Minitor Xingtai HT 180. Review, characteristics, instructions

Minitors Syntai HT 180. Description and properties

Since then, the Syntai Mini tractors have made a fairly long period of time on the world market. Now Chinese technology has significantly improved its quality, and Syntai KHT 180 is one of the most popular models.

Xingtai XT 180

The engine of this mini vector is confident in all climate zones of Russia. The temperature range of these devices is minus 30 ° C to plus 40 ° C. In addition, the Xingtai Minitor CH 180 can bring work to attach devices from third parties.

Basic equipment

If you are the owner of the new Syntai 180, the machine itself, the management of the user and the passport of the sel f-propelled machine are included in the delivery range.

Xingtai XT 180

As an additional configuration, the possibility of installing a light cabin that makes it possible to use an Xingtai CHT 180 under all weather conditions as an additional configuration.

For work, you can buy additional attachments immediately: a cutter, a plow, a mowing, a dump and others.

Technical characteristics

engine TY 290, vertical fou r-stroke diesel with water cooling
Power, L.S./KW 18/13.42
Fuel consumption, g/kw hour 259
begin Electrical starter
transmission (3+1) *2
Turn the radius, M 3,9
Speed, km/h forward/backward 2.47 – 27.35 2.47 – 9.37
Track, mm 960/990
Wheels at the front/back 4.0 – 14 7.5 – 20
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2530 x 1200 x 1750
Mass, kg 820

Functions of the application

Basically, the Syntai Minitator XT 180 is used for agricultural field work.

Xingtai XT 180

Before each output, it is necessary to ensure that the steering and braking system, the presence of fuel and oil as well as in the correct connection of attachment devices.

Before you start actively using the Sintai 180 Min i-Actractor, it is necessary to do it so that all the details of the engine are injured. To do this, the Mini Actractor must work in half of the power within 8 hours. After running, the oil must be replaced.

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At the end of the working time, the tractor must be preserved: drain the fuel, clean the parts, fat with oil and place the tractor in a dry place.


The Xingtai Minitor CHT 180 is a light and maneuverable machine that can be used on small agricultural reasons, in large camps, greenhouses and cattle complexes. Because of its following properties, he gained great popularity:

  1. O n-board hydraulic system;
  2. The ability to combine the appendix to a universal thre e-point trailer hitch;
  3. The ability to carry a trailer with a maximum output of 2 tons.

A 4 × 2 drive is installed on the Xingtai 180 mini tractor.

User Guide

Every owner of the Syntai Min i-Tractor HT 180 must familiarize himself with the operating instructions. This is done so that the engine, maintenance, repair work and maintenance of the machine operates.

If the paper option is not preserved, you will find the rules for the treatment of the device publicly accessible on the Internet.


For the stable operation of the Xingtai Mini CHT 180, the oil needs to be replaced every 250 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour fresh lubricants with the classification of the M-10 or M-14.

The oil in the gearbox should run out after 500 hours. For replacement, it is recommended to use TAP-15V or TAD-17I.

Video assessment of work

Below is a video review of digging potatoes with a Syntai Mini Vector 180:

And here is a video review of the Xingtai KHT 180 mini tractor with a three-circuit plow:

The next video review shows the process of transporting trees using a Syntai Minter XT 180:

Reviews of the owners

On thematic forums you can find the following reviews from the owners of the Xingta i-Mounters HT 180:


The declared properties correspond to reality. But the car is budgetary, so it has its downsides. During service in season two, the generator was replaced. He clearly did not pull, and with him more than half of the electrical wiring. The programs are clearly not fixed and sometimes two steps are turned on at once. The machine itself is budget, but the hanging gear price kills. The whole hitch stands like European cars.

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If you serve properly, this machine will work for a long time. But it must be remembered. To begin with, replace the generator, then configure the correct operation of the hydraulic pump, and additionally buy floor spaces, since the clutch with the surface is not always enough.

Advantages: low cost, easy maintenance, economy.

Minitor Xingtai HT 180. Review, features, operational characteristics

Recommend: 100%



Minitor Sintai KHT 180 is considered one of the most popular among consumers. An important role in this case is played by an engine with a capacity of 18 hp and a multi-stage gearbox with 6 front speeds and 2 rear.

Xingtai XT 180 Small tractor

Good control and maneuverability contribute to effective movement on the tractor not only along the site, but also beyond it, when the machine is used to transport goods weighing up to 2000 kg. Due to the presence of a power selection wave, it is possible to attach hip devices, and as a result, the device on the farm will become more functional and useful.

Xingtai XT 180 Small tractor

A reliable drum braking system enables effective braking. Since the tractor leads the rear wheels, the braking system only affects them. The tractor is reliable and convenient for the driver thanks to a simple design. An undeniable advantage is that the model is equipped with head and high beam headlights, and a sound signal that allows the driver to feel confident on general roads.

Xingtai XT 180 Small tractor

The tractor can become a real assistant for utilities, since it has compact dimensions and can easily cope with such types of work as haircuts, cleaning roads, cleaning the territory from snow, etc.

Technical characteristics

model model Xingtai XT180 (Syntai)
engine type diesel
Power, K.S. (KW) 18 (13.42)
cylinder 1
Nom. Warrics of the Crankshaft, supra./Many. + 2,200
Diesel consumption, g/(KW*hour) 259
start engine electric starter
coupling Dry, single disc
programs 6+2
differential Closed, tw o-reached
Tractor freedom, MM 300
Tractor reverse, Radius, M+ 3.9
movement speed. Minimum Maximum
– Forward 2.47-27.35
– return 2.47-9.37
Track, M.M
– Front wheel size + 960
– Rear wheel size + 990
Tire SCA (Christmas Tree)
– Front radius of the wheel + 4.0×14
– rear wheel radius + 7.5×20
Tap 540 rpm
Dimensions L x W x H, mm + 2530 x 1200 x 1750+
Structural weight of the mini tractor, + 820 kilos
Protecting garden equipment from frost

Functions of the application

The factory equipment of the mini tractor includes the machine itself, the operating instructions and the pass of the sel f-driving machine.

In order to increase the functionality of the device, the manufacturer can attach additional attachments, namely:

  • Plow;
  • Cutter;
  • Hiller;
  • Mower;
  • Potato plants and potato roters;
  • Snow milling;
  • Follower;
  • Zweighäcksler.

Tipper pendant PS-2.0 m plant PL-220 cockroach cutters 1GQN-140 mower KSN-1.4 potato planting machine KSM-1A Asthäckeler

The engine must be retracted before the mini tractor is operated. This is done to ensure that the parts are thoroughly lubricated and fit safely into their respective grooves. The entry time usually takes about 8 hours, during this time the tractor should work with half the power and without additional attachments. After completing this process, the engine oil must be changed.

Before starting work with a mini tractor, the presence of fuel and oil must be checked in the corresponding subjects. In addition, it must be ensured before commissioning that the attachments are securely attached.

Like any technology, the Xingtai XT 180 min i-tractor requires regular maintenance. Oil Sae-10W30 is used as a lubricant. The maintenance is mandatory after each layer and includes the following activities:

  1. Clean the device of adhering dirt and lumps of earth.
  2. Check tanks for leaks.
  3. Lubricate all important components and mechanisms according to the lubricating table.
  4. Check the reliability and tightness of the screw connections.
  5. Check tire pressure.
  6. Make sure that all control mechanisms, electrics and other devices work properly.

The first service is carried out after 100 operating hours. The second – after 500 hours and the third and the following after 1000 hours during this maintenance, the mini tractor is carefully checked: the nozzles, the fuel tank, the gear are washed, the tightness of all containers is checked.

The device is prepared in a special way for winter time. If the operation is not planned, the machine is washed, the entire fuel is drained, the unit lubricated and preserved with an oily cloth. If you want to do certain work on it, you should note the following:

  1. Replace oil with seasonal oil.
  2. Bring the engine to operating temperature before operation.
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It should be noted that it is forbidden to use a small tractor for the transport of people (the presence of an operator on one seat is acceptable).

Video assessment of work

Below you will find an overview of the functioning of the Xingtai minitractor

Implementation of the transport of hay with Xingtai minitractor

Use of a potato rotor on an Xingtai minitractor



I didn’t expect anything special from a Chinese tractor, so I was not very upset when the generator failed and I had to replace half of the cabling at the same time. I really don’t like that two speeds are sometimes switched on at the same time. I was completely satisfied with the price of the device itself, but I was surprised at the high costs for attachments from the manufacturer.

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