Minitor Rusich T 12 – description and properties

Minitractor Rusich T 12. Overview, characteristics, attachments, instructions

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Minitractor Rusich T12 – one of the most popular models of the manufacturer Chuvashpiller. It is equipped with a drive on the rear wheels with the possibility of locking the rear axle. It can be used comprehensively: for agricultural manipulation and for work in the subsidiary farm on large and small areas.

Miniator Rusich T12

Rusich T12 mini-tractor is equipped with a 1-cylinder diesel engine R195, which has a capacity of 12 hp The engine volume is 1000 cubic meters. Power in kW is 8,8. Type of fuel for refueling: diesel, any brand. Fuel consumption at work is 255 g/kWh.

Advantages of a mini vector

Advantages of the minitractor Rusich T12 in comparison with devices of similar purpose:

  • Warranty from the manufacturer – 12 months;
  • Large selection of mounted tools and attachments for complex work on the base of any kind;
  • Gearbox with locking rear drive axle;
  • Powerful sturdy engine, capable of working in climatic conditions;
  • Basic equipment with plow and tiller;
  • Soft gear shifting;
  • easy operation;
  • High reliability of mechanisms;
  • Engine cooling;
  • Weight of the machine is 450 kg, which eliminates the mandatory use of weights.
  • Large engine volume, investigator, longer operating time without refueling;
  • Availability of electric cooker;
  • Dry clutch, single disc;
  • Large bikes (5×12 in front, 6.5×16 after).

Mini Tractor Purpose.

Using the Mini-tractor r-Rusich T12, the farmer can perform on his site such work as plowing, cultivation, harvesting and transporting, chopping and many other agricultural operations, which are not available, for example, to illuminate the motor-blocks.

Miniator Rusich T12

Mini – tractor of this model has a high productivity, enlarged engine – tour, which also allows you to use it when working on the virgin soil.

Forced locking of the rear drive axle on the Rusich T12 helps with any work with the floor: both intensive and light, for example, with the soil. This locking allows you to eliminate the work of the machine in the most difficult areas.

Preparing the lawn mower engine for the season
The list of works that can be performed with the Rusich T12:
  • Transportation of crops to the place of accumulation;
  • Root crop harvesting;
  • Grass clippings removal (collection, transportation to the place of accumulation);
  • Planting crops of any kind (harvesting of root crops, using a double-arm or potato residue);
  • Cleaning of territories from snow (with a shovel);
  • Tilling the soil (plow, rubber, cutters, shaking off);
  • Transportation of non-food items;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Watering (using additionally assembled tools).

Travel plow-double plough-rotary mower-potato mower-KKM-1-potato mower-corrector-Schneemann-Boden-carrier for KKM-1

Minitor Rusich T12, for example, can be used with a large number of attachments:

  1. Cutter. With a standard coupler, you can give the top layer of soil homogeneity, which is responsible for fertility.
  2. Plow. If you have to work with heavy floors, it is better to use plows. They go into the soil and allow you to work the surface evenly.
  3. Braids. There are back and expected ones.
  4. Potato pie and potatoes. Offer fast, quality planting and harvesting of vegetables.
  5. Snowman and shovel. Installed in front of the device, they provide fast and quality snow removal.
  6. Mass a-space. They improve the unit’s work with the surface.
  7. Shovels, harrows and weeders are also used.
  8. Carts with different capacities make it easier to transport different kinds of loads.
  9. In addition, a safety arc can be created to guarantee protection for the operator. A sunshade can be installed on the nose for protection from the sun in summer.

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Technical specifications

  • The Rusich T12 minitool has 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.
  • The track width of the mini-truck is 1 m. Ground clearance is 180 cm.
  • The device is started with an electric starter.
  • The clutch is single-disc, dry type. The technique is not designed for driving on public roads.
  • The dimensions of the machine are 2400/1050/1250 mm.
Growing wild grapes on the fence

Read and understand the owner’s manual before operating the machine.

Fill the mini-tractor only with the specified type of fuel and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of transmission oil.

It is recommended to use 75W90 or 80W90 oil for this type of mini-tractor.

Specific Applications

Use the tractor for agricultural and farm work on the property. The maximum area to be worked is 2 hectares.

  • Do not turn at maximum speed. The tractor driver must be in the driver’s seat.
  • To work with this type of machinery, use protective equipment: clothing with sleeves, pants, closed shoes.
  • Only hitch to the mini-tractor what corresponds to its weight and power. Before turning off the tractor, lower the attachment to the lower position.
  • When turned off, the machine must have the gear lever in neutral, the engine turned off, the VOM off and the parking brake off.
  • Make sure that the coolant has cooled down again after boiling. Do not open the radiator cap until the engine has cooled. Do not fill the fuel tank to capacity in hot weather or high air temperatures, as fuel will expand in volume and may leak.
  • Continue driving without overloading the tractor. Duration: 20-30 minutes, three times, with full engine cooling after work. Then you can get to work and load the tractor (transport loads, work with installation equipment).

For uninterrupted inspection and maintenance of the Minitractor Rusich T12, pay attention to the stable operation of the following units:

  1. Transmission;
  2. brakes;
  3. Clutch;
  4. oil consumption;
  5. Presence of extraneous sounds, noise, smoke of different color;
  6. engine power;
  7. pressure readings;
  8. The speed of starting and putting the equipment into operation.

Reviews of owners

If you are the owner of the minitractor Rusich T12, leave your review or a link to a video about the work of the equipment in the comments to this article.

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Vyacheslav, Samara:

“I bought a mini-tractor of this model two years ago. Since I have never regretted the purchase, I decided to do it. A strong machine for relatively little money. But it fully justifies itself, it is glad that it works with a diesel engine: in my region it is more profitable for me to wait for such a machine than for a gasengine”.

Review of the mini-tractor Rusich T-12. Technical characteristics. Functions of application

Mini-tractor Rusich T-12 is produced in the Russian company for the production of agricultural equipment LLC “Chuvashpiller”. T-12. This is one of the most popular models, which can easily cope with the cultivation of plots up to 2 hectares. And performs basic agricultural work in aggregation with additional attached equipment.

Miniator Rusich T-12

Description of the model Rusich T-12

The device is equipped with a 12-hp diesel engine with liquid cooling. It is designed for private estates and small farms. Advantages of the Rusich T-12:

  • Availability of a gearbox with lockup and smooth shifting 6 forward / 2 reverse.
  • Easy and quick starting with the electric starter.
  • Possibility of forced differential lock creates a large traction force.
  • By locking the rear drive axle the operator achieves stability and good traction on difficult, wet or sticky soils.
  • Large fuel tank of 5.5 l. allows to work for a long time without refueling.
  • Rusich” mini-tractor can be operated under various temperature conditions, except for extremely low temperatures, which are accompanied by frequent breakdowns.

Technical specifications

Engine brand R195nd
Engine type Diesel, four-stroke
Horsepower 12
Engine displacement 715 cc
Number of cylinders, STK 1
Engine cooling type water
Formula of motorcycle 2×4
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2400/1050/1250
Ground clearance, mm 180
Service weight, kg 500
transmission 6 forward, 2 backward
Starting system Electric starter
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 255
Wheel size (front/rear) 5.00-12/6.50-16
clutch Dry single disc
Width, mm 1000
Fuel tank capacity, l 5.5
Headlights and lights front, rear and side
scope of delivery Active redotiller 100 cm and simple plough
warranty 12 months
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Basic equipment Rusich T-12.

Includes an active redotler (100 cm) and a simple plow. Mini-tractor is easily aggregated with various additional devices and performs many tasks in agriculture and households:

  • Cutters two-row, three-row – loosen the floor, cut furrows for planting plants.
  • Misses – for plowing, loosening the floor.
  • Cultivators conditionally with a support wheel – they carry out the processing of the soil. On heavy soils, it is preferable to use plows instead of cutting.
  • Unrautstecher – treatment of inter-row weeds.
  • Potato harvesters and potato diggers of various modifications are designed for mechanization of work in the cultivation of potatoes.
  • Circular mower – performs mowing of cultivated and wild herbs.
  • Metal drifts – are designed for better traction of the agricultural machine with the floor.
  • Schaufe l-Dump – removes snow, leaves, clears the area from construction work, etc.
  • Calculator – designed for havo.
  • Carts, supports of different models – transportation of goods.
  • Protective bar – simple and with a visor – provides the necessary safety to the operator.

Adapter for coupling cultivator 3Z-3 Coupling fork double-rope floor quality 1GQN-140 Half-bush PTS-1,5 Half-bush

Specific Applications

Like any machinery, the T-12 mini trike has certain functions, and the details are in the owner’s manual. Let’s remember a few of the most important points, the knowledge of which will help to avoid premature breakdowns and malfunctions of the machine.

  • The running-in procedure is mandatory for a mini vector.
  • Before filling up the fuel tank of the diesel engine, it is necessary to stand it for at least 2 days.
  • Only 80W90 or 75W90 oil should be used for the transmission.
  • It is strictly forbidden to rotate the machine at maximum speed.
  • When driving the mini-tractor on a slope it is forbidden to depress the clutch and hold the neutral gear.
  • When working with the hinges on the power wave, a protective shield must be used.
Easter in the garden

Operation and maintenance of Rusich mini-tractor

Before starting the mini vector Rusich, it is necessary to read the factory operating manual carefully.

It should be noted that the motoresource of the technique directly depends on the relevance of maintenance – making adjustments, adjustments, tweaks, replacement of consumables.

For a more detailed study of the unit device, the plan of inspection and routine work, the rules of safety in the instruction manual Rusi ch-Mini vector can be held on the connection

Video evaluation of work

Preparing to operate the Rusich Mini-Vector

Review of the Mini vector Rusich T-12

Reviews of owners


For a long time I wanted to buy a small tractor in the farm. Here I bought a mini – a vector Rusich T12. I have been working for 2 years, no problems. I am satisfied with the diesel engine, it is more profitable and efficient in productivity. The Chinese components are not frightened and the assembly is normal.

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