Minitor Uralets 220: this one. Features, video, owner reviews

Reviews about Uralets-220

On this page you will find a list of the latest (new) reviews from the owners of Uralets-220, as well as the opinions and comments of visitors who are not indifferent to this technique.

I studied the forums for a long time, but in the end I chose the Urals-220. He drove almost 30 hours. Now I decided to share my impressions.

What I liked: • Small consumption of diesel fuel. During the whole time I burned a little over 27 liters. In my opinion, this is a good result as a tractor. • Relatively small sizes. My yard is small (12 acres) so a larger car would be crowded. • Good ability to crossbreed. He got into some serious mud, but there was never anything that couldn’t get out of them. I don’t use differential blocking. • There are bike goods. Yes, they are small (only 15kg) but you can make them heavier.

What it didn’t like: • Oil spilled under the filament of the sensor. He called the service, promised to call, but didn’t come by. I unscrewed the sensor and snuggled it in with a FUM sound. helped. • Crate. I don’t know how, how, but I don’t have enough seventh equipment. And the lever from the plant was too short. I had to increase by 5 cm. • A rubbing noise appeared in the differential. What is the reason, I can not say exactly. Probably ate copper washing machines. Closer to spring I will be repaired. • Make a seat. It’s comfortable and good for my growth, but its design is “fluid”. It feels like it’s about to fall apart.

For a year and a half I have been the owner of the Ural-220. He took it along with the fastening device. In general, the tractor is normal, but outcrops appear, and the quality, as they say, “limps on both legs”.

At first it is quite manoeuvrable, and in this case it can turn out even on a small patch of earth. I process a plot of 1.5 hectares with them. He’s done with his task.

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Periodically I use a tractor to transport goods. He calmly pulls together a mass of 2 to 2.5 tons. Everything is working well.

A few words about glitches. Already on the first day of the race the cooler is flowing. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved. In addition, the oil pressure sensor was out of order twice.

The tractor is honestly assembled as it hit. It seems that it is paper (everything hangs and rattles). To avoid problems with the dashboard and fuel tank, I recommend that you repair them immediately with metal strain gauges.

Uralets-220 I’ve had since February 2014. In fact, this is the Chinese “syntai”, collected only in Russia. From ours – the battery and the front rubber “Kama”. Oh yes, the wiring seems to be Russian, but I’m not sure.

The tractor is quite economical – fuel consumption per hectare of plowing does not exceed 15 liters. By the way, I personally cultivate such a piece of land in less than a day.

The motor here does not heat up at all – to overheat it you need to make an effort (there is a seven-blade fan). Yes, and the power is enough. Even along the soft field, the tractor easily pulls a trailer fully loaded with potatoes (and this is at least 30 bags).

The fuse block is the same as that of regular cars. That said, fuses can be found in any automotive store.

Now for the sad. Welding seams, told the least, bad quality. The first month of the company bursted many of them and the tractor itself began to crumble into pieces. If you digest, the color will fade.

The processing quality also leaves something to be desired. Immediately after the purchase, I had to pinch the entire tractor. Yes, and in general it is kind of gentle. I drive during the day and remove the “posts” that have occurred in the evening.

Autumn planting of the lawn

Sensors are a total disaster. It is best to throw them away immediately and use VAZ or UAZ devices instead. And they should be changed in pairs, otherwise they will not work.

It is also annoying that most spare parts have to be ordered and serviced when they are brought. This also applies to consumables. In the best case, the delivery takes two to three weeks, but sometimes you also have to wait longer than a month.

After having this “miracle” for a year, I summarize both the “Uralets” themselves and the mounts. Gathered, either drunk or pests.

The front axle did not turn in from the beginning. A Twer dealer convinced that it would be developed. Two months later they couldn’t stand it, they disassembled it – the cardan shaft turned out to be broken. The wave was sent on a guarantee.

The power steering did not work, it turned out that the bonnet clamped the hydraulic tubes when closing.

At Kuhn with a hay bale press, the forks fell off when trying to raise 200 kg, and in front of it, the teeth fell off when the heus pressed together. When trying to mow Uralets with the sickle mower, the belt initially dropped off. Recommended to replace the belts – didn’t help. Dismantled. It turned out that the supports on which the robes are attached are torn. The reason for this is that the rotors are “braided” into the supports without taking the landing wedges into account. If you want, you can send photos.

The seller from Twer warned that all connections should be stretched, but with it such shallows! In general, the level is two with a minus!

When I read the reviews, I imagined how it fell apart :) Just like in a cartoon when the driver with a steering wheel stopped)))

Yes … I read the review and decided to continue to save money for the cubota. I sincerely sympathize with everyone who fuck … I am with this shit and feel cheated and insulted! It is a shame for the state, a lot!

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Uralets 220 is a bit like an old model – snow plows, grass cutters and a trailer with a circular saw require a change of lubricant for tractoring machines and assemblies as well as 15W40 oil. If it didn’t work for you, a foreigner who works in Russia has a quick breakdown.

Administrator of the crystal factory.

I would like to write about the Uralets-224 and especially about the front-wheel drive.

When working with full speed, the cardan shaft first tore. Reinforced, cooked three times … after buying a new one – and it got worse … they started licking the screws of the main couple, the driven gear from the differential holder.

Thank you for not wanting to buy. We need something small, and now the dilemma.

Powerful mini tractor Uralets 220. Properties, video work, reviews

Recommendation: 100%



MiniTractor Uralets 220 (4×4) with al l-wheel drive is the latest development of the Russian brand Uralets. It is equipped with a 22 hp diesel engine.

It is often used in agriculture, in supply companies, in construction, agriculture and summer houses.

Due to its compact form, the mini tractor has excellent maneuverability and can be used in a greenhouse, garden and in a confined space. The considerable traction and the high terrain enable the mini tractor to work effectively on difficult, difficult areas and slopes.

Uralets 220 is produced in the basic configuration and various modifications: with an additional hydraulic system, with a differential lock, a power steering that made it possible to significantly expand the functionality of the mini equipment and improve their driving characteristics. The cost of modified min i-tractor models are higher.

Design characteristics

  • Due to the presence of a hydraulic thre e-point roof, the tractor is aggregated with various follo w-up mechanisms.
  • Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the track width, you can set the required transfer variable (96-99 cm).
  • Thanks to the tap wave, the torque is transferred to the drawn units.
  • The floor clearance of 30 cm ensures optimal of f-road ratio of the Uralet min i-tractor.
  • The presence of a cold start system contributes to a quick start at low temperatures.
  • Sparing fuel consumption.
  • Appendix
  • The mini tractor can be easily aggregated with additional attachment devices that are available separately and enables you to work: Transport goods with a weight of up to 0.5 tons, plowing, egging, cultivating grass, planting potatoes and digging, hilling, hills , Clean the area in front of snow and rubble.
Pruning grapes in the middle belt

Uralets 220 with attachments:

Technical characteristics

Hook train (n) 3900
Dimensions (mm) (LXBXH) 2530 x 1200 x 1750
Operating weight (KG) 960
Minimum. Wenderadius (m) 3,9
Speed ​​(km/h) 2.47-27.35
transmission (3+1)*2
Type of drive 2×4
Punch shaft (pto) (rpm) 540
Diesel vertical wate r-cooled TY295
Number of cylinders 2
Performance (PS/KW) 22./16.18
Revolutions (rpm) 2300
Fuel consumption (g/kwh)
Diesel start Electrical starter
Separates braking of the rear wheels There is
Adjustable front lane (mm) 960 – 1300
Rear bikes with adjustable track width (mm) 990 – 1250

Operating characteristics

Before the first start of the small tractor according to the operating instructions, the manufacturer recommends checking the diesel in the fuel tank, the oil level in the crankcase and the fastening elements.

Then the engine is started by turning the key to value 4 and then back to marking 2. If the engine does not start within 15 seconds, the key will be brought back to its original position and after half a minute the start is repeated.

If the connection is correct, the amperemeter shows positive values. Half an hour after filling with electrolyte, the battery is considered ready for operation.

After starting, the engine has to warm up at least 5 minutes before reaching the operating temperature.

Since the installation of the mini tractor consists almost exclusively of parts and assemblies produced in Russia, the purchase of spare parts and the repair of the machine are not particularly difficult.

Video of the work

The Uralets minitractor works with a plow:

Owner reviews

Fedor, Kazan: “The small tractor Uralets 220 for agriculture is an excellent technology. All work is absolutely feasible. I slowly acquired all the necessary stubbornness. His performance is enough for me, in fact it is in no way inferior to a conventional tractor, but fuel consumption is lower. ”

Semjon, Tscheljabinsk region: “I bought a small tractor from Uralets 4 years ago. Justified by the price itself in about 1.5 years. Good equipment, no problems with spare parts. Easy to handle, agile. The engine is strong, albeit a bit loud. It’s a shame that no cabin is made available, I had to do it myself because it is cold in winter to work (snow removal, freight transport). Fundamentally satisfied. “

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