Minitoren Katman. Review of models, reviews, technical specifications

Review of Catmann minibrators. setup, purpose. Attachments and Maintenance

Catmann Min i-Vector is a high quality Belarusian technique. The official importer of this ministerial line is the company “Katman-Group LLC in the city of Minsk. In addition to tractors, the company also produces dispensing equipment for automobiles, produces automobiles, snowball players and trailers, and conducts service and installation of equipment.

Catmann 244 Mini Actionor

Catmann minibrators have been released since 2013. During this time, the manufacturer managed to gain popularity and a mini contract lawyer for getting good reviews from farmers.

The appointment of min i-Actionors

The purpose of Catmann mini gates is as follows:

  • work of the agricultural direction (work with hinge devices, virgin processing);
  • transport function;
  • planting and collection of root crops;
  • sow labor;
  • Haymaking (mowing grass with subsequent collection);
  • watering the site;
  • Processing of plants from pests;
  • introducing fertilizers into the soil, mulching;
  • plowing any type of soil;
  • community function (cleaning of areas, cleaning of snow);
  • loader function;
  • In addition, a mini drive can act as a tractor.

Catmann Eco Line 242 4x2WD

The preparation

The range of Catman n-Min i-Actionors is represented by such copies:

  • MT-242-4x2WD; ;
  • XD-150;
  • MT-240;
  • MT-220;
  • XD-35;
  • MT-350;
  • XD-35.4, 35.3, 65.4, 65.4 JD, 65.5 (single cab);
  • XD-300;
  • T-120e; ;
  • T-160;
  • T-150.

The Katman mini drive is equipped with diesel engines, in all engines, forced cooling, which is carried out using a cooler liquid. The power of the units ranges from 18 to 35 hp, depending on the model. The most powerful model – Catmann 244, refers to devices that have been released in recent years and are most adapted for long-term work on site.

Catmann Eco Line 242 4x2WD

The total area of ​​​​processing is also different: it is recommended to operate in areas up to 1 ha with low electricity contracts.

Verification of attached devices

Katman-Group LLC publishes a wide range of attachments for tractors and mini-applications of its brand. All the devices can be used on different line models considering the weight and mounting method.

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mills, cultivators

Soil fraction models for mini-Actionors Katman: SoiloFors 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 meters; FRASSES 1GN-125, a miller 1.4 m, the U540-1.6, 1.8, 2 m. Cultivators: Catman cultivator, width 1.8 meters (number of teeth 11, pulled into the ground by 13 cm).

Soilofrez 1GXZN-120 Soilofrez 1GQN-80 Cultivator Universal KU 1.6 m

Plug models for Catmann mini-Actractors: A revolving single hobby plow with a plowing depth of up to 20 cm and a width of capture of 20 cm; Double-honeyproof plow Wirax 0.25 cm; Wirax 3-35 Plow, Twin Plow compatible with G-180, C-192, T-120, 150, 160 models.

Tw o-Hobby Plow Wirax U018/3 Plow WIP Plow PN 325U

trailers, carts

The total transport capacity of the trailer or car, which is connected to the Katma n-Min i-Actractors, can be between 800 and 1,500 kg. Such tasks recommend using the following models of followers/carts: TM 400, TM 500, TM 700, PS M-Semi Trailer 2.5; P-03, P-03M, PST-1.5 and others.

T-tag TM 700 Broadcast 1PTS-1.5 product PM-0.6c

Overview of the model range of engine blocks Mole. Features, reviews

Switch, rake

Recommended Hayfields: Rotation DM-135, Rotor C1, Rotor C2, hammer sliding, back type rotation type KR-2, segment 9G-1,4, segment-T-F-2, 1B-4.

Ring mower DM-135 rotor mower C1 separate hinge hinge 9 g 1.4 Rakes of the sun GVR-4

Rube: The Rake-Rumble-Sun on four wheels; Dry up after 5 wheels; Karousel punches 146 cm long; Birzdki 4 Voroshilny installation.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potato-saving potatoes that are suitable for Catmann Mini applications: Bomet Z-655, vibration ditch; A roof and a classic, motionless ditch with a conventional mount are suitable for every model, the excavator from Catmann Ky-1, Ky-2, a single KK1-540.

Potato planters: two-row and single series with a 2×35 bunk capacity, for example 2cm-1

Bomet Z-655 Potato Builder Potatel DTZ-1T Potateliyanka 2cm-1

Snowman, dump

Available models of shovels: anticipated, with dimensions of 1.5-1.75-1.80 m. An output of at least 18 hp is required to connect such a shovel to a mini actractor. In winter it is recommended to use the frontline string of NO-79-1.01 (width 2 meters, height 640 mm) or hydraulics with a width of 1 m. The garbage dump from Snow-1800.

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SM-0.6 SM

Snowmen: snow cleaner, N-14 model; Motoblock Doubl e-Circuit Snowbreak with a recording width of 750 mm, 350 mm high; SM-0.6 Snowman; SM-0.6 “Agro”.

Other devices that were manufactured for Catman n-Mini section:
  • Hinge sprayers with a capacity of 200 to 800 l,
  • Suppor t-ups of different diameters (460 mm, 560 mm),
  • Harvest different types
  • Bike differences (extension cable),
  • The Cigns are singl e-rov, Tw o-row and thre e-row,
  • Primolshchiki,
  • High pressure cleaner,
  • Press report collector,
  • Fertilizers with a capacity of 300 to 500 kg,
  • A samer with a width of 1 m ,,
  • Community brushes and loaders.

Robble 9GL-1.8 Correl Disco 1BQX 1.1 Spray device bomet 200-liter 10 m brush Otmeetal 160 (Vom-Drive) Higopore double-row arrow 2 vegetables vegetables STVT-2 (2 line)

All types of attachments of devices can be bought in normal shops as well as in agricultural machine markets and in the online shops of Katman’s official representative.

User Guide

The main document for which the use and maintenance of the Mini Actractor is carried out is the operating instructions. It is attached to the device and compiled in Russian. According to the recommendations, the instructions are also created to replace the oil in the engine and in the gearbox.

Which oil and which fuel choose for a mini vector?

Motor: Synthetic, synthetic for diesel engines with water cooling, for example 4TD Ultra Sae 5W-30 (frost resistant), 4TD Premium Sae 10W-30 (all-season), 4TD standard SAE 30 (for summer).

Rules for the maintenance of devices

Planned and then executed:

  • After running (basic inspection, checking the checkpoint, installation of attachments, review screwed connections);
  • After the first 50 mothers;
  • At the end of the season (spring floor, autumn winter);
  • Before winter camp;
  • after winter storage;
  • Engine maintenance once a year.

Catmann 244 Mini Actionor

First run and run-in

Large devices are often already run in at the supplier. Provide information on whether the Catmann mini tractor model you have purchased has been broken in. If not, do it yourself according to the instructions. Break-in time: at least 5-10 hours.

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Winter “preservation”

Storage without use in winter means “conservation” of the mini tractor. This is a storage process with prior removal of combustible substances. Store the compact tractor under a tarpaulin in a dry room. Before the start of the working season, the unit is refueled and put into operation.

Main malfunctions and their elimination

Table of the main malfunctions of diesel engines

Video review of work

Video with a general overview of Katman mini tractor models

owner reviews

Leonid, Brest region:

“I am the owner of a mini tractor Katman MT-242. Yanmar engine (Japanese). I am very happy with this tractor, although its power is not the greatest, only 20 horses.

Pros: very well built, works great and looks just as impressive. Decent in appearance and in terms of functionality, it does not lag behind. Two years have passed since the purchase, just changed the oil. There was no repair, so nothing broke.

Disadvantages: no budget model, designed for people with middle and higher incomes.

Catmann mini tractors. Overview of the model range, properties, attachments

Catmann mini tractors were created relatively recently, but they have already gained great popularity among consumers. This is due to high-quality assembly, strong components and high performance. There are many positive reviews on the forums about the use of this technique in agriculture, construction and utility companies.

Catmann Min i-Atractors

  • All models of Catman mini tractors have a PTO that allows you to power a variety of attachments.
  • Catman mini tractors are capable of performing a variety of farming jobs while being much smaller than a tractor, which allows them to be stored even in small garages.
  • All Catman models are diesel and have low fuel consumption.
  • Thanks to the large-diameter wheels, these machines can also work on wet ground and sloping terrain.
  • The manufacturer is constantly expanding the range of its devices and improving them. Below are the models that are currently already on the small farm equipment market.
  • The main disadvantage of these machines is the lack of a cabin.

The preparation

Katman T 120 e Pro

This is the first mini tractor in the Catman family. The T 120 e Pro is equipped with a 15 hp diesel engine.

Catmann T 120 E Pro

The weight of this model is 500 kg. The cultivation depth can reach 20cm, and the surface treatment width of the cutters is 80cm.

Catman XD-150 Eco line 4×2WD

This mini tractor model has a 20 hp diesel engine.

The Catmann XD-150 Eco-line 4×2WD weighs up to 550 kg.

Attachments can sink up to 35 cm into the ground, the maximum working width is 1 m.

Catman MT 220 4×2WD

This model is equipped with a diesel engine with a power of 20 hp. The weight of the device is 900 kg.

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Catmann MT 220 4×2WD

  • The track width of the Catmann MT 220 4×2WD can be adjusted from 95 to 105 cm.
  • The hitch type of this mini tractor is a three-point hitch, which allows you to use multiple attachments at the same time.
  • A hydraulic connection is installed as standard, the model can optionally be equipped with another one.

Catmann MT 240 4×2WD

Catmann MT 240 4×2WD

  • This mini tractor is equipped with a 24 hp diesel engine.
  • The weight of the Katman MT 240 4×2WD reaches 830 kg.
  • The design of the Catmann MT 240 4×2WD is based on a frameless design that increases the maneuverability of the mini tractor.

Attachments are attached with a three-point hitch and two hydraulic connections are already installed as standard.

Catmann XD 300 4×4WD

Catman XD 300 4×4WD

This is a representative of professional mini-tractors Katman. Its weight is 1.2 tons, and the diesel engine power is 35 hp.

Catmann XD 300 4×4WD differs from previous models with all-wheel drive, which significantly improves implement control.

The gearbox has 8 stages and you can choose a comfortable speed for work with each attachment.

Catmann XD 325 4×4WD

Catman XD 325 4×4WD

This is the most powerful model among all Catman mini tractors. The engine has a power of 65 hp! It is powered by an electric starter. Thanks to the increased battery capacity, you can also operate the device at low temperatures.

  • The weight of the Katman XD 325 4×4WD reaches 1410 kg.
  • The Katman 325 has 10 switch positions available for selecting the desired speed.
  • The drive is installed on all 4 wheels in this model.
  • The ground clearance of the Catmann XD 325 4×4WD is 50 cm. In addition, these devices are equipped with high-quality, large-diameter tires. This allows you to work in high humidity and clay soils.

Catman MT-350 4×2WDcatman

  • This model has a diesel engine with a power of 35 hp.
  • The weight of the Catmann MT-350 4×2WD reaches 1120 kg.
  • The gear has 8 positions.
  • Torque is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox directly and without losses.
  • Thanks to two hydraulic connections, you can use the Catmann MT-350 4×2WD mini tractor as a front loader or excavator.

Verification of attached devices

Catmann mini tractors are very popular thanks to a wide range of agricultural work with attachments. In the forums you will find testimonials from owners who have also used these machines as excavators and front loaders. Below you will find an overview of the most important attachments for Catmann mini tractors.

Cutters, harrows, cultivators, cultivators

Tillers are used for mixing the top layer of fertile soil. Many shops offer their customers cutters as a set together with a Katman mini tractor. The breadth of their coverage is one of the main characteristics of a mini tractor.

Soilofrez 1.4 meters

After tilling the soil with tillers, large blocks of earth remain on the surface, to get rid of them harrows are used.

In order not to work the area with a Catmann small tractor, cultivators can be installed twice. Not only do they mix the soil, but they also instantly break large chunks of rock.

Rationing the number of brushes on grapes

The Harrow is an additional 3

Cultivators are used to mark the surface before sowing crops.

This appendix is ​​mainly used to work with an unprepared site. The plow penetrates the soil about 20-30 cm and raises the lower layer of soil.

Three-furrow reversible plow Two-furrow reversible plow Reversible plow

The Katman Mini applications have a larger engine output that can drive in motion of two and three-off plants in order to increase the one-time recording of the processed surface.

Pendant and cart

For the transport of goods with Catman n-Min i-Ctractors, supporters are used. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the car. It is better to use volunteers with folding pages. This simplifies the loading and unloading considerably.

Trailer - TM-650 Trolley on Springs

Pitch and rake

If necessary, remove weed from the website with Katman Min i-Ctractors Use Rotary braids. You can cut large weeds and mediu m-sized shrubs.

In order to then collect mowed grass, Rakes with a border width of 1 m are used.


Catman n-Mini tractors can work immediately with 2 attachments so that you can use a mower and immediately collect grass with a calculation.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potatoes are a required culture. However, landing and collection require the investment of great physical work and strength. Catmann minibrators can make this work easier thanks to special assembly devices.

Catmann Minibrator potato trailer

Snowman and shovel depression

For cleaning snow with municipal companies and Catmann Mini tractors are most commonly used. You throw a layer of snow aside.

Front snow leap

If necessary, it is better to reject the snow at a distance of snow packaging. It selects the snow cover and throws it with the help of the rotor at a distance of 15 to 20 m.


The scatter leads to seeds or can sprinkle sidewalks and street roads in winter during the icing.


The brush is used for cleaning snow and garbage. Widespread by service programs.

The brush is smart


The rear degree is used in landscape work, effectively led the soil or other embankments. Its advantage is that Bulk pulls it and does not press it in front of him.

What else can you use?

Catmann minibrators represent its owners with the opportunity to combine an excavator, a forklift, a cabinet for agricultural plants or a pump. Thanks to this, the scope of these machines expands significantly.

User Guide

This document must be examined by the new Katman owners. In this way you can get to know the technical properties and skills of the machine.

First start, running and nature conservation

Before you work with the Katman Min i-Trector, it is necessary to operate the engine. Motor oil and diesel should be cast beforehand.

The ongoing implies the use of a minimum output at minimum power so that the motor details are smeared and stand in their grooves.

The operating instructions say that it has to work by car by car for about 8 hours. At this point, you can drive with an empty trailer or work with mills with a depth of immersion up to 5-7 cm.

Peculiarities of selecting and storing cuttings in winter

After that, it is necessary to replace the engine oil.

If the owner does not plan to use a Mini tractor Katman for 2 months, it is better to set the device for maintaining. With small dimensions you can place the device in a small garage. It is also necessary to drain the oil, fuel and spark plugs.

Service of the Katman Mini vector

  • To keep a Min i-Actractor in working condition, the engine oil must be changed every 80 hours of operation. Pour lubricant with a 10W-40 classification.

Transmission oil TAP-15V engine oil 10W-40

Basic malfunctions and repairs

Most malfunctions with the Katman minister can be eliminated independently.

When there is a large vibration:
  • check the presence and quality of fuel and oil;
  • Check the emergency position of all bolt connections;
  • check the reliability of the fixation fixation;
  • Adjust the carburetor.
If the hydraulic pump does not raise the attachment:
  • check the presence of oil in the system;
  • Check if the hydraulic pump is included.
  • Perhaps the extent of the hydraulic pump pedal.
If the brakes do not work:
  • The free stroke of the pedal has increased (adjust its position);
  • The brake disc or block was worn out (replace the relevant details).
If the transmission is overheated:
  • Small gear gap or bearing (adjustment);
  • The lack of oil or its low quality (supplement the required level of oil suitable for this model).

Video review

Below is a video review Katman T 220:

But the video overview of the virgin plow lands XD-325 4x4WD-2016:

Video review of the work of the Katman minitator with a three-circuit plow:

owner reviews

Here’s what the owners of the Katman Min i-Actractors say on thematic forums:


I bought 325 model to work with his farm. She occupies no power. There are no impossible tasks for Katman 325. He shows his best qualities when working with a plough. With the help of a huge mass and high tires, the clutch with the surface occurs perfectly. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the lack of a taxi, as it is still not enough. And in the autumn-spring period it is very absent.


I have a Katman 220. I bought it for gardening and transporting goods. He’s with the assignments. I’ve had it for two years and haven’t contacted the service center yet. There were small breakdowns with electrical contacts, but he pulled them himself and everything works. During operation, it consumes the fuel for about half a liter per hour. The hydraulic pump is a strong thing. It lifts what the neighbor and I barely pulled out of the garage.

Advantages: high-quality assembly, low noise, low fuel consumption, headlights.

Disadvantages: sometimes there is not enough cabin, the seat is not very convenient, the gear shift is not always fixed the first time.

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