Minitor Kentavr T 224. Review, characteristics, instructions

Mini Kentavr T 224. Overview, features, performance characteristics

Minitractor T-15 is one of the most budget models, created by the Belarusian manufacturer BTZ (Brest Tractor Works). In the domestic market, this model is considered the most popular, as it has a very affordable cost, an increased level of reliability, a hydraulic system and a durable power plant.

It should be emphasized that the production of the T-15 “Kentavr” uses only high quality components, which, combined with strict control at all stages of the assembly guarantee a long life of the machine.

    5.1 Reliability


The manufacturer recommends using the Kentavr T 15 mini-machine for the treatment of areas up to 2 hectares. The maximum carrying capacity of this model reaches 1.5 tons.

The main advantages of the mini-tractor Kentavr T 15:

  • HIGH HIGH-PERFORMANCE JAPAN DIESEL ENGINE KAMA 15 hp (Hence, sometimes there is a designation T15D);
  • 3 stages of hydraulics (forced deepening, lifting and floating position).
  • The hydraulic system is protected from dust and moisture;
  • Cutters are driven by a double chain, which allows them to withstand heavy loads.
  • All components of the Centaurs Mini Actuator are one-piece and made of high-quality alloys;
  • The wheels are unlocked, allowing the machine to turn in a small area;
  • Ability to drive on shared street roads (the Centaurs T 15 includes all the necessary devices and lights for this).

Centaur T-224.

Mini-drive T-224 – the ideal solution for both the treatment of personal territory, and for the entire range of work in a large farm. Thanks to the powerful engine and the presence of a full drive, it can even be generalized with a two-frame potato digger. It differs from the Mini T-220 with all-wheel drive and power steering.

All-wheel drive is mounted, not permanent. The mini has a front steering axle with side-mounted reducers, resulting in increased ground clearance and reduced size of the main magazine sump.

Adjustable track This model has an adjustable track from 1000 to 1200 mm. The front axle of the T-224 “Kentavr” is adjustable due to the extended shafts and universal chairs provided in the tractor. The rear track is changed by repositioning the wheels with special disks of convex shape. (Universal hubs are not included).

Power steering with a separate pump thanks to the hydraulic steering. The advantage of this model compared to other manufacturers’ tractors is also the presence of two hydraulic pumps. One for the power steering and one for the hydraulics. This reduces the load on the pumps, increases their service life and ensures their more correct operation.

The two-cylinder engine Toyokawa Japan is installed for the T-224 “Centaur”, 22 hp. It is worth noting that in a two-cylinder engine the load is evenly distributed over the cylinders, which reduces the wear of the main elements.

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Improved cooling system An additional advantage of this model over similar tractors from other manufacturers is the presence of a pump for forced circulation of liquid in the cooling system, which provides the most efficient engine package. In addition, the cooling system ensures the active formation of air bubbles.

Lossless transmission Mini-tractor T-224 has a direct drive from the engine to the gearbox, which means that power loss during torque transfer is minimal. Direct drive is durable, requires no maintenance (belt changes), only oil changes. Transmission gears and shafts are made of alloyed potato steel, which increases their safety by three times.

Wide range of speeds of T-224 mini-tractor is equipped with 6-speed gearboxes: 3 reduction gears for further processing and 3 for transportation, which allows not only to increase optimum speed from 2 to 45 km/h, but also to increase optimum engine speed for longer service life and lower fuel consumption. The gear case is made of high quality cast iron with magnesium admixtures, which makes it durable to shocks.

Smooth shifting – an important element of the transmission is a sequential disc clutch in a ceramic oil bath, the discs are made of an above average material and do not require replacement throughout its life. Such a clutch ensures the movement of the machinery without jerking, which means that the work becomes more comfortable

Equipped with manual gas. The tractor is additionally equipped with manual gas. This is a kind of cruise control, which allows you not to hold the accelerator pedal constantly, but fix it with a hand throttle.

Separate braking (double brake pedal) Equipped with a double brake pedal that allows two wheels to be braked here and there, each separately. This system enhances the tractor’s interpretation, because pressing the pedal when turning or turning significantly reduces its turning radius, which is especially important when switching to the next lane or working in the cheating area. For simultaneous pushing and braking with two wheels, the pedals are blocked by a crank.

Increased cross-country capability (self-locking differential) increases tillage and off-road capability with a self-locking differential in lower gears, which provides synchronized rotation of both rear axle wheels. The 40 cm ground clearance also guarantees the possibility of high cross-country ability and allows you to handle tall saplings.

The independent power selection on this model has improved the design of the power selector shaft. It now does not stop rotating when the clutch is disengaged, meaning the active clutch equipment does not stop when shifting gears.

It is equipped with hydraulic outlets and a spigot for connection and correct operation of hydraulic units, such as a self-propelled trailer, and 2 hydraulics are provided for the mini-drive. This tractor model is also equipped with a handle for connection of lighting units.

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The mini-tractor drive is equipped with standard attachments and is aggregated with a three-point linkage system. Tractor aggregates are coupled with it, which are characterized by higher efficiency due to the possibility of processing large areas and easier movement in the field. The hydraulic system is designed for lifting and lowering attachments weighing up to 350 kg.

Ability to travel on public roads is equipped with all the necessary attributes that allow it to travel on public roads – lights, mirrors, signal.

The advanced dashboard has all the necessary gauges with which you can monitor the operation of the main units: motor meters, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature sensor and fuel level sensor.

The front axle is regulated by the front axle pivot joints, which you can adapt to the uneven ground on independent bikes. This makes the mini-tractor more stable and increases offensives.

The anatomically shaped seat and high quality base elements allow the machine gun to be less fatiguing. Without getting wet, the uniform coating makes the seat resistant to rot and abrasion. Adjustment is also designed for the operator’s height.

The engine is reliably protected from dust and moisture for increased motoring and protection from dust and moisture. An air oil filter is installed to trap contaminants and ensure that the engine is supplied with fully purified air.

There are no oil leaks and the high-end water seals in the gearbox are reliably protected from oil leaks. They will not shred under constant vibration.

Additional cooling protection. The cooler is also equipped with a metal net to prevent damage and protect against dust and dirt.

The Mini Vertical Corron is responsible for the quality of each specific unit by a technician who has been condemned to set up and examine it. The technologist states his name and receives a commitment for every factory defect throughout the warranty period. In addition, all finished products are inspected by the technical control department, which means that factory defects can be completely eliminated.

For the quality and reliability of Kentavr machinery was awarded the prestigious national awards: “Product of 2015, 2021, 2017”, “Leader of the Year 2016” and the product of the year 2021.

Technical characteristics

Performance, L.S. 15
Weight, KG458
clutch disk
Engine type diesel
Articulation device installation да
brake Yes
Engine start Electric + manual
Fuel tank capacity, l 6
Choice of performance Choice of PIP
Wheels 4.00-12 и 6.00-16
Number of speeds 8 (6 forward, 2 in front)


The minitractor is equipped with a hydraulic system and independent power selection wave, which explains the versatility of the technique. The owner can equip the machine with many different sharps, including:

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  1. A mounted plow.
  2. Double plow.
  3. Cultivator.
  4. Harrow.
  5. A disc ratchet.
  6. Helper.
  7. Potato harvester.
  8. Potato harvester.
  9. Sprayer.
  10. Hay mower.
  11. Frontal jetting copies.
  12. Active soil cutter.

Application Functions.

Before starting work on the Zentaur T 15 mini-tractor, make sure you have fuel and oil in the appropriate compartments, and check that the steering and braking systems are working properly.

A large number of manufacturer and third-party attachments are compatible with the mini-tractor. This is achieved thanks to the universal hitch and high-quality hydraulic cylinder. For example, you can use such attachments as a plow, cultivator, potato tiller, potato glue, harrow, cultivator, trailer, mower, trailer.

Owners reviews

  • I bought it 4 years ago and in all the time of use I liked the technique very much. The engine works well, subjectively it is quite powerful and at the same time economical. 95% of the time it is started by the starter, so no complaints either. The same engine is on several Centaur engine blocks. The hydraulic system also does not cause any complaints, everything works just perfect. The instruments, which are connected to the mini-contract connector in the kit, work perfectly and are perfectly adjustable.
  • In my opinion, the weak side is primarily the transmission, as the gears are hard to engage. Thought it would work out, but no, everything is silent. Sometimes you have to push the shifter to engage the speed, otherwise there is no way. Also, soon there was a grinding noise when the gear appeared – if at that moment something rubbed against each other. Reduced the clearance between the release legs and pressed bearing, reduced the desire – did not help. Contacted the service – mechanic replaced the release bearing, everything was normal. Thanks to the service, in stock – not available.

Owner’s Manual

New owners should definitely study the manual for the Centaur T15d minipower. It contains and provides information on the device of the device, its technical characteristics, the way of correct fixing of fixing devices, maintenance and minor repairs.

Before you start fully using the mini-tractor T15 Kentavr, it is necessary to run the engine in the field. Sometimes when you buy a new model, the barrel is already in the store. If it is not, the first 8 hours the T15 Centaur engine should be run at minimum rpm to allow the engine parts to lubricate and run as a unit. At the end of the run, the engine oil must be changed.

It should be noted that it is forbidden to use the mini-tractor to transport people (the presence of the operator in a seated position is allowed).

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Cooperates directly with the Belarusian manufacturer of small agricultural machinery, so the cost of all machinery is as close to the wholesale.

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The client who makes a purchase also saves on delivery (it is carried out at the expense of the company), receives pleasant bonuses and gifts, free consultation on any technical problem and timely repair under warranty and scheduled maintenance.

You have questions? Call by phone. The company’s manager will provide all the necessary information.


The Minitor Centaur T 15 has four wheels with four discs. Combined with the wide tire profile and high ground clearance, this provides an easy ride on sticky soils and road jumps.

The track width can be adjusted depending on the job in hand.

All control levers are located directly in the owner’s cab and the machine can be operated from there.


The Centaur T15D mini-tractor requires periodic engine oil changes for proper operation.

The manufacturer recommends doing this every 100 hours of operation. It is recommended to use M-10G2 or its equivalent.

Mini Kentavr T 224. Overview, features, performance characteristics

We recommend: 100%



In the development of the Mini – tractor T 224 used the experience of creating small machines that operate in harsh conditions.

The mini-tractor T224 has the following characteristic technical features:

  • Reliable Japanese engine capacity of 22 hp;
  • 4 × 4 drive;
  • The torque for transmission is transmitted by the cardan gear;
  • Multistage transmission;
  • Ability to use the mini-tractor on loose floors and carry out transportation in spring conditions outside.

The Zentaur T 224 mini-tractor drive was equipped with a high quality hydraulic system, which is compatible with a large number of attachments.

This model provides a wave of power selection. The battery is designed so that the engine works up to low temperatures (down to minus 15 ° C).

Technical characteristics

model T-224
engine Kama, Japan
Power, hp. 22
Engine volume, cm3 1531
Starting system Electric starter
Fuel consumption, l/moto 2,4
Number of programs, forward/backward 6/2
Maximal speed, km/h 40
Formula of a motorcycle 4×4
Front/rear wheels 6.00-14/9.50-20
Engine oil Semi-synthetic
Gearbox oil Gearbox oil TAP-15
Air filter oil M10-G2 (diesel)
Trade width, mm 1000-1200
Outdoor freedom, mm 280
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2600 x 1400 x 1350 (1900 – with tube)
Weight (kg 1250

Application Functions.

The Zentaur T 224 must come out of the motor before the Mini drive is fully engaged. This is to ensure that the parts are thoroughly lubricated and fit securely into their respective slots.

The running-in usually takes about 8 hours, at which point the tractor should be running at half its power and without any additional attachments. After completing this process, the engine oil should be changed.

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Before each subsequent trip it is necessary to check the presence of fuel and oil, the condition of the steering, the brake system and the headlights.

To increase the functionality of the T224 center, you can supplement and aggregate such attachments:

  • Plow;
  • tiller;
  • Chopper;
  • Mower;
  • Potato digger and potato digger;
  • Snowman;
  • Follower;
  • Vesti Mulet.

Owner’s Manual

First of all, new owners of the Centaur T 224 mini-tractor should study the user manual. This document contains basic information about the technical features of the machine, the process of assembly, start-up and release, maintenance, the most common breakdowns and ways to fix them.

It should be noted that it is forbidden to use the mini-tractor to transport people (the presence of the operator in a seated position is allowed).


Centaur T 224 mini-tractor is characterized by a high quality Japanese engine, which is able to withstand significant loads.

Drive 4×4, together with high towing and high tires helps the vehicle to move even on the toughest and viscous floors.

Separately worth noting is the organic design, in which the manufacturer emphasized the feature of its units.


  • Engine oil in Mini drive KENTAVR T 224 must be changed every 100 hours of operation. The manufacturer recommends pouring M-10G2K or M-10DM.
  • Transmission oil should be changed before the start of spring operation or after 1000 hours of operation. The best substitutes are Tap-15V or TAd-17i.

M-8G2K engine oil TAD 17I gear oil M-10DM engine oil

  • Centaur T224 mini-tractors are petrol engines, therefore it is necessary to use AI-92 or AI-95 fuel. It must be fresh, clean and without mechanical impurities.
  • It is necessary to periodically clean the body of the minitractor of dust and oil stains, check the pressure in the tires and adjust the clutch and brake pedals every 50-100 hours of operation.
  • At the end of field work is preservation, namely: the tractor is cleaned of dirt, dried, drained of oil and fuel, lubricated parts to prevent corrosion, covered and stored in a dry place.

Video review of work

The video review presents the owner’s review of the experience of using a mini-tractor Kentavr T 224:

And here’s a video review from another owner:

Owners reviews

And here is what the owners of mini-tractors Kentavr T 224 write on the forums.


Excellent machine in its price category. I use the T 224 all season and during this time the mini-tractor had not a single failure. I have clay soil, so I had to make it heavier because it often digged in when carrying loads. The handling suffered somewhat as a result.

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