Minitory Belarus MTZ 082. Review, characteristics, instructions

Minitor Belarus MTZ 082. Overview, characteristics, features of operation

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Under the model range of mini – tractors Belarus is the popular and most famous model MTZ 082. It was first off the assembly line in 1992. This is the first high quality mini tractor, which was developed for the use in our country.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 082.

MTZ 082 immediately found application in small farms, as well as in large country schemes. Now it is a popular machine, the technical characteristics of which have passed the test of time.

Technical characteristics

Engine type Gasoline, four-stroke with air cooling system.
Starting Electric or manual starter
Weight during work, kg 425
Turning radius, M 2,5
Track, cm. 60, 70, 80
Possible driving speed, km/h: front to back 2.80-18.003.80-12.94
Mini-tractor size, cm: Width length height 100 250 200
Agricultural lantern, cm 27
Make and size of tires 5,9×13 domestically made or 6l-12 imported
Engine brand Briggs & Stratton
Engine power, hp 16
Wheel drive 4 cranks
Engine has cylinders, pcs. 2
Manufacturer, country Belarus

Basic configuration

The factory equipment of the mini-tractor includes the machine itself, the instruction manual and the passport of the self-propelled machine. If you buy MTZ 082 from hand, ask the former owner to show these documents.

The manufacturer recommends using attachments from him. You can add to the purchase:

  • A plow;
  • Cutter;
  • Chopper;
  • Mower;
  • Potato digger and potato planter;
  • Snowman;
  • Follower;
  • Vesti Mule.

The video shows Belarus 082 working as a snowman:

Application Functions.

Before you start the mini-drive, you must check the presence of fuel and oil in the appropriate topics.

If there is not enough gasoline, the engine will not start. Theoretically, the engine can run without oil, but in this case, there is increased friction and the likelihood that it will not fail. To prevent this from happening in the rotor of the MTZ 082 Mini there is an oil sensor, which does not allow this.

Before starting work, it is also necessary to check that the fastening equipment is securely fastened.


One of the main advantages of the Belarus MTZ 082 Mini is the 16 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

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The MTZ 082 has all-wheel drive, which locks the rear wheels to save gasoline.

To improve steering, a Naramed axle is installed, with which the unit can turn in a 2.5 m range. This is especially convenient if you work on small agricultural plots or in urban areas.

Owner’s Manual

Before you start using the new tractors MTZ 082. Belarus” must be used with minimum engine load. This is done to ensure that the engine parts are well lubricated and fit into the grooves.

In addition, the operating manual contains information about the assembly process, technical features, device and preventive work related to the MTZ 082.

It should be made sure that it is forbidden to use the mini-contractor for transportation of people (presence of the operator in sitting position is allowed).

The following video shows an overview of the device, technical features and an example of plowing the MTZ 082:


To maintain the operability and properties of the minitractor Belarussian MTZ 082 it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance.

  • Engine oil must be changed every 80 hours of operation of the Belarus 082 tractor. It is recommended to use M-8DM or M-8G2K as a fresh lubricant.
  • Transmission oil must be changed after winter break or every 100 hours. TAD-17i or TAP-15B is recommended.

M-8DM M-8DM M-8DM M-8G2K M-8DM oil TAD-17i oil

  • Before changing the oil in the MTZ 082 Min i-Tro it is necessary to drain the waste oil.
  • It is necessary to regularly clean the body of the Min i-Tro from dust and oil stains, check the pressure in tires and adapt the clutch and brake pedal every 50-100 hours of work.
  • At the end of field work is conservation, namely, the tractor is dried, dried and cleaned of fuel, parts are lubricated to prevent corrosion, covered and placed in a dry place.
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Owner Reviews

Here’s what the owners of MTZ 082 mini tractors say on the forums:


The fact that the Belarusian mini is reliable, convinced of my own experience. I bought Belarus in the mid-1990s. At that time it was expensive, but it still works! It was a very good investment. Especially when you consider the economy compared to other models. There are several connected devices for it now. I’m completely satisfied, but want to upgrade and get the 132n.

Miniseries MTZ-082. Description of the model, basic equipment, features of application

Minitractor MTZ-082 or Belarus 082 is the flagship model from the MINSK tractor system. It was released for the first time, after which the system acquired the production of mini-excavators. MTZ-082 saw the world in 1978. At that time, the population had a need for a light machine that performs agricultural work in the home, but not in production scale.

Therefore, before the release of 082 mini were used such machines as MTZ-05, MTZ-06, MTZ-12 and MTZ-08BS.

Minitor MTZ-082

MTZ-082 mini-drive belongs to the pulling class 0,4. All-wheel drive with the possibility to disconnect rear axle, big enough wheels and strength, which is not inherent to modest dimensions – all these features have made Belarus 082 a very popular vehicle. The release of this model is defined for today and takes place.

The mini-tractor is equipped with a gasoline engine SK-12 or Briggs & Stratton with a vertical wave (depending on the year of manufacture and production).

Engine capacity is 12 hp. Volume is 0.49 l. The engine offers automatic speed selection.

The purpose of the mini-vector MTZ-082:

  • Akker and cleaning work with bonding equipment on light floors;
  • Work in greenhouses, greenhouses;
  • Irrigation;
  • Distribution of fertilizers;
  • Cultivation;
  • Grass mowing, concealed;
  • Tilling the soil between the rows;
  • Taking potatoes and planting.

Minitor MTZ-082

Basic configuration of MTZ-082 Mini Vector

In the basic configuration Mini Vector MTZ-082 is not equipped with attachments. The device is delivered assembled. The standard configuration includes the following components:

  • 4 wheels;
  • Underground shields (4 pcs.);
  • Headlights and dimensions;
  • Operator;
  • Tractor documentation (user’s manual);
  • Warranty documents;
  • A number of tools for minor repairs or assembly.
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Technical features of MTZ-082

Dimensions of the mini vector MTZ-082 is 2500x900x1800 mm. The size of the turning radius is 2.5 m. Evacuation – 27 cm. Adjustable from 60 to 80 cm. Eight points of speed control allow the mini-vector to speed from 2 to 14.8 km / h. The weight of the machine is 450 kg. Fuel consumption of the device is 261 g/hour. The machine is equipped.

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Minitor MTZ-082

There is a non-contact ignition function, there is a decompressor; The air-cleaner is equipped with replaceable paper filters. This cleaning system allows the engine to run longer and the stated power even in dusty air conditions. The hydraulic hitch is compatible with the latest generation of tractor attachments. All HABSING attachments installed are suitable for this mini-tractor (with respect to traction class).

Features of application and maintenance

Structural and functional features of the MTZ-082 mini-tractor are as follows:

  • adjustable chassis tour;
  • universal mount for linkage;
  • AGRO lighting is convenient for work with low plants and crops.
  • Availability of spare parts for this model;
  • Cold start function;
  • Wide range of implements for working on different soils;
  • Convenient turning radius (can turn around in a small area);
  • Increased ability to overcome landings;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Differential locking;
  • Compact dimensions when assembled;
  • Onboard hydraulic system, easy operation of pennant and articulating devices;
  • Straight-flow carburetor;
  • Automatic adjustment of crankshaft rpm;
  • High maintenance;
  • Clear and detailed instructions for operating the mini vector.

Before operating the tractor should be checked, if necessary, add fuel, coolant and oil, check the effectiveness of the brake and steering systems.

M-10G2K Engine Oil M-10DM Lithol

Engine oil change is required every 250 hours of operation. It is recommended to use M-10G2K or M-10DM. Lithol can be used as a lubricant. Transmission oil (brand TAP-15B) should be changed after 500 hours of work.

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At the end of field works the machine should be preserved. It must be cleaned, oiled to prevent corrosion, filled with fuel, covered and placed in a dry place.

Video checking MTZ-082 Minitor work

The video shows the tractor O8 2-Min and tractor from MTZ with one plow and a stranger

Owner Reviews

Vitaly, Uzhgorod:

“I remember the quality of MTZ tractors from the 90’s, at that time for the ages of the machine. MTZ 082, bought in 90’s, served its useful life and even more. After the 082, I switched to the 50, and then to the LTZ40. I want to buy something similar, I will not take this model – I have a desire to take a more expensive and powerful kit. From myself as the owner of MTZ with 20 – years of experience, I say that

The advantages of this machine are obvious: First, the economy, the fuel and lubricants are moderate, as it should be. Secondly, there is a differential lock on the new models, as in the 90’s, there are a lot of them now, only now the range is much larger.

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