Minitor Htz. Overview of the lineup, attachments, reviews

Review of the model space of Min i-Actractors of the HTZ. User Guide. The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Years after the collapse of the Soviet Union became a turning point and difficult for people. However, this served as a start for the manufacture of small-sized equipment, which was in demand by small and medium-sized farms. The Kharkov tractor plant was no exception, bringing the T-012 mini-vector into the production stream, which was in demand by the agricultural market thanks to small sizes and wide functionality.

Small tractor HTZ-T012

It should be noted that at the moment the secondary market is rich in offers for the sale of tractors and is still popular. This is a significant credit for excellent maintenance and a wide range of spare parts.

The cost of a significantly used tractor in the aftermarket can vary from $1,500 to $3,500, and newer models range from $4,500 to $6,500.

Smaller series minitors from HTZ

The KHTZ-T012 model is fundamental to many of the following modifications. Engine power is 11 hp, which allows you to perform work of various complexity up to the transportation of goods. The operational resource laid by the designers is 6,000 hours. The design is built to give free access to the motor and other nodes. And this, in turn, greatly facilitates the repair.

The advantages of the T-012 can be considered:
  • The presence of automatic control of crankshaft revolutions, which makes work more stable.
  • The checkpoint is multi-level, has 4 speeds forward and 2 back. This allows maneuvering on surfaces.
  • Widespread functionality due to the presence of a power supply and mount for a variety of fastening devices.
  • Low fuel consumption, which is only 1.5-2 l/h.
  • The presence of an electrician makes it easier to start the winter season.
  • The maximum speed is 15 km/h.
  • The radius of the curve is 1.5 m, which is highly appreciated in small areas.

To the disadvantages, the owners of the units excite the low performance of the battery. And to put a more powerful battery, you need to change the structure extensively.

The KHTZ 1410 Mini-Actionor is a small unit with an engine power of 13.8 hp. Improved modification with increased up to 16 hp. Power is HTZ 1611. The main areas for using these models are livestock, greenhouse farms or greenhouses. Belong to the second traction class.

Small dimensions and a conductive road of 30 cm allow you to work on a mini actuator in narrow aisles. The fuel tank is designed for 21 liters of fuel and the flow rate is only 2 l/h. With material performance and reliability, the device can increase cargo to 180 kg. Diesel is used as fuel.

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The KHTZ 2410 and 3512 models are modern designs and meet all the necessary requirements: efficiency, functionality and high maintainability. They are equipped with Chinese engines with a capacity of 25 hp. HTZ-3512 is the latest development that appeared in 2014.

Minitory Belarus MTZ 082. Review, characteristics, instructions

There are 2 modifications: the Italian production engine Lombardini LDW1603 and the Belarusian origin of MMZ 3LD with a capacity of 35 hp. The model is characterized by increased ergonomics and simplicity of the company, mainly for the driver, since it is equipped with a cabin with a complete heating and ventilation system.

Unmounted equipment

All CHTZ models ensure the use of attachments due to the capacity selection wave. The T-012 mini drive is designed so that it promotes land up to 2 hectares. And thanks to the equipment of the hydraulic system with a gear pump, the functionality of the technology increases. A wide range of attachments that are presented on the modern market enables you to operate tractors in different areas. Most common:

  • Sot h-machines;
  • Shovel;
  • Follower;
  • Potato capacle/soot;
  • Grubber;
  • Harrow;
  • The plow on 2 buildings.

Vegetable winner STVT-2 (2-series) Schaufel-Dodger potato with KSN-2 potato-Gunner DTZ-2V (vibration)

Operating characteristics

The main feature of all models is the low technical maintenance requirements. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to neglect it. Due to the regular service, you can extend the operating time of the tractor. In order to carry out all actions correctly and prevent information, you must first familiarize yourself with the instruction.

The first thing that needs to be carried out with a new mini contract drive is one. They let all the details work and let it smell properly. For running, 30 hours are usually required. You have to operate the tractor without loads and without adhesive equipment. After completing the battery period, the entire oil is drained off and replaced by a new one. The operating instructions indicate the time to replace filters and oils during operation. This usually happens every 100 hours.

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Litol-24 Sae 80W-90 Oil Sae 90W

Litol-24 is used as a lubricant, for the engine, the API oil and for the SAE 80WGL2, SAE 85WGL2, SAE 90WGL2. The owners of the tractors note in their ratings that they can repair a tractor with minimal costs even after the guarantee period has been completed.

To avoid the occurrence of malfunctions, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. You can switch them on and switch them on with only a clutch coupling.
  2. You cannot work with an unpainted battery. The level of his cargo should be more than 75%.
  3. If 3 tests are made when the engine starts, it is no longer advisable to do it. It is necessary to understand the reason for the occurrence of a possible malfunction.
  4. You can no longer throw the engine idle while idling.

In order to maintain a mini drive, the housing and all large nodes of mud and oil substances must be cleaned. It is good to dry it, drain lubricant and fuel. Then grease the parts with an oiled rag to remove corrosion. Insert a dry, ventilated room or a cover with dense covers.

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The main deformation of the Mini contract error that arises during operation

  1. There is no torque transmission with a clutch with a clutch, this is necessary:
    • Put on the pedal’s stroke;
    • Replace/clean slices;
    • Perform the deformation of the hard drives and remove the deformation of the marquee.
  2. The hinge of devices does not increase
    • Check the amount of oil in the system;
    • Cong on the pump;
    • Check the safety valve.
  3. Poor operation of the brake
    • Adjust the position of the free stroke of the brake;
    • Replace the brake pads.
  4. Increases the temperature of the gearbox
    • Adjust the gear trigger;
    • Add the oil to the gearbox or better replace them with.
  5. Star won’t turn on
    • Check the cables and contacts.
    • charge the battery;
    • If a short circuit occurs, the collector must be cleaned and the brushes replaced.
    • Adjust the magnetic switch history.

Video reviews of Min i-Actionors HTZ

Below is a video review of the HTZ 3512

Video review of the mini gates of the KHTZ T-012 with a walk-on potato suit

Reviews of the owners


I’ve been using T-012 for 15 years. I have come in a used condition. Anything I could, I replaced and repaired. I connected another one and took advantage of snow both in spring and summer and even in winter.

Minitor Htz. Overview of the lineup, attachments, reviews

In 1990, along with large tractors, the production of small equipment for medium-sized and small enterprises was established at the Kharkov Tractor Plant. The KHTZ T-012 mini drive has been successfully used on farms, in joint ventures and household diagrams.

HTZ mini tractor

Despite the solid age, the T-012 tractor is successfully working on farms for some owners, and inquiries and proposals for the sale of KHTZ ministers in search engines are widespread.

Based on the base model of the T-012 tractor with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 11 hp. Various modifications with diesel engines were developed: T-012D (12.5 HP), HTZ-1210 (11L.S.), HTZ-1410, HTZ-1611. Like the T-012, these modifications are not currently available.

review of the lineup

The advantages of the KHTZ minitktor:

  • High operational resource – 6000 motorized hours.
  • An appropriate device of the machine is free access to all systems and nodes, which greatly facilitates maintenance and repairs.
  • The cost of the T-012 tractor used, depending on the condition, can vary within $1500-$3500. The modern KHTZ Mini-Actractors can be purchased at a price of $ 4500-6500, depending on the year of release.

A certain disadvantage is the insufficient battery capacity (50A). If a more powerful battery needs to be installed, a serious change is required.

HTZ T-012

The T-012 Mini Drive is a small but fairly powerful and maneuverable unit.

Compact tractor HTZ T-012

Reliable, easy to manage, safe, easy to maintain – thanks to such exemplary qualities, the HTZ Mini drive is one of the most popular models for mechanizing manual labor in agricultural business, livestock farms and personal plots.

How do I start a garden?

T-012 Mini Vector Features:

  • Thanks to the automatic regulators, the revolutions of the crankshaft are controlled within a certain range, ensuring the stability of the work.
  • A Mult i-Stage 4 V-Finger/2Nazad transmission allows you to select the optimal operating speed of the tractor with hinged units.
  • The presence of screenings on the details of the ignition system allows you to get rid of radio interference.
  • The Min i-Actractor is characterized by high performance due to the design of the front and rear shafts of power selection with an independent drive.
  • Fuel consumption is only 1.5-2L/h with heavy work 3L/h.
engine SK-12 “PZMD”
Power, KW (L.S.) 8.1 (11)
launch system Electric starter, lever
transmission Mechanically
Number of programs, back/forward 4/2
Speeds, km/h 2.79-15.18
Base, mm 1050
The track is adjustable, mm 700-900
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 1910 x 960 x 1346
Operating mass, KG 717
Bike circle 4 x 2
Maximum rotary radius, m 1,5

HTZ-1410 and 1611

Miniors of the KHTZ-1410 with a diesel engine ZM 2-DTX with a capacity of 13.8 hp. and KHTZ-1611 with the ZIM 2DTAV engine (16 hp)-well, known modifications that have proven to have been proven in cattle complexes, greenhouse and greenhouse farms.

Compact tractor HTZ-1410

HTZ-2410 and 3512

Since 2013, KHTZ JSC started producing small KHTZ-2410 tractors with Chinese engines with a capacity of 25 hp. Updated modifications to the KHTZ-3512 Minister published in 2014.

HTZ-2410 Mini drive mini drive HTZ-3512

Two versions were developed – with the Italian engine Lombardini LDW1603 and the Mot MMZ 3LD (Belarus) with a capacity of 35 hp. This modern modification is equipped with an isolated cabin and has excellent qualities of the traction fighter with good continuousness and high maneuverability. The Mini actionor ensures the regulation of the width of the route, the release, the wheelbase. Machines are rationally aggregated with hinge devices.


model HTZ-3512
engine MMZ-3LD
Power, KW (L.S.) 25.7 (35)
transmission Mechanically
Number of front/backward programs 8/6
Power selection wave, rotary frequency, speed 540
Tap for effort, KN (KGS) 0,8
Base, mm 1837
Dimensions, mm: length x width x height 3500x1420x2490
Street freedom, MM 278
Fuel tank capacity, L 50
Mass, kg 2250

Unmounted equipment

Despite the small dimensions and the modest engine power, the T-012-Mini Actractor is perfectly aggregated with a variety of chopped tools and can be processed with an area of ​​up to 2 hectares. The skills of the mini drive are significantly expanded due to the hydraulic system on board with a hydraulic gear pump.

Scheme of the valve of the hydraulic system of the KhTZ minitractor

First of all, the possibilities were limited due to the lack of the necessary and excluded weapons due to the lack of the necessary. Such problems do not exist at the moment.

Seated vegetable-säator-cereal dumplings pendant potato adhesive tape two-row-cultivating front harme plow 2-hull pl5

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Video check of the Minitors of the KHTZ T-012 with a potato adversar

User Guide

All modifications to the KHTZ tractors are inexpensive during maintenance and operation. Of course, it is difficult to find original spare parts for old models from Min i-Actractors, but it is quite possible to select analogues from the range.

You can examine the operating instructions under Link: Installation instructions through the HTZ Mini Submarine

First start

For grinding parts and mechanisms, the mini waste is in light operation with a reduced crankshaft speed and a diesel engine load by about 2/3. During this time it is recommended to carry out all work and to avoid increased loads at low speeds.

The duration of the current process is 30 hours. After completion, it is necessary to carry out the maintenance of the main nodes in accordance with the recommendations of the operating manual for the Khni Mini vector.

After the recommended period of time, motor oil, gear oil and motor filters are changed, other manipulations are carried out according to the guidance. The correct implementation of all of these recommendations is the key to the permanent operation of the Mini actionor.

Technical service

The KHTZ minibrators work with the diesel fuel of the brand L-0.05-40, L-0,10-40, L-0.20-40 at plus temperatures if the tractor is used in the cold season, the diesel fuel of the Brand 3-0.2 is selected.

Lubrication litol-24 Sae 80WGL2 oil SAE 85WGL2

Litute-24 is used as a lubricant. Use API engine oil, at least CD, SAE 80WGL2, SAE 85WGL2, SAE 90WGL2.

Important! HTZ tractors are characterized by high maintenance. After the motorcycle tour guaranteed by the manufacturer, the car has to go through larger repairs.

According to the reviews, you can restore the functionality of the tractor with minimal losses thanks to the repair after the guarantee has expired, which means that the costs of your acquisition are repeatedly paid out.

Maintenance of the lubrication system of the KhTZ minitractor

Before operating the HTZ Miniuniversal, it is necessary to carefully examine the operating manual to cope with the design and control features of the machine and the service plan. The collapse of the technology is often due to the violation of the basic rules of the company, strict adherence to the instructions protects against breakdowns and unproductive downtimes.

If you work as a KH tractor, the following rules should be followed:

  • The left and right pedals of the brake should be constantly connected by a locking rod. Relaxing is only permitted if a steep curve is carried out at low speed.
  • The wave of power is switched on and only separated with the clutch coupling.
  • It is forbidden to operate a min i-actractor with a battery of less than 75%.
  • It must not carry out more than 3 starts in a row. If the engine has not started, it is necessary to find the cause, to remove and only repeat after this start.
  • The engine should not work for more than 15 minutes.
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In more detail with the device, the control bodies, the details for the maintenance of the KHTZ mini contract athlete, the rules for the connection of hinges can be found in the operating instructions.

It is necessary to regularly clean the body of the mini system from dust and oil stains, to control the pressure in the tires and every 50-100 hours, to set the coupling and brake pedals.

At the end of the field work, the preservation is carried out, namely: the tractor is dried, dried, dried up and fuel cleaned, the parts are lubricated so that no corrosion is formed, covered and placed in a dry place.

The main misalignments and ways to eliminate them

The clutch clutch does not transmit the torque:

  • There is no free pedal (you have to configure it).
  • The leading slices are worn out or they have oil spots (they need to be replaced or cleaned).
  • The hard drives on the slots are confiscated (you should check your position and, if necessary, eliminate the Jamming).

The fastening equipment does not increase:

  • The oil level in the hydraulic system fell below the minimum mark (oil release);
  • The hydraulic system pump is switched off (switch it on);
  • The safety valve of the hydraulic system freezes (crush and clean the valve).

The brake works badly:

  • The free hub of the pedal has increased (adjust its position);
  • The brake disc or the block was worn out (replace the corresponding details).

The transmission is overheated:

  • Small gearbox or bearing (setting);
  • Lack of oil or its low quality (complement the required level of the oil suitable for this model);

Starter does not work:

  • A cliff or bad contact of the wire (sealing or clamp);
  • Weak load of the battery (charging);
  • short circuit (clean the surface of the collector or replace the brushes);
  • Poor contact of the magnetic switch (twist the switch stroke by 2-3 turns).

Video review

Overview of autumn plowing with the T-012 mini tractor

Overview of the HTZ-3512 tractor

Reviews of the owners

Valentin, Kyiv Oblast:

“KhTZ T-012 has been working for me since 1995 and to this day. In 2005 I gave it an overhaul, I used similar parts. Three years ago I changed the motor and continued to run it.

Sergei, Sumy:

“Reliable unit t-012. It’s a good thing that you can now get to every trailer hitch, the mini tractor has almost become a station wagon. Works great with a rotary plow, with a mower. It’s a bit difficult with spare parts, but I got my bearings, I used something from Belarus.”


“I didn’t like KhTZ 3512 because it didn’t meet modern requirements. There is no comfort, the chair is uncomfortable, the cabin’s soundproofing is poor, the extra speeds are 15 too many.

( No ratings yet )
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