Minitors Uralets: Overview of the lin e-up, attachments, reviews on tractors

Minitors Uralette. Popular models, your description, video work, advantages and disadvantages, reviews

Miniors Uralets – a common product of Chinese and Russian production. It is produced by Tractor LLC, which has been known for almost two decades on the market of hig h-quality Mini agricultural machines.

The Minitor plant produces universal machines that are used optimally if the use of normal tractors is not appropriate. There are currently 10 Miniuniversal models in the Enterprise catalog.

The design of the Urals is developed according to classic technologies. With regard to technical features, they occupy an intermediate position between the motblakes and the tractor technology of a higher traction category. /

A capacity of 16 hp. Up to 24 HP successfully compete with similar machines of famous European brands, and the price of the Urals is many times lower.

The Uralets Mini actionor is the most suitable option for processing areas from 20 hectares to 10 hectares is widespread in the common area, civil and industrial construction. With regard to functionality, it is not inferior to a large tractor that is perfectly summarized with a variety of folding equipment.

Review of the list

Uralets 160

Uralets 160 – Younger model with a capacity of 16 hp. With a single cylinder tw o-stroke engine.

Successful in personal farms on the earth’s plow as a garden tractor is operated with hay production and carries out simple construction and community work.

It is manufactured in the VR China and can have different devices.

Uralets 180

Uralets 180 – A more powerful modification has separate rear brakes and improved hydraulics.

Thanks to the two cylinder engine, 18 HP, its functional skills are significantly expanded.

Available with diesel engines and carburetor.

Uralets 220

A number of mini drive rays 220 (4×4) with engine power 22 hp. It is presented in several modifications and is most popular – most often used on animal colors and supply companies.

An al l-wheel drive driv e-Mini contract drive can be equipped with an additional hydraulic syste m-320 kohm.

The flagship of the Brandingurals 220 Hydroph is the latest model with a hydraulic system, a differential lock and a hydraulic steering of the steering.

The modification of Uralets 224 B has an improved framework, improved cabling and modernized cold start.

Dong Feng DF-244 and Jinma 244

The joint production with famous Chinese brands is represented by models of powerful 24-PS mini-actractors-Uralets Dong Feng DF-244 and Jinma Uralets 244, which effectively process the territory up to 10 hectares.

Miniuniversals of this group are available in two versions – with a sealed cabin for the driver and without a taxi.

In the tractor line there is a model with a motor of 16 hp. Jinma Uralets 164.


  • Good pain in medium capacity.
  • Optimal compatibility with many stored units for agricultural, construction programs.
  • The compact small dimensions of the Mini Actractor so that he can work in a limited room.
  • Possibility to change the width of the front lane in all models except Uralets 160.
  • High ergonomics at work.
  • Cos t-effective operation.
  • Fast self-sufficiency in 1-2 seasons.
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A wide variety of attachments can be assembled on min i-tractors, machines are optimally aggregated with additional tools of your own brand and attachments from other manufacturers.

Folding mechanisms are not included in the basic package of the min i-tractor, they need to be purchased separately.

For agricultural work

  • Two-, three and four-figure plows plow the floor in front of the plant, mulch the floor after the harvest.
  • With the help of Hillers and Grubbern, rows and furrows for vegetable cultures are placed, seedlings are processed.
  • Boden cutters and discbeds ensure the care of the fertile layer of earth.
  • Plants and the spraying of liquid mineral fertilizers are irrigated with various spray devices.
  • With potato planters and potato roters, it is possible to mechanize the process of growing potatoes and other bulbous fruits as much as possible.
  • The sickle mower mows the grass, and the pick-up completes the hay to swath and bale.

Hiller Grubber on Traktor Uralets 180:

Swade of hay on the Uralets 220 mini tractor:

Rotating hedgehogs to weed potatoes:

For municipal utilities and construction work

  • Don’t sweep the area with a rotating brush.
  • Planning shields (mounted in the back and front, 1.2-1.5 m tall) are used to free the area from snow, pave the floor, sand and construction sites.
  • In powerful models of mini tractors, it is possible to work with various models of Kuhn front loaders and an excavator.
  • Various modifications of mowers are used to carry out work for landscape design. Special wheels are also installed on the min i-tractor for mowing grass on lawns and golf courses.
  • The mowing free cutter crushes the mowed mass as far as possible, while additional cleaning of the construction site is not necessary.
  • After falling the trees with the help of a special chopper for wood residues, the cleanliness of the territory is guaranteed.
  • Yamobur is used to drill holes in fence construction.

Small tractor Uralets 220 with Kuhn:

Front power lift for Uralets 180 Minitraktor:

In addition, universal devices are perfectly connected to the Uralets minitractor – pendants and carts, powerful models can transport up to 1.5 tons of freight.

The spray unit widespread in agriculture can be used by municipal utilities to sprinkle salt and sand on icy areas in winter.

Tip pendant on the small tractor Uralets XT 180:

Operating characteristics

Due to the lack of a cabin, the Uralet is mainly used in moderate climate zones in the presence of a cabin – in a wide temperature range from +45 ° C t o-60 ° C.

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All elements of assemblies and parts have a large security room, which ensures reliable stable operation.

The installation of electrical spark plugs on motors ensures a quick start at low temperatures.

The tap wave is reinforced, the 6 slots on it enable the easy summary of “foreign” attachments.

Special safety sheets are installed for the safety of the driver and to protect the mini tractor for a rollover.

Minitractors Uralets do not impose any requirements on the quality of fuel and engine oil. In order to avoid breakdowns, however, the oil should be changed after 50 operating hours. 10w40 diesel oil is recommended.

In the gearbox, replacement occurs after 100-150 hours of continuous operation – all-weather universal grease TAD-17.

Often, pre-sale preparation and driving in the Urals are carried out by trading companies, which facilitates subsequent warranty service.

However, owners should be aware of some features of minitractor maintenance, which will greatly facilitate further operation:

  1. The oil level in the crankcase and in the gearbox must be systematically checked with a dipstick.
  2. The battery is checked by a tester, the charge is adjusted to 12.7-12.9 V, the green indicator shows normal charging.
  3. Oil must be poured into the cleaning air filter before the first start-up, as this is not filled at the factory due to the possibility of spillage during transport.
  4. Without waiting for the routine inspections, it is advisable to fill all the grease fittings with Litol-24 petroleum in the new mini-tractor.


  • The need for constant monitoring of the electrolyte – its level should be 10-15 mm above the fuse.
  • Increased noise when the engine is running.
  • The driver’s seat can only be adjusted in height.
  • The lack of a cabin limits the possible uses.
  • Wrong work with front loader and backhoe due to lack of power.
  • Play in the steering gear.
  • Oil leak in the rear axle differential.
  • Insufficient information content of the operating instructions.

Despite some shortcomings, mini tractors are deservedly popular among farmers.

First start, break-in

It is important to expertly break in a mini tractor to ensure the grinding and break in of major components and mechanisms.

According to the operating instructions, all systems are checked before the mini device is put into operation:

  1. Fuel tank and radiator, refuel if necessary
  2. oil level
  3. cooling system
  4. clutch reliability
  5. Fastening of all moving parts.

Starting takes place at medium or low engine speeds. To start the Uralets, the key in the ignition lock is turned clockwise to the “4” mark, after which it is turned back to the “2” mark.

If the diesel does not start, the key must be returned to its original position and tried again after 30 seconds. After starting, let the engine warm up for 3-4 minutes at medium speed.

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The ammeter needle on the “+” sign indicates the battery is charging. A new battery can be used about half an hour after filling the electrolyte.

If the mini tractor is to be preserved for long-term storage in the future, the battery must be removed and charged before operation.

Then gradually increase the speed and work at maximum speed for 5 minutes. Check the brakes – the pedal is pressed and released, it should smoothly return to its original position.

They test the tractor’s performance in different gears – each for around 30 minutes. Turns are performed at medium or low speed.

The load should be added gradually from light to heavy. After checking the performance of all functions, the mini tractor is ready for intensive use.

The driver takes some time to get used to the speed of speed. Since the tractor is able to undress from every gear, switch the transfers when the stop is completely stopped!

At the end of the field work, the preservation is carried out, namely: the tractor is dried, dried, dried up and fuel cleaned, the parts are lubricated so that no corrosion is formed, covered and placed in a dry place.

Malfunctions, repair

The assembly of Min i-Actractors is of high quality. All details, knots, mechanisms are uniform. Situations are excluded, as with some Chinese manufacturers of low levels, if the same model can be installed differently by a variety of components.

Possible malfunctions often refer to the violations of the instructions for the operation, no n-compliance with the schedule of the preventive work.

Wrong start is possible:

  • After reducing diesel supply, the engine works with interruptions
  • The engine started, but the air purification tube started to smoke.

In such cases, it is necessary to drown out the engine immediately, to eliminate problems and only to start the engine again after this attempt.

Minitors are equipped with a hydraulic system for working with hinge units. Sometimes the performance of the basic hydraulics is not sufficient, in such cases the installation of an additional hydraulic distributor is permitted.

Reviews of the owners

Stepan: “Uralet-Dongfeng worked for me 2 seasons for me and paid off completely. I mainly work on land cultivation. With regard to the performance, other parameters are completely replaced by a large tractor, and in maneuverability the continuousness is the best option. “

Alexander: “Uralets acquired 180 before, 3 years ago. The assembly is good, it is easy to select spare parts. I work all year round, all agricultural work, on construction, snow cleaning. Like the car “

Vadim: “After all, our Russian manufacturers learned how to make reasonable devices. In the Uralets minibrator, 224b dares well and set the rear and front lane. From the hinge, I mainly use agricultural and supporters in the winter A shovel. When buying, it turned out that the handlebar had not had enough rolling warehouse. But the factory lessons are weak, the newcomer cannot be understood. The plastic case would also not hurt to be completed, to strengthen “

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Minito r-Uralette: prices, videos, reviews

With the collapse of the USSR, the requirements for special agricultural devices were significant changes. The use of total tractors on small farms was a disadvantageous and impractical elementary school. Massive machines were replaced by small devices to which the Uralets Mini actionor should belong. This unit of domestic production is considered the most competitive under similar European models. First of all, the quality with a high assembly, affordable costs and simplicity of the device should be emphasized.

Minitor Uralette

General technical functions

The small tractor of Uralets is produced in the Chelyabinsk factory, but at the same time the development and idea of ​​unity are not property of Russian engineers. After external parameters, the characteristics of Chinese modifications are visible, most functional nodes were also borrowed in the syntai mini vector.

Here, however, it should be emphasized that the small Uraletten tractor differs not only in a long operational resource, but also with a good adaptation to the Russian weather conditions. The modification uses a diesel engine that can generate maximum performance in reduced revolutions.

Minitor Uralette

Most models have all-wheel drive and are suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Such engines can easily start in the cold season with sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, modifications are considered universal and suitable for all-weather use.

According to the design features, the small tractor from this manufacturer does not have any distinguishing features from conventional special equipment. The drive unit is connected to the gearbox via a clutch. The connection to the rear axle is via a gearbox. This installation diagram is clearly visible on the video of the structure analysis, where each node is clearly visible.

Users note the convenient operation of the rear axle differential lock. This factor increases maneuverability and maneuverability in special equipment.

A fairly wide range of models should be distinguished, but at the same time universal parts are used in almost all versions. This is particularly practical, since there are no difficulties in obtaining spare parts when special devices are outsourced from production.

Minitor Uralette

The machine itself is similar to a designer when you can choose the part you want and connect it to the base. Engineers have created a truly universal model that can be combined with all types of attachments.

There are modifications of the Urals, equipped with a high-capacity battery and a cold start device. Such versions are intended for operation in northern regions with difficult climatic conditions.

VIDEO: Real World Tests

hanging devices

Mini tractors Uralets can be supplemented with various attachments to perform a variety of field work and farm tasks.

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Minitor Uralette

Mounting type for loading and unloading operations – cab frame + KUHN (front loader)

So let’s take a closer look at the device types:

  1. plows. Depending on the capabilities of the engine, 3 or 4 case devices can be fitted to optional equipment. Implements allow you to effortlessly plow the land before planting garden crops or harvesting the fields.


  1. Hillers, cultivators. Devices are designed for the formation of planting beds and planting vegetable crops. Also, the devices for tending the fields are used in the process of growth and ripening of plants.

The cultivation bush

  1. Disc type mills and harrows. They are used to care for the top fertile layer of soil, as well as for processing fertilizers and other components.

Mills and Harrows - a hitch for cultivating the soil

Milling and harrowing – hitch for tillage

  1. sprayer. The devices support the farmer in watering the vegetation or treating it with liquid chemicals to eliminate harmful insects.


  1. Potato planter, excavator. Devices simplify the process of planting and harvesting root crops.

potato and potatoes

Potato planters and potato diggers

  1. Dozer blade, trailer, rotor grate, excavator, loader. These devices help with supply work and cargo transport.

Bulldoze r-Dump, Sem i-Trailer, Rotorgrill, Excavator, Loader

With front shield and brush for cleaning the road

  1. Shredder for processing branches, branches and wood residues. This device is used for shredding cut branches when pruning trees in spring. The shredded material is then used as mulch for planting.

hinge hacker

  1. Lawn mowers and brush cutters. Such devices will help in the care of the lawn and garden.

Model range of mini tractors Uralets

The domestic manufacturer releases 4 main models of Uralets Ministers, each of which can be ordered and purchased on the official website http: //uralets.rf. Separate modifications are distinguished by individual technical characteristics that determine the specifics of the operation of special devices. So, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and any other city, you can buy the following versions:


Minitor Uralets-160

The very first model from the Uralets series is equipped with a two-Tint single-cylinder engine with a power indicator of 16 liters. With. The engine has an electric starter and a water cooling system.

The weight does not exceed 900 kg, but at the same time the mini wheeled drive is equipped with a fairly large area of ​​u200bu200bcoating. Due to this factor, the technique does not harm fertile soil, compact it or grind it. The unit manifests itself perfectly in small farms with a small garden plot. Well suited to summer homes and private sectors and is also widely used by the city’s municipal inspections. Price – 222,000 rubles.

Uralets 180

Minitor Uralets-180

This modification is characterized by high performance and maneuverability due to engine power – 18 liters. With. The model is equipped with a diesel four-stroke power unit with vertical cylinders. Cost – 256 900 rubles.

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