Minitor Uralets 224. Description of the model, video work, reviews

Overview of the Mini Actiono r-Oralette 244 (4×4). Basic equipment and attachments. Service and operation

The Uralets-224 A Total Drive (4×4) is generated by the Russian Enterprise Tractor LLC. This machine is an improved modification of the Ural 220. According to the reviews of the owners, the mini drive is unpretentious in maintenance and can maneuver. Uralets 224 is designed in such a way that they process and cultivate the soil, cleaning, storage and subsequent processing of agricultural cultures as well as for community and construction work.

Minitor Uralets 224

Characteristics of the Uralet-224 Minitctor:
  • the presence of a standard hydraulic system (equipment and a mult i-fashion distributor);
  • Traction category 0.3, with which you can easily cope with agricultural work;
  • an al l-wheel drive unit with a 4×4 wheel formula with a differential lock;
  • Mechanical gears: 6 forward and 2 before 2;
  • Since the model is universal, you can use components from other manufacturers.

The costs of the new minibrator uralets-224 (4×4) in Russia at 380 TIS. Ruble.

Basic equipment

The modification of the Uraleet-24b mini-miniCTOR is the most popular. The main difference to the standard model is the rear differential lock. For the maximum functionality, the all-wheel drive mini-tractor-uralets-24 (4×4) can also be equipped with different devices, namely: plows, floor grains, potatoes and potato ceilings, cigns, rotary and segmented mower, rakes, brews, snow police and others Weapons.

Technical characteristics

Enter effort on the hook (t) 0.42
Dimensions (mm) 2650x1200x1750
Operating mass (KG) 990
Minimum. Rotary radius (m) 3,9
Speed ​​(km/hour) 3-28
transmission (3+1)*2
Type of drive 4×4
Performance selection wave (dated) (speed) 540
Vertical diesel with water cooling TY295/JD295
The number of cylinders 2
Power (L.S./KW) 22/16.18
Revolutions (speed) 2300
Local capacity of the hydraulics (KG) 350
Fuel consumption (GR/KW*hour)
Start diesel Electrical starter
Separate braking of the rear wheels There is
Adjustable track of the front wheels (mm) 960 – 1300
Adjustable rod of the rear wheels (mm) 990 – 1250

operation and maintenance

The following actions must be carried out before starting the engine:

  1. Check the presence of fuel, oil and coolant.
  2. If necessary, replace oil and fuel filters.
  3. The starter should be clean to avoid short circuit.

The content of mechanical contaminants and water in the diesel fuel is not permitted.

The transmission uses universal lubricant tad-17i. Don’t forget the lubricating tax lever. According to the recommendations, it is best to use Lititol-24 once a month.

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Video evaluation of the work

Video check of the excavator installation for Min i-Actractor s-Uralette

Review of an all-wheel drive mini drive uralets-224

Reviews of the owners

Vladimir, Pskov:

I bought Uralets 224 Al l-Wheel Drive for work in the garden. It plows perfectly with a double body plow on fairly heavy soil. I was satisfied with the price in accordance with Chinese analogue. I plan to buy a hay and ground. So far I’ve been satisfied.

Advantages: High battery capacity, low fuel consumption.

Disadvantages: bad assembly quality, it is better to tighten yourself.

Uralets-224 Mini Actractor-Modified version of the Chinese station car

When choosing a mini vector, buyers offer models that in their properties offer an affordable costs with efficiency of the company, with the reliability and durability of all components and assemblies, preferences for the efficiency of the company.

In this regard, the new all-wheel drive model of the Miniuniversal-Uralet-224, which is produced in Russia under the Chinese license, is of undoubtedly interest. The base machine is a popular Syntai Min i-Actractor that is modernized in accordance with the recommendations of domestic standards.

Traction category 4.2 can successfully operate in farms and joint ventures as well as in civil and industrial construction work. The Uralets 24 Mini drive is reliable, protected, protected electrical cable compared to the Chinese prototype syntai with an expanded frame, a modified engine of the engine.


Photo: Minitor Uralets-224

The traction properties of the new Urals are sufficient to ensure land with a total area of ​​up to 10 hectares. The tractor is with plowing and cultivated soil to a depth of 250 mm, which takes care of planted vegetable and technical plants, harvests it and delivers to the storage point or the subsequent processing.

The weighted design of the tractor does not require additional ballasting. The presence of a full drive of the housing of the 4×4 formula offers the possibility to use the torque of the engine with the greatest efficiency.

The advantages of min i-actoror devices of Russian assembly in moderate costs, the presence of a large number of spare parts, components and consumables, adaptation of work parameters for work under different climatic conditions.

Technical characteristics

The dimensions of the al l-wheel drive drive are in the range of 2.65 x 1.20 x 1.75 m. These indicators in combination with a rotation radius of 3.9 m determine the effective use of the unit on relatively small country diagrams.

Good maneuverability enables us to take advantage of Uralette in storage areas in the inner volumes of cattle and greenhouse orange structures.

The mass of the tractor of 990 kg includes the execution of field work and towing tractor car with a load of up to one and a half tons without additional ballast on the front bridge. The road release of 215 mm high and the wheelbase of a machine of 1520 mm with a length of 1520 mm ensures the Waybill of the unit if you work with complex relief in areas.

The most popular brand model, which distinguishes Uralets-24B, differs from the basic development by the presence of a differential locking mechanism, a series of bridge equipment in the range of 960-1300 and 990-1250 mm as well as the presence of two couples faster couples to connect to connect Hydraulic pistols.

model Uralets-224
engine 2-cylinder diesel TY295/JD295
Power, L.S. 22
begin Electrical starter
Gearbox, forward/backward 6/2
Traction effort on the hook, KN 0.42
Bike formula 4×4
Speed, km/hour 3-27
Trace, mm front/rear wheels 960 – 1300/990 – 1250
Dimensions, mm 2650 x 1200 x 1750
Mass, kg 990


The power supply is a two and a half and a hal f-lite r-liquid cooling diesel engine TY295/JD295 with a capacity of 22 hp. In the list of advantages of this engine:

  • Combination of compactness with excellent traction properties and longer motorcycling resources;
  • economical fuel consumption within 260 g/kW/h;
  • ease of maintenance and the ability to self-repair;
  • Unification of repair fund and consumable components with the same model type.


The drivetrain includes a mechanically controlled, permanently closed, friction disc clutch mechanism and a dual-range gear transmission. The working speed ranges from 3 to 27 km/h, selected by engaging one of the six forward gears.

The missing reverse gear is partly compensated by two reverse gears. The built-in differential lock function is optional. A power take-off connected to the gearbox is used to activate the working units of attachments and trailers.


The chassis of the new Uralets is a classic type with an increased diameter of the rear wheels. The large steering angle of the front wheels contributes to increased manoeuvrability. Wide profile pneumatics with chevron lugs provide reliable ground grip while lightly compacting soil as the tractor moves between rows.

The hydraulic system of the mini car is equipped with a gear pump and a multimode distributor as standard. The load capacity of the attachment is 350 kg.

Advantages of the mini universal Uralets model 224

The new machine belongs to the budget tractor equipment category, but in many respects it is identical to more expensive Western European-made counterparts.

  • The miniuniversal is aggregated with a wide range of attachments for agriculture and communal services. The machine is capable of handling significant amounts of labor-intensive work with optimal fuel and lubricant consumption and working time.
  • A free choice of high-quality and inexpensive repair materials allows you to restore the machine’s performance in a short time. This is also facilitated by the unification of spare parts and entire assemblies with other models of the company’s range.
  • An undeniable advantage is the compatibility of the new Uralets with agricultural and municipal clutch releases of previous years.


This model appeared on the tractor market relatively recently, so there is practically no information about design, production and operational flaws. Judging by the reviews on agricultural sites, there are no particular complaints about the car, but the lack of a differential lock on the base models is ambiguously perceived by many users.

Tractor operation with active implements is less efficient due to single PTO speed of 540 rpm.

Uralets price of the 224th model new and used

At the beginning of the spring season of 2017, the price of a new tractor of the base model was 98-100 thousand hryvnia ($3,700), which is almost twice lower than the cost of a European-made mini-tractor of similar performance.

There are only a few used mini tractors of this model for sale. The price range for used cars in good condition and with sufficient equipment starts from UAH 60,000 ($2,200).


In this category, the imported machines Jinma JM-204, Dongfeng 240 and SWATT TS-24, as well as several models of the KhTZ and MTZ brands, have identical functions.

Reviews of the owners

My neighbor successfully uses two syntai tractors. When choosing a new mini drive man, he preferred his modified version, Uralets-224. I have to admit that it is surprised by the quality of the assembly that there are no leaks, the tightening of the thread connections on the right level. The battery capacity is high, but the generator’s charging current, whereby consumers are switched on for winter time is clearly not. Valery Nikolaevich

I work with an Angelent Yamobur on the Urals. The replacement of electrical supports is associated with travel to removed sections, which is why the stiffness of the suspension of the chassis has an effect on the road while driving along field roads. The headlights are definitely weak. According to the plan, you replace standard pears with halogen analoga and the installation of the Zhiguli generator. As far as I know, his strength is enough to heat the seat. Andrew

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