Minitor Rusich T244. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Minitractor Rusich 244

Minitor Rusich 244 is a modern and functional small-sized tractor, which is widely used in agriculture and utilities. The article describes the technical and operational characteristics of this equipment, the scope of its application.

purpose and area of application

Rusich 244 is a four-wheel drive mini-tractor manufactured by Chuvashpiller. It is designed to perform the entire range of agricultural, domestic and transport works.

Minitor Rusich 244

The considered model can be used for:

  • weeding and hilling;
  • transportation of cargo and crops;
  • tillage;
  • sowing of various crops and root crops;
  • watering and tillage;
  • yard cleaning;
  • It is possible to use snow removal.

The largest area of application – from 15 to 20 hectares. The maximum weight of the transported cargo – 800 kg.

Technical characteristics

Rusich Power 244 – 24 l. С. Together with the attachments can work as a harvester, loader and bulldozer.

The clutch is dry, disk. Offset is 40 cm. Battery capacity is 12 volts.

It is possible to change the track parameters. They can be from 140 to 160 cm.

Rusich is supplied to Russia. Parts are used both Russian and foreign. Rusich comes into sales after running-in and full inspection of the production.


The weight of Rusich 244 (without the outboard) is 1230 kg. The length is 3100 mm, width – 1450 mm, height – 1900 mm.

The dimensions of the front wheels are 6.00-16, rear wheels are 9.50-24. Such dimensions allow the tractor to maneuver well on different soils. During agricultural work, the equipment will not splash in the ground from the rain and will not slip.


The Rusich 244 will be equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine. The engine brand is 385 watts. Its main parameters:

  • Comprises 24 hp. С. ;
  • Fuel consumption per one hour – 272 g/kWh;
  • ; fuel injection is direct injection.

The engine is made similar to the Japanese brand Mitsubishi.

The main peculiarity of diesel engines is that they have increased performance even at low rpm without premature wear of elements. The main engine parts (crankshaft, pistons, cylinders) are made of high-quality materials. Engine run time is prolonged by an air oil filter. It provides the engine with clean air only, free from impurities. Active water cooling and blowing systems prevent the engine from overheating. Redesigned nozzles allow fuel to disperse inside the combustion chamber.


The Rusich 244 Mini has 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. This allows you to choose the optimal speed from 2 to 50 km/h. The transmission is made of cast alloy. Graphite is added to the composition. The rafting holds up well to sudden load fluctuations. The box is resistant to deformation. Thanks to the presence of the hand throttle function, you can move at the same speed. To do this, you need to pull the manual throttle knob. At the same time, the accelerator pedal will be fixed. Smooth starts and soft shifts at rest are enabled by a dry disc clutch.

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The mini-drive is equipped with a power shaft. For this reason, all kinds of attachments can be connected to the machine. The wave speed is 540 revolutions per minute. This is the normal speed for which all articulated tools are designed.


Minitor Rusich 244

The transmission uses 85W/90, 80W/90 grade oil. When using tractor in temperatures less than 10 degrees, potassium-based ZG-2 grease is recommended. When using the tractor at temperatures less than 30 degrees, a lithium-based grease should be used. The battery requires regular cleaning.

The first time after purchase, it is necessary that you do not use the tractor at full power. After a few days you can work at 100% load.

Features of the device

The tractor can be connected to a variety of excluded and attachments. It is also possible to connect weapons that have been developed for other models, which is a great advantage.

During operation, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the general rules of operation. Following them will increase the life of the tractor.


Special equipment Rusich 244 is a reliable machine. This is evidenced by the quality materials used in the production of the tractor. In addition, the high quality of the tractor is guaranteed due to the strict control of each level of production.

Peculiarities of repair and the most common problems

The owner of Rusich machinery can operate the equipment independently and check the main units of the tractor due to the simplified design of the model. Spare parts can be purchased online or from a specialized company at an affordable price. This significantly reduces the cost of maintenance.

The disadvantages of the tractor are differentiated by the low quality of the rubber and the low weight of the equipment.

Basic configuration

Minitor Rusich 244

Rusich 244 is offered in two versions: with a cab and without it. Both models have the same technical indicators and functions.

The presence of a cabin allows you to work in difficult and adverse weather conditions.

In addition to the assembled tractor, the basic package includes a warranty card and an instruction manual.

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Minitor Rusich 244

With additional attachments, the Rusich 244 acquires a wide functionality and becomes a universal machine.

  • Plow;
  • The mounted equipment;
  • Loader;
  • Boden cutter;
  • Signals;
  • Special equipment;
  • Shovel;
  • Suspension and semi-trailer;
  • Potato diggers;
  • Potato cutting edge;
  • Braids;
  • Log sweater.

Together with a trailer or a car, the tractor can carry loads up to 3 tons.

Prices for new and used

The price of a new mini-tractor ranges from 270 to 315,000 rubles. The final price is influenced by additional equipment and the year of manufacture.

It is also possible to buy a used version. The price for used machines is from 180 to 220 thousand rubles. The price depends on the development.


The organization “Rusich” is located in Russia in the city of Cheboksary. It is engaged in the import of small traction garden machinery. Analogues of tractors Rusich are such brands as photon loll, syntai, relation, scout, dongfeng.

Rusich 244 significantly differs from other manufacturers with its high degree of maintainability, durability and efficiency. The tractor shows excellent pulling performance and low fuel consumption due to the improved power plant.

Owners reviews

Alexander, Tyumen

I bought a Rusich 244 tractor and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The tractor is up to European standards. When I work with it, I don’t get tired at all. I am satisfied with the technical characteristics and functionality.

Nicholay, Ivanovo

Rusich 244 tractor is made in high quality and with high level of care. It is not inferior to expensive foreign analogues. Good maneuverability, high productivity and modern appearance.

Compact tractor Rusich T244. Overview, technical characteristics, attachments, instructions

Recommendations: 100%



Mini-tractor Rusich T244 – a popular functional model in the line of four-wheel drive mini-tractors from the company “Chuvashpiller”, designed to perform a full range of agricultural, domestic and transport works.

Minitor Rusich T244

Rusich T244 mini-tractor is recommended for:

  • Transportation of grain, cargo;
  • Cleaning the yard, garden, personal plot;
  • Agriculture;
  • Milling (tillage);
  • , okuchivaniya, weeding;
  • Sowing grain crops and root crops;
  • irrigation of plots;
  • In combination with the PTO you can use the mini-tractor as a snowplow (tray, brush).
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Small tractor Rusich T244 is equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is forced and water cooled. The mark of the engine is KM385VT. The assembly of Rusich tractor is Russian, using domestic and foreign components and parts. The tractor is on sale after running in the factory, it is tested and ready to work.

Parameters of the engine Rusich T244:

  • direct injection,
  • power – 24 hp,
  • tank volume – 16 liters,
  • Fuel consumption per hour is 272 g/kWh.
  • Recommended fuel: Diesel fuel, any brand.

Tractor advantages

Advantages of mini-tractor T244 in comparison with existing analogs:

  1. availability of hydraulic connections;
  2. pellet lock;
  3. The ability to connect the front axle if necessary;
  4. reliable, durable engine with high power;
  5. adjustable track;
  6. steering wheel + power steering;
  7. Assembly in Russia, 1 year product warranty;
  8. availability of spare parts and a huge range of attachments of all kinds;
  9. high-quality engine cooling system (water in combination with air bubbles);
  10. High-strength engine materials – no premature wear;
  11. Availability of air and oil filter, which prevents ingress of small dirt particles and dust into fuel and oil;
  12. economical fuel consumption per hour of operation – only 2.8 l;
  13. Possibility to work up to 10 hours without shutting down the engine;
  14. Improved nozzles, which distribute the diesel fuel most evenly in the combustion chamber;
  15. Driver’s cabin (safety function).

Minitor Rusich T244

Minitractor Rusich T244 is designed for intensive operation, but the maximum area u200bu200bt farm should be 15-20 ha. The weight of the load transported at a time can be 800 kg, it is not recommended to exceed this figure. This technique can be used on any floor.

Basic configuration

In the basic configuration from the manufacturer, together with the assembled and ready to use compact tractor Rusich t 244, the buyer will receive:

  • Russian language lessons;
  • Warranty card.

The Rusich T 244 tractor’s attachment is a three-point system, the PTO rotation speed is 540 rpm. Thanks to the PTO, such attachments as snow shovels, augers, sprinklers and others can be attached to the tractor.

Chuvashpiller” manufacturer recommends using the following types of attachments for this model:

  • FGP loader – 0,3;
  • rotary mower – 1,3;
  • baler;
  • potato planter KS-2MT;
  • two-row plow;
  • Potato lobby;
  • Grabber;
  • Hiller;
  • Local discount;
  • Automobile;
  • Follower;
  • Soil tiller for 6 cultivator meters.

Loader FGP 0.3 rotary system 1.3 baler KS-2MT Two-legged plow potato harvester 4U-1 cultivators Ohol Muldenkipper Municipal cart podelopro

To extend the list of available attachments other manufacturers’ equipment can be used, for example

Technical characteristics

The wheel formula of this model is 4×4, with the size of the front wheelset 6×16, rear 9,5×24. Such dimensions allow the mini-tractor Rusich T 244 to maneuver on the most different soils, not to clutch the ground, so that the filaments escape the rain and do not slip when performing agricultural work. The tractor is equipped with an electric starter for quick manual starting. The capacity of the battery installed on the machine is 12 volts. The weight of the Rusich T244 is 1230 kg without attachments.

The track is adjustable and can be sized from 140 to 160 cm. As a result, the operator can accurately work with rows of plants without damage.

The number of working speeds is 8 front, 2 rear. Travel speed of a-Rusich T 244 mini-tractor can be from 2 to 50 km/h. Such features make the machine really versatile, especially when working on large plots.

  • PPP material: cast iron graphite alloy.
  • Additional option: Manual throttle function for driving at a constant speed is attached with a special handle.
  • Dry slicer clutch, high escapement (40 cm).

For the convenience of the operator on the tractor Rusich installed a cabin – the presence of this element allows comfortable work in the winter, for example, when clearing snow.

Application functions

Characteristics of using Rusich T244:

  • Use high quality diesel engine oil (no reconditioned oil allowed).
  • Do not disassemble tractor parts unnecessarily;
  • When working with Vom, set the upshift and downshift lever in neutral position.
  • Use diesel fuel in accordance with GB/T 252-1994;
  • Select 80W/90 or 85W/90 oil for transmission.

Use ZG-2 grease (potassium base) in accordance with the instruction manual when temperatures are below 10 degrees below freezing. Use a lithium-based grease if temperatures are above 30 degrees.

Clean the battery regularly, check electrolyte density and level and top up if necessary.

Rusich T244 Mini Driver is sold after use, ready for operation. However, it is recommended not to load the device to its full capacity on the first day of operation. After a few days, you can start working at 100% load. Before starting work, check the fuel stand and oil indicators.

Owners reviews

Nikolay, Tallinn:

“Bought this Rusich tractor, finally my long-time dream came true! Guys, I’m happy as a elephant! It’s a really cool technique, European level, and the meeting is Russian. Of course, there are more expensive ones, but there will always be something better. After the technical parameters, the machine is just not comparable to a better tractor. Firstly, the amount of work with the tractor, on which I can work without getting tired. Secondly, the functionality, the characteristic alles. Again the Mitsubishi engine. In short, I recommend it to anyone who can not imagine life without their side that feeds the earth. “

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