Minitoren Kentavr, characteristics, attachments,

Minitor Kentavr – model range and advantages of equipment

Zentaur brand.

Produced by a well-known Russian company, the mini-tractor combines high performance and small size. Models of this brand show the highest productivity in areas with a small average area. They have an increased traction with the ground, which makes them indispensable helpers when working on loose soils and dragging loads on the road. Another important advantage is the ease of self-service, which allows novice farmers to start operating Kentavr mini-tractors.

Mini-tractors brand “Kentavr” are analogues of agricultural brand “Zarya”. The only difference between them, which is also an advantage of technology “Kentavr” is the reduced cost. Thanks to the low prices of “Kentavr” mini-harvesters, they can be purchased by almost any farmer.

One of the main advantages of mini Kentavr traps is their versatility in the garden plot and yard area. Despite their small size, agricultural whales of this brand can cultivate quite large areas, qualitatively perform cultivation and soil crumbling. Plant tubs and sow seed crops, take care of seedbeds, collect and transport large volumes of crops.

Centaur Mini Tractor

The assembling country of the most mini-powered centaurs is Belarus, which already speaks of the high potential of this popular equipment. The presence of large wheels in the equipment of each model contributes to the reliable traction of mini-plants with the ground. Combined with the differential lock mechanism, provided in the design of each unit, mini-countertractor Kentavr demonstrates easy handling and excellent cross-country ability.

Feedback from owners indicate an excellent value for money mini-contractors Kentavr. Because of this technique of this well-known brand is always relevant among farmers who want to buy a reliable and at the same time inexpensive agricultural load.

The main devices Centaur T-224 Minimeter

This model of the company has a high demand due to the thoughtful design and high traction parameters. The complete set of the mini-tractor includes a sturdy engine with an efficient lubrication system. During the work the engine shows a modest fuel consumption, as well as low vibration and noise level. More detailed information on the design features of this model is presented in a video clip.

Small tractor Centaur T-224

The transmission mechanism of the Centaur mini-transport consists of a dry, permanently closed clutch and a cardan gear directly to the power units. Gearbox model is designed to switch a range of 6 front and 2 rear speeds.

The mini-tractor chassis is all-wheel drive design with a track width of 100 cm. To enable the farmer to work the row, the stretch can be increased to 120 cm.

Factory parameters of this Centaur model include:

  • Power output – 22 hp;
  • fuel tank capacity – 10 liters;
  • fuel consumption – 2,4 l/moto;
  • clearance – 28 cm;
  • Weight – 1250 kg.

This Centaur mini-tractor is equipped with a high-quality lighting system, which allows the unit to be used on public roads.

Centaur T-15 mini-tractor features of the agricultural

This motocenter has gained great popularity due to the ability to handle large areas with minimal fuel consumption. The model’s engine and gearbox are unpretentious about the quality of lubrication and demonstrate high stability when working under high and variable loads.

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Small tractor Centaur T-15

The design of this Kentavr model includes an improved power shaft and a reliable hitch mechanism, which allows the use of any attachments for work.

The multi-stage mechanical gearbox gives the mini conveyor the ability to move to any of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Mini conveyor features include:

  • power – 15 hp;
  • capacity of a fuel tank – 6 l;
  • fuel consumption – 1,9 l/moto;
  • clearance – 28 cm;
  • weight – 540 kg.

The set of this Centaur mini-tractor includes a battery, a shredder cutter, a plow and an instruction manual.

Parameters of the Minitor Centaur T-18 unit

This compact mini-engine is equipped with an upgraded frame, a mechanical multi-stage gearbox, a two-hundred-year-old hydraulic system and a powerful Hardy engine made by the Japanese company Kama. All these nodes together contribute to the unit’s high performance and maneuverability in tight spaces.

The front and rear wheels of the model can be set to achieve certain goals. The flexible traction characteristics of the mini-tractor allow it to work with a variety of attachments.

Small Centaur T-18

For better stability on loose soil and swampy terrain, this model is equipped with enlarged wheels with an aggressive tread pattern.

The technical characteristics of the mini-tractor include:

  • Power – 18 hp;
  • capacity of a fuel tank – 6 l;
  • fuel consumption – 2 liters/moto;
  • clearance – 28 cm;
  • mass – 640 kg.

The design of the mini-applicator provides free access to the consumables of the device, which greatly simplifies its independent repair.

T-24 Centual Mini-Applicator Applications Agriculture

Small Centaur T-24 Small tractor

This easy to operate and reliable unit shows impressive performance and stability when traveling off-road. It is maneuverable in tight spaces and tolerant of minor impacts.

In agriculture, this Kentavr mini-tractor is mainly used to cultivate areas up to 2 hectares. The model successfully copes with soil crumbling, milling beds, sowing of grain and planting of tuber crops, spraying and mowing the grass. If necessary, the device can be equipped with a trailer, the weight of which together with the load should not exceed 1.5 tons.

Due to the presence of an electric starter, this mini-drive can be used in winter for snow removal and transportation.

Parameters of the unit include:

  • Power – 24 hp;
  • fuel tank capacity – 12 liters;
  • fuel consumption – 2,3 l/moto;
  • clearance – 28 cm;
  • weight – 630 kg.

Thanks to the excellent traction characteristics, this popular model of the brand can perform a number of uncomplicated maintenance tasks on the SP.

T-220 Centaur mini-vehicle – the advantages of the model

Small Centaur T-220 tractor

Popular among farmers, this mini-tractor is equipped with a reliable Japanese engine KAMA, which is highly efficient, has a long service life and does not require special maintenance. This engine can often be found on small units of other brands. Sometimes it is equipped with a Chuvashpiller mini-tractor and equipment of other well-known companies.

The basic track of the mini-tractor is 100 cm, which is the optimal parameter for continuous tillage. If necessary, the manufacturer can equip the model with additional rear wheel hubs, which expand the track width to 120 cm, which allows to operate the device for inter-row cultivation.

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In order to work at different speeds, this model by “Kentavr” is equipped with a multi-speed gearbox, which allows you to move in 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Mini conveyor features include:

  • Power output – 22 hp;
  • fuel tank capacity – 12 liters;
  • fuel consumption – 2,3 l/moto;
  • clearance – 28 cm;
  • Weight – 1050 kg.

Convenient steering control and ergonomically located handles allow comfortable use of the mini-tractor in the most difficult conditions.

Mini-tractor Kentavr T-20 – parameters of the agricultural machine

Small Centaur T-20 tractor

This model is one of the most powerful in the family of small-sized devices “Kentavr”. It advantageously combines all possible advantages of wheeled tractors – endurance at low fuel consumption, maneuverability, cross-country ability and versatility on the construction site.

The big advantage of this model is that it is equipped with a 2-vector hydraulic system with the upper arrangement of cylinders. This design feature prevents dust and dirt from getting on the rubbing parts of the mechanism.

The standard equipment of the improved chassis includes rear-wheel drive, but if necessary, the manufacturer can equip the mini-tractor with an improved chassis with 4×4 wheels.

Features of the unit include:

  • Power – 20 hp;
  • fuel tank capacity – 12 liters;
  • fuel consumption – 2,1 l/h;
  • clearance – 28 cm;
  • Weight – 740 kg.

This device is rightly considered by many experts to be one of the most high-quality mini-tractors of domestic production.

Overview of the model range of mini-tractors “Kentavr”. The history of the brand, the purpose. Attachment and service

The brand “Kentavr” is known in Ukraine for many years. In Belarus, this equipment has been sold since 2010. Under the brand name “Kentavr” a wide range of small tractors and tractors designed for profile tillage (plowing, cultivation, harrowing, etc.), as well as for other tasks, such as household.

Centaur-t-15 Centaur-t-15

TM “Kentavr” includes not only tractors and mini-tractors, the company successfully produces and sells such equipment as garden equipment (mowers, seeders, pruners, lawn mowers, power mowers, chainsaws, power saws, as well as electrical devices for landscaping and treatment of trees, shrubs, lawn), construction machines.

Many electric appliances leave the conveyor of “Kentavr” plants, including: chainsaws, circular saws, drilling machines, welding machines, screwdrivers, grinders, vibratory plates, compressors and much more.

In the markets of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine operation of TM “Kentavr” is known for its fair quality-price ratio, as well as high-quality materials used in production. All metal parts of mini-tractors and hand tractors of this brand consist of high-strength metal alloys, which is why “Kentavr” equipment surpasses Chinese or Korean analogues in its performance characteristics.


Thanks to an extensive network of service centers in Belarus and abroad, Kentavr mini-tractors, as well as devices from other manufacturers, are easy to repair and wait. All devices come with clear and detailed instructions in Russian. Also on the manufacturer’s website you can get online feedback and clarify the problem of interest.

The warranty on the Centaur small tractor is 12 to 24 months, depending on the model.


Minitractor “Kentavr” is easy to distinguish from other representatives of automotive equipment. For example, they are all equipped with diesel engines Kama (made in Japan). The choice of the diesel engine is not accidental. Due to the unique design of the nozzle, the fuel is sprayed evenly and completely into the combustion chamber of mini-tractors “Kentavr”. Therefore, all mini-tractors refer to the devices that minimize the load on the appliances.

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Centaur T224 Mini-tractor Centaur T244 Mini-tractor Centaur T220

Gasoline engines can only provide similar performance with more horsepower, while diesel engines with less horsepower can provide high performance. Some of the most well-known models of Centaur mini-tractors include the T24, T224, T220, T244, T18, T20, and T15. These are medium-sized mini-tractors – 15 to 24 hp They are justly popular, because they have a fairly modest size, equipped with all the necessary options and perform absolutely all the work on the homestead plots, vegetable gardens, cottages, greenhouses and fields.

MiniTraktor Centaur T-15 MiniTraktor Centaur T20 MiniTraktor Centaur T24

The Centaur T244 and T224 models get the best reviews based on the descriptions on farmers’ forums. Their ratio of durability to performance is one of the best in the field of this equipment. Of course, there are many other models of mini-tractors, each sharpened for specific tasks, soil type and area, and functionality. In order to extend this functionality, you can use the attached equipment for the mini – tractors “Kentavr.

Overview of attachments

The manufacturer produces a variety of attachments for minitractors. Some of the most famous and in demand are, for example, a plow, Hiller, cutter, potato loosener, potato planter. Symptoms or eyelets or eyelets are often used for lightweight models of Centaur power tillers or mini-tractors.


Note that a universal attachment mounting system is available for every Centaur mini-tractor model.

In accordance with the configuration of the weight category of the machine and traction potential with these machines can be used attachments from other manufacturers, such as B. Zirka, Patriot, MTZ, UMZ, as well as any components of Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Cultivator Cutter

Fräsen-Grubber are already on sale. For example, a complete grubber for MB NEVA is also suitable for Centaur mini-tractor. The Centaur 100 rototiller model is also popular. Choose a 1-meter wide cutter for a fixed track, for an adjustable track 1.2 meters or more. You can also use cutter models HK-50 9/28 (56775) and HK-50 9/26 (56774).

Centaur 100 1GH-125 floor milling machine

Plough from the manufacturer Kentavr-PN-1-20MB, PNM-1-20MB. You can also use other attachments from the above manufacturers Vokrug, Patriot, MTZ, UMZ. One-horned, two-horned, three-horned and four-horned ploughs can be attached to Centaur mini-tractors.

Two-row turnaround plough PN-1-20MB

Suspension, cart

Centaur PM-0.7C trailer is suitable for machinery with carrying capacity of 700 kg. and more. Suspension trailer PM-0.6sp and others are also available. MTZ, Yumz tractors with low weight and motor-blocks OKA and NEVA can be used.

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PM-0,6S trailer suspended KENTAVR PM-0,7S trailer 1 PMB-0,7


The choice of tillers for devices in this segment is huge. Here are just a few models of frequent mini – tractors Kentavr original manufacturer: Adjustable okochnik Kentavr D380, universal okochnik “Arrow 2” and “Arrow 1”.

Universal oculator Arrow 2 two-row oculator Centaur D380


As practice and experience of farmers shows, sickle mowers are in great demand among customers. Centaur offers the following models of mowers: KR-02, 01-B and others. It is possible to use “Zarya-Sichel” mower, as well as chopper and ploughshare, for example, Kentavr ploughshare for two or three pairs of knives.

Senicidal mower LX2060 sickle mower Kr-02 sickle mower Kr-02m

Mowers and potato planters

Additional recommendations in this category: universal potato digger, potato digger Centaur KS-4MB, 2MB, 1MB, KS-2MB, KS-3MB. To the mini-tractor can be attached as a classic excavators, and sieve or vibrating excavators.

Centaur KS-4MB potato digger KS-2M sieve rotor 1080-1012

Snow cutter, plow

Shovel sheet “Kentavr” is needed for snow removal and snow plow. Possible width of the shovel for the minitractor: 100 cm, 105 cm, 135 cm. to throw the snow on the minitractor are installed special snow shovels. Manufacturer: arbitrary, the device must be suitable for tillage, and the minitractor must be equipped with a diverter.

Rechen Solnyshko GVR-4 installation shovel blade GVR-4M

Other equipment for work with soil and crops: tunnels of different sizes (560 x 150; 380 x 150; 450 x 150); Grabber, MB1080/LX1090 or MB2060-2090 attachments; Grain machine 5, 6, 7, 8-row, seeding machine models 2BJ-5, 2BJ-7F, 2BJ-7F, 2BJ-6, 2BJ-5F, 2BJ-6F, 2BJ-8F, 2BJ-7; Cycle-cutter seat and many others.

Centaur Small Tractor Operation Manual

The manual is the main document without which the normal operation of the mini-tractor is impossible. Each device in the production is completed with instructions and warranty card. Having studied the manual you will be able to disassemble the mini-tractor by yourself and even correct minor errors.

What oil and what fuel to choose for a mini-tractor?

For diesel mini-tractors, different types of oil are recommended: for the engine (semi-synthetic or synthetic for water-cooled diesels) for the diesel M10-G2 flight filter.

For the gearbox should choose domestic oils port or TAD15 or foreign counterparts. All lubricants and fuels can be purchased in online stores, and in conventional auto stores or markets for garden equipment.

M-10G2K transmission oil TAD-17 and TAP-15V transmission oil

It is recommended that the diesel fuel be allowed to stand for two days before filling the tank. In hot weather, do not fill fuel up to the top edge of the neck. Leave a small space depending on the heat, which increases in size. Do not smoke while filling the mini-tractor or while working with it.

Rules for servicing the equipment

Equipment maintenance should be performed at intervals, such as every season before seasonal work (spring summer and fall winter). In winter, the mini drive can either be in storage or work on snow removal, trash removal, wagons and other auxiliary manipulation in the cottage, garden, field or vegetable garden.

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The service intervals, namely Öler has established – not less than every 50 motor-hours. Depending on the degree of engine load, it is possible to change fuel and lubricants more often. Clean dirt, dust, grease and flammable materials from the mini-systems and pivot channels on a regular basis.

Keep the recreational tractor in a dry place or in a room with a positive temperature under a tarpaulin cover.

First start-up and operation

Some mini-applications are run right in the factory. In this case, the machine is for sale, completely ready to work. When buying, you need to check to see if the tractor has passed the current. If the tractor has not been started, it will be run by the owner after purchase.

All ministers are sold assembled. Before conducting the owner only check the reliability of all fasteners and bolt connections, and then start the owner.

Small-sized tractor Centaur T-244

Refer to the owner’s manual for a detailed diagram of the first start-up. Before starting, make sure there is fuel in the tank. Do not charge the engine immediately to maximum capacity.

For the first 10 minutes, the engine can run without load. Then you can gradually increase the revolutions and make sure that the engine runs normally, starts to move around the area in the mini-submarine. This period takes 10 to 20 mothers. After that, the load on the engine can be gradually increased to 100%.

Mini-tractor centaur

Winter “preservation”.

With the expected downtime of the machine in winter, the mini-tractor is sent to storage at the end of the fall agricultural work. This process is also called equipment “preservation”.

During winter storage, all flammable liquids, including oil, are drained from the machine’s tanks, the spark plug is unscrewed, and the machine is placed so that the tires do not touch the floor. The mini-tractor, for example, is covered with a waterproof cloth, such as a tarpaulin.

Mini-tractor Centaur t244

At the end of the winter period, all moving parts of the mini-tractor are lubricated with a special grease. Fuel is poured into the fuel tank, the appropriate oils are poured into the gear in the oil tap. Then the machine is started and proceeds to work.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

The major problems with the Centaur Minitraktorm engine are listed in the following table. One of the most common problems is that the engine will not start. What could be the cause and how you can fix the problem is described below.

Centaur Minitraktorm check video

Reviews of owners

Nikita, Chernivtsi:

“I bought a heavy small tractor Kentavr 244 for my Dacha.

Advantages: heavy, convenient, powerful. Does not require weights.

Disadvantages: I haven’t found any.

I am using it for the third year now. I am satisfied with it both in winter and summer. Water cooling, starter, good speed, great selection of parts and attachments.

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