Minitor Rusich T15. Management, characteristics, advantages of the model

Rusich T-15 Minimeter

Minitor Rusich T-15 – a powerful machine for work in personal actions, gardens, small farms with an area of 2-5 hectares. It is optimally combined with various mounting attachments and effectively performs a large amount of work and transports various loads weighing up to 0.5 tons.

Designation and application

Rusich T-15 small tractor

The Rusich T 15 mini-tractor is an agricultural tractor of a particularly small class, which is designed to carry out ground works on the sites and move various materials and loads. This tractor is certified for public roads. It has proven to be excellent in rural areas, on dirt streets and shines in the countryside. In addition to many new technical solutions, the device has received a new engine, which greatly expanded the list of works performed.

Technical Specifications


  • Length – 2400 mm;
  • Width – 1050 mm;
  • Height – 1250 mm;
  • Outdoor freedom – 180 mm.


  • Fire for electric installation – R15;
  • Engine type – diesel, four stroke, atmospheric;
  • Power, hp. – 15;
  • Engine displacement – 815 cc;
  • Number of cylinders, PC – 1;
  • Engine cooling type – liquid.


  • Transmission type – Manual gearbox, single disc;
  • Cup clutch – permanently closed type, dual-mode;
  • Gear modes and shifters – 6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears;
  • Volume of oil in gearbox L – 2,5;
  • Main gear – V-belt drive.

Electric devices of mini vector

  • Electric cable system – wire;
  • Voltage of built-in power supply, V-12 (constant);
  • Generator – 14 V;
  • Battery capacity, ohm – 80
  • Steering actuator, kW – 2,2

Frame, chassis, adjustable track and drive axle

Rusich T-15 small tractor

  • Frame construction, longitudinal type, reinforced;
  • Front machine drive – double tapered connection;
  • Steering wheel drive – mechanical, manual;
  • Brake system – rear axle only, drum brake system;
  • Parking brake system – cable operated rear brake pads;
  • Front track width (adjustable) -1000-1400 mm;
  • Rear track width (adjustable) -1000-1400 mm;
  • Bicycle formula – 4 x 2, with differential lock
  • Drive axle – follow, non-following, reinforced
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Hydraulic system

This tractor is equipped with a two-section sector-type supercharger. When additional auxiliaries are installed on the tractor, both the front and rear circuits of the system are controlled simultaneously.

The location of the hydraulic cylinder is from the top, which is an additional plus that provides better protection and accessibility.

Crane and Seat

On the simple but functional dashboard of the mini tractor are all the necessary indicators: engine temperature, oil pressure and battery charge.

Anatomically correct and comfortable seat shape combined with comfortable platform and backrest materials allow the employee to fully concentrate on the work process without being distracted by extraneous factors. The moisture-resistant finish of the cover protects the chair from rotting and excessive wear and tear. The base is springy, which provides even more comfort and convenience while working.

Design and operating functions

Rusich T-15 small tractor

The main units and assemblies of the tractor:

  1. Engine.
  2. Transmission.
  3. Tax system.
  4. Axle.
  5. Basic design.
  6. Brake system.
  7. Starting system.
  8. Cabin.
  9. Linear body.
  10. Hydraulic system.
  11. Wheels.
  12. Fuel system.
  13. Cooling system.

Since the operation of the mini-tractor is provided for an extensive list of additional structures and installations, the conditions and peculiarities of its operation. Therefore, the machine has a sufficient number of operating modes so that the buyer can optimally select the operating conditions for different situations.

Basic configuration

Rusich T-15 small tractor

Standard equipment Rusich T15 includes:

  • Wheels with splines;
  • A seat;
  • Trailer device;
  • Front axle sprayer;
  • Cutter;
  • Single-band plow;
  • Data sheet, instruction manual, and 365-day warranty card.

Modifications and functions

Upon customer request, the machine can be equipped with an extensive list of optional equipment from various manufacturers.

Loose-mounted equipment

Factory-recommended attachments for Rusich T15:

  • Potato planters (KS-2MT, KSM-1a, etc.);
  • Caretaker (TM-500, TMT-540);
  • Trailer, Semitrailer;
  • Safety Sheets;
  • Three-sectional;
  • Bucket for clearing snow, garbage;
  • Rotary mower;
  • Tedder;
  • Harrow;
  • Plow of any kind;
  • Rubber.

Rusich T-15 small tractor

advantages and disadvantages

Based on the use and operation of tractors by their real customers, the following advantages of the minitractor Rusich T-15 were identified:

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It is not devoid of disadvantages. However, there are fewer of them than pluses, which is undoubtedly a good sign:

Cost of new and use.

In 2020, the retail price of the Rusich T-15 increased significantly and amounted to 170 thousand rubles. It is worth noting that in 2019 they could be purchased for 140,000 rubles. In 2021, an increase in sales of the contract mini-tensioner is expected.

The cost of used variants at the beginning of 2021 starts from 140 thousand rubles. It depends on the year of manufacture of the special equipment, its condition, configuration and the presence of additional devices.

Feedback from owners

One owner says that the leakage of oil from the gearbox occurred six months after the purchase of the tractor. The owner made the repair himself after dismantling the body of the equipment, the seal had to be replaced. You have to be prepared to rule out anything that happened during the operation of the camber, based on technical knowledge and repair experience. Despite the warranty provided, sellers and manufacturers refuse to repair: calls and messages to support have no effect. You will simply be ignored.

Another owner of Rusich T-15 reported an equally sad situation: In the first season the crankshaft burst because of the engine overrunning, incorrectly set at the factory. High rpm is the mortal danger for a diesel engine. Replacement parts at the dealer or manufacturer have been around for a long time.

Another customer reported another problem: during the operation of the plant, it turned out that the high-pressure fuel pump was not set up correctly, and the fuel injection was done much later. As a result, because of these faults, the tractor did not develop the necessary power, and the motor tour was irrevocably lost. The technical support staff behaved INCREDIBLY and completely ignored customer questions and inquiries.

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For the visual demonstration of the tractor operation and functions there is a special thematic video below which gives answers to the remaining questions of customers and users.

Rusich T-15 Light minitractor

Rusich - Chuvashpiller

The optimal 15-horsepower Rusich T-15 Lite mini-tractor can successfully perform a wide range of field and general farm work on private and garden mushroom plots, as well as in limited quantities at the cottage. The model with the index lite is somewhat simplified from one of the most popular on the market and basic versions of T-15 mini-rapidnik, but is not inferior to it in electricity, reliability, performance and technical equipment.

A brief overview of the Rusich T-15 light model

  • Efficient and economical fuel – one-cylinder – engine capacity of 15 hp The available energy efficiency of the model is enough for the regular cultivation of 1-2 hectares of agricultural land.
  • The presence of differential integration and the presence of an electric starter should be distinguished from the most important technical advantages and skills of the model Rusich T-15 light – a reliable mechanical gearbox.
  • Compatibility of the tractor with more than 30 types of fastening equipment, the ability to work with snow drifts and carry a loaded trailer with a total weight not exceeding 500 kg.

Multi-tasking mini-tractors Rusich-T-15 Light version are designed to perform a wide range of works in agricultural and private farms. The tractor is capable of working with various types of enclosed and stored agricultural machinery, and in the cold season to clean areas with mechanical brushes and snow blades.

Engine, gearbox and other most important systems

This tractor model is equipped with a single-cylinder diesel four-stroke water cooled cooler type power unit. The engine has an output of 15 hp with an operating volume of 0.785 l. С. The engine can be started with an electric or manual starter. С. Engine cooling system is closed, with forced circulation. Tubular system cooler is mounted on the rear wall of the engineering compartment.

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Transmission is mechanically controlled with differential locking. Possible shift zone is 6 gears in front of 2 in front of 2. Maximum travel speed reaches 22.78 km/h – 6.97 km/h. The design includes the possibility of locking the drive wheels. Track width is adjustable from 1300 to 1500 mm, which allows you to choose the optimal position of front and rear wheels to work in corridors.

Other features

Small tractor Rusich T-15 SE with drive on rear wheels (wheel arrangement R2X4) is equipped with mechanical control system of the attached equipment and hydraulic system with double-section floating distributor. This enhances the operator’s ability to control the operation of front- and rear-mounted attachments on the tractor. Other design elements are reinforced rear axle, front and rear fenders, rear view mirrors and a comfortable driver’s seat.

Technical characteristics of T-15 Lite

Engine brand R195-T
Engine type diesel
Engine power, PS 15
Number of cylinders, CTC 1
Cooling system liquid
Engine start Electric starter
Type of drive Belt
Bicycle formula 2×4
Type of clutch Dry single disc
gearbox manual
Number of gears 6 forward, 2 reverse
Parameters of tires and wheels
Front wheel size 5.00-12
Rear wheel size 6.50-16
Wheelbase, mm 1200
Width, mm 1300-1500
Ground clearance, mm 250
Electrical equipment
Lighting system Brake light, parking light, high and low beam, indicator, front light
Rear hydraulic lift options
Hydraulic directional control valve 1-component float
Brake system type Disc brake, separate for each wheel
Parking brake available
basic characteristics
Weight of construction, kg 550
model T-15 Light
Differentiated lock available
instrument panel Ammeter, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, hour meter, tachometer, fuel level gauge
Heating cabin lack
Tractor weight Included hedge weight
PSM (passport of self-propelled vehicle) also exhibited
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2400/1350/1200
Manufacturer Rusich – Chuvashpiller
Manufacturer China / Russia
warranty 12 months
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