor

Small tractor “Kalibr” 120

To the design features of such a unit can be attributed the fact that the manufacturers have equipped the heavy diesel tracked tractor with wheels and some additional elements. The result is a multifunctional vehicle, equipped with ergonomic controls, PTO, electric starter ignition and mechanical transmission.

The machine has decent off-road parameters, is compact and mobile. The standard equipment includes a rotary cultivator and a plow. Users in their reviews of the mini-tractor Kalibr note that it is affordable and has no problems starting up even in severe frosts. This model has a 12-horsepower engine and can perform a wide range of works, even on virgin land. Other functions include clearing the area of snow and the use of a variety of attachments.

Minitractor Kalibr MT-120 – the most popular unit of the brand

This machine impresses by its amazing design solution, because the creators put a diesel two-wheeled tractor on wheels and added many especially beneficial functional features. We are talking about the installation of PTO, ergonomic steering, electric starter ignition, manual transmission, etc.

Technical characteristics:

The device is known for its excellent cross-country capability, mobility, compactness, low cost and the ability to take off quickly even in severe frosts. It comes with a rotary cultivator and a plow.

Due to the fact that the engine of the Kalibr MT-120 minitractor has a capacity of 12 hp. C. the device can cope with even the most difficult work on the soil and clean the area from the accumulated snow in winter. The device successfully works with a wide variety of attachments, and since the manufacturer has released many additional tools, it is easy to choose the right option.

High quality processing and competent selection of parts guarantee a long service life and excellent maintainability. Using the instruction manual, presented on our website, you can understand the basics of the device and eliminate some types of faults yourself.


Minitractor Kalibr MT-120 has the following technical parameters:

  • wheel formula – 4 x 2;
  • constructive weight – 0,4 t;
  • length / width / height – 2,14 / 0,9 / 1,17 m;
  • Max. speed (forward/reverse) – 17,0 / 2,2 km/h;
  • Engine type – liquid-cooled, one-stroke, four-cylinder diesel;
  • power – 8,8 kW;
  • Lubrication – oil pump system;
  • Starting – electric starter;
  • Main gear – cylindrical external element with end gearing;
  • Brakes – foot-operated drum brakes.
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According to owners’ reviews, reliability and decent quality guarantee trouble-free operation of the machine for a long time with regular and proper maintenance.

Additional attachments

Under the additional attachments, which are used together with the MT-12-caliber minister, the following units should be attributed:

  1. Potato digger.
  2. Potato.
  3. Hausman hip.
  4. Hauler multihull.
  5. Cultivator bus.
  6. Grabber.
  7. Mechanical seed drill.
  8. Mechanical grain esizer.
  9. Fertilizer spreader.
  10. Mounted plough.
  11. Mult i-Horseman plough.
  12. Sprayer.
  13. Haymower.
  14. Mower.
  15. Front mouldboard.
  16. Active floor floor tillers.
  17. Rotary tiller.

Like most models of Mini – tractors, they allow the use of the rear quota and the pick-up mechanism of absolutely all articulated units. The model can work with equipment of domestic and foreign production and foreigners.

It is worth emphasizing that the installation of tractor and staggered devices gives some restrictions: Firstly, the class of the machine from which the equipment was removed must coincide with the class of the mini-tractor. Secondly, the power of the power unit must be sufficient for the full functioning of the device.

Briefly about the model 150

Kalibr-Mini-Aktractor in this version is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 15 “horses”, which is started from an electric starter. Wheel drive is the same as its predecessor (4 x 2). An upgraded cooling system prevents the engine from overheating in hot weather.

Multilevel transmission selects the optimum operating speed depending on the conditions and the type of ground. Weight of the equipment is 0.4 tons. The popularity of the modification is due to the wide business opportunities, mainly ergonomics and the presence of a power selection shaft. Consumer feedback on this model is almost identical to the 120 version, as they slightly differ from each other.

244. Series

The Minitor 244 caliber offers a 4 x 4 drive on the entire frame. Such a solution allows you to work actively on tough terrain and virgin land. The off-road capability is boosted by the improved 24.5 hp engine. Attachments are linked directly to the power shaft. Such a nuance partly compensates the speed of the equipment, despite the increased weight of the machine up to 700 kg.

Protecting and mulching plants before winter

The main characteristics of the corresponding equipment are given below:

  • Weight with accessories – 1.18 tons;
  • Length/width/height – 3.01/1.56/1.96 m;
  • Operator’s seat adjustment – yes;
  • Number of gears – 6 front and 2 rear;
  • Starting – electric starter;
  • Cooling – water system;
  • Connecting the hydraulic power steering – in rear;
  • Type of drive – all-wheel drive;
  • Power – 18,4 kW;
  • Engine – diesel with several cylinders and four superchargers.

MT-304 version

The specified version is more intended for professional exploitation. This is due to the longer engine, heated cab and increased functionality. The technique is focused not only on the agricultural farms, but also on the needs of supplying companies. The first model of this machine went into production in 2012 and is actively used in the relevant areas.

Technical indicators of the model are given below:

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  • Bicycle formula – 4 x 4;
  • Length/width/height – 3.01/1.56/1.96 m;
  • Working base – 1.54 m;
  • Floor clearance – 26.6 cm;
  • Weight – 1.2 t;
  • Unit – water-cooled diesel engine with a pair of cylinders (4 stroke);
  • Operating parameters – 22.6 kW;
  • Steering – mechanical control;
  • RPM – 540 rpm;
  • Maximum speed – 31,4 km/h.

Mini-tractor Kalibr.

The company Kalibr, known to the consumer as a manufacturer of power tools and gas tools for the household, has begun production of mini-tractors. There are four models of Kalibre mini-tractors with a series of diesel engines ranging from 17 to 30 hp. The tractors are offered with all necessary attachments including a rake, plow, stroke, trailer and more.

Calibre 180 mini tractor, the lightest and most economical model in the range. Ideal for small farms, supply companies, etc. All attachments are sold separately, from excavator attachments, cabs, trailers to plowing and multi-purpose brushes.



205000 rubles.

Minitractor Kalibr 204, the average model, from those presented in the line. Suitable for work in agriculture, private companies, etc. Thanks to the separately offered folding equipment, you can remove snow, clean sidewalks and perform minor charging work.


Motorcycle formula 4×4
Dimensions (LXBXH): 2796 x 1296 x 1338 mm
Front axle 1200 mm
Rear axle 1200 mm
base 1465mm
Area of application 266 mm
Dry weight 1100 kilograms
Model: Ty295a
Type of engine 2-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled engine
output 14,72 kW/19,6 hp
rotation speed 2300 rpm
fuel diesel
Tire size (width – diameter):
Front axle 6.0-12 ″
Rear axle 8.3-24 ″
clutch Dry, dual
steering Mechanical
transmission (3+1) X2
Suspension scheme 3-point tail elevator
shock wave
rotation speed 540 rpm
Slot size (mm)

Price reduced to


Minitractor Kalibr 254, model with a capacity of 24,5 liters. Ideal for small construction and street works. It is used in the garden and on the homestead, for snow removal, garbage disposal, soil processing, etc. All necessary attachments are purchased separately.


Price reduced to


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The mini tractor Kalibr 304 is the most powerful tractor of the Kalibr series. Like the other models is suitable for use in agricultural enterprises and supply companies. It is easy to use, and thanks to the attachment device functionality is significantly increased.


Price reduced to


Party equipment for tractors: cab, utility brooms, cantilever mower, rake mowing, drone cutting, hay press, plow, front dump truck, rear dump truck, syringe, folding excavator, rotograbber. Hull caliber, fits most Chinese tractors.

We also introduce two new tractor models. The new Kalibr 404 and Kalibr 604 tractors have a more powerful engine, more power steering, and other positive differences.

When purchasing a tractor and binder, be warned of discounts!

folding devices.

The grades of the miniature caliber in question can be equipped with the following types of attachments:

  1. The cutter bar is used to create a homogeneous composition of the topsoil and mix the soil layers. This technique mainly uses active elements that interact with hydraulic pumps.
  2. The harvester. Combining a cutter and harrow, this unit can mix layers of soil and shred the race.
  3. Cultivator. Serves for marking beds for planting crops.
  4. harrow. After shredding, it grinds up large slurries.
  5. Plow. Develops and finalizes schemes and prepares the area for planting. The unit under consideration can operate two plows at the same time, which increases productivity.
  6. Follower. Significantly facilitates transportation, loading and unloading of various domestic and conventional loads.

In addition to these devices, the Kalibre has a snowplow, mowers of various types, potato diggers and other attachments in each power unit.

Features of the device

Minitractor Kalibr MT-120 has several main advantages that distinguish the model among similar machines:

  1. Excellent cross-country ability on various types of soil.
  2. Excellent maneuverability indicators.
  3. Compactness.
  4. Ability to install additional attachments, including stepping behavior.
  5. Increased engine resistance to low temperatures, as well as easy starting in the same conditions.

In addition, influenced the model modeling and basic equipment, as already on the minitractor type MT-12 installed a plow and rotary cultivator. Due to this, immediately after the purchase of equipment, the owner can begin to carry out many agricultural works, which saves money at the first time. If necessary, other types of attachments can also be purchased separately. It should be noted that for an additional fee, the required unit can be included in the existing configuration of the machine.


This model is designed for a long enough service life, which has been thoroughly tested by the period of operation. The mini-drive efficiently copes with any work in various conditions. This is due to the fact that the power unit used can work at very low ambient temperatures, as well as in the summer heat, which allows you to use the devices all year round without downtime.

Reviews of Miglibr MTT 244 and 304 grinders

In their responses, users point out several points that affect the reliable and proper operation of the equipment in question:

  1. Diesel fuel, intended for filling the tractor, should not contain foreign impurities and be clean.
  2. It is recommended to use semi-synthetic oils of 10W-30 type for lubrication of engine elements, gear hoses or Tades.
  3. Change of lubricants should be done after every 500 hours of work (gearbox) and 200 hours (engine unit).

Owners also advise checking the availability and quality of diesel fuel, making sure the fuel block is in good working order, checking the spark plugs and adjusting the fuel supply when certain faults occur.

The proven MT 120 caliber minigun

Small tractor caliber MT 120

Today, to achieve high efficiency and speed when performing a variety of agricultural works, you can use an interesting mini-tractor Kalibr MT 120.This model is a domestic development, but today it is produced in Chinese factories, so its cost is quite acceptable.

Exceptional versatility allows this machine to solve a variety of tasks, from plowing the field to clearing snow debris on roads and household areas.

Advantageous differences from other machines

Mini tractor caliber

Interestingly, this machine is based on a powerful diesel two-wheeled tractor, which is simply put on wheels. However, important design features should be noted here that will allow you to use the Caliber mini-tractor to the maximum. First of all, we should highlight the PTO, electric starter ignition, mechanical transmission and ergonomic steering. Also worth mentioning is the fairly economical 12 hp engine, which allows you to perform a wide range of functional tasks.

High reliability and low maintenance costs

Small tractor Kalibr MT 120 video

For every owner, in addition to reliability, no less important is the issue of maintenance of his mechanical helper. Numerous positive reviews of the Kalibr MT 120 minitractor show that this model of engineering tool is completely unpretentious, so almost any home handyman can replace some parts or even whole units. However, in general, this technique is very reliable, and therefore, buying it, you can not doubt its longevity.

Exceptional advantages of the Kalibr MT 120 tractor:

  • good cross-country ability;
  • high maneuverability;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The ability to mount almost any attachment;
  • Easy engine start even in severe frost.

The good news for everyone who chooses this vehicle is that the mini-tractor is equipped with a plough and a rotary cultivator as a basic equipment. Thanks to this it is possible to use the agricultural equipment immediately after purchase without spending extra money and time on searching for attachments. Compact dimensions of 2140 x 905 x 1175 mm allow to work in a limited space, which is extremely important.

Practicality of purchase

Reviews of the mini tractor Kalibr MT 120

Every owner will surely notice that the mini-tractor Kalibr MT 120, the video of which best demonstrates all the features of its work, can become an effective assistant not only in agriculture, but also in cleaning the territory and removal of snow from the roads. In addition, it can be used for the transportation of loose goods. The ease of use makes it accessible to every owner, so the purchase of such a device is quite a reasonable decision for any far-sighted owner.


To summarize, it is safe to say that today you can and should use good and practical compact mini-tractors. Practical mini-tractor Kalibr MT 120, the price of which today starts from 110,000 rubles, guarantees a long and trouble-free service life. Today, many domestic factories will produce these mini-tractors, which will make the technique of this type available in all regions of our country.

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