Minitor Feiter – Video Reviews and Reviews of the owner

Check the Feiter Min i-Actractors. Brand history, purpose. Attachments and maintenance

The Feiter Minitor is the development of Chinese engineers. This equipment is produced in factories, with all modern requirements for such devices into account. Representatives “Feiter” and the official traders of brand work in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldau, Estonia. The company’s production is located in China and Belarus.

The file brand is known for the publication of inexpensive and high quality as well as compact devices for agricultural work. In addition to devices such as a mini contract drive, the company also produces a large amount of strikes and follo w-up devices. The Fayiter Mini actionor is equipped with diesel engines, which is why they are economical in terms of fuel and lubricant in machines.

The appointment of minitors “fighters”

  • Traditional agricultural work with attachments (plow, cultivation, potato ditch and others);
  • Sowing work, including the sowing of some plants, for example garlic with a garlic cake;
  • Harvest other vegetables, with the exception of potatoes;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Heublatt;
  • Potatoes with subsequent hill, weed;
  • Processing from land from parasites (the introduction of herbicides, fertilizers, sprays of plants from the Colorado beetle, etc.);
  • Irrigation areas;
  • Harvest transport;
  • Transport of a passenger (minitator operator);
  • Snow cleaning;
  • Clean leaves;
  • Submission with a round brush.

The most important technical advantages of the FITRER Min i-acttortors:
  • Small dimensions with sufficient performance;
  • Diesel engines with a long service life and high performance;
  • Traction force of up to 1.5 tons;
  • the ability to work immediately with two folding equipment (some models);
  • University of spare parts, high maintenance;
  • High quality materials (metal alloys, high quality of plastic parts);
  • Convenient and informative dashboard;
  • reinforced frame;
  • Good quality of weld seams in the fortified details;
  • Cup (dry, individual disk) that results in a smooth gear;
  • In all models of Min i-Actractors there is a rear equipment;
  • Maneuverability, ease of control;
  • a relatively small price in relation to the prices for foreign analogues of mini actionors with the same traction efforts;
  • Accessibility of the main components for repair (convenient location);
  • You can also work with frost or heavy heat thanks to the system of liquid cooling of the engine.
  • Installation on all models of wide bikes that are also ideal for complex soils, outside or sandy soil;
  • 12 months guarantee;
  • Some models are delivered with a cutter in the kit.

Minitractor Fighter T-12

The preparation

The installation of the Feiter Min i-Actractors is quite large. In the proprietary line, a special place for such models can be distinguished:

  • Fieter T-12 is a universal model for soil processing as well as for carrying out joint and supportive construction work. The maximum weight of the loaded trailer that can transport this mini contract drive – 1000 kg; – A more powerful mini contract conveyor for field and summer house work for a long time (continuous work 9 hours). This model has a more thoughtful hydraulic system, its attachment equipment is smoother in complex landscapes.
  • One of the new products designed for land plots up to 6 hectares. It is characterized by increased comfort of the driver’s seat, a large engine volume, larger wheels; -The NONNKA model 2017 with improved characteristics, an improved version of T18. The maximum load capacity is up to 1.5 tons.

Minitor FITER T12 Minitator FITER T15 Minitator FITER T18 MINITRATOR FITER T22

All FireTitte r-Mini applications are equipped with diesel engines, differ in the medium-heavy flow rate of diesel fuel, which is adapted for work in difficult conditions such as heat or severe frost. The start of the engine can be made both in the usual way, and from the electric starter.

Shenli 1900 per series. Review, characteristics, reviews

Verification of attached devices

The versatility of Fayiter Min i-Actractors is complemented by another feature: almost any binding of household production is suitable for these machines. In addition, 90% of the articulated devices of mini-tors of the Scout or Chinese device are suitable for fighters. It is permissible to use belarushingen from min i-Actractors, a centaur.

mills, cultivators

milling 1m. or 1.2 m. – This is the classic version of the cultivator for the FireTitter Min i-Vector. Use collapsible or whole grinders. The FI-22 Fieter model is equipped with a milling cutter at the factory. The remaining models are not equipped with cutters, since the attachments must be purchased separately or ordered directly from the supplier. Recommended grinding models: Soilofrez Gln; Soilofrez 1GQN. Recommended breeders: KU 1.6U, KU 2.0U, KU 3-70, KU 5-70, KU 1.6.

Soilofreza Fighter Cultivator Universal KU 1.6m Cultivator Universal KU 3-70

For min i-Actractors, Fayiter recommends choosing universal models of plows: doubl e-string, three-body, four-body for a minitator with a capacity of up to 35 horses. Recommended plug models: Mon 325U, Mon 225U, Pflug 1L-320, 1L-325K, 1L-430 and others.

Plow 1L-320 Plow PN 225U Plow PN 325U

trailers, carts

The total transport capacity of the trailer or wagon connected to the Feiter Min i-Submer can be between 800 and 1500 kg. For such tasks it is recommended to use the following models of trailers/carts: TM 400, TM 500, TM 700, PS M-SEM I-Trailer 2.5; P-03, P-03M, PST-1.5 and others.

Tag TM 700 Trailer 7SX-1.5 (Self-Sulfur) Trailer 1PTS-2

switch, rake

The most popular type of Mowal for Mini-Actractors and Heavy Walk engine blocks is rotary. For “fighters” you can use the following models: Rotor KRN-1.35 Braid; Lawn hung mower 1.5 and others. Skuts or centaur mini-applications as well as segmental paltic mowers like KSN are also suitable. Recommended models Robbel: Graly “Sun” GVR-4, Hinge Rake 9GL-1.8.

Rotation KRN-1.35 MOwer Mitch Segment-Tegent-Tellz KSN-1.6 GRAVE-RIBS 4 RADED “SUN”

Potato pies and potato dwellers

The choice of potato drummers as well as potatoes in the farm machinery market is vast. Classic models that are ideal for Feiter-Mini applications and others similar in weight and technical parameters: potato bindings-DTZ KS-1, DTZ KS 2-A; Potato Drummer DTZ 2-B, DTZ 2-T, DTZ 1TM, DTZ 1T, DTZ 1B and others.

Potato reserver monotonous DTZ KS-1 Potato adventure Two-row DTZ-KS-2A potato DTZ-1B potato

snowman, shovel

The popular winter and fall attachment tool is a snowman and a shovel. Recommended types of shovels for use in household diagrams, territories of private houses, utilities: 1.4 m shovel, a hydraulic shovel offline with a width of 142 cm (for scout from mini-tractors, but is also suitable for “feiter”); Bucket suspended at the rear with a width of 1.2 m.

Sminettle Brush 160 (drive from VOM) Shove l-Dump

Snow Attacks for “Fighters”: All models from similar ministers. The car should be present and the power should be at least 12-15 hp.

User Guide

Operating instructions are included with each Feiter-Mini-Submer. After purchase, examine the instructions, especially the section on assembly, ongoing content and the rules for working safely with the Mini actuator. Use only the types of fuel and lubricants recommended by the manufacturer. Do not save on consumables – then the engine will last much longer than the usual service life. Keep a mini solicitor under the cover, if this is not possible use a tarpaulin cover to keep moisture, snow, dirt and dust out of the machine’s metal parts.

Motoblock ant. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Minitractor Fighter T22

Which oil and fuel to choose for a mini vector?

Choose engine oil according to the season: synthetic or semi-synthetic for water-cooled diesel engines. Diesel oil is recommended for the air filter, M10-G2. Ordinary TAP15 or TAD15 – domestic production, as well as foreign analogues of these oils are suitable for the gearbox.

M-10G2K Oil Gear Oil Gear Oil TAD-17I

Rules for the maintenance of devices

Carefully read the user’s instructions section for the maintenance of your technical means. Do not break the rules of operation, and then the Feiter Min i-Actionor will last for many years.

First start and running

The first launch and execution of the file’s mini acttractor is performed according to the instructions. The runtime period is 5 to 20 mothers, during which the machine adapts to the loads. Therefore, the engine is not loaded by a maximum of 60% during this time. At the end of the runnin g-i n-in, make sure the min i-Actionor is working normally, then start with full motor power if necessary.

winter “conservation”

If the Mini drive is not used in winter, it should be placed in winter storage or “conservation”. This means placing devices in a dry place with plus temperature, protection from moisture and moisture. During winter storage, all flammable liquids (fuel, oil) merge. Before the start of the new operating time, the mini drive is again prepared for work and fills with fresh oil and diesel fuel.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

Subject to the rules of operation and timely maintenance of problems with the work of the min i-Actractor should not arise. The main malfunctions of the Minitor Minitor Minitor “Feiter” are given in the table below.

Feiter mini vector video review

Reviews of the owners

Anatoly, Nikolaev:

“I have T-15. Good car, I’m satisfied. I bought this Min i-Actractor in 2015. Successful to run it and started working on his website.

Disadvantages: I didn’t really like the quality of the assembly. I called something and reached the screws. Generally normal, without marriage.

Advantages: powerful! A trailer with a load is very convenient in agricultural work. I constantly translate something on it. But in the future I plan to put broad bikes on it. “

Minitors Feiter. Review of the installation, properties, adhesive equipment

Now the market has a large number of different small agricultural machines that differ in its characteristics and prices. The budget of them is produced in China. Their products had previously been associated with poor goods.

However, the time has passed and now many international companies produce their goods there. The Chinese Mini drive fire started in relatively recent times and are gained in popularity with seven Mile levels. Domestic manufacturers are difficult to compete with them in terms of prices.

The Chinese Mini contract promoter Fayiter combines various characteristic technical properties: endurance, transverse running capacity, high performance of the diesel engine. The engine is one of the main features of Mini tractors. The larger its performance, the faster the work and more carrying capacity and scope.

  • The Fieiter minibrators have a blocked differential, which improves control and maneuverability. The car can be expanded in an area of ​​2 m.
  • The hydraulic system ensures the presence of a floating regime. Thanks to this, the attachment of devices repeated the terrain and processes the soil evenly.
Motoblock Weima WM720. Overview, properties, reviews

The diesel engines of the Feite r-Mini applications are designed in such a way that they are used for 4,000 mothers without contacting the service center. The manufacturer guarantees the continuous operation of the machine for 10 hours without loss of operating properties due to the improved water cooling of the engine.

  • The wheels of the Fiite r-Min i-Ctractors have a large diameter, which improves liability on the surface and the intersection of the country countries for sound and wet floors.
  • Supply looking mirrors offer an overview of the street to the owners of the Fayiter ministers from all sides.
  • An additional box is installed on the wing, with which you can always hold the tools at hand.

The preparation

There are several models of the Feite r-Mini vector. Below you will find a description of each of you:

This is the first and most common model of the combat family that has a weight of 410 kg. And a diesel engine with a capacity of 15 HP.

Fighter T15

  • The T15 engine is powered with an electric starter.
  • A 4 × 2 drive is installed.
  • The transmission of the Minito r-Fiter T15 has 4 steps.
  • The largest transport weight is 1 ton.

This fighter weighs 630 kg. A diesel engine with a nominal output of 17 HP is installed on T18 and the maximum is 18 hp.

  • The greatest weight of the transport trailer with a load can reach 2 tons.
  • The rear wheel drive is installed on the T1 8-Fitler (4 × 2).
  • Wheels with a large diameter of 16 × 7.5 (rear) and 12 × 6 (front) deliver the Timplimit T18 on all floors.
  • The height of the T18 seat can be adapted to the specific growth of the owner.
T22Fighter T22
  • The engine power in this model is 22 hp.
  • The engine is powered with an electric starter.
  • The highest driving speed in the Min i-acttoro r-Fitter T22 reaches 25.7 km/h.
  • Engine cooling is carried out with water cooling.
  • The weight of the fighter T22 is 859 kg together with the soil.

This is the most powerful model of the Feiter family. T24 is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 24 hp.

  • The weight of this model is 780 kg.
  • The size of the track in the T24-FITER can be set in the range from 105 to 140 cm.
  • The rear wheel tour 4 × 2 is installed.

Verification of attached devices

The functionality of Min i-Actractors is significantly increased due to the connection of additional attachments. Some fixing devices can be obtained in the kit upon purchase (soil and plows), others need to be purchased by yourself. However, each owner of this technique must be informed of its capabilities.

Mills, Cultivators, Harrows, Lushchiki

Greens are considered the basic binding devices for mini-tractors. They mix the upper fertile layer of soil, which increases fertility.

Fighter T-15 mini tractor with rototiller

Soil processing has one disadvantage – after that remain the earth. To get rid of them, it is recommended to formulate the surface with harrows.

If there is no desire to drive a field twice, cutters with huts can be replaced with a fastening device – a lushpan. They not only raise the bottom layer of the ground high, but also break the blocks immediately.

Wide row hoe

Cultivators are mainly used to mark the beds for further sowing of agricultural crops.

Fertilizer for green plants - how to use them?

If it is necessary to dig the virgin soil, it is better to use the plow. It crashes into the ground over a longer distance. Cutters just can’t deal with a solid race and constantly jumping the territories.

It is better to plow plowing, it has a special form of a lemha, on which the earth first turns over several times, and only then leans to the side.

trailers and carts

The Fiöter minitors are characterized by high engine power, which allows loads weighing more than one and a half tons. However, this requires a trailer.

The Chinese manufacturer recommends using self-specific trailers, since unloading can be carried out with a simple buoyancy in the body, which saves a large amount of time and time spent on this procedure.

pitch and rake

The Feiter minibrators have another feature: the possibility of connecting 2 canopies at the same time. This can play in the hands of the owners. For example a mower and a rake.

The manufacturer offers to buy rotary braids, which cut the grass with rotating knives. This option of hinged devices is able to clear the territory of large weeds and medium-sized shrubs.

To immediately collect grass mowed with mowing, you can use a rake, leaving a clean field without grass.

Potato pies and potato dwellers

Working with potatoes requires a lot of time and physical strength. Mini tractor fighters can facilitate these works thanks to the binding equipment: potato cutter and potato feeder.

The potato beginner represents a single design consisting of a plow (it makes a ditch), a tank (where potatoes are poured and watered from there) and cigns (which bury a RUT).

Potato Rod, a rest potato cutte r-conveyor potato vibration

The easiest option for cutting potatoes is the plow, but when working with it you need to be careful because it cuts a large amount of potatoes. To prevent this, you can use professional potato crusher. She picks up the bottom layer of soil along with the fruit, sifts herself to a roar, leaving the fruit whole on the ground.

Snowman and Shovel Deposit

In the winter season, Mini tractors help fighter with snow cleaning. Due to the possibility of installing dumplings at the front, you can easily remove roads and street areas from snow.

Shovel blade for mini tractor 2.0 LZ

Common companies for cleaning areas are often used and they enable them to reject the layer of snow at a distance of 10 to 15 meters.


The scatter leads to seeds or can sprinkle sidewalks and street roads in winter during the icing.

Fertilizer spreader RUM-100R


The brush is used for cleaning snow and garbage. Widespread by service programs.


The rear degree is used in landscape work, effectively led the soil or other embankments. Its advantage is that Bulk pulls it and does not press it in front of him.

User Guide


Before each departure, it is necessary to visually check the integrity of the Fayiter Mini actionor. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that fuel and oil are available.

    Motor oil must be changed every 80 hours of operation of the firetitors. As fresh oil during the period, it is necessary to use half-synthetic options 10W-40.

Gearing oil TAP-15V motor oil 10W-40 TAD-17i oil

The firetitors are diesel, and only high quality and pure fuel have to be used for their work.

First start, running and nature conservation for winter

  • Before you continue with the assembly, the operating instructions must be examined. It contains a description, drawings and assembly plans.
  • After that, oil and gasoline should be poured into the corresponding compartments.
  • The first 8 hours of fire must work in location mode. During this time there should be no heavy loads for the engine.
  • It is recommended to run a run with an empty trailer or use cutter with a minimal immersion (up to 5 cm). During this time, the motor details are lubricated and reliably enter the grooves.
  • After completing the run, it is necessary to replace the engine oil.
Motoblock Hulk. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

If you do not plan to use the Feiter Mini actionor for more than 2 months, it must be preserved. If you do this, put the device in the garage (or another room that is protected from sunlight and atmospheric precipitation), drain petrol and oil (during this time you get moisture and become unusable) and smear the gearbox ( so that they were not praised during the downtime).

It is better to separate the spark plugs during the preservation so that the contacts do not oxidize.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

The solutions to the main disorders are given in the instructions for the use of the Feiter Minister. And everyone has their owner.

If the clutch coupling does not transmit the torque:
  • There is no free pedal (you have to configure it).
  • The leading windows are worn out (they need to be replaced);
  • The hard drives on the slots are confiscated (you should check your position and, if necessary, eliminate the Jamming).
If the appendix does not increase:
  • The oil level in the hydraulic system fell below the minimum mark (oil release);
  • The hydraulic system pump is switched off (switch it on);
  • The safety valve of the hydraulic system freezes (crush and clean the valve).
If the engine does not work stable, these are possible reasons
  • The fuel stand fell below the minimum mark (it is necessary to add it).
  • Riemendehnung (must be set correctly);
  • Fuel or air filters were clogged (cleaning);
  • The carburetor is clogged with dirt (it needs to be disassembled, washed and cleaned);
  • Problems with the ignition system (most often the candle goes out or has become unusable).
If the brakes on the Fighter mini tractor are not effective:
  • Pedal play has increased (adjust position);
  • Worn brake disc or pads (replace relevant parts).

Video review

Below is a video review of the small tractor Vater T22:

And here is a video review of the Fighter T18 design:

Reviews of the owners

Here’s what Fighter mini tractor owners are saying on the forums:

Ivan about T15:

The excellent assembly is to be emphasized. Worked on a plot of 3 hectares. during the season and failures did not occur. There are no problems with the hitch in the field: it pulls without any problems and the hydraulic drive holds sovereign. Thanks to the universal coupling, additional devices can be used.

Advantages: value for money – quality – equipment

Cons: Small battery and no safety arc.


I use Fighter on a 3 hectare property. Plowed on it all season. First with a cutterbar, then with a mower, hiller and potato harvester. Fuel consumes tears, a high-quality engine does not roar under heavy loads, oil does not drive. I am happy with the purchase.

Pros: High quality Chinese mini tractor that can help any farmer.

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