Minitor Rusich T240. Review, features, equipment

Minitor Rusich: review of models and prices

The leading manufacturing enterprises of Chelyabinsk, specializing in the production and production of special equipment, are combined into LLC tractor plants of the Urals. Among the new Ura l-Special devices, it should be noted a min i-Actoror Rusich, which is gathering in Russia, and components are made at a Chinese factory. When assembling, the development of the best household engineers is used. Thanks to this, as well as regular monitoring of the production process, the company managed to establish the production of inexpensive universal devices with a large labor resource.

A little about branded products

The domestic factory specializes in the production of low-traction classification techniques. Since this company produces the Budget series of devices, users often notice the discrepancy between the revolutions of the power unit and the transmission numbers from the control point.

Consumers of all the basic advantages distinguish that the products on the market have almost the lowest price. In addition, according to the owners, should be designated separately:

  • simple design features;
  • easy control;
  • increased maneuverability;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • the presence of a letter in the design of the regulator;
  • Accessibility of additional devices, spare parts.

Despite a fairly wide list of pros about reviews about the Rusich technique review, even bad features:

  • low quality rubber;
  • low-power power unit;
  • Low weight, lack of possibility of weighting;
  • There is no differential blocking feature in certain machines.

When working on wet soil, special equipment will slip due to insufficient weight.

Review of Minitoren Minitoren Rusich

A small lineup has different variations, differing in the performance of power units, equipment and technical features.

Russian 184 4×4

This is a four-wheel drive version equipped with a 1-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 18 hp. The power supply is cooled by the air system. The technique is designed to work on the site up to 5 acres.

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Compact tractor Rusich 184 4х4

This model is used for the following purposes:

  • cleaning the territory;
  • translation of cargo;
  • Harvest;
  • A Complete List of Agricultural Works.

In the design of the device there is a pressure meter, a water steering hydraulic engineer, a gross power selector, a four-wheel drive system, an electric steamer for quick start.

Brief technical characteristics:

Front 65×160 mm, rear 50-120 mm

6 – movement in the forward direction, 2 – back

Name and minimum speed

Minitor Rusich weighs 750 kg, sold at a price of 217,000 rubles.

Rusich 224

The Minitator Rusich T 224 model is equipped with a two-cylinder diesel engine, a water cooling system. The power unit outputs a power of 22 liters. C or 16.1 kW. The rear and front wheels vary in size – 60×140 and 75×200 mm.

Small tractor Rusich 224

You can adjust the RUT width from 120 to 140 cm. The distance is 28 cm, the fuel consumption is 259 g/kW*h. The cost of such a tractor does not exceed 282,000 rubles.

Universal coupling and the presence of a power shaft of 540 rpm allows devices with a wide range of fastening devices to be used.

Appendix Catalogue

Appendix Catalogue

  1. Use special devices that only need instructions.
  2. In summer, no more than 34 tanks of fuel are filled, in winter it can get full.
  3. The running-in is carried out several times for at least 10 hours to allow the engine to cool down.
  4. The oil level in the engine and transmission tanks is checked before every start.
  5. The recommended oil change interval is 50 hours of operation.
  6. After stopping, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to accelerate until the engine has completely cooled down.

Operator’s manual for tractor Rusich 224

VIDEO: Obzor Rusich 224

Rüsich T 12

This is the most popular model among the entire range. It is used on small farms, suburban areas or small-sized agricultural land. The device works well in cold climates. The device is equipped with a 12 hp motor. with., starter, gearbox, cutter, plow. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the forcibly locked differential, which helps to increase traction during various agricultural works.

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Overview of the mini tractor Rusich T-240 (4×4). Technical characteristics. application features

The small tractor Rusich T-240 is one of the first developments of the Chuvashpiller company. The model is designed for a variety of agricultural work – plowing, cultivating, cutting beds, sowing and caring for plants, harvesting. The device has proven itself in the performance of other works – in municipal and subordinate farms, in construction, on livestock farms.

Compact tractor Rusich T-240 (4х4)

Description of the Rusich T-240 model

The Rusich T-240 mini tractor (wheel formula 4×4) is equipped with a 24 hp diesel single-cylinder engine. liquid cooled. This model is considered technically obsolete, it was replaced by an improved version of the T-220. Despite this, this modification is present on the market and is in great demand among consumers due to a number of advantages:

  • The necessary sensors and instruments are located on the front panel, the steering is mechanical – thanks to this, it is very easy to control the minitractor, the operator does not need any special skills, unlike the older Rusich models.
  • The machine is started with an electric starter.
  • Extended 6 forward/2 reverse gear box allows selection of optimal speed mode, dry single disc clutch, speed range 2-50 km/h.
  • The device has a belt drive with rear drive wheels.
  • To expand the functionality of the agricultural machine, additional devices are connected to the rear PTO.
  • Thanks to the setting of the track width of 120-140 cm, it is possible to grow various crops and perform certain work with attached implements.
  • To make work easier, the tractor has rear-view mirrors and illuminated headlights.
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is possible to use the mini-tractor in the narrowest of spaces – in the corridors, in the garden, in warehouses.

model specifications

Horsepower 24
Number of cylinders, pcs 1
wheel formula 4×4
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2500/1250/1400
Ground clearance, mm 300
Operating weight, kg 800
transmission 6 forward, 2 back
launch system electric starter
wheel size (front/rear) 6.00-12.00/7.50-20.00
coupling dry single disc
warranty 12 months
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Basic equipment of the tractor

The standard package of the mini tractor includes a two-furrow plow and a tiller with a working width of 120 cm, instructions and a warranty card. Other attachments are sold separately and are attached with a universal hitch.

application features

The Rusich T-240 mini tractor has a reliable design and is easy to operate. In conjunction with numerous attachments, the agricultural machine effectively does a lot of work:

  • Agrotechnical profile – plowing various soils, loosening, cultivating, cutting beds and furrows for planting seedlings, sowing seeds, harvesting potatoes and other crops, mowing grass, haymaking from the field, spraying, applying fertilizers.
  • Utilities – sweeping the territory, cleaning dirt and debris, removing snow.
  • For construction sites – grading of construction sites, drilling, loading and unloading.
  • Transportation – transportation of various goods weighing up to 1 ton using a trailer or trolley.

The Rusich mini-tractor is sensibly combined not only with the original assembled equipment, but also with other manufacturers of domestic and foreign production. One should only consider the traction class of the mini-tractor and not exceed the permissible standards.

Operation and maintenance of the Rusich T-240 (4×4) tractor

The tractor uses diesel fuel. Semi-synthetic or mineral oil is recommended as engine oil for 15W40 (summer) and 10W40 (winter) diesel engines. 80W/90 or 85W/90 class oil is used for the gearbox. The manufacturer recommends using universal grease for lubricating moving joints – potassium in winter, lithium in summer.

Engine oil LUKOIL-STANDARD 15W40 SF/CC Oil Expert SAE 10W-40 gear oil TAd-17i

The mini tractor is prepared and run in at the factory ready for pre-sale, it is completely ready for operation. However, it is advisable not to load the machine during the first hours of operation, but to work at 2/3 of the maximum power for a while.

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The mini-tractor should be serviced every shift, testing the functionality of all systems of the device, the amount of technical fluids, the condition of the filters and the battery. Routine maintenance terms – 100/500/1000 hours.

Video review

owner reviews


“I bought a Rusich T-240 mini tractor two years ago. Assembly corresponds approximately to the price. Plow and tiller included. The plow turned out to be unsuitable for the job, I had to buy a new one, but this one is still lying around. I work with a trailer, a rotary mower and a potato harvester. In general I expected more. The rubber wears out very quickly.

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