Minitoren Stropysh. Review, Features, Attachments

Minitoren Stropysh. Review of lineup, characteristics, attachment equipment

Sitting mini animals are popular among farmers in the CIS countries. It differs in their small overall dimensions and is purchased for agricultural plots with an area of ​​u200bu200bfrom 6 hectares to 3 hectares. A feature can be considered excellent maneuverability and the ability to perform tasks in closed premises.

Mini tractors Krepish

If you draw a parallel with an MTZ, then the powerful gradors consume much less fuel. At the same time, they also cost cheaper. These two factors include the bowl of customer scales towards the Stropys h-Min i-Actractors.

Now in the market there are several models on the market. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

The preparation

All devices of this brand are distinguished by engine power, which directly affects their capabilities. The cabin is installed on the Korpysh minitrater, which allows you to use the device all year round.

Stropysh T-18

This is a representative of a small model. Its diesel engine has an output of 18 hp. Engine temperature is maintained using water cooling.

Krepysh T-18

  • The traction force of the powerful T-18 is 3.1 kN.
  • In an hour of operation, 188 grams of fuel are consumed without special loads.
  • The overall dimensions of this model are: 217 × 120 × 130 cm.

Strepysh 220

This model is equipped with a two-cylinder engine with an engine power of 22 hp. An engine is started thanks to an electric steamer. When the battery is discharged, that is, a cable to start the engine manually.

Krepysch 220

  • The drive in the mini drive Korpysh 220 is installed on the rear axle.
  • The highest speed of VOM reaches 540 rpm.
  • Fuel consumption – 200 g/h.
  • The overall dimensions are 246 × 120 × 131 cm.

Strepysh 244

This model has a 24 liter diesel engine. With. The drive in the mini drive body 244 is installed on all 4 wheels. Thanks to the 24L engine, the traction force increased to 7 kN, which expands the scope of these devices.

Krepysch 244

Despite the high power (24 l. C), the average fuel consumption is 190 g. The gearing is designed for 8 steps for driving forward and 2 backwards.

Verification of attached devices

Included with some models of mini tractors is added the basic attachment of the plow or tiller cutter. An additional trailer hitch can be purchased separately.

Mills, Cultivators, Harrows and Lushchiki

Mills are used to mix the top layer of soil to increase fertility. This fixing equipment can be successfully used on medium soils.

After processing the surface with cutters, it is necessary to break up the large blocks of the floor. To carry out this work, the manufacturer recommends Harrows.

The squat of the ground

If you need to mix the soil layer and grind it in one arrival, then it is best to use liberally. You are improved ground.

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Cultivation plots are used to even mark lines when planting agricultural crops.

If there is a need to process virgin lands for the first time, it is best to use a revolutionary plow. Its plug is designed in such a way that the earth first turns over several times and only then throws it to the side.

Reversible plow

With the power of the Fropysh Min i-Actractor’s engine, you can use two or three plows at the same time to increase the area of ​​u200bu200bthe processed surface.

Pendant and cart

The power of the engine in Min i-Actractor is sufficient for the transport of heavy loads, especially for the model with 24 l. The load capacity reaches 2 tons. To carry out transport, you need a trailer. The manufacturer recommends acquiring sel f-vagrant options because it can make the discharge process easier.

Some trailer models have folding pages with which you can easily load the car.

Pitch and rake

The manufacturer of Min i-Actractors Korpysh invites its customers to buy Rotary. They are able to deal with the processing of the overgrown location in a virgin or park.

For the assembly of grass and hayers for the winter you can use special rakes. Their detection width is usually about 1 meter.

In mini tractors, Koropysh ensures the use of two attachments at the same time. Therefore, you can use braids together with a rake.

Potato and potato cap

To facilitate the work in connection with potatoes, you can use the stropysh mini actionor. You can automate this work and save a large amount of physical strength and time.

Potat o-Kobberry promotion potat o-Tag singl e-row

Snowman and shovel depression

To clean snow in winter, a blade can be used in the street area. In the Mini Actractors, Koropysh offers the opportunity to install it in front of the machine so that the owner can control the machine’s progress.

Shovel blade for mini tractor 2.0 LZ

If a large amount of snow falls, it is recommended to use snow. They absorb a layer of snow and throw them aside.


The scatter leads to seeds or can sprinkle sidewalks and street roads in winter during the icing.


The brush is used for cleaning snow and garbage. Widespread by service programs.


The rear degree is used in landscape work, effectively led the soil or other embankments. Its advantage is that Bulk pulls it and does not press it in front of him.

Operating instructions for mini actionors Korpysh

This document is a desktop book of every new owner of the SOBBYSH Min i-Vector. It describes a description of the assembly of the machine, the service, the technical properties and the nuances of working with this equipment.

Serve mini actionors corpysh

  • Operating instructions recommend replacing the oil every 80 hours with the Korpysh Mini vector. The best replacement option is half-synthetic options with a 10W-40 classification.
  • The transmission oil has to be changed much less frequently, only once at the beginning of the season or after 1000 mothers. TAP-15V or TAD-17is are best suited for replacing.
Evergreens decorate the conservatory

Motor oil 10W-40 gear oil TAP-15V gear oil TAD 17i

Instructions for the first start and maintenance of Min i-Actractors Steppysh

The key to the lengthy use of Min i-Actractors Korpysh is the right first start and run.

  1. The assembly of the machine should occur according to the use of the use.
  2. After that, it is necessary to add oil and diesel because the factory configuration is missing.
  3. The engine expires for 8 hours. At this point it must not load the engine. The best option for running is a ride with an empty trailer or the use of attachments at half the performance.
  4. Replace the engine oil after this procedure has been completed.

If the Krepysh mini-tractor is stored and you plan not to use it for more than 2 months, you should do the following: put the device in a dark place, protected from sunlight and precipitation, drain oil and gasoline (they accumulate during this time), humidity and deterioration), disconnect the spark plug cables (to avoid oxidation) and lubricate the gearbox.

And here is a video review from the manufacturer of the main advantages of the Krepysh mini-tractor:

The main malfunctions and repairs of Krepysh minitractors

Every Krepysh mini-tractor owner should know how to fix the main bugs:

If the brakes do not work:
  • Pedal play has increased (adjust position);
  • Worn brake disc or pads (replace relevant parts).
If the transmission overheats:
  • Small gear or bearing play (adjust);
  • Lack of oil or poor quality (add oil suitable for this model to the required amount);
If the hydraulic system does not raise the machine:
  • There is not enough oil in the hydraulics (it must be brought to the desired mark);
  • The hydraulic system pump is in the off state (it should be on);
  • The safety valve is stuck (you need to disassemble and clean it).
In case of strong vibrations of the mini tractor:
  • Check the strength of the bolted connections on the Krepysh minitractor.
  • check the level and quality of gasoline and oil;
  • Are attachments securely fastened;
  • Interruptions in the ignition system are possible.

Video review

The video review shows an example of the operation of the Krepysh mini-tractor as an excavator:

owner reviews

Here’s what the owners of these cars say on thematic forums:


Good technique. When purchasing, there were concerns about durability as the price is an order of magnitude lower than the market price. Now I don’t regret it. Yes, the Chinese assembly is noticeable, the plastic inside the case is thin. But there are no problems with spare parts, they are freely available in any market.


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I bought a tractor. Therefore, the election was approached responsibly. On the one hand there are expensive import models, on the other hand their cheap Chinese counterparts. Decided to save money. As a gift to the mini tractor, a rototiller immediately went, which was a pleasant surprise. Regardless of this, the cost efficiency should be mentioned. It doesn’t use much fuel while the attachments work like clockwork. Wide profile and high ground clearance allow you to move uphill through the mud. Shifting is smooth.

Pros: Price! Good work in the field, quiet running of the engine

Disadvantages: when working with hard stones, a small weight is felt. The plastic on the skin is shiny, but after a month of work it’s all torn, it’s better to use synthetic oil anyway, minerals are scarce

Overview of mini tractors Krepysh. lineup, appointment. Fastening and service

The Krepysh mini-tractor is a Russian-made technique. Despite the Russian production and assembly, the manufacturing technology is Chinese. So, using Chinese technology, the Krepysh mini-tractors are made by Russian engineers. Farmers agree that the “Fortress” repeats the popular tractor from China – “Xingtai”.

Appointment of minitractors “Krepysh”

In Russia and abroad, Krepysh has proven itself very well. The mini-tractor is actively used by farmers and owners of large farms, they also use the machine’s capabilities for municipal purposes, for example, cleaning leaves, snow, watering gardens and paved roads.

Small tractor Krepysh T-24K

Agricultural functions:

  • Carrying out basic soil work (ploughing, harrowing, cultivating);
  • Procurement work: mowing grass, collecting hay;
  • harvest transport;
  • treatment of rodent and insect fields;
  • planting potatoes;
  • digging up potatoes and other root crops;
  • sowing work.

Transport properties:

  • Carriage of a passenger (mini tractor operator);
  • transport of goods;
  • Transportation of building materials, firewood, boards, etc.;
  • tractor function.

Utility Features:

  • sweep with a round brush;
  • throw snow;
  • irrigation of roads, streets;
  • earth boring work;
  • Chopping branches (special attachments are used – a chipper).

The preparation

The Krepysh model range includes four modifications – all with diesel engines, engine cooling type: liquid.

Minitractor “Krepysh”:
  • T-18 – with a maximum towing capacity of 3.1 kN; Single cylinder engine, mini tractor length 2170 mm, rear wheel drive; power 18 hp, weight 1300 kg;
  • XT220 – two-cylinder engine, mini tractor length 2460 mm, two-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive; power 22 hp, weight – 1060 kg;
  • XT 244 – two-cylinder engine, tractor length 3090 mm, traction 7 kN, two-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, eight gears; Power 24 hp, weight 1300 kg.
  • XT-244K – a similar model to its predecessor, there is a heated cab, mini-tractor length 3090 mm, towing capacity 7 kN, two-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, eight gears, power 24 hp, weight – 1210 kg.

Mini tractor Krepysh XT244 Mini tractor Krepysh XT220

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The engine type in all presented modifications is liquid-cooled diesel. Krepysh can work with a wide range of attachments, including units such as fertilizer spreaders, mulchers, choppers, feed spreaders, seeders, tedders, forks, rakes, buckets and platforms. All models have a PTO, which increases the range of attachments and the overall functionality of the mini tractor.

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Verification of attached devices

Attachments on Krepysh mini tractor are easy to pick up, for example, all attachments of Xingtai mini tractors can be connected to it, also 90% match with attachments of Scout, Belarus, Bison, Farmer, Fighter. Self-made devices with appropriate fasteners and sufficient load-bearing capacity may be used. Below is a description of the recommended types of attachments for Krepysh minitractors.

cutters, cultivators

Ready-made and solid rotators up to 1.4 m long are recommended for aggregation with Krepysh.Usable cutting models: 1 GQN-100, 1 GQN-220 (as well as 140, 150, 160), 1GXZN-120 and others , In – and foreign production.

There are no cutters in the Krepysh configuration, so this type of attachment is purchased independently by the owner of the minitractor. Cultivator: mounted cultivator KU5-70, field KU 1.6, mounted KU 3-70, reinforced KU 2.0U and others.

Disc harrow 1BQX 1.1 Cultivator KSO-1.5m Rototiller 1GXZN-120

A large selection of plowing for mini tractors enables farmers to choose the option that is best suited for their purpose and costs. For the MiniTraktor Krepysh, for example, it is recommended to use the following plow models: plow PN 225, double shells PN-225U, three-sleeved 1L-325K, 1L-220.

Plow PN 225u plow PN 225 plow 1l-320

Pendant, cart

Pendant and cart for Krepysh minitractors: Tilt pendant 7SM-1.5, 7cx-2.5, 7cx-3, 7cx-3.2, 7cx-5. Car TM-500, TM-700, TM-400 and others.

Mower, rake

The most popular mower models for Krepysh minitractors: roundabout and segment mower such as 1.4 9GB-1, 1.4 9GB-2, 1.8 9GB-2, Z-173. You can use mowers that are suitable for min i-tractors Scout, Belarus, Fighter and other models that are compatible with CREPYSH in terms of performance and performance.

Segment mower KSN-1.6 sickle mower krn-1.35 calculating 9GL-1.8

Potato rolls and potato planters

Recommended models of potato rotoders and potato hem machines for Krepysh minitractors: potato hem machines-DTZ KS-1, DTZ KS 2-A; Partatelroder-DTZ 2-B, DTZ 2-T, DTZ 1TM, DTZ 1T, DTZ 1V and others.

Snow mill, shovel

Shovel for the MiniTraktor Krepysh: Heck shovel (1.2 m); Shovel 2.0 LZ, universal shovels 1.0 XT 120, XT 160, XT 180. You can use blades of all size, preferably in the range of 1 to 1.6 m. Without the use of turbine snowballs.

Shovel for mini-tractor 2.0 LZ extension bomet 200l 10m vegetable makers SVT-2 (2-row)

Other devices: asthäcke, discbeds, bale presses, earth drill (1W-60, 1W-70), vegetable maker, fertilizer, rain, excavator growing devices, shovels, front loaders. All of these attachments are selected, taking into account the performance of the min i-tractor, the presence of a tap wave as well as agricultural and local tasks.

As a rule, the presence of a pf shaft and an output of more than 15 hp is sufficient for the use of such devices.

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User Guide

Read the instructions for use before you work with the mini tractor. This document is important for the owner because it contains all information about maintenance, care, assembly and inserting the mini tractor.

Which oil and which fuel choose for the Krepysh minitractor?

Select engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, mineral oil is first poured at the production site in Krepysh. Farmers recommend replacing it with a synthetic or sem i-synthetic so that the engine runs longer and more efficiently. For reducers: TAP-TAD15 or their analogues with identical viscosity.

Motor oil M-10G2K gear oil TAP-15V gear oil

First run and enema

It is recommended to carry out the first start of “Krepysh” according to the operating instructions. The assembled mini tractor filled with fuel and oil is placed on a flat surface and the engine is started at idle. The tractor should work for about 15 minutes without load, then the machine is gradually put into operation.

The break-in period for all chassis and engine components is 5 to 20 hours. Some farmers complete the break-in after 5-10 hours. After running in, the engine can be started at full power and run continuously for up to 8 hours. Check that the seller has broken in the unit, some models are sold already fully operational.

Winter “preservation”

The period of winter storage of a mini-tractor without operation is called “conservation”. During this period, the device should be stored in a dry, warm room with drained fuel and oil, do not leave the mini tractor for a long time with flammable liquids in the fuel tank and oil pan. Drain all combustible materials prior to storage. Before starting spring work, the mini-tractor should be covered with a tarpaulin and the tires should be inflated.

Main malfunctions and their elimination

The main malfunctions of diesel engines on Krepysh minitractors

Video review of work

Overview of the mini tractor Krepysh

owner reviews

Valery, Samara:

“I own a robust xt220 mini tractor. I want to note that the technique is Russian! I’m very happy about that, I don’t trust the Chinese who churn out mini tractors and tractors. I am very glad that we have such a model! And now about the main points: among the shortcomings I will note a small amount of information on the Internet about them, nobody writes anything and doesn’t say much, which is a pity! Anyone who has a tractor like this writes reviews, guys! As a beginner, it used to be difficult for me to understand, but I gradually mastered it and asked knowledgeable people.

Advantages such as: powerful of course! He does all agricultural and municipal work, six gears, many attachments suit him. I use a plough, a tiller, a blade, a planter and a potato digger. An excellent helper in the fields, in the countryside! Neighbors envy 100%”

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