Minitor Rusich T 224 – description and characteristics

Review of the Rusich T-224 mini vector. Technical characteristics. Features of the application

Minitor Rusich T-224 G is a powerful 22 hp, heavy (990 kg) general-purpose tractor (0.6 traction class) with 4×4 all-wheel drive and an electric starter. The model differs from the younger versions in the presence of a system of steerable hydraulic power steering, high maneuverability and multifunctionality. Designed to operate in areas up to 15 hectares. On the market there is a model without a Gur-Mini-Rusich T-224 Mini-Contractor.

Description of the model

Thanks to the rational structure, economy, budget value, Min i-Pui g-Min i-Actionor is in demand among owners of large land plots and agricultural stakeholders. Particularities:

  • The ability to work effectively in all climatic zones in intensive conditions thanks to the HS380 diesel engine (Mitsubishi technology) with forced liquid cooling.
  • The Euro 4 standard indicates the environmental friendliness of agricultural desires, which has a significant reduction in the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere.
  • The presence of an advanced eight-speed gearbox and a mechanical gearbox with a constantly closed friction clutch allows you to choose the most optimal speed mode of the Rusich.
  • In the configuration with pivoted implements, the tractor performs all agricultural work: plowing, cultivation, loosening, cutting the furrows, weeding, mowing herbs, hydro-aeroculture. It successfully works in the common area, transporting goods.
  • Thanks to a full drive, it is possible to use a min i-Actractor in areas with a complex relief, loose soil, off-road.
  • The model is distinguished by a large fuel tank of 16 liters, economical consumption of a diesel engine of 259 g/kW/h and a reduced noise level.
  • Thanks to the compact dimensions, the unit is successfully used in limited spaces – in gardens, parks, warehouses and row spacing.

Technical characteristics

The brand of the engine HS380
Power, L.S. 22
Number of Cylinders, PCs 3
wheel formula 4×4
Dimensional dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2650/1200/1900
Operating mass, kg 990
transmission 6 forward, 2 before 2
launch system electric starter
Specific fuel consumption, g/kW*h 259
Wheel measurements (front/rear) 6.00-14.00/7.50-20.00
Rotation frequency of VOM, RPM 540
environmental class euro 4
warranty 12 months
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basic equipment

The Min i-Actractor standard package includes protective wings, wheels, driver’s session, instructions, warranty card. The folding weapons are purchased separately. It is optionally possible to install a sound signal.

Features of the application

Despite the fact that the Mini drive is not equipped with a cab, its ergonomics are significantly expanded due to the equipment of the operator’s workplace with convenient locations and control levers. All sensors are carried out on the dashboard. Thanks to the hydraulic steering wheel, it is easy and convenient to control the technique.

Small tractor Rusich T-24g

Illumination spotlights are installed on the Min i-PRUIC H-MIN I-ANRACTOR, making it easier to work in the dark, dimensional lights.

The machine is rationally aggregated with original attachments and other manufacturers of the appropriate class of traction (Neva, Zirka, Greeting, etc.):

  • Boden cutters of various modifications
  • Plowing four and undoubtedly
  • Sickle mower
  • Slice mower
  • Hiller Grubber
  • Sawmaker
  • Computing turner
  • Potato leafers and potato rolls – different models
  • Restlands, trailers and trailers
  • Snowfall
  • Shovel loader
  • Motor drill
  • Sprayer
  • Fertilizer
  • Metal snow chains
  • Protective sheet without visor and with a visor.

Single mower calculating solnyshko GVR-4 vegetable maker SVT-2 (2-row) Additional bomet 200l 10m potato rotor potato planter

A feature of the mini tractor is the lack of PSM, a pass of a sel f-driving machine that excludes the possibility of registering devices to the responsible organizations. As a result, a small tractor can only be used within the farm without driving on public roads. Transport on the highway is only possible with a tow truck.

The possibility of installing the cabin on the Rusich T-224 small tractor is also not intended, which significantly limits the possible uses, especially at extremely low or high temperatures. The quality of the individual parts and assemblies as well as the correctness of the assembly of the unit are criticized, although the modification is part of the middle category of mini tractors, which provides for partial control of individual production steps.

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operation and maintenance

The mini tractor is characterized by a well though t-out, simplified design and high maintainability. The implementation of simple repairs is available to the owners themselves, spare parts are sold in specialist shops at affordable prices.

The device consumes diesel fuel, sem i-synthetic or mineral oil for diesel engines 15W40 (summer) and 10W40 (winter) is recommended for the engine. Oil of the TAD-17 class is used for the gearbox.

Motor oil Lukoil standard 15W40 SF/CC OIL Expert Sae 10W-40 Gear Oil Tad-17i

Every layer maintenance of a small tractor includes the functional test of the brake system, the drive belt, the transmission, the control of the work fluids and the condition of the oil filters. Complete preventive maintenance is carried out after 100/500/1000 operating hours.

The Minitractor Rusich T-224 belongs to the category of special equipment, so certain driving knowledge is required to control the device. The manufacturer recommends strictly adhering to the recommendations of the operating instructions and safety regulations and not growing any additional equipment on the small tractor that does not correspond to the permissible weight.

Video review

Owner reviews

Iwan Iwanowitsch:

“Well, I must have been lucky with the Rusich T224 tractor. I have had this model on my farm for 6 years. There were no special breakdowns for the whole time. The only thing is that at the very beginning he redesigned many things in his own way, as expected. Order since then. Although friends have already managed to change the tractor during this time.

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MiniTractors Rusich (Chuvashpiller): T12, T15, T18, T220, T224, T21

The lineup of Rusich-Mini proposals includes all-wheel drive (4×4) and rear-wheel drive (2×4) modifications. All of them have power shaft, safe electric start and differential lock. To equip the equipment, water-cooling diesel engines with a capacity of 11-20 liters were used. With. The basic equipment of some models includes soil and Chinese plow body. In addition, the manufacturer will equip Mini-Actractors with a trailer, a mower, a potato enemy, a rake, a potato capsule, a dump, a cultivator and other mounted tools. These tractors are designed to perform various garden, community and field work in small area areas. They can also be used in construction and transport cargo.

A garden without weeds

About Brand Rusich

The assembly of Mini-Actractors Rusich (the second name is Chuvashpiller) is located in Russia in the city of Cheboksary, and components are made in China at inexpensive local factories. The brand specializes in importing small traction class garden equipment.

The manufacture of tractor products is carried out by small factories in China in the cities of Weifang and Sintai.

If you are not hunting at the lowest price, but choosing a good “workhorse” with an optimal price-quality ratio-recommend that you look at brands like: Dongfeng, Photon Prayer, Zucline, Synthi or Scout. They are made only in the largest factories in China, where experienced specialists constantly monitor the quality of products, make technical improvements, make useful innovations and improve design.

advantages and disadvantages

Rusich Mini-Actractors have the average traction characteristics for their class and are famous for almost the lowest price on the market.

They also have a number of other benefits that include:

  • simplicity of design;
  • easy management;
  • high maneuverability;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • the presence of an adjustable track;
  • Lack of lack of spare parts (spare parts are supplied in the Russian Federation by other companies)

The advantages of Rusich mini drives also include the possibility of their all-season operation, provided that they are filled with good oils. In reviews, users indicate that these machines are easily adapted to difficult climatic conditions and show themselves well not only in summer, but also in winter.

If you consider the reviews, then the mini-applications of this brand have “cons”:

  • lack of differential blocking on some modifications;
  • the quality of rubber (except for the installation of Russian);
  • lack of a planetary mechanism in the control point of some tractors;
  • assembly quality in Cheboksary;
  • small engine volume;
  • The low mass of the tractor, the lack of a standard weight system.

The disadvantages of technology include users in their ratings the excessive costs of mid-range devices. Despite the fact that the assembly of Rusich mini-tactors from Chinese components is produced in Russia, the prices for this are high and not every villager can afford it. The most expensive version of this model is the tractor T-244, and to buy it, you have to pay at least 388,000 rubles. For this reason, many local landowners refuse to buy the latest models of Rusich-Landmaschinen in favor of Scout. Scout minitractors also come onto the market in a wide range, and even the first T-15 model surpasses the Rusich minitractors of progressive models in relation to the processing quality and reliability of the components by far, but at the same time they are much more affordable.

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Overview of the range

The model range of the Rusich minitractors includes several modifications that differ in engine power, equipment and technical parameters. In the form of a table, the most common models of small rusich tractors are described and reviews of real owners are given.

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