Minitors Belarus MTZ 421 and 422. Review, characteristics, reviews

Minitors Belarus MTZ 421 and MTZ 422. Description, technical features, advantages of these machines

Minitors Belarus MTZ 421 and Belarus MTZ 422 are agricultural devices that are produced by the bobruisk system of tractor parts and units that are part of the MTZ-Holding. That is why these machines are sometimes referred to as “MTZ” and not “Belarus” – in fact we talk about the same technology. Factory assembly and powerful engines make these models not only in Belarus, but also beyond their borders in neighboring countries one of the most popular.

Belarus MTZ 421

The MTZ 421 Mini actionor is equipped with a diesel fou r-stroke engine with a Pr e-Cell injection, Motormark e-LDW 2204. The manufacturer is Italy, Lombardini. Its strength is 49.8 hp. The engine of the machine is certified. It has also been proven that the engine generates the low level of exhaust gases.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 421

The Mini actionor is a highly productive machine. With its functionality you can work in areas of 30 hectares to 5 hectares. and more. A distinctive feature: the ability to work 8 or more hours without interruption.

Belarus MTZ 422

The mini actractor Belarus 422 and its predecessor are equipped with the Italian diesel engine Lombardini. The LDW-2204 engine belongs to the category of high-performance engines with a reduced level of toxic substances.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 422

The costs for the simultaneous maintenance of a mini drive are quite modest. The recommended area for the operation of Belarus SMTZ 422-from 20-30 ACRES up to 5-6 ha. A characteristic feature of the model is the ability to work 8 or more hours without interruption.

The performance of the MTZ 422 engine is 49.8 hp. The checkpoint works in 16/8 mode. The pressure in the hydraulic system is 200 kg/cm².

Basic equipment

Belarus MTZ 421 and 422 are collected in the manufacture of the mini vector, but are not equipped with attachments.

Below you will find a list of components from the basic configuration of Min i-Actractors:

  • Two-way vom (location rer), synchronous, number of slots-8-21 or 6-21;
  • The folding device of the rear position with fastening circuits is the type of fastening three points, points,
  • Two hydraulics from behind, four – front;
  • Hydraulic distribution system;
  • Lighting set, including rotating lamps, numbers and emergency lighting;
  • Heated panorama cabin;
  • Ventilation system;
  • Glass Gunner windshield;
  • Device area with backlight;
  • Manual brake;
  • Manual gas switch;
  • Power outlet;
  • Power steering;
  • Wing for installation over the front wheels (2 units);
  • Two units of rear mirrors;
  • a battery with a capacity of 88 Ah;
  • Assembly tools (1 set);
  • Strent (2 units).
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Technical characteristics

Belarus MTZ 421

Belarus Min i-Tractor 421 has such technical properties: the fuel tank contains 32 liters. Diesel fuel, the traction class of the device – 0.6. Type of transmission on the device: single disk, dry, mechanical. The checkpoint is also mechanical, the number of programs for which the Mini actionor works: 16/8. The maximum speed of the device is 35 km/h, the minimum is 1, 47 km/h.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 421

The overall dimensions of the Belarus mini vector 421 are: 338 x 166 x 230 cm. The size of the wheelbase, 145, 150, 160 cm. Clearance of the front bridge 35 cm, rear axle – 42 cm. The magnitude of the radius of rotation is 3.8 m. The mass of MTZ 421 in a collected form without hinges is 1770 kg. Front wheel size: 265-70R16, rear wheel size – 360-70R24.

Belarus MTZ 422

The Minitator Belarus 422 has the following technical parameters: the capacity of the diesel fuel tank is 95 liters, the traction class is 0.6. Type of clutch: closed, friction; It is controlled mechanically, just like a control point. The number of working programs is identical to the 421st model, that is, 16/8. The Min i-Actractor can move at a minimum speed of 1 km/h, the maximum developed speed of 16 km/h. There is a mechanically controlled VOM, differential blocking is provided.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 422

The overall dimensions of the model 422: 422: 334x157x222 cm. With the size of the wheelbase in 185 cm. mm. The front valve: 126 cm, 141 cm, rear 125 cm and 140 cm. The distance of the front bridge is like the rear 37 cm. The Belarus mini drive is 2180 kg. Dimension of the front pair of wheels: 210-80R16, behind-11.2-20.

Features of the application, advantages

Features of using min i-Actionors Belarus MTZ 421 and 422 are similar. Both models have similar features.

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Among the advantages of these machines, special attention can be paid to the following indicators:

  • good load capacity;
  • Quite a big release, the ability to ride where simple gear gets easier.
  • The ability to choose from two options for a wheel formula: all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive;
  • Directly at the factory, you can order additional options for the configuration, namely the addition of traction devices of various types, e.g. B. the type “pendulum” or adjustable TSU (model M1).
  • the ability to equip a tow fork;
  • return installation;
  • Cargo equipment of 20 kg. (only 8 units weighting);
  • installation of tires larger;
  • add ballast.
  • The operational advantages of the models of these min i-Actractors are as follows:
  • The cabin is equipped with non-ramen doors;
  • Door material – tempered glass, durable and not prone to damage;
  • The illuminated dashboard and a sufficient number of headlights outside of headlights allow you to operate these min i-Actractors even in the evening.
  • You can install lawn wheels.
  • Air conditioning is available on the MTZ 422 model. There is also a signal beacon.
  • powerful engines 49.8 hp;
  • high patency;
  • durability and reliability;
  • A pleasant ergonomic design.

Before operating the tractor, it should be checked and, if necessary, add fuel, coolant and oil, and test the efficiency of braking and steering systems.

Engine oil replacement is required every 250 hours of operation. It is recommended to use brands M-10G2K or M-10DM. As a lubricant, you can use Litol. The gear oil (TAP-15V brand) must be replaced after 500 working hours.

At the end of the field work, the unit should be preserved. It must be cleaned, greased with oil so that corrosion does not form, fuel, cover and in a dry place.

Video review

Video about the work of Belarus MTZ 421

Video about the work of Belarus MTZ 422

Reviews of the owners

Valentine, Samara region:

“I have MTZ 422. I am working on it with a rented trailer, there is also a plow. In my village, with the help of this Mini Actractor, I very often help neighbors, for example, after the plowing of my garden, often materials for construction, furniture from the city line. He even transported household appliances to the cottage with a minic.

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Advantages: There were no serious breakdowns for 4 years. A very comfortable cabin, a comfortable seat, easy control.

Disadvantages: I haven’t found yet.

I plan to buy hinges, I want to take the production of the Belarusian factory, it seems to me that the original equipment is more reliable. “

Overview of the mini actionors Belarus MTZ 421 and 422

The Belarus Mini actionor achieved high technical features due to its high technical features, quality quality and the optimal price. The mini actionor Belarus MTZ 421 and 422 are used by farmers in mediu m-sized areas and supply companies for lon g-term operation to clean the area of ​​weed, snow or garbage.

Belarus MTZ 422

  • These are diesel machines that are equipped with a reliable diesel engin e-Lombardini LDW 2204 (Tier 3a) with a capacity of 49.8 hp. It significantly increases the duration of the mini tractor and fuel consumption.
  • The Motz 421 and 422 differs at a low level level (according to the 200/25/EU directive, it belongs to Euro 3).
  • The Belarus’ MTZ 421 and 422 have two configuration options depending on the drive: full or only in front.
  • With the backlight of the dashboard, you can fully operate the mini tractor at night.

Belarus MTZ 421

The difference between the mini actionors Belarus MTZ 421 and 422

These two models differ in the design of your body. In 421 models, a visor is installed via the operator that protects against sunlight and light rain.

In the Belarus tractor, 422 is a full glazed cabin that protects the owners from both dust and large rain. Doors are made of glass with high quality. MTZ 422 is also installed in Belarus for heating so that you can conveniently carry out the winter work.

Technical characteristics

Type of 4-stroke diesel with pre-cell injection
model Lombardini LDW 2204 (Tier 3a)
Power, L.S./KW 49.8/36.6
Nominal speed of the speed, speed 3000
Number of cylinders, PCs 4
Work volume, L 2.068
Maximum torque n · m 125 – 135
Specific fuel consumption for operating performance, g/kwh · h 329
Twisting Poin t-Aktiefficient, % 15
Fuel tank capacity, L 32
class 0,6
Coupling coupling Dry, singl e-Disc
Club management mechanically
transmission Mechanically with locking clutches
Transport number: forward/backward 16/8
Movement speed, km/h: forward/backward 1.47-35.5/2.65-18.9
Depending on i, speed 540
Dependent II, speed 1000
Synchronous I/II, approximately/m paths 3.4/6.3
Office of vom mechanically
Differential blocking Mechanically
Dimensions and mass
Total length, mm 3380
Width (mm 1660
Tent height, mm 2300
Tractorca, mm 1850
Track, mm:
On the front wheels 1260 and 1410
On the back wheels 1300, 1350, 1450, 1500, 1600
Road freedom under the front bridge/under the back bridge, mm 350/420
The smallest rotary radius, m 3,8
The depth of overcoming Ford, M 0,7
Operating mass, KG 1770
Dimensions of tires:
Front tire 265/70R16
Rear wheels 360/70R24
Hydraduit system: universal, separate agagate
Load capacity on the axis of the hinges of lower bars, KGF 1700
Maximum pressure, KGF/cm 2 200
Pump performance, l/min 17
Hydraulic system, L 19
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Basic equipment

When buying a mini tractor Belarus from the system, you are equipped with the machine itself, operating instructions and PSM.

You can also buy for the convenience of the work: the wheels of the increased diameter (8.3-20 before the year 12.4-28), additional ballast, drag plug and cross.

It is also possible to buy basic attachments from the factory: plows, mills, car vehicles, mower, snowball players, dumplings, pendants, etc. The technical properties of these fastening devices were designed for operation with MTZ Min i-Actractors.

Functions of the application

Thanks to the additional binding equipment, the MTZ 421 and 422 tractors can work such as: Plants, hills and ditch potatoes; Sogefonal mowing; Snow cleaning; Clean the streets of dirt and dust; Transport of goods.

This video check shows the work of an MTZ 42 1-Mini tractor with plow:


Diesel mini tractors Belarus have a light starting system. The engine can be driven with an electric steamer or a hand cable.

Belarus MTZ 421 and 422 has an overvalued release that enables you to move in uneven areas without any problems.

With high approval you can process fields with water. The next video check shows the work of MTZ 421 on a rice field:

User Guide

The user manual must be examined by new owners so that they understand the principle of the design of Mini tractors MTZ 421 and 422, the rules for assembly, running, start, maintenance, etc. can be found here.


Min i-MTZ tractors are a simple and reliable technology so that they serve as long as possible. It is necessary to carry out technical work on time.

  • The oil and fuel level should be checked before each output.
  • Replacing the engine oil should occur every 125 hours of the Mini tractor. The manufacturer recommends using the Soviet M-10DM or M-8DM oils.
  • You should also monitor the condition of the gear oil. It must be replaced after 1000 hours or before the start of the season. It is recommended to use TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  • Control levers should be lubricated once a month with a Lithol-24. This will protect you from Jamming and deleted.
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At the end of the field work, the preservation is carried out, namely: the tractor is dried, dried, dried up and fuel cleaned, the parts are lubricated so that no corrosion is formed, covered and placed in a dry place.

Reviews of the owners

Below you will find several reviews of owners of Mini tractors from the forums:


I worked on it in the third season. I use a dua l-circuit plow, a cutter, a car and a Chinese excavator.

A plot of 8 hectares in the country. He buys gardening without any problems. Snow cleans quickly and effortlessly. The basis for the house Grub an excavator. Everything works and there were no breakdowns as such. The only thing if a large amount of snow falls out, I want the wheels in front of a slightly larger diameter because they slide and often dig.


I am a businessman. There is always enough work in the village for this technology. That’s why I earn with it. Now I do the plowing of gardens and driving building materials, equipment or furniture from the city. I am satisfied with work, but there are several nuances.

Advantages: excellent traction, quiet movement, maintainability, efficiency.

Disadvantages: The fastening of the front frame and the gear is often relaxed (you have to tighten it regularly). In the event of large loads, a hydraulic distributor shows (during the heating of the oil, the bypass valve refuses and the hydraulics refuses to work).

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