Minitor Scout T-12. Review, specifications, manual

Review of the mini-tractor Scout T-12

Compact tractor Scout T-12

The smallest mini tractor Scout T-12 for completely different purposes, because it offers 50 instances of different attachments. It is purchased in those moments when a monoblock is no longer enough, and a full tractor is too early or makes no sense at all.


This is a Chinese vehicle made in Russia. If you want, it can be registered to move around the city.

What you can do on it:

  • remove snow;
  • clear the area of snow;
  • plow the ground;
  • mow the grass;
  • water the fields;
  • sow vegetable and grain crops;
  • transport loads.

Dimensions of the tractor Garts Scout T-12 is 2400 mm, width – 1200 mm, ground clearance – 240 mm. Model weighs only 500 kg. However, it can tow a load of 2 tons, which it manages due to the engine.

Technical Specifications of the T12

Features indicators
engine Horizontal four-stroke water-cooled 195nl diesel engine
Power, hp 12
Engine displacement, CM3 815
starting Electric starter + manual start
Transmission, forward/reverse 6/2
Wheels front/rear 4.00-12.00/6.00-16.00
Road clearance, MM 180
Dimensions (without/with articulated devices), mm length x width x height 2140×905×1175/2600×1000×1175
weight (kg 410

Mini tractor photo from the side

Mini-drive is powered by a 195nl four-stroke diesel engine with a 95 mm cylinder. With a volume of 0.8 liters, it managed to squeeze out 12 hp. The device is started by means of an electric starter or a Z-shaped crank. From the engine comes the drive in the form of belts B3240. Cooling is liquid, so you can use the vehicle in the heat without fear of overheating.

The pairing is a combination, with 6 gears for forward travel and 2 gears for reverse. The Scout T-12 box works by dry clutching when slipping.

All units are mounted on a steel frame. With a rear-wheel differential locking tour, you can get a 3.3-meter turning radius. It is also possible to change the size of the overtravel.

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Scout T-12 with a roof

Therefore, there is no cab, but for a surcharge you can adjust the roof, creating its visual presence. This option works in rainy or “wild” heat. The driver sits on a simple padded seat and controls the tractor with a round adjustable steering wheel.

There is an instrument panel with analog gauges for speed, coolant temperature, oil pressure and fuel volume in the tank. The gearshift lever is on the right side. There are also buttons on the front to activate the halogen optics.

Play Scout T-12.

Some people neglect them, but in vain. It should be done on a car like this, even if it stands idle for a long time.

Play Schedule:

  • Starting the engine and maintaining low to medium rpm for a while;
  • Boosting to maximum rpm for 5 minutes.

These are essentially simple actions to be performed for 20 minutes, but there are a number of other things besides them. You need to check for oil and other fluid leaks, everything is in place. It is necessary to change the oil, the manufacturer recommends SAE80W90 or other type GL-4 or GL-5.

Small tractor from behind

Next, it is necessary to lubricate all rollers and tensioners, replace the fuel filter if necessary, flush the cooling system, pre-drain the antifreeze, and clean the air filter. These actions you do not want to do often, but they significantly increase the life of the mini-tractor.

Price and cancellation

Such a helper as the Scout T-12, so far costs relatively inexpensive, for the basic version with a rotator, the manufacturer asks 119,000 rubles. Additional equipment is installed or supplied for a fee. On the secondary market copies are sold for 70-80 thousand rubles.

List of equipment offered:

  • fumigator;
  • tipping bucket;
  • plow;
  • pathfinder;
  • sweeping brush;
  • rake;
  • sprayer;
  • seeder;
  • a trowel or potato planter.

Basically, the T-12 is a great thing for farmers or municipal harvesters. It has many pluses, starting with a small price and ending with the most important thing – functionality. The downsides include the lack of spare parts on the market and poor wiring.

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Alex DelApril 10, 2019.

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Scout T-12 compact tractor. Overview, properties, features of operation

Recommendation: 50%



Motor tractor Scout T-12 is the smallest unit in the line of mini-tractors. However, this does not affect the functionality. The engine installed on the tractor has a horizontal cylinder, 4 stroke and 12 hp. Liquid cooling makes it possible to work in extreme heat. The engine is started with a battery-powered electric starter.

Compact tractor Scout T-12

The gears engage clearly and evenly. It has 3 forward gears and one reverse, and there is also a downshift, which makes it easy to drive on a slope or use attachments. At maximum gear, the unit accelerates forward to 17 km/h and backward to 5 km/h. The hydraulic equipment lifting system provides smooth maneuvering.

Compact tractor Scout T-12

The braking system is bi-directional and pedal operated. Steering has light and turn signal switches. All models are equipped with a horn. The range of attachments used is quite wide. In addition, mini tractor Scout T12 perfectly combines with the equipment of other manufacturers. The low cost of the tractor Scout itself, attachments and spare parts attracts consumers.

Technical characteristics

Type: Horizontal four-stroke water-cooled 195nl diesel engine
Starting method: Electric starter + manual start (Z-handle)
Cylinder diameter: 95 mm
Stroke: 115 mm
Engine displacement: 815cc
cooling system: water
Direction of flywheel rotation: counterclockwise
Lubrication: Gear pump with splash lubrication
General characteristics of the tractor
Differential lock Да
Rotor working width 110 cm
plough width 21 cm
Overall dimensions without attachments, mm: 2140×905×1175
engine drive: Pair of B3240 V-belts with constant tension
Nominal load weight for trailers: 1000 kg
Clutch: Single disc, dry type, permanent clutch, friction type
Transmission: Combined type (3+1) × 2 with spur gears drive
steering gear: Worm gear with angle adjustment
Brakes: 2 drum brakes
Amount of lubricating oil in the gearbox (l): 5
Cultivation control: hydraulic system
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Running-in of Scout T-12 tractor

The running-in is necessary for all newly purchased mini-tractors and when the tractor has not been used for a long time. The running-in doesn’t take much time, and its benefit is considerable – it will run in and lubricate all the details. Here is a sample plan for operating the Scout T12 mini-tractor:

  1. Start the engine and work at medium to low speed. After a while, increase the speed. However, do not allow the engine to run at high speeds.
  2. With the engine running, check for possible fluid, oil or air leaks. Check that gauges and instruments are working.
  3. Operate the throttle at maximum speed for 5 minutes. The enema is considered completed after 20-30 minutes.
  4. Possible vibration and noise will pass after completing all procedures and manipulations, and after changing the oil.

  • The manufacturer delivers the tractor with the oil filled. After the running-in period, this oil is drained and semi-synthetic oil type GL-4 or GL-5 (TM-4 or TM-5) is filled. It is recommended to choose SAE80W90 type oil.
  • For hydraulic mechanisms medium viscosity oils are used – MGE-4A or MGE-10A.
  • The cooling system should be filled with antifreeze or antifreeze.

After the Scout T12 has been run-in, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Change all oils in the systems.
  2. Lubricate the rollers – belt tensioners that show the most wear and tear.
  3. Check that the fuel filter is clean. Replace it if necessary.
  4. Clean the air filter.
  5. Drain the coolant and flush the system.
  6. Check and tighten all fasteners.
  7. Make sure that the pedals are free to move.
  8. Lubricate all components, especially in heavily used areas.

If the tractor is not used in the winter, drain the oil. Also drain the water from the tank. The battery should be fully charged, removed and placed in a room temperature room. Clean the Scout tractor, cover it, and store it in a dry place.

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Video overview of operation

This video overview shows the ease of use of the Scout Garden T12 mini-tractor in the winter

This video overview shows how to dig potatoes with the Scout Garden T12 mini-tractor

owner reviews


I am satisfied with the purchase. Except for minor repairs, for a year of operation there were no complaints. I like the hydraulic lifting mechanism much more than the simple mechanics. Easy to use handyman for my 1 hectare plot.

We invite all owners of the Scout Garden T12 mini-tractor to leave their feedback on possible advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps for our readers it is crucial when choosing such a device.

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